PS3 media server?? Does anyone know if this Tuner can be recognized as a mediaserver on the PS3, so as to watch and record tv on the PS3??
asked by Patricio Garza Izaguirre on January 17, 2008
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The PS3 itself will not record or allow you to watch TV shows best i know. If though you have Mythtv running on a Linux distribution that has REPLACED the PS3 OS then yes. But i would not suggest you do this unless you are VERY familiar with Linux (I am not going that route though i have used Linux for many years). What i run is a Mythdora Linux distribution that will "see" this item as a video device. On the Mythdora box i will then "share" the media files that are recorded via "MediaTomb" to the PS3. Still not easy. Post back if you find some thing different.
Robert Nelson answered on June 11, 2008
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