safety 1st ear thermometer how do I change to fahrenheit instead of celsius?
asked by Baby T on August 12, 2006
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So first this is a very frustating situation to go through but once you actually look for the signs that this device gives you hopefully it will be a quick and easy change. First know difference between the on/off button and the activation button. This is as follows top button when holding device in hand is the activation button and the bottom button is the memory button. First thing to do is to make sure that device has reset and is completely off. There is no button to do this and if you keep pushing these buttons it is going to take you longer and you are going to get more frustrated. Don't touch buttons and wait for sound of machine turning off ( it makes a solid long beep sound). Then hold activation button down "the top" button then look in bottom right screen of display for the smallest sign of a F to appear (this will take a couple of seconds) keep depressing button until desired setting is wanted. Don't take hand off button until you have desired setting cause if you do you are going to have to start all over again super frustrating and that is having the machine turn off again and reset/turn off sound goes off.Don't touch other buttons when doing this as this will only take you longer and take you away from changing setting and not change the device. Just hold down the activation button down till the desired C OR F comes up in display make sure you have good light around you or above you its just that small of a sign to see and sometimes the shine from display really doesn't make it appear to easily. It takes a couple of seconds only, remove finger from depressing button when you get to desired setting ( It really looks like its not doing anything in the display) and the C AND F really don't come up that visably and its not in in bold writing either. Hopefully this helps, it took me resourcing from other people who almost had it and played with it for a while and then finely tuned it. Hold down activation button, look for C OR F in bottom right of display and only take finger off when desired C OR F comes up it will keep changing if you hold down acitavtion button till you take your finger off button from depressing good luck I'm sure you've got this by now. Thanks Danny
Daniel N. answered on February 7, 2013
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Oh and my model number located on the back of this device is #49659 made in 2009
Daniel N. answered on February 7, 2013
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Turn it off. Press and hold the activation button until it is on. Clicking the activation button will change from F to C to F
Jessyjirasol answered on December 7, 2012
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