why sometimes can't detect SD card? Just got D7K from Amazon yesterday, super excited...but only for 5 min.... after inserting a sandisk 4G SD card into the #1 slot, once a while the camera would not detect the card and give a [E] message. When I took out the card and re-inserted it, the message disappeared and I was able to take pictures... but today the error came back again, several times.... even after I format the card.... And one time happened when I try to playback to see the picture. Do you think this is due to camera defect? Should I request an exchange?
asked by vivian on October 29, 2011
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I have that problems (only 2x) with one of my class 10 card. (I have taken over 12,000+, so I can't say it is major issue) I put that card into my sony nex now. But I have used 4 different other cards with the D7000 and they are fine.

So try other cards in your house first. then exchange it if it happen all the time. Nikon, just did a firmware update.
® answered on November 6, 2011
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