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on July 23, 2011
Yes, this is a very short, easy read. Yes, it is a romantic fantasy, somewhat predictable, but that is fine with me, did not bother me in the least. As a voracious reader, to me it is not always about the destination - or the ending of a story- but how the author takes you there. Yes, some stories - mysteries and such- you can figure out right away "who did it" and when I pick up a light romance, I do antecipate the ending because sometimes, that is what I crave. I need break from hard, dark stories. So, I would love a sequel, would gladly pay for more stories by this new writer. I liked her style and prose. I bought her other book- "The Mini-Marriage" - a colaboration about dealing with divorce after a short-lived marriage.
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on July 15, 2011
This is a light boy-meets-girl story that the reader can breeze thru quickly. The characters are easy to identify with and are written believably. The dialog is often repetitive and immature and there are a few typos all of which detracts some from the flow of the story. Ella and Bree are casually friendly but lack the depth and connection of best-friend status. The fast moving relationship between Bree and Billy doesn't evoke any substantial emotion. There is no tantalizing tingle. You won't sit on the edge of your chair, laugh out loud or hold your breath. It is simply an easy, short summer read that is pleasant enough to pass some time.
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This is a nice love story with the usual misunderstanding that is de rigueur in the genre. Bree is bored stiff at her friend's house-warming. She is approached by Billy, an easy-going young man, who says he can see that she is bored and wonders if she would like to go outside. They do, and he offers to take her for a ride. Without thinking, she agree, and is surprised that she has a good time even though Billy hardly talks and that he doesn't try to kiss her. Her friend warns her the next day to stay away from Billy, who is a member of a music band, because he is not interested in a long term relationship. She doesn't want to see her hurt. Soon they go on a couple of dates and she sleeps with him. He emails her that he feels he is falling for her, but then he doesn't call again. She goes to see his band play and sees something that bothers her greatly. Readers will want to find out what she saw, why he didn't call, and what the future of the relationship is.
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on July 15, 2011
I do agree it is suited to being a short pool/beach/break-time read, but I just didn't find it particularly romantic--or funny for that matter.

It was a very light read about an apparently attractive, intelligent, successful real estate type who gets swept off her feet at a friend's housewarming party. We know these things as we are told them by a fair amount of expository introspection by the main character. I really don't mind the first person narrative, but this one did fall into the trap of using it to 'explain' things a little too much. Not only that, in this case the jumps in the thought processes were a bit artificial--'I decided I was being childish for getting upset he didn't call, so I'll go see the band tonight' or words to that effect (I'm not quoting directly, but that was the gist).

What could have been an adventuresome start to a romance ended up analyzed and described to a degree that left me unable to just enjoy the ride. Compounded by the 'not quite big understanding' followed by the 'apology gesture' (by the love interest when in reality the main character might have tried actually listening to the voice mail and not jumping to conclusions, speaking of childish). I ended up just not getting why the guy liked her so much.

The story has a great deal of potential, but the style was just didn't pull it off. It is a nice enough diversion, but just not to my taste.

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on October 13, 2015
This book would have been a cute romance story, but the characters fell short to me. In my opinion there wasn't enough character development and if the story could have been longer that would have helped a lot. The story was a quick fun read.
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on September 9, 2013
I expected more in this reading but, it was okay. This short story was exactly that a short- short about 39 pages. It was easy to get into but then seemed like too much was crammed in the few pages and the ability to connect, love, hate or identify with the characters just wasn't there. It was a okay read, not horrible and yet not mind blowing let's make this into a longer book.
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on October 18, 2012
The plot is blah, the characters are boring, and the entire thing is written in a overly breezy and annoying "Hey, I'm just like you" style. The stock photo cover (that has pretty much nothing to do with the plot or how the character is described) really sums up the level of care that went into this stort story.

Note: When the author/publisher stoops to using the title space to sell the book ("38 pages perfect for the beach . . . ") it is usually not a good sign.
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on August 10, 2012
This short story grew on me. I wasn't too sure if I was in to it at first because it seemed to go off on a tangent for a small section. It would have been a welcomed tangent if this were a novel, though. I feel that it would allow for a little more character development...but it wasn't a necessary addition to this as a shorter piece. The later half of the story drew me back in, and boosted my rating a bit for it.

It's a good read, overall. Light, not taxing at all. Great for an afternoon of relaxing.
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on July 22, 2011
Very rarely do I really like first person romances, I like to get inside all of the character's heads and I can't help but feel the author is just being lazy when they resort to first person. I was constantly pulled out of this story because of the use of first person, every description and action just didn't flow and sounded more like commands than natural observations or movements. That aside the story wasn't terrible and it was short thankfully but I didn't find it particularly special or funny. I did find it a little unbelievable and naive of the main character to think this guy was her soul mate after spending a few hours with him where they basically didn't talk but hey apparently that's her thing. This is definitely more of a suggestive romance than anything spicy or erotic and the whole thing is over fairly quickly with the usual romance misunderstanding causing the characters to break up only to end in a song so there you go.
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on February 2, 2012
A bit too much of the standard offerings for a "romance" story - nothing new here. Comedy? I guess I missed that part of it, but I'm not inclined to go back & look for it. Short - the best part. So I'll keep my comments short too.
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