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Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor
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Color: Stainless SteelVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
2015 Update: For anyone who is considering 14/16 cup food processors, I was given the opportunity to review the KitchenAid 14 cup model (KFP1466ER) this month and my review comparing that unit to this one and the Cuisinart has just gone up. Long story short, the short (1 year) warranty, the less powerful motor and the cheaper materials make the KitchenAid a less-than-desirable option even for the slightly lower price point now. Still use my Breville on an almost daily basis and still love it.

2014 Update: Breville - With time I have come to truly appreciate and enjoy my Breville food processor. It took me quite a lot of time to figure out how to process doughs with this machine. Initially it just beat them to death. Well, the not-so-difficult (to figure out) secret is to watch the temp of your liquids and to limit your processing time. (See comments for more details.) There also were quite a number of issues initially with processing cheeses. This issue has been totally resolved and the new manual gives clear instructions on how to effectively process cheeses. The Breville has now become my go-to food processor and I use it every day.

Cuisinart: About the only time I pull out the Cuisinart is if I have limited time to do clean up between processing or if I am traveling and need to bring a machine along. I don't want to put my beloved Breville at risk (lol). The major issue I have with the Cusinart is the mold problem. I did get a replacement lid and was told (very firmly) that this was a one time thing. The design has not changed so, I am very cautious about clean up with it. I do not put it in the dishwasher and I try to dry every bit I can get to as soon as I can. I also have found that liquid and matter can get in the handle of the largest bowl through a small hole near the bowl opening. I have a small brush I use to get in to remove matter but I am concerned that mold will develop in that area over time. I really no longer can recommend this machine because of these issues.

2012 Year End Update: I continue to use and appreciate both the Breville food processor and the Cuisinart. I do reach for the Cuisinart more frequently than the Breville but that is mainly because I use it to make some sort of dough on an almost daily basis. Please see the comments section of this review for a discussion of the cheese grating issues and the resolution for the Breville Food Processor. (Kudos to the company for resolving this issue.) Also please note, I have added a Cleaning section to this review based on issues with the Cuisinart food processor lid.


Cuisinart - After 4 months of regular use I have to say that this has become my "go to" machine. I typically need to make some sort of dough with my meals and so I use the large bowl for my dough and then the smaller bowls for slicing and dicing. My only complaints about this machine are that sometimes there is spill over from the smaller bowls to the larger bowls when processing the food and I have to keep a hand on the machine when kneading larger amounts of dough because it gets to rumbling and grumbling all over the counter.

Breville - After repeated attempts at dough making with the Breville, I have concluded that it is simply not cut out for that sort of work. When I am making vegetable stock and need to chop up a lot of vegetables I do go with this machine because it is an absolute beast. I also like the french fry disc. I have also used the emulsifying disc and it is pretty effective but must be seated tight down on the base of the bowl or matter gets under the disc. My only other real complaint about this machine is that those little metal tips on the disc spindle and blades have burned me more times than I care to count, they get really hot and then tend to want to stick to the top of the lid when you pull it off.

After putting up with a prehistoric GE 7 cup food processor for decades I finally decided to empty my wallet and buy a 14 cup Cuisinart Elite Collection food processor* Cuisinart FP-14DC Elite Collection 14-Cup Food Processor, Die Cast. Then, a week later I was given the opportunity to review this food processor. Can you say "holiday time heaven"? I put both machines through their paces cooking Thanksgiving Dinner and have continued to use them on an almost daily basis to do everything from simple slice and dice to whip, puree and knead. They are both fine food processors, excelling in different areas. Here is a back-to-back comparison.


Breville - This is a beautiful machine, being sleek silver and coal black. The lid is a slide lock system and has a very wide feeding chute and a large food pusher with a smaller round pusher, (the small pusher is calibrated and can be used for measuring); the unit can run with the small pusher out but stops if the larger pusher is removed. (And starts right back up if it is put in - quite the shock if you forgot you had the machine running when you took it out.)

Cuisinart - This is a very attractive unit but is a bit boxier than the Breville and not as expensive looking. The lid snaps on to the unit when two small buttons are pushed in on the large work bowl. There is a wide feeding chute with a smaller chute inset. And it comes with a retractable cord that can be extended a little or a lot.

I really love certain aspects of both machines. The Breville really is a beauty; I like the measurement feature on the small food pusher and the fact that the large pusher is closed in at the bottom, so food does not get in the open part of the pusher when you use it. I am not crazy about the roundness of the small pusher though; functionally it is much less practical. I also love the retractable cord on the Cuisinart.


Breville - Three Blades (Micro-serrated S blade, Dough blade and Mini processing blade), 5 discs (Adjustable Slicing Disc, Shredding and Grating Disc, Julienne Disc, Emulsifying Disc and French Fry and Vegetable Stick Disc), One Mini Bowl, a disc spindle, small brush and spatula, instruction booklet (with a few recipes) and storage container. (Note: the blades have metal tips and can get quite hot after processing - so mind your hands when reaching into the bowls!) All bowls and attachments are BPA free.

Cuisinart - Three Blades (Small Chopping/Mixing Blade, Large Chopping/Mixing Blade and Dough Blade.) Two discs (Adjustable Slicing Disc and Reversible Shredding Disc.), two smaller bowls with pour spouts, Stem Adapter, Spatula, Cleaning Tool and instructional DVD with recipes and spiral bound instruction manual with recipes. Accessory Storage Case.

The Breville obviously has a greater number of accessories and the storage container is much higher quality than the Cuisinart. The Cuisinart container is a two level unit and the bottom drawer is clumsy to pull out and push in. On the positive side, only the Cuisinart container has a safety lock to keep little hands out. The Breville brush and spatula are also better quality than the Cuisinart. That said, the instructional booklet from Cuisinart is far superior to Brevilles both in construction and content and the additional DVD is a godsend for those who are either visual or auditory learners. It is very helpful to be able to actually see someone use the food processor. Also, certain of the Breville accessories must be washed by hand.


Breville - One year limited warranty on unit. Twenty-Five year induction motor warranty.

Cuisinart - Three year limited warranty on unit. Twenty-year motor warranty.


Breville - The unit has three button controls; Power Off, Start/Pause and Pulse. It also has an LCD display with a count up or count down timer.

Cuisinart -. The unit has four buttons: On, Off, Dough and Pulse.

I love the LCD display and counter feature on the Breville. As for the Cuisinart, the dough cycle is almost a must have for me since one of the primary reasons I wanted a good-sized food processor was because I am a baker. (It is not my profession but is one of my passions.)


Breville - 1200-watt induction motor
Cuisinart - 1000-watt peak power induction motor

Slicing and Shredding:

Breville - Shredding - the machine shines here. Shredded cheeses** are uniformly shredded with minimal powdering and there is quite a difference between fine and course shreds when the blade is turned. Slicing - simply excellent. I made a dessert that called for very finely sliced apples and I could not have asked for a more beautiful result.

Cuisinart - Shredding - This unit isn't quite as good at shredding as the Breville. There is very little difference between the fine and medium shred on cheese and quite a bit of the cheese powders. (Not an issue for cooking but one if it is being plated.) Slicing - Very good results here too. Not quite as uniformly sliced as the Breville but close enough.


Breville - The top performer. You just have to be careful to keep the processing time down or you end up with grated not chopped!

Cuisinart - Does a very good job but isn't quite the powerhouse the Breville unit has proven to be.


Breville - Oh dear, I am afraid I haven't had the best luck here. The machine is simply too powerful and your poor dough is easily beaten. I have tried several batches using this unit at the same time as the Cusinart and have never been able to get the same quality result. They really need to add a dough button to the controls.

Cuisinart - Wow, fantastic results! Makes bread so light you can't tell the difference between that kneaded in the food processor and kneaded by hand!

I made a double batch of baguette dough. I hand kneaded one third and put one third in each of the food processors. I kneaded the dough in the food processors until it formed a shaggy ball and then finished kneading by hand. The dough in the Breville was simply tough and even with much attention never recovered from the initial processing. The dough in the Cuisinart was easy to work with and felt "just right". When the three loaves were (blind) tasted side-by-side the family was split over whether the hand kneaded dough or the Cuisinart kneaded dough had the best texture and taste. All thought the Breville kneaded dough was on the tough side and a bit tasteless.


Breville - the machine must be hand washed. Cleanup is a breeze and there are no issues with food being trapped in the lid seal.

Cuisinart - I am very unhappy with the lid and seal is designed on this machine. I have to pick food out of the seal and between the seal and the lid most every time I use the machine. I also am having an issue with mold growing on the top of the seal where it is encased in plastic and unreachable for manual cleaning. I have been soaking the lid in a vinegar solution to deal with this but it is simply unacceptable to have these sorts of issues with a machine that is so expensive. The food processor is top rack dishwasher safe but I would give some thought to putting the blades and slicing/shredding discs in your dishwasher.

Overall impression:

Breville - this is a very fine, beautiful machine. If you are leaving it out on the counter and use it mainly for slicing, shredding, chopping, I highly recommend investing in this unit. That said; if you like to work with dough, consider investing in the Cuisinart.

Cuisinart - Until I had the cleaning issues with the lid on this machine I thought that for the price this unit was a tough one to beat. Now I am not so sure. I very much appreciate and enjoy using the machine but am completely put off by the fact that I have to actively watch for and address mold forming in the seal area of the machine. I recently picked up The Best Bread Ever: Great Homemade Bread Using your Food Processor and am going to work on using it with the Breville after the first of the year. If I can figure out how to make a great dough using this machine then the Cuisinart will be relegated to the back shelf.

*I had a watch on it on camelcamelcamel and there was a price dip.
** Please see comments section for a discussion of recommendations for shredding cheese and warranty implications.
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on December 25, 2012
Let me quote the owner's manual for the Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef food processor (page 5, upper left hand corner):
"Do not process cheese in the product. Use a hand held cheese grater for grating cheese. Processing cheese in the appliance will cause damage to plastic parts and will void your warranty."

The story about it is all here:

The short story is that AFTER releasing the food processor, Breville tested it and found that aggressively shredding a large wedge of Parmesan cheese can cause the machine to seize or push the shredding disc off balance. They immediately changed their manual to include the warning about voiding the warranty. They also began their redesign for the BFP800XL/A version to fix the problem, available in January 2013. What they didn't do was include a statement about the coming fix for the problem in the packaging of the present model.

I had no idea there was a problem when I bought the food processor the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, to be given as a Christmas gift. Imagine my dismay when my wife open this gift and read that statement in the owner's manual.

Owners of the BFP800XL can contact Breville to get a new shredding disc and lid to correct the problem.
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on January 26, 2012
I've been ogling this product for months and my husband surprised me with it! Have had it since mid-December and have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Breville never disappoints!!!

We're a household of two plus a dog and I use this just about every day. Meals around here were healthy before the sous chef, but now they're even healthier because I can (and now want to, even after a hectic workday) chop, grate, slice, etc much faster with more fresh foods, portioned slices etc. I can focus on experimenting with flavors, finding creative new recipes etc rather than spending precious time with chopping, grating etc.

To date, I've tried all parts except the dough blade and emulsifying disc. The least used so far are the julienne and french fry/vegetable stick discs but the few times that I've used them, they've worked perfectly -- all the same size, pretty, perfect! I plan on using them more.

The most often used:
The grating disc's coarse and fine sides are incredible. No residual pieces left on the blade! It is fast! Grated 6 pounds of zucchini in under 30 seconds, a pound of cheese in under 5 seconds. Too long a list--I grate food just to see it in action!

The slicing disc's adjustable blade is AH-MAH-ZING! I've tried the ultra thin setting to the thickest and the slices are even and beautiful! (lemons, limes, tomatoes, mushrooms, name it! Maybe freeze really small berries first though).

The S blades chop like there's no tomorrow! Be light on the pulsing - it's fast! Purees come out beautifully. I've made ground beef, using this S blade - the texture of the burgers were spot on. And even made ice cream (a healthy version made out of frozen bananas), using the S blade. I use the small bowl to chop herbs, but most often use the larger bowl.

The product is easy and safe to use (blades are super sharp so be careful when handwashing). The appliance is not noisy at all. The up and down timer is a plus - something I love with Breville products. Cleanup is a breeze and the case that holds all of the blades and accessories is a bonus. The spatula and brush have come in really handy. The case remains on top of our fridge for easy access. I'd love to leave the base and bowl etc on the counter, but we need the counterspace, so it's tucked away in a cabinet. It's about 20 pounds and fairly easy to handle.

If you're looking for a fast, hassle-free, easy to use, safe, dependable, and efficient food processor, THIS IS IT! It's fully functional with beautiful results, is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and a well thought out product. Great for a household of two and even more fantastic when entertaining! You won't be disappointed!! Absolutely amazing!!

Breville, have I told you lately that I love you? :)
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 24, 2011
Color: Stainless SteelVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Breville Sous Chef is a powerful food processor. It has a 1200 watt motor, a size found in many restaurant food processors. My son-in-law has been a kitchen manager at several restaurants. He said this is very similar to the Hobart food processors they used to chop a case of onions at one time. He was impressed with the 25 year warranty on the motor. He did say they would have to replace the bowl every couple of years in the restaurant from running it through the dishwasher. Breville did say in the instruction book to not use the dishwasher regularly on the bowl, so that sounds like the restaurant's experience with theirs.

Breville has included several safety features in their machine. It will not turn on if the bowl, lid, and large shoot pusher are not in place. They have a finger hole on the plug to help you remove it safely from the outlet. The cord is also retractable for storage. The instructions frequently remind you to be careful with the blades and slicing discs. They recommend washing by hand and not leaving them in water to soak. A brush is included to help with getting food out of them safely. They have included a storage box to keep the blades and discs in a safe place. It locks and can be stored on its side.

One of the discs is a variable slicing disc. It can be set to 24 different thicknesses. There is a storage position which is a safety feature and will also protect the blade. I have seen an adjustable blade in a top of the line Cuisinart, but not in lower priced processors. This also has an emulsifying disc that is for whipping eggs and things like that. I have never seen this in another processor. The powerful motor probably is why this one has this disc and others don't. There are all of the other usual discs and blades included - dough, French fry, chopping, etc. There is also a timer that will either count up or down. When you are first working on a recipe, you can have it count up to determine how long to process. Once that has been determined, you can then use that information to program it to count down the correct amount of time and shut off when time is up.

The 16 cup bowl is huge. It is larger than many other processors and the large shoot is much bigger than most. That allows you to put in whole potatoes to make 5 inch fries. It also includes a 2.5 cup bowl for those times (such as mincing garlic) when the large bowl is just too big. There is a small S blade for the small bowl. When you are positioning the slicing discs in the large bowl, be sure the slicing blade is at 12 o'clock. You don't want it directly below the shoot. If you are looking for a heavy duty processor that has thought of everything, this should do the trick. There is a 1 year replacement warranty and it is 17.75" high X 8" wide X 10.25" deep.
review image
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on June 17, 2012
I love the features of this food processor. I was replacing a Black and Decker unit I picked up at Walmart that was about ten years old, so the step up to this model was more of a leap. The two bowls (the big one is huge, while the little one is perfect for tiny jobs), the giant chute, and the slicing blade that changes the width of a slice with a simple twist, are all favorite features of mine. I also like the storage case, the look of the machine(the base is easy to keep clean), and the way the large bowl has no hole through which contents can spill.

BUT, there are drawbacks, and a few of these would be enough to have me looking at alternative models were I to shop for a processor in the future.

First, and most troublesome (even dangerous), is that the metal spindle at the top of the blade attachments gets HOT. I mean burn-your-hand when you acccidentally touch it, hot. And you can't help but touch it. If you run the unit for more than a couple of minutes, the powerful machine will create enough heat to sizzle any flesh that touches that little metal part. When you take any blades out (which, inevitably you will) after processing your food, you can't really help but touch that part. It stays hot for quite a while, too. I shouldn't have to use a hot pad when removing blades after processing. I understand that this part is durable because it is metal, and I am all for durability, but seriously, this is horrible engineering. On the top of the lid, there's also a metal part that makes contact with that spindle, and it gets very hot as well. Both have burned my hand.

My second complaint is the whine the machine makes sometimes. It was so loud, my husband ran to the kitchen to turn the unit off because he was worried that it was self-destructing. I was processing a liquid, so it shouldn't have been working too hard. I still don't know why it makes that sound on occasion. Yesterday it did it while I was making pesto in the small bowl.

My third complaint has to do with the shredding feature. One of the reasons I bought this machine to replace my old cheapy one is for grating cheese. We are particular about the type of cheese we eat, and it doesn't come commercially grated, so I have to grate all of our cheese. The old machine I used would leave behind a sizable hunk of cheese that didn't come into contact with the grating blade because of a gap between the lid and the blade. This unit also leaves a hunk (it's a smaller piece than the Black and Decker left behind), but when the last chunk does finally fall past the chute, a tremendous cracking sound is made as the power of the machine shoves the piece of cheese around instead of holding it still as the last bit is shredded. I suppose it would be difficult to make the gap between the lid and the top of the shredding blade much smaller, but it would help prevent that whacking sound (which I fear is going to destroy a plastic piece sooner rather than later) from happening, while also solving the problem of the un-shredded cheese hunk problem.

Fourth, the pusher piece (the large chute one) is not dishwasher safe. If you put it in your dishwasher by mistake (as helpful husbands are prone to do), it will emerge with water trapped inside. Shaking that water out by hand to prevent a mildew problem is a wonderful upper body workout. Hand-washing is not a big deal if you've just shredded carrots, but it would be nice to be able to put it through the dishwasher after something oily has been processed.

Also, there is a small area on the small-bowl blade that seems to be rusting. I can't tell you how frustrating it was to see that. It's a small spot, but I noticed it after only my third or fourth use of the machine.

It is a beautiful unit. It looks lovely on my counter, and I use it several times a week to slice veggies, mix muffin batter, and chop nuts. But frying my hand tonight prompted me to write a review I had no intentions of writing so others looking at this very expensive processor would have all of the information they might want to make an informed decision.
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on August 6, 2013
I was a food professional for over forty years, so I know my way around the kitchen. I was devoted to all my Cuisinart food processors from the very first exciting model. But this Breville! It did the same as my Breville Smart Oven...put my Cuisinart toaster oven to shame. What I most appreciate is the thinking that went into the design of this food grating blade has two slicing blade can be adjusted for thickness--that's invaluable. The huge capacity (even though there are just two of us) is so helpful, and the mini-bowl means I don't have to pull out and fuss with my Cuisinart Smart Stick chopper. I initially found the Sous Chef through Consumer Reports top rating, then read through these Amazon comments. Cooks' Illustrated's testing note, "...we're not convinced that its extra features are worth an additional $200" makes me have less faith than I did in CI. Perhaps it's that they did not live with this machine. I AM convinced. It's worth the money.
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Color: Stainless SteelVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Breville BFP800XL looks stylish on the kitchen counter but serious home chefs can rejoice that the sleek looks are just the icing on the cake (if you'll forgive the pun). The 1200 watt induction motor makes kneading even stiff doughs a snap. That's probably the reason why there is no separate dough cycle like certain other food processors have.

The wide-feed tube is really large at 5.5", super-handy for slicing large batches of food quickly.

As a mom, I am thrilled that all parts that come into contact with food are BPA-free. The larger bowl has a capacity of 12 cups liquid or 16 cups dry. The nested mini bowl has a capacity of 2.5 cups. A nice feature is that the bowls have both metric and Imperial measurements. The bowls are safe to wash in the top rack of a dishwasher; however, handwashing is recommended to prolong the bowl's life. I found cleanup by hand to be super-easy.

The locking accessory storage case is another great feature of this machine. The included discs are the large S-blade, the mini S-blade, a reversible shredder, a julienne disc, a French fry disc, an emulsifying disc handy for whipping cream or egg whites, and a slicer disc that has 24 settings (0.3 mm to 8 mm). A big plus is that the discs do not have any finger holes so no issues with large chunks falling through the holes into the shreds/slices.

For those interested in the dimensions of the machine, here are my measurements:
Height with bowls, no lid = 12.5"
Height with bowls and lid = 17.5"
Front to back: 11"
Side to side: 8"
Weight" 19 lbs (this baby is sturdy!)

The one caveat I have about the machine is that the user has to really make sure that the lid and the feed chute are locked into place exactly so or else the machine won't start. I guess that's a safety feature but it made for some frustration on my part the second time I used the machine. I kept getting an error message and it took my visiting mother-in-law to help me figure out what I was doing wrong. Once I got it figured out, however, the Breville BFP800XL worked like a dream. If my old el cheapo Sunbeam food processor is a Kia, this Breville is a Mercedes. Highly recommended!

Update: As time goes on, I love this machine more and more! I find myself using it on a daily basis, whereas I rarely used to pull out my old Sunbeam food processor. I actually find myself disappointed when I CAN'T use it and have to go with my blender or hand-mixer for something.
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on November 1, 2012
Once in a while, Breville hits a home run with a superbly-engineered product, and this is one of them. Quiet, powerful, incredibly versatile, beautifully designed and engineered, and most important, totally easy to clean. You really need look no further than this model, it will become one of your favorite kitchen tools.

I compared this one for several days with the Cuisinart FP-14 Elite. No comparison, hands-down the Cuisinart seemed clunkier and nowhere near as well built.

You can safely totally ignore the 2-star reviewer who complained that the spindle will "burn your hand" and "you can't avoid it". Baloney. If you know you keep it continuously operating long enough that that particular part will get hot, well, duuuhhhhh, don't touch it! There's certainly nothing that says you can't use a cloth or something to grab it if it gets hot and you need to get it out of the way. Similarly, it is NOT overly noisy as she claims, nor does it leave behind large chunks of food. She also seems to not notice that the pusher piece she complains collects water has a removable top, and all you have to do is, uhhhh, remove it drain any dishwasher-trapped water!

The only complaint I have is that the smallest shredder disc really is not as fine as a hand-grater for things like grated cheese. It makes something closer to fine julienne strips rather than truly grated cheese. A trivial complaint next to the awesome other assets this workhorse has. Buy it, you won't regret it.
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VINE VOICEon December 7, 2011
Color: Stainless SteelVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Let me be clear: I absolutely love my Breville Sous Chef Food Processor and can't believe how fast and efficient it is. But, with my small kitchen, I have to store the thing in my basement and it weighs almost 20 pounds, that does not include the 6 pound storage box of blades that comes with it. It is also too tall ( almost 18 inches) to slide on the countertop under my cabinets or even into a cabinet.

But that is the ONLY thing wrong with it.

It's a classy-looking silver 1200 watt motor base with a large 16 cup processing bowl that includes a smaller 2.5 cup bowl for littler jobs, like herbs. The various blades are contained in a see-through plastic box that can be stored sideways if needed. It includes a large S-shaped blade for chopping incredients quickly and quite efficiently, a julienne disc, a french fry/vegetable stick disc, a reversible shredding disc, an emulsifying disc, dough blade and (my favorite) an adjustable slicer.

The feed chute has 2 capacities: small and super wide. I pushed 3 monster-size potatoes through the super wide chute and made perfectly shaped french fries in mere seconds. The motor is strong and the blades sharp enough to cut fast so you barely need to apply pressure when using the super wide chute. Also, the small chute has a cute little pusher that doubles as a measuring cup with lid.

It has the usual 3 button set up like most processors: power, on, and pulse. However, it also includes a LCD timer so you can set how long you want the blade to process. That means you can multi-task while the machine is running, this prevents the blade from pulverizing the food because you had turned your back. Very very handy.

The adjusable slicer disc allows you to cut thick slices of apple or paper thin slices of salami. The reversible shredding disc can do coarse (for cheese) or small/thin shredding (for lemon rinds). It is also capable of shredding soft cheese without gumming up. The S blade chopped an onion to tiny bits in seconds, it also quickly decimated my croutons to itty-bitty crumbs. This thing is AMAZING!!!

After chopping an onion, shredding cheeses, making fries, and beets julienne for dinner last night, I used the emulsifier disc and made the frothiest milkshake I've had in years for dessert. The kids were delighted!

It comes with the usual food processor safety features: blades won't start on super wide feed chute until food pusher is correctly locked in position, same with processing bowls. They must be clicked into position or the blades won't start. And the plug easily pulls from a power outlet using an ergonomic ring pull design. You can also store the cord inside the housing.

Extras: plastic spatula and a cleaning brush to remove food particle from crevices in the blades.

The price might be cost prohibitive, but this is the greatest food processor I have ever owned. I just wish it was shorter and/or lighter so storage in my kitchen was not an issue because I see myself using this thing a lot. I am more than happy to lug the thing up and down the stairs when I use it--that's how fabulous it is!

Perfect Christmas present for the chef!!!
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on January 25, 2013
I never review products but I wanted to give this one a shot

I really like this food processor.

Background: I had previously owned a pretty basic 7 cup Cuisinart model which cost me about 100 bucks here on amazon. The bowl on it cracked within a few years and it only came with basic blades and no storage. Additional blades cost anywhere from 30-50 dollars and when I did use the machine I wasn't impressed with its performance. when I chopped things, especially vegetables, no matter what I did they didn't chop evenly and I eventually gave up and wrote off food processors all together.

THEN I saw this beauty and began reading all the reviews. No cleaning issues and it came with storage, every blade I could imagine and people seemed to think it did everything it promised to do exceptionally well? (with the exception of dough) OK! I bought it.

For me, the price was worth it. I was also looking at the Cuisinart elite. The elite apparently has a huge engineering flaw which causes food to get stuck in the lid and not be able to be cleaned AND you would have to buy additional blades for it. That being said, the discs make the price of the elite the same if not more expensive than the sous chef.

What I have learned-

The small bowl is great- for herbs, nuts, etc. it is too small to chop a whole onion though. Use the big bowl.

Cleanup honestly is really easy. The bowls haven't stained and I've done carrots, beets, radishes, and cooked red cabbage! Plus they're BPA free!

The lid fits on differently than i am used to with my old Cuisinart. It is nicer. It seals better. This is a good thing. BUT it does take 2 hands to put it on and take it off.

The manual does say don't use it to shred cheese. But it shreds cheese beautifully. I broke the rules.

The HUGE feeder is my favorite part. I can put a whole potato in there! Having a food processor doesn't save time if you have to chop your food down into pieces to get it to fit!

It chops evenly. Even onions. Which can be finicky in a food processor.

If you're worried about the metal heating up and burning yourself on the attachments either a.) don't run it too long or b.) don't touch the metal attachments. I haven't burnt myself.

I haven't used it for dough. There is no dough button. I don't make much dough but when I do I usually use my kitchen aid stand mixer.I'll probably keep doing that. but I have heard to pulse dough instead of running the machine for an extended length and it will work out just fine.

Overall I love the machine. I'ts a time saver and helps you to create things you'd maybe normally buy prepackaged like hummus, scalloped potatoes, carrot sticks, french fries, etc. Plus it just makes your overall prep time quicker for things you already do!
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