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Price:$3.61 - $129.99
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on October 29, 2012
I was a big fan of last years NBA 2k12 release. As fun an revolutionary as 2K11 was, I felt like I was getting a more grounded and realistic game of basketball from last year's release. Having said that, things were still far from perfect. Namely, the control scheme was overly complex and defense was a chore and oftentimes impossible. I would find myself getting sucked into animations left and right, and there seemed to be no way to fight back.

Enter NBA 2K13, with a revamped core control scheme, and the difference is nearly night and day, in terms of gameplay. Moving the dribble maneuvers to use the right stick instantly improved my ability to take control of my character. Tutorials are still tucked and hidden away inside of a convoluted menu interface, but this is finally a control scheme that allows you to master it simply through use. With a new collisions system, on-ball defense has become much more honest and manageable. So much so, in fact, that I actually look forward to that side of the floor. This year, it's just as fun making a solid defensive effort (locking down a shot, boxing out for a rebound, swatting a shot from behind) as it is scoring points.

Jay-Z's contributions are superficial, at best, so if you're buying this on name recognition alone, you'll likely be disappointed. However, I recommend picking this game up, even if you own last year's release, as it contains substantial improvements in a place that counts beyond anything else: the gameplay.
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on November 9, 2012
This game is at least as good as NBA 2K12, with a few notable changes. Defense is much more difficult to play, which makes the game much more fun both offline and online. The other side of this is that the player gets to see a lot more explosive offensive plays, as defensive errors are common.

Dunks are much more common due to the difficulty of defense; I personally love this. They added a "Dunk Intensity" meter, which is a fun addition if you're playing against a friend or something. The 3 ball is also a lot easier and more realistic than in 2K12, where threes would rarely drop. You can now hit some crazy threes (including deep ones) even if you're covered, by using isomotion to gain a little room. You can also use isomotion to do some ankle-breaking crossovers, which look and feel great.

It's hard to explain, but the game just feels and looks much better than 2K12. Colors are more realistic and less cartoony. Players move much closer to their real life counterparts, and the ball handler will often use hand movements as they would in real life. For many players (Kobe especially), their shots actually look like they do in real life, as opposed to in 2K12. In 2K12, I have no idea what they were watching to try and generate the motion of Kobe's shot. You can also do some awesome dunks alley-ooping to yourself.

The menus are worse than in 2K12, but I don't think it's really important. The soundtrack is great if you love hip-hop (I do) but terrible if you don't. I also wish they would add a ranking system to the online games; something like FIFA would be great.
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on October 4, 2012
I like the direction the game is taking, the presentation, features, commentary, etc.. all great. But 2K sold out trying to be like madden, Having to purchase an armband or headband for 1000 vc points and still trying to build up your my player is plain stupid. I'm sick of games taking out content that is SUPPOSED!! to be part of the game and making us pay for it like its extra. Like i said the gameplay is great once you get used to the controls, but nickle and diming us with this VC crap is nonsense that should have never happened.
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on October 6, 2012
This game is much better than the last 2 years' offerings.

1. You can now drive to the hoop and do some dynamic shots. This is all some players can do in the NBA. Not being able to do it in the game in the past took away from the true sim feel. If you are a true sim fan then you should appreciate the game more now. That being said it does seem a little over powered.

2. Players seem a tad smarter then in the past. This should be the case every year though.

3. Dream Team! All 12 of them are in the game and on the team. That includes Scottie Pippen who wasn't going to be included during the announcement of this feature. The 2012 Team USA is also on the game. Neat bonus to have both but almost pointless as there is not game mode for them. Other Olympic teams would have been nice or at least the 96 and 2000 USA teams. Don't really care about the 2004 bronze team.

4. Menus are nicer. Soundtrack is nice.

5 Jay-Z... Not really sure why he's in the menus or what he actually contributed to the game. If you're into that you probably like it.

6. Graphics are better but not.. It's weird sometimes the graphics look amazing and other times they look really bad. Overall I think it's better but some people look like they were hand drawn and others look photo realistic.

7. There are some bugs that need squashed and I'm sure in time they will be. The score overlay during the game does disappear. It has happened to me once in about 6 hours of game play.

8. I can't speak for Online gaming or MyPlayer mode. I'll give MyPlayer mode a try in the next month or so.

9. VC. Not Vince Carter but some weird Virtual Currency in the game. You earn it for doing different things that let you spend it on MyPlayer. If this can help my make MyPlayer better I'm all for it. But I don't like the idea of having to play the game for 4 hours just to earn enough VC to unlock a wristband.

10. I'm terrible a reviews so I just made a list of what I though.

The game is just fun now. Last year it just wasn't that fun. This year it's really fun and it doesn't feel like an arcade game. Buy it.


11. Started playing MyPlayer. It's much better than last year. Your player is much better from day one. The game is a little more forgiving when you make a mistake as well.

12. The VC is crazy. You can earn it for just about anything but it doesn't always award you after the mode is over. Play 1 v. 1 and win 150VC for playing 10VC for winning. Do a rematch or another game and earn ZERO. Play again earn 10VC for winning. Play again nothing. Play again 150VC. The only thing I can think of it has time limits on how much you can earn in a specific amount of time.

13. Design your own shoes...sorta. Now you can take one of the in game shoes and change the color and texture and save it so that it can be used and swapped out as you go. It's a nice addition to the game.

14. Call out plays via the Kinect. I find this feature more of a demo feature or wow factor. In actual game play it kind of works but it's too slow to in reaction to really be useful.

15. All-Star Weekend, if you pre-ordered or went with the Dynasty Edition then you have this mode. If you're thinking about purchasing it, I'd think twice. See if you can find someone that has it and try it out. I would not have paid for it. I received it because I pre-ordered. I'd prefer people didn't purchase it to show 2K that kind of business tactic is extremely greedy.

16. Roster Updates. Roster updates are up and going now. Previously I thought they were manual downloads but they are automatic. And better than before. Now it gives you some brief details of what was changed and adds new players with their real likeness if needed. Ex. Rasheed Wallace. Also it downloads court updates. So each team plays on their updated court. Nice feature I never thought of.

17. I went to play a game and wasn't connected to Xbox Live and it would not let me earn VC or do things that require VC such as play as D-Rose in Blacktop mode (which I mention next.) Once I signed in to Live it was all available. So if you lose your Live connection some features could be limited. I'm curious what would happen if I didn't have Live at all.

18. Blacktop mode. I've never been a huge fan of this mode but this year they made the dumbest change I've ever seen in a game. You have to pay VC that you earn to use the best players in the League. Almost every team has 1 to 4 players you have to pay VC to be able to use. That's crazy.

I'll add more if I can think of anything.


Updated #16 above.

19. There is a bug that made my MyPlayer season end at the all star break. How a bug this big makes it into the final product I'll never know. I'm not sure if the bug has been patched yet or not.
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on April 13, 2013
Wow. Very rarely does a game last me for months and months, but I've been playing this game all the time since November, and really haven't needed any other games since. You would think you would eventually get bored of playing a basketball game after a month or two, but NBA 2K13 brings so many different styles and modes of playing that makes this game endless fun.

Quick Games/Online Play

If you want, you can just play a quick game of a team of your choice vs. a computer team (and choose the difficulty level of that computer). This game does have a learning curve, but you can still pick it and and learn to play at a basic level fairly quickly. If you're tired of the computer, you can play online against a random person, or a friend who owns the game.

Association Mode

This is one of my favorite modes. In this mode, you take over a team of your choosing and become the General Manager (and the Coach too, I guess). You can do pretty much everything a team can do in real life (besides maybe relocating to another city or changing the team name and uniforms). This is especially fun if you wanted to know what it's like if Lebron James went to the Knicks, or Lakers, or Celtics, or whatever team you are a fan of. You can make a super team if you want (although if you put ALL the stars on one team, it's not really all that fun. You want some of the stars to be playing elsewhere to make it challenging). To make trades, you offer another team (controlled by a computer) a trade offer (or listen to trade offers from other teams) and can try and work something out. Of course, if you want, you can "force trades" meaning that if you want a certain player, you can trade for them against the other teams will. You can also adjust player salaries to make money situation work out. Basically, you can play God of your league. And as a starting player, that's perfectly fine.

My Career

This is a mode I really haven't gotten into (mostly because I find it really difficult, for some reason). But people absolutely love this mode and I can see why. Instead of controlling the entire team, you create your own player. You get your own endorsements. As you play more games, you get more skills and experience. If you keep playing, you can eventually become a Hall of Famer or a Legend. Sounds like a really good idea to me. You can then take that player you've created and play with him online, and compete against other created players.

My Team

This is my favorite mode. Also called "Road To The Playoffs", you create your own team of real NBA players (and also NBA Legends such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Byrd, and TONS of others). It takes time to create a good team, as you need to earn Virtual Currency in the game to buy players (the really good players are really expensive). Then, once you've created your team, you can compete online against other people. The more games you win, the more challenging this becomes. You move up in seeds when you win more games. Currently, I'm stuck at the 3 seed, trying to advance to the 2 seed, but it's getting very difficult.

There's even more modes than I've described in the game, such as NBA Blacktop where you can play street ball of 1 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 3, etc. of players of your choosing. If you play online, you play 3 v 3 with your "My Player" that you created. There's so much to do in this game and it's all so fun, it's hard to put this game down. Of course, it's April now, and a new 2k game (NBA 2K14) will come out next November. If you can wait until then, that game will probably be even better. If not, GET THIS GAME!
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on June 15, 2015
Dis had radial scratches and various straight scratches. It gets to main menu then I get " disk not readable" error every time. All my other games work fine. Disk should have been posted as "poor condition". Very misleading. Was planning on playing this over my vacation. Wasted my time...
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on March 7, 2013
My husband and kids love everything about this game! Hours are consumed on this game by them all. They love the HD effect it has when you plug in an HDMI cable. They like that they can create their own person and that it downloads real NBA info to the game and allows you to vote on what team you think will win for that day. They like that their person actually gets recruited to a team. It is a great game to take away from the kids when they aren't doing what I ask because they really like it that much.
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on April 10, 2013
This game is hands down dope only thing I was sad about is that I preordered it, but because I didn't pay extra for shipping I had to wait a while to get it. I could have just pre ordered it at video game store and got it faster.

I love the game though. The sad thing is how all the NBA players are hurt this year so online it's like a lot of the players you couldnt play until later. I.e. Derrick Rose still havent played him online. LOL
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on March 12, 2013
I know they don't have any competition, but the NBA 2K series continues to push the game to the next level each year. With minor changes like "Foot Locker", allowing users to customize in-game shoes and other seemingly minor, yet awesome details, this game makes it tough to think EA will ever create a legitimate contender for the NBA-sim crown. Gameplay, as always, is fantastic and I haven't yet found any glitches that annoy me. Great game.
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on April 2, 2013
Unlike EA, 2K seems to get the game better and better each year! EA has always taken parts of there games away over the years and finds new ways to break things that weren't broke. 2K however builds on its game every year making it better and better!! Get this game!!!!
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