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on January 25, 2012
I want to start by saying read the review, all of them, not just the bad ones. I knew I as taking a 50/50 chance on this working, and if it worked, would it do what it claims to do. But for just a few bucks, the beating wouldn't be too bad if it didn't.
The package came today in the mail, just three days after placing my order. Okay, so the directions could be better written, but, if you read some earlier reviews, people have posted what steps to follow, ( as in the USB/SD switch on the side, and the need for a DCIM folder on the SD card). Without this information I can see why some people had issues with their unit, although I did not. Right out of the box mine worked flawlessly.
Test one, I connected, not one, but two digital cameras to my iPad 2 using the USB port. Both connections allowed me to upload my pictures from the camera and then delete them from the cameras. Beautiful!
Next, I checked the SD card (by way of PC) to make sure it had the necessary DCIM folder, which it did. So I put a few pictures in that folder to see if I could transfer them to my iPad. I then moved the SD card into my new 5+1 in 1 camera connection kit. Surprise, surprise, it worked great! I'm happy I took the time to read through the reviews.
As for it having a "cheap" feel, like a few reviewers suggested. I don't see it. I consider myself to be somewhat of a techie want a be. If it doesn't have a brand name on it, I usually don't want it. But since the apple camera connection kit sells for $39.99, I figured I'd take my chances. I am so glad I did.
People, this unit works, it does what it claims to do. It does not feel cheap, nor does it look cheap. The only thing that is cheap about it, IS THE COST.
Do yourself a favor, order it, then treat yourself to dinner with all the money you'll save.
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on June 28, 2011
At first glance I was suspicious because the device felt flimsy and cheap, not at all like an Apple product.

After inserting an SD card LESS than 1GB, it didn't recognize it. I then tried the USB option and received an error message "not enough power" or something similar.

I returned the product...very disappointed. Days later I purchased the 2-device Apple product at Best Buy and it worked perfectly right out of the box. It was sturdy and met my expectations.
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on January 19, 2011
First some background. We own two iPad's, oldest since July of 2009. We were fortunate enough to receive the Apple Camera Connection kit on Christmas Day, and had great fun importing photo's that we'd just taken of our family festivities. Never really saw the utility as a necessary accessory before then.

This kit improves over the Apple kit in one important way. It's ONE device as opposed to TWO to carry around! You see the Apple Kit has a separate dongle for USB, and another for SD Cards. This merges them all into one kit.

The benefits of this are more compatibility with a broader array of input devices (including some USB keyboards, etc. that you will read about with the Apple Device). . . and 1/2 the chance of losing this important accessory.

Now, we have grown to use this kit during photoshoots, and it allows us to view comp's within seconds on the iPad screen, rather than removing the memory stick, uploading to the desktop computer, viewing, etc. etc.

Improves a photographer's workflow 1000%, and improves over the Apple kit by at least 100%.

Keep in mind our testing of the kit with the Micro-SD slot was limited, however the SD Card and USB slots work like a charm.
review image
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on April 9, 2012
I was having trouble getting this to work - operator error. Contacted Customer Support. Reply below as it may help others.

When using this 5-in-1 Camera Connection Kit, please be aware of the following issues that may arise:

1. If a message comes up saying "item is incompatible", please ignore it. As this is a 3rd party device (not manufactured by Apple) it may show this message, but this product has been tested to work on all iPads

2. There is a small toggle switch at the bottom of the device (next to the card slots). When pushed to the right it will read from the 2 slots on the right (memory cards), and when pushed to the left it will read from the left slot - the USB cable.

3. This camera kit is programmed to read from cards that have their pictures in the de facto memory card folder - the DCIM folder. If you have ever formatted your card or added folders this may cause the iPad not to recognize the pictures. To rectify this, simply: Create a new folder on your card called DCIM . Copy all your
pictures into this folder.
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on December 1, 2011
Bought device to import photos from SD card into ipad2. At first got all the incompatible messages. Read some reviews for tips and someone mentioned the switch which I hadn't noticed. So far so good at least using this option.
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on January 20, 2012
I ordered the 5 in 1 Card Reader for my iPad2 after reading quite a few reviews which ranged from does not work to I love it. For the price I decided to take the chance. Took a while to recieve but I was in no hurry and after all it wasn't being ship from around the corner so I understood. When I finally received my new toy I decided to bring up the reviews again to go over the issues other people were having and see if I would have the same. I looked the reader over and found the switch on the side which changes it from usb to card and remembered in one of the reviews that this switch was pointed out and a few people forgot about it. I plugged it into my iPad2 running ver 5.0.1 and nothing happens for at least 5 whole minutes. While I was waiting for something to happen I decided to look through settings, photos, and opened the camera app. I also installed a SD adapter with a 2 gig micro SD in it. Still nothing happens and I'm getting impatient so I put the ipad to sleep, wake it up, perform a power shut down, still nothing happens after re-boot so I just do nothing and wait...Finally I get the dreaded message "This Accessory is Not Supported by iPad". I remembered one review said to ignore this message so I did. I opened pictures and nothing happens. I open the camera app and nothing happens. So I'm thinking is there a setting I need to change and I look in settings and there is nothing which remotely pertains to an external device. So I decide to read the instructions even though most reviews says they are pretty much useless. I found the grammer terrible and pretty much no information that I could use except the fact that it mentioned the DCIM folder. Well my micro SD did not have that folder on it, just a few pictures that I transfered from my laptop directly to the card so I pulled the card and put it in the laptop, created a folder and named it DCIM, transfered the pics to it, put the card back in the 5 in 1 reader and got the dreaded message so I waited. Finally pictures opened automatically showing the differnt pics on the SD card and I had the option to import, great! I was able to choose which pics to import or just import all. After the import I got a confirmation that the import was complete and the option to delete the pics on the SD or keep them. So bottom line... iPad is looking for the DCIM file and will not look for pics in any other file. I connected my Sony DCR SX-65 to the 5 in 1 Reader via usb, performed a usb connect from the camcorder and chose the 4 gig onboard memory and the iPad was able to read it but not the 32 gig SDHC when I performed a usb connect and chose it. I also tried a 8 gig SDHC which had some other type files on it as well as a DCIM folder in the card reader and iPad did not recognize it. So I tried another 8 gig SD from my Garmin which had a folder on it named pictures. Did'nt recognize it until I changed the name of the folder to DCIM. Then it only showed one picture which was named Picture 1. All the others on the card was named with numbers or other words so I did a test and renamed on pic to Picture2 and WOW! iPad saw it. I don't have any usb devises such as a keyboard to use with the iPad so I couldn't check that out. I also noticed that if you leave the card reader connected you will continue to get not supported message from time to time but I just hit ok and ignore it. I feel the Card reader is worth purchasing even though its a bit disappointing that the naming convention is rather peticular. This is a handy device which gives me a way to transfer my pics to my iPad with out downloading them to my laptop then emailing to myself. I like it and the price.
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on April 1, 2011
Its very rare that I would go out of my way to write a product review but after using this today with some time to spare, I decided why not give it a shot. I have an iPad on 4.2.1 and really wanted the connectivity kit but wasn't sure what was legitimate with all the fakes and incompatible devices everywhere. Fortunately after I stumbled on this one my guts just said go with it, and they were right.

- It is fully compatibe with my micro SD, and SD cards
- Can also utilize USB flash drives if you happen to be jailbroken
- Keyboard support (I am writing this on my iPad with my external Mac keyboard)


I am very Pleased with this product and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone else who owns an iPad and is looking to enhance the experience.
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on August 20, 2011
When I plugged in the device along with the SD card from my canon digital camera, the photos and videos on the card all came up on my iPad 2 after about a second or two. I was able to start the "import all" function. Then a "this device is not supported" error message came up during the import along with buttons to acknowledge or "dismiss" the alert. I just clicked on "dismiss" and the import continued. The SD card slot and import function worked like a charm.
I haven't tried the USB port, but I bought the device primarily because I want to be able to move photos from my camera to my iPad 2 while on vacation. The fact that it can also move my videos over is a bonus for me. I'm happy with the product -- it was cheaper than the OEM version, and the functions that I need it for simply works.
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on December 4, 2011
Just used this reader today with iPad2 and Canon camera smart card. Worked great. There is a switch on the side of the device, it's very small and easily overlooked. Got a few warnings that it wouldn't work with the iPad, but once the switch was in the correct position, it worked. Transferred photos and video perfectly. I was concerned that this was coming from Hong Kong and was scheduled for delivery several weeks away, but I received it in less than one week!
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on August 16, 2011
This did not work with my IPad 1. The error message said that the device was not compatible. Tried it on the IPad 2, little better response, would read one SD Card, but the USB connection still does not work. Unfortunately cannot recommend.
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