Can it be used with a nose ring? (L bend Ring) Can this brush possibly be used wearing a nose ring? I seem to pull it out with a wash cloth, sponge, etc.... wanted to know can i clean my nose without like the bristles pulling the ring out?
asked by Kali Jefferson on June 29, 2012
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YES!! I bought this before I had my nose pierced (with an L bend) and was worried that it would hurt or something.but it actually gently cleans the nose piercing area without hurting or ripping it out of your skin.The brush worked really well to clean up the excess crust that builds up when you first get it pierced (gross, i know). Just gently swipe the brush over your nose and around it until you feel comfortable enough to put it directly onto it.also, the more pressure you apply to your face with the brush, the more you will feel it.but dont push it hard against your skin too much or it will feel raw and hurt.
zooboomafufu answered on July 5, 2012
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