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on May 31, 2011
I bought this for my android cellphone/kindle. It is a fantastic story and kept my attention the entire time and I couldn't put my phone/kindle down.

Others are telling you the plot so I won't repeat it. What I will say is that the author had an amazing imagination when he wrote this story.

He places an American into a character that was not yet in existence (in the story) but was already part of our known history. Extremely clever idea and unexpected by me.

I cringed during part of the scenes because some of it was harsh, but the story still held my interest. I wanted more and did not want the story to end. I would have liked to see what happened to Diane when she returned to "our" time and had to explain where she and her boyfriend were. Very interesting story. I will read it again in a few weeks because there was so much going on that I want to absorb it again.
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on July 14, 2010
I picked this up because it was just $3.95. The book is from a first-time novelist, so it gets a little wordy in spots, but it moves along at a pretty good clip overall. The story is that three American tourists end up in ancient Egypt where two of them, a couple, get taken captive by an evil priest and the third one, who is trying to find them, ends up with the good guys. There is some good atmosphere - Egyptian customs, foods, temples, gods and even some language - and the whole thing hangs together and makes sense, once you get past the time travel thing, which I actually liked.
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on January 3, 2012
This review is for the Kindle version. The paper version may vary.

My overall reaction to this novel is that I really liked it. It is a cool twist on the time travel genre (set in ancient Egypt). I would rate it 3.5 to 4 stars, except for one thing: it greatly needs a proofreader. One of the primary characters undergoes an inexplicable name change about 10% into the story (from Diana to Diane), which was the most jarring issue for me. Then there were just sloppy typos that I'm sure the author would be mortified about (most notably, "to" where "too" is required, & words that should end in "ed" instead ending with "es"). Such small things, because it is clear that the author is skilled, but it drops my rating to a 3. If you can overlook the typos and just enjoy the story, it's a really good read. I recommend it for readers who enjoy ancient Egyptian history and mythology, and are able to overlook the aforementioned typos.
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on September 14, 2011
This has got to be one of the best books I have read in the last 6 months or so. It takes 3 tourists who are touring Egypt and wander into a tomb closed to the public and they go down a hallway, turn a corner, push a door open and step out into Egypt of 5000 years ago. No wait- this is not reality. Sit back and let imagination and a worderfully talented writer take you back into time and give you a vision of life in the time of King Djoser. Live with the Egyptians, dress as they do, learn the language, experience the lifestyle both good and bad. This book has everything, adventure, love, friendship, changing lifestyles and a totally different pace of time. I loved every second of this book and hated to see it end.
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on March 19, 2011
Once I got started, took me a couple of weeks, I hated to put the book down. My favorite characters were the 2 tourists, Jerry & Deb, in the beginning, (an inside joke with the author). Well done Mr. Dubs. I thought you did a great job of developing the characters and weaving Tim, Diane, & Brian into history and the plot to kill King Djoser. I was able to paint images and feel the heat of what it must have been like to live 5,000 years ago. I also appreciated the humor you interjected a points like the poor chair bearers that had to lift fat priest Djefi. Now he was an image.
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on February 20, 2014
1. Dialog filled with obscenities for a poorly developed character described as never having been heard to swear. 2. Graphic sex scenes between young girls and boys and the men who lust for them. The author has effectively smeared rotting fish guts and crocodile dung across the canvas of an otherwise well written and interesting concept for a story. I could not recommend this book to anyone I know.
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on February 9, 2012
The first half of the book was okay with fairly good descriptions of the setting and characters. The writing is not sophisticated but held my interest. The second half of the book was punctuated with gratuitous sexual encounters between older men and young girls and horrific violence in the form of torture. Too bad, because it could have been a much better story without these. Not worth the $.99 I paid for it.
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VINE VOICEon April 2, 2013
This one takes a very long time to get going. I mean, from the get go, we know that the protagonist is going find himself in ancient Egypt in this time travel tale but gee, we muddle around for what seems 20% of the book until we get there.

The problem with this one isn't in anything specific other than it's a solid, decently written and edited story you've read before if you have any interest in this genre. He goes there. Fortuitous circumstances allow him, with just the correct tools he's brought with him from our time, to do some wondrous (for the old timers) acts. This gets the attention of the ruler....and well, we go from there. Meanwhile, another party of moderns finds the going a bit rougher.

As far as I know the structure of this book was an original with Mark Twain, but gee, by now, it's been done over and over. There is nothing wrong with time travel books which not only can amuse, but can act as history lessons. This book is strong when it comes to that - life in ancient Egypt, but nothing special regarding the moderns' intrusion there. In that, it's more respectful than Twain was. He tended to regard the mythical Arthurian ancients as clownish bozos.

Anyway, a good read for a slight intro into ancient Egypt, but just so so for the time travel adventure.
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on December 31, 2011
It took all of the will power I had to finish this book. I love time travel stories,the quest,the history.I've read 100s of this genre and this is by far the worst one of them all. Three Americans walk threw a doorway to the beginnings of Egypt.Tim Hope, who is in a deep depression,goes on a trip that he and his wife planed,Brian and his girlfriend Dianna,take the same trip out of boredom.Tim the geek,Brian the jock,Dianna the cheerleader.I had no use for Tim after he took Meryt, a young teenager for a lover.Mr.Dubs tries to couch this as acceptable because of the times.Which is correct.But what decent man with the values that Tim Hope, is portrayed to have, raised in this time, could ever find it acceptable to bed a 13 or 14 year old child.Brian is the only one of the three that I found interesting.Dianna was a selfish, uninteresting version of the american female that makes me sick to read about.A lot of history that was enjoyable,some of it was well wrote.But I could not for the life of me find anything that would make me want to lend this book to anyone.
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on October 9, 2015
Lame. tried to like it and even started the second book, but I'd rather re-read a well-written book than this disjointed, confused, poorly punctuated book that reads like an unedited first draft. Nice try, but maybe read it aloud before publishing...
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