Can I use it to do searches in Netflix, Hulu, etc. on my Samsung Smart TV?
asked by R. Rosa on December 18, 2012
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No you cannot. I am typing your answer with this keyboard connected to my Samsung TV right now. It works great in the web browser, but will not operate to search in any Samsung Apps. I even looked at getting the Samsung wireless keyboard and even it does not work in the apps.
svosho answered on December 29, 2012
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Here is what I found out from Samsung about an es6150

"Does your Logitech work with any other applications? Currently, no keyboard is compatible with the YouTube and Netflix applications. This is because Netflix and YouTube did not add the functionality when they were programming these applications. Even if you were to purchase our $100 wireless keyboard, it would still not be able to operate Netflix and YouTube. I also do not have a list of keyboards that can work. I have been told that most Logitech keyboards will work with the television, and I hope that yours is working aside from these applications. "
Edward J. Patton answered on May 12, 2013
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Yes you can do searches but for some reason the wireless keyboard does not function when I attempt to use it for Netflix. Only the Samsumg remote seems to work in conjunction with the on screen keypad.
D. Ritter answered on December 19, 2012
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Keyboard compatibility depends on the app designer, not Samsung. The TV (and Samsung Smart Hub BD players) will support the keyboard, but it's up to each individual app designer to add this functionality into their app. If you'd like to see it in the future, write to Netflix, Hulu, etc. and let them know you desire it.
Raven Wilder answered on December 30, 2013
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I just use a Logitech corded mouse to connect to my Samsung Smart TV. Does basically the same as this keyboard.
Richard answered on November 27, 2013
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I'm not sure. If the your Smart TV allows you to connect a Bluetooth device to it then it may work but I haven't had the opportunity to experiment at all with any of the Smart TV's to give you a solid answer. Sorry, that I was not able to clear that up for you.
frank1128 answered on December 19, 2012
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