Can this router be setup for the first time using a Macbook Air? I'm moving into a new place and getting internet access setup soon. I bought this router (WRT54GL) and have a first generation Macbook Air which does not have a CD/DVD drive or ethernet port.

Does anyone know how I can setup this router for the first time in this situation? I am hoping that once I connect the router to my cable internet box, the wireless signal will broadcast and I will be able to connect to it using my Macbook Air and set everything up directly via browser.

Thank you!
asked by 50proct on July 10, 2011
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No need to run the cd setup. If you plug router into your modem then reboot it the router will clone the the mac address of the modem then you can go into the web interface and configure the router (be sure and change the wireless security and the password for web interface to the router). If you go to the cisco/linksys website they have step by step instructions under WRT54gl version 1.1
Bww answered on August 5, 2011
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