Why doesn't amazon ship diapers to USA soldiers and their families serving overseas??? Just a random rant. We are an Active Duty military family serving overseas where our brand of diapers (Luvs) isn't sold anywhere. I went to sign up for Amazon Mom and found that they have chosen to not service APO addresses (the free USA address the military uses for shipping things to members serving overseas) which I think is just cruel as it doesn't cost amazon any more money to ship to us!

Why do the companies that got big and rich by capitalizing on their USA freedoms refuse to support their troops FOR FREE! I just don't get it and feel insulted and sickened when I think of how much business I have given amazon in the past.

Is there some rational explanation as to why they exclude the people that keep them free, from the products that make them feel most at home while serving away from home? I just don't get it.
asked by Jemoiselle on September 22, 2010
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well one, they are required to hand deliver the package to USPS. As in go to the post office and give it to them. Ask the USPS why they make it so difficult for merchants. Most merchants use UPS or Fedex because they are pretty good at it, but aren't allowed to delvier APO (Not yet at least). The government needs to relax some rules to make it so this doesn't become a problem and easy and affordable for merchants.

www.oconus.com is pretty helpful in explaining.
J. D. Gutierrez answered on October 4, 2010
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Don't be so shy "commander" here's what you wrote and here is my reply...

commander aka Robert Erskin says: "troops overseas don't need diapers. why the hell do you feel so entitled? is our military no 100% volunteer?"

Sir, as long as I am a troop's Wife with a toddler ALL stationed overseas where they don't sell my brand of diapers or anything close, the ones that work for my son (all that matters here, his comfort is my #1 priority) I will be seeking those diapers. The fact that we love our job and volunteer for our job freely is irrelevant, can you not see that? I find it sad that you felt the need to send me such an ugly message, and I am embarrassed for you that you couldn't find anyone better to pick on than a Momma looking for some diapers for her baby. There's always one, isn't there?

I hope you feel like a big man for publicly shaming me for wanting my son's favorite diapers; you mentioned something about feeling entitled? Ironic. You ASSume our volunteered service means we aren't humans with families; and we love our families, and want to serve our country AND take care of our precious ones. Entitlement, nah. But nothing will ever change if I don't try. If I sit on my butt and just surf around for posts to shame like you, I will achieve nothing but ugliness. This way, though bleak, change is possible.

I bet you think people that write to congressmen are whiners too. Some people fight for what they believe in or think should be changed. Volunteer? Yes Sir.
Jemoiselle answered on October 20, 2010
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I am the husband of Jemoiselle. I wish to thank you "commander" for deleting your rather, shall I say, pointed comment. It was rather rude of you to say what you did, but I commend you for coming to your senses and attempting to correct your mistake. Yes, I know, it seems odd that deployed military members may need diapers but I can assure you, they are not for anyone else but our son.

As to your question about the military being all volunteer, I can assure you it is. Now I am not sure how you linked diapers with the military's volunteer status, but I can assure you also that I do not feel entitled. I simply want the diapers that work for our son. For some reason, they just don't carry them here, at least that we found. It would be a great benefit to us, and others, if Amazon would ship these items to APO addresses. The only extra step they have to take is to fill out a customs form. Other than that, there is no added cost at all to Amazon. By shipping to an APO, there is no infringing on local markets as we are looking for products we cannot purchase locally. We still shop downtown, and we still purchase items found on the local market that we can get back in the US. More so out of convenience (it takes forever to actually receive the product by mail) than anything else.

Please Amazon, adjust your shipping rules. It would show support to all of us military members and families overseas.
Thomas answered on October 20, 2010
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Sorry to see the harshness in previous posts, so going to ignore it at get to the issue. Certain items can not be shipped via U.S. Postal Service due to size of package and /or weight. In other cases it is the actual company selling the product that just doesn't use the postal service to ship because it takes too long. As to the military use of this method of receiving mail and packages, it comes down to control of what comes in and out without having to worry about adding extra security. The easiest option is to set up with a friend or family member to forward items to you from the States. Another option is to contact the company directly, they might be able to help you directly instead of going through Amazon. Contact your local PX or Commissary manager, they might be able to get the item in for you if they think it will sell. Another option is to see if the local city has a UPS or FedEx store, as some of them rent "boxes" that can receive the type of shipping that you need. You can find them on their websites. Hope this helps.
Michelle L. MacKinnon answered on May 14, 2011
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Dearest "The Dodge" ;)

You are so sweet for wanting to help, and a complete stranger no less. It's nice to know there are still nice people left in the world, sometimes it feels discouraging especially in light of the recent posts taking an off-topic and unflattering turn (for both of us hehe) It's a good thing it's Hubby who is in the service and not me, directly, anyway hehe. Always keeps his head on his shoulders.

I don't think there is a way for you to help without taking a financial risk on both of our parts yours and mine. I would have to ship it to you and you would have to forward it which would cost you precious time, gas (driving to post office etc) and temporarily, money because it does cost to forward packages in that manner.

You know, I think you've already helped tremendously just by caring!! I seriously am in a country very far from the USA, in a non-Westernized culture if you will, with my Husband and child thank goodness but otherwise alone, missing my family and the States tremendously! It is easy to be tender-hearted right now, to my benefit or detriment. Your caring has done MUCH for us tonight, and for that we thank you sincerely!

If you are an entrepreneur, you might consider starting a business where a reasonable fee is charged to forward APO mail. There are a few businesses out there right now that do just that, but they charge on average twice as much as whatever shipping you would have to pay in the USPS for their fee, plus the extra shipping beyond what we pay to get it to them if it's not free from the company we used. It just seems excessive for us, given that these businesses like Amazon and the gov't could work together if the problem were publicized to get a working mutually beneficial system in place to allow overseas military people to continue to support the US economy abroad while getting their familiar comfort products.

When we use forwarding services, we miss out on the benefits like $25 super saver shipping and the new buyer incentive programs like the Amazon Mommy club that gives you free 2 day shipping with subscribed purchases or something to that effect.

Sorry for rambling, and a HUGE heart felt thank you for caring. I wish you the best...

Jemoiselle answered on October 20, 2010
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Yeah you don't wanna mess with an military wife when they are devoted....

Just ask my wife.

Hope you guys get what you want, I never had this problem. I do understand, but like I said it's good to learn why. Like i said www.oconus.com is extremly helpful in explaining. Also, Blame the government not Amazon. Security measures can be a burden, I know.
J. D. Gutierrez answered on October 21, 2010
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Dear Jemarie That's too bad that the "commander" had to be so mean to you just for wanting some diapers that you feel good about using for your baby, and that work at keeping in leaks. He must not be a dad, cuz he sure doesn't understand the needs your baby has, and the needs that you have as his mommy! Since he had no compassion for you and your situation, he could have at least not made a comment, and kept his unproductive feelings to himself! It's best to ignore ignorant people like him, who don't care a whit about what is important to others. I am the mother of toddler triplets, and I know how important a good diaper is! I know how important your own baby's environment is to you, too! So, I commend you for going with your husband overseas where everything is unfamiliar, and supporting our country by supporting him, he who is a soldier for our good ol' USA! You're a mom and wife who cares about her family and our country, and you have nothing to feel badly about!
SallySue answered on November 19, 2010
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Sorry for offending you Glen, and thank you for your service! I am a great military spouse actually, and I take great care of my Husband and son. If it means speaking up to get something changed, I do, even if it means I have to endure criticism and negativity from people only looking to hurt others and not contribute a solution. The military is what it is, and we got sent here, end of story! Now that we are here, it is my job to take care of my son. I'm sorry you felt angered by my post, I agree that spending is out of control! I fail to see how that makes me a bad military wife for taking care of my little baby boy! I bet you felt angered by a perceived attitude of entitlement? Chat boards are so one dimensional, you really cannot judge me by a couple posts. I am so much more than someone complaining about diapers! It is just one thing I felt passionate about, and decided to get off my chest. I don't feel entitled, I feel sad that we, as Americans, cannot seem to work together. Whether it is Amazon not shipping diapers to overseas military addresses to control foreign brand monopolies like they have here, or American citizens attacking each other verbally for everything and anything online...I don't feel entitled at all, I just feel let down at the lack of American spirit alive in each of us. There is no reason a post like that of a displaced military Mommy wanting her son's diapers should garner hate. This thread just makes me bummed now! I wish I could delete it! I had hoped Amazon would have noticed it and considered changing their policy, but instead it just seems to attract ugly messages for me to read overseas while my Husband is deployed. Blah! I'd rather imagine my fellow Americans are cheering us on over here, not trying to discourage us and put us down for fun.
Jemoiselle answered on May 3, 2011
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Can you use manufacturer's coupons overseas? I have so many I never use because I just don't need them.
L. REED answered on November 14, 2010
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Can I help you get them?
Kip L answered on October 20, 2010
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