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on April 25, 2011
This free Kindle edition of The Federalist (with Jay's name listed first in the Amazon listing) has one advantage over the other edition available free at this time (for which Amazon lists Madison as first author). This (Jay) edition has a table of contents at the beginning so you can jump directly to the paper you want to read. The text seems clean, though the headings seem disproportionately large. That small quibble aside, it seems perfectly adequate for quick reference.
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on January 19, 2013
Written by Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers of the US, the 'Federalist Papers' are a series of articles written for a New York newspaper. Mr Hamilton goes into detail on the thought process behind the US Constitution and clearly shows the intent behind the Constitution and the BIll of Rights. In this respect, the 'Papers' clearly and concisely outline what the Founding Fathers meant and should be used by citizens, political leaders, and the court system to accurately adjudicate the true meaning behind our Constitution.
I found this collection of writings by Mr Hamilton to be a very humbling eye opener as it can clearly be seen how far off track the US is getting with "modern" interpretation of the Constitution. By reading these papers, you can clearly see that the Founding Fathers were well educated in both literature and history and attempted to produce a framework of laws governing the US that would preculde pitfalls that earlier Republics have fallen into. Yes, the US is a Constitutional Republic and the Founding Fathers never intended nor wanted the US to be a Democracy. We are a Rule of Law nation not a majority rule one and the 'Federalist Papers' makes that more than abundantly clear.
For example, in Federalist #26, Mr Hamilton clearly explains the Second Amendment, clarifying that the 'militia' is all able-bodied men, and that the right to bear arms meant that citizens should have the same type of arms as the standing army because the full intent of the Second Amendment is to prevent government tyranny, not to protect hunting rights.
I believe that the 'Federalist Papers' should be required reading by all High-School and college students in preparation for them to become well-informed voting citizens and able to preserve and protect the Republic our Founding Fathers have created.
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on April 21, 2013
The formatting on this one is better than I expected. The paragraphs, spacing and everything look great on my Kindle. Some of these public domain books look terrible, but this one looks as good as any polished publication.

The table of contents lists every paper and every click goes where it's supposed to go. The only bad thing is that there's no link back from each paper to the TOC.

This edition has all of the Publius credits as originally written, but it also lists each paper's true author.

I was surprised by how well it was done.

It goes without saying that the papers themselves are brilliant and this book is one of the most important documents in American history.
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on November 10, 2013
I decided to read The Federalist Papers after a certain Supreme Court Justice whom I admire greatly recommended them as the one book everyone in High School should read. Once I started reading the Papers, I began to question this recommendation: Can someone with only a High School education even UNDERSTAND these papers? It took me as long to read The Federalist Papers as it did War and Peace. And War and Peace is more than 8 times as long!

So, the question is, should YOU bother reading these Papers? What relevance do they have to you today? What about to the foreign (i.e. non-American) reader? Well. Let me simply say this: I can think of no more significant work showing the insights of America's Founding Fathers than these Papers. The wisdom and vision of America's Founding Father's is absolutely astounding: Although these papers were written more than 200 years ago, its authors anticipated many of the challenges America faces today and built in safeguards against them into the Constitution. The political balance of power (between the judiciary, the legislature, and executive departments) is thoroughly examined, and the results of these analyses are deftly presented by the authors in the most powerful ways possible. Each of these 85 papers stands on its own merits as a considerable achievement. Together, they form a monument to the greatness of America's Founding Fathers and the enduring strength offered by its Constitution.

Whether you are American or not you should read these Papers. The wisdom of America's Founding Fathers was not for their time, or only for America: It is for ALL TIME, and EVERYONE. Anyone wanting to understand America's Constitution will come away in awe of it (as I did) after reading these papers. Is it perfect? No. But I can think of no country whose Constitution was as exquisitely well balanced as America's, and that has served it so well, and for so long. The Federalist Papers are a TREASURE whose wisdom needs to be shared with all mankind. While this version of The Federalist Papers sells for free, its contents are priceless. Unequivocally recommended to EVERYONE. 5/5
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on November 8, 2014
An eye opener. They really were human, these Founding Fathers. Wise at times. Blind at times. Desperate to ditch the Articles of Confederation and willing to bend any proposition toward that end. Pettyfoggers and explorers setting out on a somewhat uncertain adventure. Gives a view of our founding you don't get in school: the Constitution is not a pristine gift sprung from the forehead of a god-like Zeus. It is cobbled together from scraps of experience ranging from Greco-Roman philosophy and historical experience, to monarchistic Great Britain and the individual Constitutions of the 13 colonies. Well worth the very long slog.
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on September 18, 2013
I have read this book over two times to gain deep insight into the content of the book. The essays written during the formative years of American democracy are still valid to read. This book has highly thought provoking ideas which got evolved during the shaping of American Democracy which has paved way for many small and big countries of the globe. I have got new meaning in the understanding of the Indian democracy after reading this book which is really a collection of scholarly essays written on various themes of democracy, civil liberty, universal human rights, socio-economic and political equity and equal opportunities for all to make the Earth a better place for human race. You must read this book to get new meaning of the terms which are frequently used in modern universal approach of resource management for human race.
The valid and reasonable thinking portrayed by scholars of America for defining the fate of future generations is worth reading.
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on March 18, 2016
This copy is bogus. The publisher has no information, the copyright warning is incorrect, not to mention The Federalist Papers are in the public domain.
All that aside, I really dislike this version because it is loaded with typos beyond belief. I don't know where they got this version from, but it clearly has never been edited. reading it is painful because mentally you have to parse the words and that slows down the reading/comprehension.
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on June 14, 2012
I highly recommend this tome for any reader of history, law, or the constitution. Herein are the original arguments for ratification of the (original) US constitution as defined by its framers. The text is unaltered (which I appreciated), but I confess that the reading is somewhat laborious. I recommend having a dictionary or PC close by to help with words whose usage or meaning has changed over the 200 intervening years. Enjoy!
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on February 5, 2016
I agree with various reviewers about these papers. They are undeniably of great historical significance. It must be recognized that they are essentially editorials written for public consumption in order to gain support for the State of New York to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

In that they were composed by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, they do represent the thinking of the architects of our Constitution. I found the writing somewhat stylized and dated. I struggled with comprehending some of the writing. I used another literature source to simplify the reading.

As another reviewer noted, there were also anti - federalist papers. These are essentially editorials and there were two sides to the argument. Therefore there is a value to studying the other side of the argument. Some of these papers were written by "Cato", probably George Clinton, who went on to serve as Vice President.
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on March 26, 2016
I've heard so much about The Federalist Papers but never read them. That has changed now. This book was interesting as it gives true insight into the thoughts (and words!) of the founders as they went through the process of creating a government for the new nation. I purchased the actual paper version of the book and really enjoyed it. The book is thought-provoking and takes you back through history to the time of the founding of the country. If you are into American history, you will enjoy this book. it is a tough read at times if you don't find the content interesting, and some of it is dry, but there are other treasure troves buried in the book.
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