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VINE VOICEon August 9, 2005
I searched everywhere for a DEET free bug repellant that would be safe to use on my 1 year old. I finally found Bite Blocker online.

The product works great. It is made with all natural plant oils so it is safe for babies (obviously, you should still avoid spraying near eyes or on hands that will inevitably end up in baby's mouth). It smells a little perfume-y but not nearly as strong as other bug sprays. It isn't at all sticky.

Product comes in a spray or lotion. We have both and both work equally well. We purchased through Kokopelli's Green Market ( vendor) and the products arrived on my doorstep within 48 hours of placing the order.
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on July 4, 2005
I love this product ... I live in the woods & to sit outside was just about impossible. Other bug spray's fragrance bothered my allergies. This product not only repels the bugs but it softens your skin. The fragrance is light & natural. Have told everyone about it. My friends love the children's version too.
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on January 25, 2010
My husband and I purchased this product based on data we read in the scientific literature on the effectiveness of 2% soybean oil as a repellent. It seemed almost too good to be true. When the product arrived, I took one sniff and said there was no way I could spray this on myself. It might be the germanium oil which is also in the product (but not the active ingredient). My husband thinks that it doesn't smell like much of anything at all, which perhaps accounts for the different reviews posted in various places about the smell of this product. Clearly my husband and I have different chemo-receptors in our noses! He has tried Bite Blocker on a summer evening in our backyard and found that it definitely works as a repellent. However, I don't like smelling it on him so he has put the bottle with his fishing gear and will resume using it in the spring-- well away from his wife. I would be very interested to test a 2% soybean oil product which did NOT have geranium oil in it, to see if it still has the same strange smell. If your family is like my husband and doesn't think this product smells strange at all, then I would predict that it would be a great choice, particularly for children due to its safety. I personally am not the slightest bit concerned about the safety of DEET for adults or children since it has been around and used in such large quantities for so many decades. However, the kids might be happier about being sprayed with Bite Blocker than DEET.
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on June 6, 2014
Thought with it being all natural it might stink, but I thought wrong. It's got like a plenty essence but good. I do like the product because it is DEET FREE, which is HORRIBLE for people. Have suggested to friends and family, works and sweat proof is awesome! Again great product for the ENTIRE family!!!!
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on September 21, 2008
I have tried every "natural" repellant on the market and this is easily the best if have used. I have tried products with a vanilla base, pepermint base, and catnip base. Most of these went away quickly because they simply didn't work. Most of the natural brands nowadays are combinations of citronella, lemon grass and eucalyptus and they are fairly common. Burt's Bees, NOW brand and others come to mind. These actually work pretty good for mosquitoes in Amarillo TX area, however they aren't very effective against aggressive biting flies around here.This product works better than others on mosquitoes(I guess we do not have the Asian Tiger) and WAY better against flies. It doesn't smell great but neither does citronella or DEET for that matter. If they smelled really good, they would probably attract bugs and would be called perfume. A word of caution: Most folks with any knowledge at all have become aware that DEET is harmful, especial for young kids whose brains are still developing. Lots of these same folks never think about the carrier chemicals used in name brand "natural" repellants. I have one from WallyWorld that has Di-n-propyl isocinchomeronate and N-Octyl bichloheptene dicarboximide for carrier chemicals. It also has "inert ingredients" that aren't named. Scientists are starting to take a skeptical look at these carrier chemicals since they are not well studied, especially in combination with the myriad of active ingredients with which they are frequently combined. I prefer not to slather them over my own body and absolutely WILL NOT use them on my grand kids! Bite Blocker uses only food-grade plant-based ingredients including soybean oil and geranium oil and is rated "safest for kids" by ConsumerSearch( I prefer the lotion; a little more trouble to put on, less waste and more effective. Use the spray for touch ups. It works good for us.
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on March 21, 2011
I researched DEET-free products for hours, and found that through thorough testing, this product was found to be as effective as products using DEET (found this info on .gov website). Mosquitoes LOVE my children, and I live in Florida near water and plenty of shade, where my children can be outside less than 5 minutes and come in with 20 bites easily. Bite Blocker actually prevents my children from getting bitten (and....safely).

It does have a smell to it, but it's not bad enough for me to change products. It's amazing how well this works - I've let my children wear sandals outside and forgotten to spray their feet, and they'll actually come in with mosquito bites on just their feet. These mosquitoes are just waiting to attack, and don't attack where I've sprayed Bite Blocker. I've used their spray as well as their lotion (slightly prefer the spray).
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on February 22, 2008
Bite Blocker was my choice for an effective insect repellent during my recent visit to India. I needed a natural alternative to DEET and was pleased with the results. I sprayed every three or four hours and the bugs did not bite at all. The smell was pretty strong, but it was worth it. If the makers could fix this problem, they'd have a winner on their hands.
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on August 28, 2008
I would give it 5 stars for the fact that it works BETTER than any other non deet product I have yet tried.

I would give it 5 stars for trying to be a less harmful product than its competition.

I would give it 5 stars for not selling out to corporate greed and trying to make a quality product even if it is not the most popular one.

I actually gave it 5 stars for how well it works though. I did not get as many as people with no bug spray, I got about the same as those with other "normal" bug spray options, but I feel that we were less coated than those people so they may have had more spray used too, it is hard to tell.

This product is a pump spray, it is a bit smelly, not in a bad way, just strong smelling. Not that any more standard bug spray is less smelly, just this is different. It is pricey too, double or more for a comparable amount of the competition. But it seems worth it.

It worked as advertised, it performed at least as well as the deet stuff did all summer long for my family. I feel safe(r) putting it on my child and feel that much better putting it on me as well.

I am not sure if the product is environmentally friendly in any way, but it is not as bad as the alternatives and not known to be as bad for us humans either.

In the end I can recommend this to anyone wanting an alternative to the common bug sprays, especially if you want one without the common (and known toxic) chemicals found elseware. Finally I can recommend it for kids, as it has worked well on mine and anyone else who let me spray them with it.

I have no complaints and get a lot of interested questions from other people when they see an alternative to the common brands, especially an alternative that might be less harmful to both them and the environment that they are trying to enjoy.
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on July 23, 2007
Bought this for my toddlers, and it seems to work pretty well - the odd mosquito manages to get them in odd spots like inner thighs and back of neck - but no complaints and I feel better about using it than any amount of DEET. They hate the smell, so I spray it on my hands first. But hey, OFF is no can of roses either! Strangely, my husband is the one who had a reaction to it - when we use it directly on his skin it makes him a little queasy and nauseous. Sprayed on his clothing, however, and it's no problem. It could be the smell that gets to him and not the formula itself. All in all, I'm really pleased about this product and I will be using it again for the whole family.
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on June 11, 2009
Bite Blocker was not only repellent to mosquitoes, but to the human nose as well. As much as I wanted to like this product, and this coming from a mosquito bait who will try anything to stay away from applying DEET 24/7 - this product was truly a stink bomb. The smell was so horrid, I could not bear it after my first couple of applications. And any square inch of skin that wasn't covered, the mosquitoes were able to navigate their way around to fresh blood, which means the repellent is not nearly potent enough. I usually apply repellent to sleep as well, but with this product I still woke up with bites, as it only lasts 2 hours top. Sadly I'm still on the long, hard search for a natural clean-smelling and/or scentless insect repellent.
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