What type of situations/environments is this type of lens used for? I am new to photography and own a G1. I am looking for better indoor shots where I do not need to use a flash. But what else can this lense do?
asked by StangCBR on November 15, 2009
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This lens will give you very good image quality and without adding too much weight to your camera. Your neck will thank you after using it all day. It allows you to take low light shots without a tripod. When you use it wide open you can get faster shutter speeds, and this helps to give you very sharp shots when you are handholding the camera. With wider apertures, you can blur the background, which makes your subject pop off the page. Another advantage to using wider apertures is you can keep your ISO very low and this gives you much better quality. I have read many reviews about this lens. It maintains high resolution at all F stops. (which is unusual) Many lens start to lose resolution when they are stopped down to their smallest apertures.

If you have never used a prime before, you will feel limited for a while. Then, when you get used to zooming with your feet, you will be rewarded with much more keepers than you usually get because you have to think about all your shots. This lens will make you work for your shots. But, the results will be worth it.

Read DPreview's review of it. w w w . dpreview.com/lensreviews/panasonic_20_1p7_o20/

They were quite happy with it. I got mine last week, and so far, I am really happy with it.
David A. Morehead answered on February 19, 2010
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This is a "normal" lens, which means that it produces an image similar to what you see with your eyes. In contrast, wide angle lenses allow you to approach the subject closer, and make the perspective more exaggerated. The longer lenses make you stand back further from the object, and therefore flatten the perspective. The normal lens facilitates perspective similar to that seen by unaided eye. It's best for pictures that reflect the point of view of a participant, or a passer-by.
Vladimir Shapovalov answered on November 26, 2009
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I really like this lens. I use it on my GF3 indoors to take pictures of my rabbits, which have pink eyes. It's fast and lets in plenty of light so that I don't need to use red eye reduction, which still has unwanted effects.
Esseljay answered on November 22, 2012
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