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on October 10, 2011
Verified Purchase
Looked like a nice product, but the weight was so inconsistent that I had to return it. I tried it on several hard surfaces, and I tried it for several days, getting off, and immediately getting back on resulted in weights that varied by up to 12 pounds. I tried to be very careful about placing my feet in the same positions, and not moving while I was on the scale, but the results were so inaccurate that they were useless.

I'm leaving my original review so that this update can be put in context.

Within half an hour of this review being posted, I received an email from the VP of the EatSmart company. He apologized, said that it must be defective, and offered to replace it. I received the replacement a few days ago, and it is definitely performing much better. Its weight measurements are right in line with other reliable devices, and all measurements are consistent.

I'll give the product itself five stars because it now appears to do what it says it does with good accuracy, and if I could, I would give another five stars for the customer service. It is nice to know that there are still companies who take their products, and their reputation, so seriously.
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on August 5, 2011
Verified Purchase
Yes, I did receive an e-mail from the company about a month after my purchase to rate their product on Amazon. Ok. Why not? They explained they are a small American company. It only takes a moment of my time and I really don't mind. I for one, almost ALWAYS check out reviews on Amazon before going to the store to make my purchase on a product.

So now for my review.

As others have said, this is a nice looking scale. It came well packaged and was ready to go right out of the box. I found it very easy to set up as well (one thing I was worried about was entering my height as I have a 0.5" increment in my height, but the scale lets you enter height in 0.5" increments - hooray). In the past 6 months, through proper diet and regular exercise I've lost 43 lbs. I became curious about what my body fat % (I had it tested years ago at a health fair with an electronic hand held device to find I was about 34% -boo) might be and found this scale and took the plunge after reading other reviews.

I have not had my body fat tested in many years and especially not since shedding some major pounds but I had an "idea" of what I might be based on some calculations where you measure different parts of your body, enter your age, gender, height, etc... I thought I was about 20% before ordering the scale but wasn't really sure. (If it helps any reviewers I'm a 30 year old female, 5'5.5" tall, and currently weigh 125 lbs).

When I first received my scale, I decided not to set myself as athlete, based on the other reviews, though I consider myself a somewhat avid exerciser now. I stepped on my old scale 3 times and the new scale 3 times. Perfect match. I got six identical weights. Check.

Next I waited to find out my body fat % - I got a reading of 19.9% - keeping in mind from what I read that electronic body fat testing can have a margin of error of about +/-3% (I don't know what the particular margin of error is for THIS scale, but this is in general for most electronic devices). I was already prepared to except the fact that this number might not be correct. I recorded the number and continued to weigh myself in the morning (for accurate weight) and in the evening (for body fat%) and began tracking the number. I found that the scale was consistent in body fat% readings only changing the number by about 0.1% or none each day. Hooray! All I want is something to track my PROGRESS with and this scale fits the bill. I'm happy to say that in one month, I managed to get my body fat% down to 19.3%. It seems reasonable to me with the work I've put in to lose 0.6% in one month.

Also, muscle mass went from 39.9% to 40% - one of my body builder friends tells me it is difficult for a woman to put on more than 5 lbs of muscle in a year, so I don't expect this number to change much either (though I do lift heavy weights 3x a week).

As another reviewer noted when you are looking at your percentages - yes, they will total more than 100 when you look at body fat, muscle mass and total body water. That is because you have some water in your muscle and your fat as well so this water technically gets counted in your muscle and your fat and then all by itself (i.e. it gets counted TWICE), thus explaining why the totals are greater than 100%. Hope this makes sense.

So overall, I'm very happy with my purchase. It's a sleek-looking, fun gadget that helps me track my progress as I work towards my long-term health goals.

I also like the fact that you can just step on it and stand there and it will come on. No tapping, no buttons to push. Just step on it and get your info. Awesome. My husband also likes the scale and his numbers seem to be fairly accurate as well. The scale is "smart" enough to know who is stepping on it. Because my husband outweighs me by about 50 lbs when he steps on it, it automatically knows "user 2" is on the scale as opposed to when I step on it, it automatically figures out I'm "user 1". This might be an issue if two members of the household have near identical weights, but otherwise, you just step on it and it's ready! No switching to your user self number or anything. Ingenious!

I originally had trouble deciding whether to get this scale or keep my old scale and purchase the hand held body fat tester by Omron. Well, I've never tried the Omron product, but am happy with this scale. It gets the job done and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.

UPDATE 5/3/13
I was reminded to update my review after someone left a comment. My scale is still running on the original batteries. I finally reached my goal of 6 pack abs around 17.5% body fat on my scale. I then got pregnant and didn't use the scale for that period (as recommended by the manufacturer), but hubby did. I'm now 9 months post partum and am back to 19% bodyfat and close to my goal of returning to six pack abs. Last month I went to a health fair and got to use the Omron hand held device for bodyfat%. The Omron was 1.5% higher than my scale. But again, I care less about exact numbers and more about trends and consistency, which this scale delivers!
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on April 3, 2011
Verified Purchase
So, I've owned this scale for a little over two weeks now and have been consistently tracking my results at the times suggested within the user's manual... "To receive the most accurate weight measurement, please weigh yourself first thing when you get up in the morning" and "To receive the most accurate body fat, etc. measurement, please weigh yourself in the evening, before eating."

Having followed this advice, in my initial review I felt that my measurements day-to-day were very consistent, but not that accurate in regards to body composition. Well, with a little help from the Amazon user community, I retract any doubt I once had in this product.

I initially took issue with the body composition measurements not being comparable with those I had received using a hand-held body composition tool at my local LA Fitness. However, after changing the scale setting from "Athletic Male" to just "Male", as suggested by another user, the measurements were spot-on (... maybe I'm not an athlete after all). So, my advice to those purchasing this scale, even if you meet the criteria specified in the manual and "exercise +10 hours of strenuous/aerobic a week"... try both settings. (I'm still curious as to how that setting influences the calculations)

And as for my doubt regarding all of the percentages not adding up to 100% (body fat, total body water, and muscle mass)... that's apparently a misguided expectation on my part. Once again, another user pointed out to me that there's going to be some overlap in the body composition percentages using this type of measuring instrument. By definition, muscle is part water. So from what I understand, water might be counted both in the muscle mass percentage as well as in the total body water percentage, causing the sum of all the percentages to be greater than 100%. Now, if I was a little loose in my explanation there, it's because I don't fully understand it... but a quick search on Google proved that this is in fact the case, and that I should have paid closer attention in Health class.

In conclusion, for the money, you simply can't beat this scale - intuitive set-up (well, maybe not that one setting...), awesome build quality (glass-top, not rubber or plastic like you may think from the pictures), as cool-looking as a scale can be, and most importantly, highly consistent results that are as accurate as can be expected from such a device. Meaning, I'm certain there are more accurate means of determining weight and body composition - but they aren't nearly as practical or affordable as this solution. Excellent deal!

I hope this was helpful, feel free to drop comments or questions.
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on July 9, 2012
Verified Purchase
Ok, so, I did a LOT of research before making an accusation like this.
Like many, I purchased this product based on the great reviews and the top selling status. I purchased it because I was allured by the low cost and the abundance of features. The fat % is the only reason why I paid $55 for a scale that gave me that number instead of $20 for one that didn't. As a scale only, it works fine, but I paid more than double for a scale that will read body fat.

Unfortunately, this product only gives you a random average fat % value based on your age, height, sex, and weight from an algorithm programmed into a microprocessor in the unit that has memorized these values and just recites them when you step on the scale and certain weight, height, age, sex values are met. THERE IS NO SENSOR IN THE SCALE THAT MEASURES BODY FAT. IT IS JUST AN EXPENSIVE SCALE!

Like I said, I did a lot of research. So, here we go. You can double check me if you have this product and you will see that it is a complete scam. Enter in my values, "fake" my weight on the scale, and the fat % etc will be an almost exact match to what mine are.

I am a 31 year old, non athletic (according to the instructions), male, 6' 0.5" tall, and weigh 169 lbs. (my actual body fat is around 18% for reference)
The values of course range a little because they have to make it look realistic but the values I got for my stats entered were:
11.7% body fat, 61.9% tbw, 41.6% muscle, and 6.2lbs bone.

Now, if you already own this product and recreated my stats and "faked" my weight, you should have come up with values that are very similar and are starting to doubt the product right?

To further test my theory, I have searched a lot of reviews to see if I can recreate conditions based on a couple of other reviewers stats.
These are what I came up with:

Reviewer M. Ferrell 30 yo, female, 5' 5.5", 125lbs reports a fat reading of 19.9%. I recreated this by entering in the information as if I were a 30 yo, female, 5' 5.5", and I grabbed the towel rack as I was weighing to make the scale read 125 lbs (approximately, it's hard to do that exactly lol). Guess what the fat reading was..... 19.7%.

Reviewer bassgiraffe (video) 33 yo, female, 5' 11", 196lbs reports readings of 29.5% fat, 46.2% tbw, 36.9% muscle, and 4.6lbs bone. Again, I recreated this by entering her information in the scale and grabbing the towel rack to make my weight approximately 196lbs. The values were 30% fat, 45.9% tbw, 40% muscle, and 4.5lbs bone.

After seeing this evidence, I then decided to take the unit apart and see what this "sensor" is. After dismantling it, I could see the 4 weight sensors on each corner and then there were 4 wires, one pair of black and red, and another pair of black and red all just going to the metal "eat right" metal logo plate all soldered on the plate and going back to the circuit board.

It is not possible for a Bio-Electrical Impedance "sensor" that supposedly sends an electrical signal through your body to be like this. It would have to have 2 contact points, input, and output electrodes that your feet have to contact. The scale is pure glass with the exception of the metal "eat right" logo plate.

This just has 4 wires all connected to the front logo plate completing the circuit. There is a reason for this, however. It is measuring something. It is just a resistance meter to tell if you are barefoot. THAT IS ALL IT IS DOING. When you step on the scale with bare feet, the static electricity of your body interferes with the electrical resistance value of that completed circuit slightly when they get near the logo plate. Much like a multi-meter. If you place your finger near a multi-meter's tips, the values change slightly.

That is how it knows if you are standing on it with bare feet or with shoes on. This is required because if it didn't have it and you stood on it with shoes and it started doing its little "working" icon and started telling you your readings, people find out that it is a scam. Well, at least faster than I did.

****EDIT: I decided that I wanted to even FURTHER prove this without a doubt, I wanted to do one last definitive test. I had my dog, a 5yo 52 lb husky, be a lab rat for me.
I entered in all of my real information: 31 yo, male, 6' 0.5".
I took a weight measurement (169.4 lbs), when it was locked in, I had my dog quickly stand on the scale and sit (it took more than a few tries to get him to do it quick enough and stay still lol).
Incredibly, the scale started showing that it was "measuring" by doing its "working" icon.

Guess what the results were?
11.7% body fat, 61.9% tbw, 41.6% muscle, and 6.2lbs bone. EXACTLY the same as my original baseline reading.

I continued to do the same thing except I replaced my dog with my 13 yo niece. Took my weight measurement (169.4 lbs) quickly jumped off and had her jump on.
11.7% body fat, 61.9% tbw, 41.7% muscle, and 6.2lbs bone.

Then my sister.
11.7% body fat, 62% tbw, 41.4% muscle, and 6.2lbs bone.

Then my friend who weighs 270 lbs (mostly fat, not muscle).
11.8% body fat, 61.9% tbw, 41.7% muscle, and 6.2lbs bone.

I was thinking about buying a rat at the pet store and using that but I'm pretty sure you all know what the results of that would be anyway.
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on August 24, 2011
I purchased a different EatSmart scale a week ago. Unfortunately it didn't work correctly. I wrote a review that I was disappointed in my purchase and within minutes - minutes I tell you - I received an email from the VP of the company apologizing for the defective scale and offering to send me a new one immediately. He went so far as to send me to the website to pick out any one I wanted from the company. I emailed him back and told him that I was very impressed with his customer service and asked him to pick out a scale for me himself. He replied with a link to this scale, and said that he would be sending out it first thing Monday (yesterday). It arrived today - Federal Express - in mint condition. I have weighed myself in four different rooms - three times each - and it has been the same weight every single time. I am incredibly impressed with this scale and with this company. Seriously, you can't go wrong. You'd be crazy to buy from anyone else - who else stands behind their product like this?? And who, in this day and age, goes out of their for customers like this?
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on June 20, 2012
Verified Purchase

In this video, I demonstrate that two identical EatSmart scales vary by nearly 3 lbs, and the same scale varies by over 1 lb between back-to-back readings. I do not recommend this scale.
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on February 29, 2012
Verified Purchase
This scale is my new frenemy. It's easy to have around and does its job well. I just wish the news it gave me was more to my liking.

Take this morning for example. Because we set up the scale with our different profiles (easy to do if you follow the instructions), I know it's waiting for me. Waiting to judge me.

I refuse to be intimidated by a small inanimate object, so I hopped on to use it. Because of some vaguely written warning in the manual I have a fear about using it with wet or damp feet. The thing has never shocked me but I also haven't given it a chance to. Daredevils might appreciate living on the edge. I appreciate not being electrocuted.

The scale immediately knew it was me. While it flashed my weight on the easy-to-read monitor (a moment that always causes a grimace), it pulled up my profile, logged my new weight, and saved it to track my progress- or lack thereof.

One more brief moment and and it began to calculate my body fat. I should have hopped off to save myself a bit of dignity but I decided to hang on for the news. A few blinking lights let me know that it's still working, still sizing me up.

And then it was over. My body fat % appears on the monitor. It's a nicely lit screen and it's easy to read even while wincing in disgust. That extra slice of dessert last night is not doing me any favors.

Sometimes I hate this scale. Not because it doesn't work- far from it. It works a little TOO well.
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on July 29, 2011
Verified Purchase
Want a Body Fat scale but hate the looks of all those metal contact looking scales? Then look no further, this scale is just as accurate as your going to get with any bio-impedance technology scale, which is to say, it's not accurate if compared to say a DEXA scan, but it can be used to get an idea of your body % and whether you're gaining or losing if you are consistant with the time of day (recommend later in the day) and not right after exercising (sweaty feet throws things off).

Another aspect that I like about this scale is it's really accurate with weight and it doesn't change every time you step off and back on like a lot of other digital scales I've tried before. Not only that, you don't have to tap-to-turn on, then step on, like my last scale. My previous scale was great, but it was a pain to tap it, wait for it to zero-out and then step on it. This one is calibrated once (as well as everytime you move it) and then you just step on it when you want to weigh yourself. If you have more than 1 person using the scale, you can program it for everyone and it will recognize which person you are so you don't have to tell it everytime. Pretty cool.

The ideal measuring of weight and body % should be done at different times, weight in the morning when you don't have all that water weight on you, and body % later in the day (evening) when you do.

How accurate is this body fat %? Well, I received the scale the day after I had a DEXA scan of my body. This is the most accurate method to determine Body Fat, Lean Mass and Bone Mass. My body fat was at 8.1% (down from 31% in January - I just completed a pretty intense 24 week program). This scale has 2 modes, regular and athlete. In regular mode it said I was at 11.2% and in athlete mode it said I was at 6.8%. It says to use athlete mode if you work out 10 hours a week (which I don't, I come in at around 5-7 hours per week). I wanted to get a base line/delta so I can continue to measure myself with this scale and have a good idea whether I'm gaining or loosing fat or muscle mass. I will be measuring myself with a DEXA scan yearly, so I can continue to gauge how well this scale gives me the right data (gaining/losing).

Oh, did I mention I really like the way it looks, and it is very sleek and thin. So far a great scale. I will actually get my DEXA scanned again in about 4-6 months and will update this review (if I remember to) with my findings.
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on March 25, 2011
Verified Purchase
As a scale made for the 'bigger boned,' I was surprised at the fact that this scale didn't have a slightly larger platform. It's not impossible to stand on as a 350lb gentleman, but it certainly requires a bit of interesting balance to use the scale and see the info it's screen is relaying. I know this company makes a larger scale, but it doesn't seem to have the same capabilities (body fat, water weight, bone weight, etc.). The price point for this scale was FANTASTIC for the feature set, and one of the main reasons I decided on it was the company (Eatsmart) seems to have a FANTASTIC customer service record. A major plus in my opinion.
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on July 18, 2011
Verified Purchase

Initial review:

I bought this scale namely becuase it had a desirable surface area and was digital. Upon receiving the scale, I have noticed that it is very inaccurate regarding weight measurements. I was reading other reviews stating that it was inaccurate, but I disregarded them and bought this scale anyway, bad idea it would seem. Upon receiving the product, I weighed myself several times, each weight different than the last. After that it turned into the same story every day; I would weigh myself every morning and a weight would output (+/- a few pounds from the previous day's initial reading, understandable given the obvious fact that your weight can vary), and every time I weigh myself after that, I get the same reading, but about 5 pounds less than the initial reading. This means that either the initial reading is wrong and the scale zeros in on the correct value after one initial weighing, a flaw in of itself, or that the initial reading is correct and the scale glitches out after that. I have yet to try to get one of my parents or a roommate to try the scale after me to finally condemn this scale, but the sheer inconsistency of it with me alone is pretty damning.

After being contacted by the Vice President of the EatSmart via email, I have found out that the issue I was experiencing with the scale was due to a bit of ignorance on my part. If you move the scale around like me due to a lack of space, you need to recalibrate the scale each time you use it, meaning you step on the scale to turn it on and then let it zero out. I was getting inaccurate initial readings due to my failure to calibrate it after I set it on my floor. It is very nice to know that EatSmart stands behind their products and will take the time to contact customers who have issues, rather than blow them off or ignore them. After exchanging a few emails with the Vice President, I found what my issue was and now am quite content with this product. Very accurate measurements after the proper calibration required given my situation.
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