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on September 12, 2011
From the title it seems as though I don't care for this little guy. That is not the case. This is a very useful netbook. It is not a genuine high power laptop. If that is what you want do not buy this product; however, if you are looking for a small lightweight email retriever that has some computational functions this is your guy. If you think about an Ipad and then realize it isn't a computer and then think about what this can do, for me there was no question. I want a real keyboard, I want memory, a hard drive and I am not a game player.
It seems to boot quickly - seems faster to boot than a high powered desktop.
It is small, light weight, has a good screen with a matte rather than glossy surface, and an ok keyboard ( remember it is only 10 inches but it gets a pretty good sized keyboard in) Windows 7 Home Premium already installed; 2 gb memory already installed, but the superb wifi reception is what sold me. I travel and some hotels which say they have wifi, have very limited wifi range. The wifi range and ability to pull in a signal are amazing. I compared it to my older Acer and it has 2 more bars (4 bars where the Acer gets 2 bars).
Some reviewers have noted quality was lacking in the build of their computer. As far as I can tell, the computer is running perfectly without any issues. I rate the build quality high and like the matte cover and matte screen: the cover for not showing fingerprints and the screen for being more readable in bright light.


The right shift key is very small.
I hate the touch pad - but I also dislike all touch pads - you will want to buy a mouse
The battery is supposed to run for 11 hours - perhaps with no screen brightness and leaving it idle. In heavy use 4-6 hrs.
It runs warm to mildly hot - not uncomfortable but it would be great on a cold night.
No restore software.
I didn't like the disk partitions which it came with. Windows 7 has a partition tool and I fussed a bit to get it the way I wanted it.
It is advertised as having 2 speakers - has one little one which produces little sound.
There is a single jack for input and output ( mic or ear phones - with an on screen toggle switch )
Remember none of these small computers have an external hard drive - they cost $30-40 and you will probably want one.

Would I buy again and should you buy. If you are going to use it for travel and principally as an email retriever - while doing a little computing - I would most certainly buy this. It is less than $400. If I needed a machine that did serious computing -no; however, unless you are willing to spend $1000 and up there are no computers this light. There are some nice 13 and 14 inch ones - in the 3.5 lb range for about $700-$800. I understand some lighter weight 13 and 14 inch computers will be available in the Spring 2012 for $600 or more.

Update: now having used it for about 7 days, I really do like this little guy. Everything about it works just the way it should
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on September 14, 2011
If you're looking for a very small/lightweight computer to use on the go then this would be a pretty good purchase. I currently use a Asus G73jh 17" laptop. So going from a 17" to a 10.1" laptop will really take awhile to get used to. This isn't a bad thing, it will just take awhile for you to adjust to a small screen. I do think it is priced a little high considering you can get mid size laptops for less than $100 more with better specs. The deal breaker was the portability of this netbook. It really can fit just about anywhere! I can even fit it on my glove compartment in my truck. Of course this netbook is not going to be faster than a full size laptop. It is MEANT for surfing the web and other light use. Not for playing games or editing videos. I was impressed though on how fast it actually is for the size.

What I like:
-Battery life seems pretty good.
-Portability for transportation.
-Surprisingly fast for being a netbook.
-The design is much nicer than any other netbook I have seen so far.

What I don't like:
-It comes LOADED with useless programs you probably will never use. It took a good hour to remove it all.
-No scrolling on the touchpad.
-Getting used to the keyboard will take some time!
-It can run a little hot after mild use.
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on June 25, 2011
This particular model comes with Windows 7 Home Premium instead of Windows 7 starter, which I think is an appropriate step up. Battery life is excellent and the keys are nicely spaced for easy typing. I wish it came with an SSD though and replacing the hard drive on your own is a bit involved. Most of the casing has a matte finish, as does the screen, but the glossy bezel around the screen and keyboard attracts dust and fingerprints. Also Asus replaced the separate mic and headphone ports in favor of a single mic/headphone port, which seems kind of dumb to me. Otherwise this is a pretty solid machine and works well for basic productivity tasks and web browsing.
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on January 13, 2012
This note book meets my need. It is a good buy for the price and the features it provides. I travel a lot and I have full size company provided laptop in addition to a personal cell phone with a data plan. Here are my needs:

1) I do not want to use company laptop for personal needs. I want to segregate my personal information from my work. However, I do not want to carry two full size laptops. I need a second computer to pay my bills online, download statements, keep expenses in a spreadsheet, and surf the internet. I also use Skype to make video calls.

2) The full size laptop is too big to use on a flight and cumbersome to drag it to a coffee shop. I wanted a compact computer.

3) The full size laptop battery does not last very long and usually I have to plug the charger as I use the laptop. I wanted a compact computer with long battery life so that I do not have to carry the charger all the time and I do not have to look for power outlet.

4) My cell phone has a data plan and I want to access the Internet from my computer by tethering my phone to my laptop. There are 3rd party application software packages, such as, Easytether, that allow you to access internet from your PC via your cell phone. The software is a onetime purchase.

My first consideration was to buy a tablet such as an iPad. I decided against a tablet; because a tablet does not have an integral keyboard, is relatively more expensive, and may need additional data plan to access Internet via a cell network. I need a keyboard to do a serious work. I am not sure if Android or iOS based tablet computers can be tethered (via USB) to a cell phone to get access to an Internet using the phone's data plan.

I really did not see the benefit of a tablet over a notebook. Both are light and compact enough to carry around easily. What about boot time (instant on)? The Asus Eee PC notebook can be setup such that it goes to sleep mode, instead of shutdown, when you press the power button. When you press the power button again, it comes back ON real quick.

Unlike some other notebooks that come loaded with Windows 7 Starter or Basic, the Asus EeePC came with Windows Home 7 premium. It has both Bluetooth and WiFi wireless communications. Note that some notebooks do not have Bluetooth. Battery life seems good. I did not time the battery operating time but it seems a full charge can last more six hours.

I have used Skype on my notebook and the video cam works well. I have not tested the operation of the built-in speaker and microphone. I use Logitech brand USB based digital headphone, instead.

What are the cons? Well, the notebook is slow starting a word processor or spreadsheet, but I did not expect high performance for a computer at this price range and with a CPU optimized for low power consumption. For my need, long battery life is more important that CPU speed.

Occasionally, the cursor jumps unexpectedly while I am typing. I must be inadvertently touching the pad while typing. It could be a matter of adjusting the sensitivity of the touch pad. I have to research and find a fix for it.

In summary, I am happy with my purchase. It meets all my needs with no apparent compromises. It is light, compact, has long-battery life, can run my standard PC software, and can connect to Internet using my cell phone's data plan (with additional 3rd part software). It is a good middle ground device between my full size laptop and my cell phone. I can easily pack and travel with both my company-provided laptop and my personal use notebook computer.
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on February 27, 2012
I owned an ASUS Eee PC 1005HA for almost three years and absolutely loved it. By the end it was running really slow with some mechanical problems, but I used it constantly and for everything, and I was never particularly gentle with it. 2+ years of constant use of an awesome computer for $300-400 is unparalleled.

Recently I got the 1015PX as a replacement, and it's still great, but ASUS made some functional choices on it that I think were kind of silly. No option for a side scroll bar area on the key pad, no light indicator for CapsLock, only one jack for audio in/out (not a big deal to me, but it does mean no option for microphone and headphones at the same time, like during Skype or a videogame), the webcam was downgraded from 1.3mpx to .3 (gah!), the power cord is less user-friendly because it can't be detached in half (which allowed you to leave the plug part plugged in, say, behind your desk, and only plug in the actual converter part when in use so it wasn't wasting energy all the time)...

These are all things that my earlier model didn't suffer from. It's too bad, because most of them are very simple fixes. BUT, I can't help but compare it to my old Eee, so I must remember to say...

EEE PC's ARE AWESOME. Lightweight, compact, massive battery life (I'm running this one for ~8 hours of heavy use right now, plus only putting it to sleep when not in use), and stocked with all of the new essentials like USB 2.0 ports, dual core processor, 2 gigs of RAM, a hefty 320gb HD... I dare you to try finding a traditional laptop with all of those features for ~$400. Even if you have to replace it after 2 years or so, you can buy three of them before you get to the starting price of the most basic of MacBooks.

Also, there's some talk of this kind of item being replaced by the tablet, but for those (like I) who really want a real laptop, you can't beat this. For years I've been doing all of my schoolwork, watching movies, listening to music, web browsing, downloading, etc etc on Eee PC's. They're powerful enough to so anything you want, especially with the dual core.

Despite any grudges I may hold over ASUS's changes from previous models, this is still a great netbook. I hope they re-fix those little usability issues, but as long as they don't get any worse it's definitely worth it. If mine was to magically disappear or something, I'd probably buy another one instantly, because I've been so happy with them. (Note: that is not an invitation to steal my laptop. Please do not steal my laptop.)
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on January 30, 2012
Blue,alot better in person than on online. Keys are responsive and fine in size. Even though it has a .3 camra pixle, looks alot better than other models that i have had. Two gigs of ram and home premium make the netbook worth buiying. has fine performance and is ultra protable. Starp up and shuting down is down in matter of seconds, about 8 seconds. In doing some research the ram found(2 gb ram) in this netbook is Hynix, many mac products use this type of ram. Rest ashured that you are getting quality ships in this pc. I may even say that Asus uses then fine quality for all their products. Well do like this asus netbook su17, had an Hp special edition and in my opinion it lacked certain thing for the price i paid that is. ONe more thingthe charger is plug is a bit fragile because its small treat it with care...
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on December 29, 2011
First I love everything about this netbook. For the price you get Windows 7, 2 gb RAM, 320 HD (Really about 200GB when you look at the usable partion). The thing cranks up in about 40 seconds and connectivity is easy. Also, this Microsoft Office has WORD and Excel that actually handles 95% of anything I would want a word processor or spreadsheet to do on a Netbook! However, it is a bit mis-leading when Amazon shows a bundle at the bottom of the page to suggest ordering the Travel Case and extra 2GM memory. I fell for it.. and when I tried to add it... there was only one memory slot. Re-reading it looks like maybe it only goes up to 2 GB but then why to try to sell more?? So, be sure NOT to order the extra RAM unless you want to nspend about what you paid for it to return it.
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on January 4, 2012
Got it today. Very fast service. Although the seal on the original box was definitely tampered with there is no signs of prior usage or handling. I was able to go through initial Windows setup with no issues. Definitely like the small charger. Otherwise, not too much bloatware which is already gone and I am installing some essential software right now. So far, everything works as advertised and I am happy with this purchase. Great and fast service, as usual. Will be posting again after I've used it for a little while. So far I am being generous and giving it 5 stars.
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on July 19, 2011
This Eee PC is the best choice from for me because it's the only netbook equiped with both Windows 7 Home Premium and 2GB memory, let alone its Intel Atom N570 dual core processor. The battery is surprisingly strong that I can use the Eee PC for all working hours in office without carrying the adapter with me. Last but not the least, it's thin and light, very easy to be brought anywhere.
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on November 19, 2013
Well maybe 3 and a half stars. This is my second Asus EEE netbook. The good news: it's just amazing what can be done in such a small size, and small price too. Frankly I use it ALL the time. Battery life on the first one was good; on this one it's even better. That said, durability is an issue. Some of the function-key capabilities quit a few months after purchase. I see other people have keyboard issues too, and that's what sunk my first Asus EEE. As for sound quality: use headphones and you'll be fine; otherwise forget it. All in all, I'm glad I bought it -- adequate for my needs and expectations. But you should consider your requirements and then shop carefully. This might not be the best choice for you.
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