Customer Reviews: Samsung UN46D6000 46-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV (Black) [2011 MODEL] (2011 Model)
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on June 22, 2011
Whoah, I really did my research on this one (I always do when I make huge investments into things that I plan on owning for a long time) and I am not disappointed!!! For those that don't know, LED TVs are arguably considered the best class of HDTVs (including LCD and plasma along with all of their variants) and this particular model I feel is really the best in its class (considering all things: quality of picture, pricing, features, and, in my humble opinion, size - I really didn't need anything larger than about 40-something inches for my purposes).

I'm going to go on a small side note: Some will argue that plasma has the best picture. However, LEDs have better picture at identical resolutions. I checked this model out on the floor at Best Buy along with two other (42") TVs that I was comparing, an LG LCD and a Panasonic plasma. The sales associate swore by plasma and couldn't even tell the obvious difference in contrast between the 42" and this model (the LED one was obviously better). I'm not going to patronize you on the pros and cons of each class of TV (although I could) but, all things considered, LED really is the best overall. Do your homework if you haven't.

Anyways, I noticed that some people whined about: 1) the sound, 2) the remote, 3) screen glare, 4) light leakage, or 5) whatever dud/lemon of a TV they got. I'm going to address these points with rebuttals in the following bullet points:

-1) In truth the sound is very decent (you're buying a stand-alone HDTV, what did you expect?) and most people may want to purchase a sound bar/system down the road. Plus there are multiple sound options that enhance and isolate individual parts of the sound that matter to you ("Clear Voice" is a good one sometimes).

-2) Hey, it's a REMOTE! Come on, people! Seriously though, the remote is intuitive enough and has some cool features (the menus are very simple and a joy to navigate once you get the hang of everything), like button back-lighting that you can toggle on and off with one glow-in-the-dark button. Plus the buttons have a good feel and good travel to them.

-3) Unless you keep the windows open and they're facing the TV, this is not really a huge issue at all - especially when the TV is actually ON!

-4) Here's where I think that I will acknowledge some peoples' pouting and concern; on the upper and lower right and left corner portions of the screen, and even upper-center (where the light is sourced from), I did notice some faint circular light leakage/blooming spots when watching a movie at night. It is minor but they are there. However, this is only noticed when the following conditions are met: you're watching in a super widescreen letterbox-format picture, it's night-time or the house lights are off, and the movie scene is a really dark one. I'm not certain if this is normal of LEDs or not. Either way, it is very minor, can easily be ignored, and is definitely not worth taking my TV back for. I'm already too happy with it as you might guess.

-5) Mine arrived in perfect condition. I recommend a free trial of Amazon Prime. You can get this TV with free standard shipping rates or $4 for overnight shipping in the continental US.

-One last initial worry of mine that I wanted to insert into this review is concerning the bezel/frame style. the outer edge is surrounded with an additional clear edge that contains an even smaller and extremely subtle clear red edge. Aesthetics are an important thing for me so looking at this model in the store was a MUST. However, the red edge along with the clear edge was virtually unnoticeable in the store. When you do look closely and see it you will notice how stylish it all really is. The frame is ultra thin, black gloss, and sits on a mostly-glass base. the shaft of the base mount is clear glass so the TV kind of seems like it's floating. I think that that was what the designers were going for.

Now on to some of the features that previous reviewers didn't touch on... This TV has really got you covered. There are a multitude of sound and video options in a very intuitive menu interface. I haven't utilized any of the Internet-accessing options yet. My main plan was to hook my laptop up to the HDMI port and do a lot with that. But here is where the TV really shines for me: the HDD USB port. If you have a USB flash drive/external hard drive then you can view photos, play music, and even watch movies straight off of it. Playing movies has no slow-down whatsoever. If you somehow acquire Blu-ray disc movie rips or whatever video file type/extension you have, chances are great that it will play them all with no problem. The TV has played almost every movie file type that I've thrown at it. I love the streamlined menu within the videos. You can't ask for anything better in this aspect. And HD videos all look glorious.

Lastly, some people complain about the "soap opera" effect that HDTVs can suffer from. I believe other brands sometimes call this feature "Trumotion", but for this line of TVs Samsung refers to it as "Auto Motion Plus". Thankfully, you have the option to turn this feature off if you'd like or change it to one of five other settings.

Well, I'm not sure what else to say.. I didn't need or want a 3D TV yet... But everyone that has come over to our place sees the screen resolution and picture quality and is always immediately impressed. I highly recommend this TV to anyone. At 40 inches, do yourself a favor and get it for the picture quality and unbeatable price for an LED class TV.

EDIT: The one other draw for LED HDTVs is the extremely small off-chance for "burn in" if you view the same picture constantly without a change in picture. The manual warns something along the lines of being sure not to view the exact same picture for more than 5% of your total viewing time in any given week. Otherwise, it's a small chance (but possible) that you could get burn in on your TV.

(Update as of 6/27/11): The picture quality has always been utterly exceptional and without comparison for this TV. However, I have a very keen eye and will still at times notice the light leaking issue during EXTRA widescreen videos where the light is on the top and bottom borders and is darkest. I think that I am going to continue hanging on to this TV, however, notwithstanding this one issue - although I am currently weighing the matter as it compares to the price and timing for this investment for me now. If I do contact Samsung, I would only want this same model again. Videophiles may just want to keep this light leakage issue in mind for their purchase.
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on May 18, 2011
After owning this TV for exactly a month I've finally decided to write a review, you know, after the excitement wears off and what not. Actually I'm still pretty excited about it. My previous set was also a Samsung 26" LCD and upgrading to this one was worthwhile.

Since this is a television, I'll comment about the picture first. Out of the box it's very good, after adjusting the settings a bit - excellent. The colors are very vibrant and no problems with viewing angles. I actually like my images to have a bit of contrast to them; I prefer black to be black and not grey. At first I was having a hard time trying to get it right, since my initial reaction was to reduce backlight and gamma, but crank up contrast and brightness. After a while, I finally figured out 'brightness' had the biggest effect. Around 30% was where it really kicks in, but it didn't occur to me to drop it that low. It's all about preference though, and this TV should have enough settings for anybody. Aside from contrast though, I don't see an insane amount of difference between this and a non-LED set... Something I must mention about the settings though, depending on which of the 4 picture presets you're on, certain selections like advanced video settings become unselectable for reasons unknown. Though I pretty much left that setting untouched. Despite that, I really like the fact that settings are saved independently across the 4 presets for EACH input source. So, for example, if you have 4 connections coming in, you can have a total of 16 presets - good stuff. I also tried the PC input through vga and found the picture to be very sharp. Colors are accurate though a bit strong and text is easily readable from a few feet out and this is coming from a practically blind gamer. The audio, I found to be pretty good. The bass isn't going to blow your neighbors away, and it's not going to replace any home theater system, but there is a very capable, customizable equalizer on board which should help a bit. Loudness for this set wasn't a problem for me.

Now I must talk about the 120Hz Auto Motion Plus(AMP) dealy as it seems to be the main feature that drives up the cost from lower models. What AMP does for you is, well, readable in the product description, so I'll describe it. AMP made every thing move faster while maintaining picture detail. (more frames in the same amount of time = faster) So, to me, everything looked like either home movies or daytime soaps which, if you can picture them, tend to move faster than most television programs and movies. Despite the bit about daytime soaps, I generally watch movies and sports, and after a few dozen years of watching them in ~24 frames per second (a bit higher for sports), I found the added (double?) frames to seem unnatural. After a few days found myself turning the feature off completely even for sports. Though there's nothing wrong with the quality of the image presented per se, I'd just prefer to see a blue flash go by as opposed to Ironman's actual chest piece go by, for example. And it only really kicks in at what seems like certain intervals, so the inconsistency in framerate got to me as well. I did find a use for AMP while gaming. Everything moves at what seems like 60 fps even when the game is not natively known to. Though, again, it's not 100 percent consistent in high frames (more like 60-80) and certain, very fast moving, games, like racing, cause what seems like screen tearing at the edges. You probably won't notice it (AMP) on games that already run at 60fps, and also it won't work miracles for games with already poor and inconsistent framerates. Overall, it looks fantastic for games, as I didn't give it a second thought about leaving it on, but for everything else I finally decided not to.

The main selling point for me was the Connectshare. I was thinking of purchasing a digital media player a while back, but here it's already built-in and it's a very capable one indeed. Though, there's too many to list here, the TV's e-manual actually lists suppurt for a dozen file types spanning several dozen video and audio codecs with bitrates as high as 30 Mbps for certain file types. It's played pretty much every thing I've thrown at it and handled any 'usb device' I've used so far, which includes NTFS formatted sata hard drives with external enclosure, no worries. Though once in a while the audio cuts in and out on my .vob straight rips, and I've yet to test files with very high bitrates since I feel the tradeoff for file size isn't worth it past 7-8 Mbps. Something I must mention about the media player is it does an admirable job of reducing video artifacting from down-conversion, however you're not able to zoom past the actual video while maintaining aspect ratio. In other words it won't crop the black horizontal bars for you on a 4:3 ratio video. You have to do it in the conversion. I found it strange since the option to zoom in is there for all the other video inputs.

As for the Smart TV/Samsung App hub, I tried it briefly using the Youtube app under a wired connection(which stalled on the initial install). Videos streamed very quickly and it looked like the the app always plays the highest video quality. Most of the other apps never appealed to me so I found myself quickly deleting them off the TV but this was never a selling point for me anyways, just something to mess around with. As others have mentioned, navigating without a keyboard quickly became a chore. So, hopefully, somewhere along the line, Samsung will separately sell their qwerty remote that's included with their 7000 and up series of TVs otherwise this feature could fade fast.

After all that though, I would definitely purchase this TV again if I had to (which I did - the 40" UN40D6000 series) especially at the $700 price-tag offered at the time (thanks to the wacky commodities exchange-like fluctuating price system here). Even though the LED aspect seems to do more for your eco concerns than picture quality and I seldom use the 120Hz Auto motion, I'd rather have more functionality than less. Also, I can afford it. However, for the casual viewer, those on a budget, or old-school movie-goer, 120Hz is overkill. I could go with the UN32D5500 32-Inch and still be happy. As always, see it for yourself.
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on March 22, 2011
The Samsung UN46D6000 is an excellent led HDTV set that is the best value priced alternative to a 3D model. In fact, the outstanding picture clarity and color of this LED set almost seems 3D at times and these are its most striking features. Other pluses are the light weight, thin profile and elegant overall design along with low power usage. Although, I would suggest that individual sound control features for bass, treble and balance would be a definite improvement.
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on March 28, 2011
Purchased two weeks ago and all I can say is wow! The picture quality is super. It is almost too bright. I have adjusted the brightness and toned it down a bit. Colors are great also. Surprisingly, for a TV that is only 1.2 inches thick the sound quality is good. Might also be the positioning of mine, it is above the mantle so the speakers are projecting downward and bouncing off of it. Only thing I find a bit strange is the location of the input jacks. They are on the back right hand side of this set which is the opposite of how I had my wall plates set up. I have two setting suggestions. Turn off the Eco Sensor which adjusts the picture brightness to the ambient light in the room. For me it was dimming too much. For sports, leave the Auto Motion Plus on but for everything else turn it off. It gives a sort of 3D look to everything and is quite strange when watching movies. Other than that, you will be extremely happy with this set. Great purchase.
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on April 12, 2011
We've had our new Samsung HDTV for almost a month now and I still find my mouth dropping to the floor when I sit on the couch to watch tv. The picture clarity is beautiful. This is really my first "true" HDTV. Until now, we had a 32" Samsung and I recently learned that anything smaller than a 42" does not do HD justice. I believe that to be true.

The 46" is just the right size for our living room. I read some reviews regarding the "soap opera effect" and I have to say that I kind of like it. It makes the people look as if they are really standing just a few feet away from me. This tv is internet-ready and features Samsung's Smart Hub. At first I had some problems with this feature actually working. It can be rather slow at times. However, I moved my router around a bit and it connects to my wireless connection just fine now. Netflix streams perfectly too! I haven't tried any of the social apps yet.

I am VERY pleased with my purchase and the delivery went well too (I usually have problems with the company Amazon chooses to use for these kinds of deliveries). The guy came in and unpacked the box to make sure the tv worked as promised.

NOTE: claims you can stream some of their movies and tv shows too with this device but unfortunately, they do not give any directions how to do this on the newer Samsung devices. Anyone have a clue how to streams movies from Hopefully, they fix this soon or at least create an app for amazon.
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on May 15, 2011
I never write reviews, but I am aways waiting for other peoples reviews, so I figured it was only fair that I start contributing. Especially since this is a new 2011 model and I am sure people are curious. This TV was replacing a 5 year old Philips Plasma. Picked up this TV a few weeks ago from Best Buy. Great picture. Good color and decent blacks for an edge lit LED. Great design also. The apps were cool, but my Blu-Ray player already has the same apps so that didn't interest me. I also have no interest in 3D, but most of the 2011 models all have it so it is what it is. The picture was crisp and as usual very bright with an edge lit LED and very easy to view in the daytime or in a brightly lit room. However, once the lights go out it's a different story. Let me preface the next few sentences by saying that I did my homework and knew that this could be a potential issue. I just wasn't expecting it to be this extreme. The lights emitted from all four corners and extended about 4 to 5 inches towards the middle of the screen. It was worse on the bottom than the top, but extremely noticeable in all corners. Watching a Blu-Ray with any type of black bars was almost impossible. It was also noticeable in any type of dark scene. Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes were unwatchable. No matter how hard I tried, my eyes were drawn to the white torches in the corners. I tried adjusting the backlight down to zero which helped but it didn't get rid of it and created a very dark picture. Oh, and before someone tries to scold me for not knowing how to properly calibrate a TV, I didn't have it on the factory setting of Vivid or any other overly bright or unrealistic setting. Not to get off topic but I find it ridiculous that these places expect people to pay more money to have their $2000 plus TV professionally calibrated. For that kind of money, the service should come with it, but I guess that would be in a perfect world. Anyway, I was keeping the back light down along with the brightness because I didn't want an overly bright/washed out look. The backlight goes up to 20 and I had it at 10 before dropping it to zero. On a side note my wife didn't notice it at all until I pointed it out to her so maybe some people won't notice or they may not even care. If I am spending almost $2000 on a TV, I expect it to not have flaws like that. The viewing angle was pretty bad also, but I expected that from an edge lit LED so I don't count that against them. 5 inches of flash-lighting coming from the corners, that's a big strike. Called Samsung and they said to wait 3 or 4 weeks and the problem should "correct itself". Sure. Wait another few weeks until my return period runs out and I am stuck with it. I wasn't taking the chance on it going away because I've never heard of that going away and who knows if they would have even attempted to fix it. I am not trashing Samsung's customer service because I didn't have a chance to really work with them, but it seems to me that telling someone to wait 3 or 4 weeks to see if an issue goes away is not the best advice. I have read other reviews about this TV and other edge lit LED's so I know it can be a crap shoot. Some people get what I got, while others get a perfect panel and some other people get even worse ones. I didn't want to get into the hassle of returning sets until I got a good one so I will go with my original gut feeling and that was to get a Plasma. They both have their advantages, but as a current Plasma owner, I believe it is the superior technology. Just an opinion though. I just wanted to get this information about my experience with this TV out there since so many other people have been kind enough to put their reviews out there for me so I could make an educated decision over the last few years. Thank you for that.
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on December 11, 2011
This TV is amazingly clear. I absolutely love it. I have this puppy hooked up with a Time Warner 8300HD cable box. I found some great settings while searching so I figured I would post them here. I can't take the credit for these settings but i combined them to suit what I like. It seems like time warner tries to auto correct the sharpness, so to correct that and make it super clear I adjusted the digital and MPEG noise filters. I personally don't like the "movie" setting because it makes this beautifully, bright TV so dark. The color is so vibrant that it would be a waste to keep it so dark. This is all a matter of preference but try it and see what you think.

Picture mode: Standard
Backlight: 12
Contrast: 85
Brightness: 45
Sharpness: 30
Color: 50
Tint: 50/50

Black tone: off
Dynamic contrast: Medium
Shadow detail: -2
Gamma: 0
Color space: Native
White balance: off or leave the default setting
Flesh tone: 0
Edge enhancement: on
Motion lighting: off
Led motion plus: off

Picture options:
Color tone: warm 1
Digital noise filter: Auto (this is because of time warner)
Mpeg noise filter: Auto (this is because of time warner)
HDMI Black level: low
Film mode: auto 2
Auto motion plus: Clear

Eco sensor: off
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on May 28, 2011
Samsung has been my #1 choice for many years and it did NOT dissapoint. I received my tv on 05/28/11. Tv box had some light damages due to fed ex poor service. Besides the freight, tv is spectacular. Display is ultra clear and super slim. Lets go into a bit more details below.


Led: super slim beautiful tv. Glass base.
Ultra Clear Panel: this panel sucks in the light so you hardly if any ever get any glare. It really does work.
1080p: nothing special, but just thought it should go here.
Samsung Apps: pretty neat feature. Works great, although netflix was stuttering a bit, not sure why.
Game mode: this is needed to play first person shooter like call of duty. Great mode, and enhances user experience!


Remote control: you still have to point towards the tv to get it to work, annoying.
Sound: decent speakers but you would expect more from a $800+ tv
Slow loading up the apps.

After a day of playing around with my tv, I found a few defects.
1). HDMI: I attempted to plug in my ps3 via hdmi but for some reason, port 1 would not accept it. I think the board was not assembled properly because ports 1-2 had different dimensions and wouldnt allow the hdmi cable to go in. I had to plug it into port 3.

2). Light bleed/leakage: After watching Harry Potter which have a lot of dark scenes, I noticed light poking in from the all around the screen. My previous samsung 32" lcd did not have this problem. After researching, I determined it had light bleeding. Contacted amazon and currently in the process for an exchange. Will update on new order.

All in all, this is a great tv, I strongly reccomend you to buy this!
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on April 5, 2011
I recently purchased this TV to use in my bedroom (small space - roughly 13' x 19')I decided to go with either a 40" or a 42" due to my room layout. I recently purchased the Samsung UN46C8000 46-Inch 1080p 3D 240 Hz LED HDTV
for my living room but still figured I would ship around to find the best 40"-42" TV for around $800.

After going to multiple big box retailers to compare TV's I settled on either theLG 42LE5400 42-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV with Internet Applications I could find no discernible difference in picture quality (1080P Blu-ray of MegaMind), except when playing around with the dynamic contrast settings on both devices (something I use due to the varying light conditions my room goes through. I found Samsung's dynamic setting to be much less noticeable as it changes lighting settings and not as jarring when switching from scene to scene.

That being said the Tv's picture quality is not as great as my living room set, but from the get go I didn't need it to be.

Both the LG 42" and Samsung 40" score high in usability regarding their respective remotes. I noticed the Samsung has a button to turn the back-lighting on without pressing a random button, something which i may have forgotten to notice on the LG remote.

My ps3 is hooked up to this TV and the response time from input to Ps3 to screen is immeasureable and performs just as well as my living room set.

Setup was easy and attaching it to the stand took me less than 8 minutes after opening the box with an automatic screwdriver.Black & Decker PD600 Pivot Plus 6-Volt Nicad Cordless Screwdriver with Articulating Head I changed the audio settings to Movie and the picture settings to Dynamic and was ready to go. The Tv is incredibly light, which i suspect will make it really easy to mount in the near future. Amazon VoD and Netflix work flawlessly for me through the ethernet port.

I will revise this review if anything comes up positive or negative in the future.
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on April 13, 2011
I have owned this TV for about a week now. It's my 4th Samsung flat screen. I upgraded from a Samsung LN46A550 to the 46" version of this TV but had to return it because the picture was flickering really bad in 1080i, and to be quite honest the ultra thin frame around the screen makes the TV look smaller than my old TV. So I decided to upgrade to the 55".

The picture quality pretty breath taking! I already notice a huge difference from going to 60hz refresh rate to 120hz. When I watch Avitar it almost looks 3D (even though it's not the 3D version). I haven't quite had time to fully calibrate the settins so the colors are still a little washed out but the clarity is excellent especially for a 55". I'll have to admit the the 46" version of this tv's picture did look better but it was also 9" smaller with the same resolution.

The sound is a lot better than I expected. Usually the sound on flat screen tv's are pretty poor but I'm actually pretty impressed, very clear and deep.

I have noticed some "flashlight" effect on the corners of the TV screen. And I've heard that this bothers a lot of people and can be a problem. I only notice it on very dark scenes or when there are bars on the top and bottom and it's not too obvious. I've heard that if you loosen the screws around the bezel in the back that it will help this problem. But it doesn't bother me too much yet.

Overall I'm very happy with my purchase especially for the price. It has to be one of the best 55" LED tvs for under $1600. There are obviously better sets out there but if you're happy with 120hz refresh and not really into the whole 3D craze then this is the tv for you.
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