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on March 27, 2006
Think of the Q-Chord as a digital autoharp that never goes out of tune, plays 84 chords instead of 21, includes a built drum machine and has a midi output pickup, and you will be pretty close to the mark.

I tried a Q-Chord at a local music store as a possible songwriting tool for some musicals I have just about finished. I didn't buy on the spot, mostly because there are just to many darned buttons to figure out! As usual in America today, the sales clerk had no idea how to make the Q-Chord rock.

Impressed by the hype, but baffled by the machine, I found the owner's manual online. That's were I learned it really WILL play major, minor and seventh chords each with the touch of one button. By combining two buttons, you can also play major 7th and minor 7th chords, plus augmented and diminished chords in all 12 keys. With 10 different rhythms (20 more available at extra cost) and a choice of accompanyment modes (chord mode; chords, bass and drums; or bass and drums only) and much more, I should be able to finish my musicals fairly quickly.

Before making up your mind about this fun musical tool/toy, read the owner's manual by going to
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on November 20, 2008
Love the QChord! Here's a tip. QChord runs great on batteries, but you'll also want an A/C adapter to conserve batteries. You should only use an A/C adapter that meets specifications, or risk possible damage to your QChord. This is because the QChord uses reverse polarity adapters; that is, the center pole is negative and the outer sleeve is positive.

The correct specially designed power adapter is available on Amazon as Item B0002DVCBQ; model number is QCA. Or, you can order the QChord and A/C adapter together as a package, Amazon Item B0002EB5OE. Or, you can find an A/C adapter at your local electronics store; see the specifications on the FAQ page at
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on September 7, 2006
This instrument is just great! I'm one of those guys that couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. I'm sure you've heard the term "advsersity inspires creativity"? Well, things have been pretty "adverse" for myself and my little grand daughter. I'm disabled, in a wheelchair, absolutely no talent whatsoever. Very little income, bla, bla, bla. Well, I've been hoping to find a means to earn a little extra, so I can better provide for my grand daughter a few of the things every other kid seems to have.

I see beggars all the time. They seem to earn enough to stay drunk 24 hrs/day. So, I figure, if I just had some kind of talent to offer as a "street performer", it's a step above begging and I hear they do pretty good. So along comes the Q-Chord. A magnificent instrument, easy to learn, even a no-talent like myself can make some pretty good noise come out of this thing. With an A/C inverter connected to my wheelchair batteries I can play my Q-Chord all day, and never run low on power. So if you ever see an old man in a wheelchair playing his Q-Chord on a street corner in Northern California, drop a dollar in his hat. I'm sure he'll appreciate it!
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on March 20, 2009
alright, this is where novices, snobs, pop fans and hipsters can all get along. by itself its a really fun toy, and with midi through keyboards and effects processor(KP3), you sound like wesley willis in casio heaven. im impressed the guys at suziki always trip me out with their inventions, but this time its something other worldly, and its affordable. just got it today and already burned a 18min disc of craziness, and listening to it now, i see its potential, simple is always better. a great instrument for young people, and even adults who want to play music that sounds good fast, the more you play with it, the more you learn about chords and chord progression, so you learn and you have fun, instantly. never goes out of tune, and their is a yahoo group that has been around for years, where qchord players meet and discus different techniques, or help out begginers.. it has one hundred different settings, from fretless bass to muted trumpet) the old school drum bank is really cool, and of course you can control the volume and tempo(march, waltz, jazz etc.) and with midi it can go even further,
also, i got mine through musicains friend on a scratch and dented sale for 160$ it took some timne but i checked everyday till i could afford it, get it and have fun!
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on October 25, 2006
I got the Qchord to play Christmas songs for myself since my piano skills just aren't up to accompanying anybody. While there are indeed lots of buttons, the basics are incredibly easy. However, given practice, you can make the Qchord rock! Check out [..]; start with the Quaint Cute Qchord Song for a great demo.

The power user has plenty to keep him or her busy (MIDI capability and more), but I just strum along with myself to Jingle Bells and am plenty happy. For a great beginner book that walks you step by step with Cd accompaniment, try the McGuffey Eclectic Qchord Reader. Plus, the online community is simply fantastic--what great grassroots support!!

If you wish you were musical, try the Qchord. You'll be amazed at the music you can make!
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VINE VOICEon January 12, 2007
I am just learning to play the Q-Chord, but I really like it. I have never had much interest in stringed instruments, I guess I have never tried very hard to learn how to play them. What attracted me to it included the headphone jack so you can quietly practice (this also pleases my wife that she does not have to hear it). The best way to find out about the Q-Chord is to do a "Google" and check out the website. Also, join the user forum. I think between playing with the Q-chord and keeping up on the user group, most people that get one don't have much time to post info on Amazon about it. Get the case, too if you plan on taking it anywhere and you also don't need to worry about storing safely. Good for people with limited use / mobility of the hands and vision problems, so I hear.

I have been playing the Qchord for a while now, and I really like because it does not go out of tune, but you can "de-tune" if you need to so you can play with other instruments. I play in a band, and it really rounds out the sound - I play it like an Autoharp and on the "banjo" voice, without any of the accompaniment or bass. I usually play a mandolin part on the upbeat with it. Just be prepared to have people ask you what it is!

Be sure to get a strap if you want to play it while standing (as I do) - see comments for sites...
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on October 11, 2011
I was looking to find an instrument that could assist me in getting the chords in place for our song library, especially for songs that had no chords supplied online. A friend got this one for me. Maybe it was to keep the costs down that the instrument is encased in plastic, but THIS IS NO TOY. It's marketing name may be Digital Songcard Guitar, but I find it difficult to play as a guitar, but most importantly, I find it to be an incredible SYNTHESIZER for the money.
The onboard speaker is adequate for practice by myself or with a few friends in a small room, but in a large room or auditorium, hooked up to an amplifier or the house system, the audience stops chattering, sits up and takes notice, especially playing the Tremolo Strings voice (#44). You don't need music theory for this. Follow the manual, set the voice you want, get the chords for the song, and begin! What a rush to the self-esteem. You won't stuff this one in the closet or under the bed.
After a few practices, I hooked up my Mp3 player and the QChord to a small amp, played along to a simple song, and it changed my life! It also didn't feel too bad knowing that Fleetwood, Bowie, and others play this instrument. Get it, but not without the ADAPTER; it will be a great investment. Eight of the ten digits on my hands are not fully formed. If I can play music with this, so can YOU!
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on November 29, 2009
I have been playing the Q for about a year now and play it every Sunday in Church in both services, the traditional and contemporary. I think the Q is kind of getting a bad rap about not being a serious instrument. Yah, you can play it in 9 seconds out of the box if you just want to strum to some dumb canned song but that is not what I do with it. I just wish Suzuki would not have put the feature on there because every time I turn it on I have to automatically push two buttons so that dumb song won't start, annoying. Other than that though the Q is as serious an instrument as you wish to make it by putting tons of practice into it and work on technique on the strum plate for each genre of music. We play at least eight songs a week in all kinds of different keys so that can be challenging on the Q. To solve the problems of this I use the Nashville Numbering System and convert all my music to that before performances. Then I can do less thinking and put more of my concentration into singing. Before I did that my mind was just having to do too much thinking and I had to glance at the Q too much which equaled stress. If however, you are just going to play in a few different keys though it would not be a problem at all. Some of the music, such as the old hymns can be pretty complex so the ability to change chords properly while strumming the plate with proficiency using all the octaves successfully is an important thing to master. I also play pennywhistle which is another instrument that people assume is easy to learn. I guess it is but it is not easy to play skillfully. I think the Q kind of fits into that too. Yes, anybody can pick it up and work out a simple song on it but consistently putting out good music is going to take time and practice. As far as how well it is received by people, it is received very well. The people in the traditional service love the hymns done on it (I am backing up a 12 string guitar in that service), and most worship music is great on the Q. I don't like it so much on some of the harder contemporary stuff so I opt out and play pennywhistle or just sing on the few we do. I like the default strum plate (guitar) setting for the strum-sounds but have not found another one in all the hundred that I would use. Some are so-so and others to me are just plain silly but to each their own. I never use the rhythms at all because I just hate canned rhythm of any kind and am backed by the best drummer in the world but I have a friend that likes them so it is probably just me. To respond to the reviewer that said they wished it were not plastic because it makes it look like a toy, I disagree there. I play with other musicians that think it is rather fascinating and never thought it looked like a toy and the last time I checked there were not any keyboards that were metal. I don't know what else it could be made of. It isn't a guitar and should not be compared to one. One more criticism I have is that it "weirds out" sometimes. Kind of gets this funky sort of osculating tone. I have to shut it off and back on to clear it. It only happened once during a solo in church but I just played it out and nobody noticed. Maybe it is just the nature of the Q or maybe it is just mine. If you just are in love with music and sound I would recommend the Q. You can play it at whatever level you wish and enjoy it and isn't that why you want to play your own music? If not, maybe it should be.
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VINE VOICEon November 8, 2012
I was looking at autoharps - wanted an instrument that was easy to learn, easy to carry, and sounded good. Then I found the Q-Chord and the price was so good I went ahead and bought it. I am SO GLAD I DID. I absolutely love this thing. AC Adapter for Suzuki QChord). I bought the Rhythm Style QCard Cartridge (for use with the Suzuki QChord) as well and a book of folk song songs that included the chords and the melody line.

Wow. All I can say is that I can waste HOURS playing on this fun instrument. I could start playing songs right away - not much learning curve on the basic functions.

It is really not like a guitar - it is more like an electronic autoharp with jamming capabilities. Even though in the photos they show people holding it and playing it like a guitar, that would actually be impossible because you can't reach all of the chord buttons. But it works very nicely on my lap or on a table. You don't need any keyboard or piano skills. Just press the chord button and stum with your fingers. No picks, no sore fingers.

My husband plays guitar and I've always wanted to be able to play along. Now I can. And I didn't need months or years of music lessons!

If you love music but don't know how to make it on your own, the Q-chord is fabulous. Even if you just hum or whistle its fun.

My plan is to learn a handful of old time songs and hymns and then volunteer at the nursing home or hospice. I'm really glad I chose this instrument.
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on November 27, 2009
Bought my Q-Chord here used. I paid a little more because it came with an adapter and a few cartridges. The instrument itself is great. I used to play keyboards with a band, and took music lessons as a child so I know a little about reading music and progressions and so forth, but you don't have to know anything to get started and play recognizable enjoyable music right out of the box. The instruction book assumes you know nothing and tells you how to get started. The more you play around with it the better you get.
The cartridges have 8 to 10 songs on them and they allow you to play full songs with bass, drums, and rythm already set so all you have to do is strum the plate.
One of my grand daughters birthday was the other day and I brought my Q Chord and played some favorite songs and her eyes just lit up. She's only 5 and loves to dance.
Just for fun, I went busking the other day and made $21 in 3 hours for having fun. I just might make that a habit.
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