Date Time not showing up on pics or vids setting doesnt stay. Has anyone had the problem of when you set the camera to have the date and time stamps on both pictures and videos that it will work and show it until you shut down the camera then next time you turn it back on you lose the function?

I have set the date and time for both pictures and videos and the settings dont stick. Losing the setting once camera is shut down or you close the screen.
asked by Isdageek on May 19, 2012
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That information will always be in the meta data. So if you right click the file on your computer, it will tell you when it was shot, if the information was accurate on your camera.

If you are uploading to Youtube you can put the information in the description and/or on screen annotations.

If you are using and video editing software, they all allow you to add on screen titles.
Jared P. answered on December 27, 2014
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