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on March 13, 2007
We got this for my five year old son for Christmas. He has a space-themed room and this fit in perfectly. He loves it and has it on every night. What's really great about it is that it will turn off automatically. What's not so great about it is that it just burns up the batteries! We've already had to replace the batteries three times since Christmas (and the latest batteries I put in where Energizer Lithium e2; they lasted about 3 1/2 weeks). The battery issue is the only reason I gave this product four stars instead of five.
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VINE VOICEon April 22, 2007
I have seen boys and girls ages 2 to 8 captivated by Uncle Milton's "Moon in My Room." As an adult, frankly I think it's pretty cool too!

The moon model has a contured, textured surface. It is a couple of inches thick, curved, so it has real depth. The moon cycles through 12 different phases. I have not seen any evidence of the light turning on automatically after dark, as advertised, but it works fine manually or by activating the automatic 5-seconds per phase cycle. The moon is lit up from a light within and the plastic does not glow in the dark when it is turned off.

The Moon in My Room is advertised as appropriate for ages 6 and up, but since it's mounted on the wall I don't see why it can't go in a toddler's room as long as the remote control is secured. I will echo a previous reviewer's comment that you need to keep track of the remote, as I don't think it would work otherwise.
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on June 21, 2011
i bought this moon night light as a present for my roommate's 30th birthday. the light it gives off is bright enough to illuminate the empty beer cans that populate his room, but dark enough to hide the shame of a decade's worth of missed opportunities.

this product is probably more suitable for children.
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on January 12, 2007
This was a Christmas gift for my 8 year old daughter who is into absolutely nothing but animals. She absolutely loves it. She turns it on every night and her and our other children go and watch it. I even watch it. It has two settings. 1. Is where it goes through the phases of the moon. I was mistaken about how this works, I thought that it went through the phases along with the moon, however, it blinks through them pretty quick. 2. The moon is just set on a single phase of the moon. I have seen them go through both of the settings, there is a small remote control that the child can set themselves. The only problem with the remote is that because of its size it can get easily misplaced, especially if your kids are like mine and would lose just about anything. My suggestion for this would be to put some velcro on the back of the remote and stick it somewhere. Also it has a sensor and turns off when the sun comes up and back on when the sun goes out. It also runs off batteries. Ours came with a cd, which I thought would be something that they could watch on the computer, but it isn't it is just talking about the moon. Overall it was a good purchase, and I would definitely recommend it for a child who is very hard to shop for.
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on September 6, 2011
I bought this for my little girl's 4th birthday (along with stars) as a nightlight. Almost a year later it's still working flawlessly. It is used nightly and really makes her room nice and cozy at bedtime especially coupled with the stick on stars, almost feels like you're outside. We always set it to cycle through the phases, which probably makes it more power hungry as well and brings me to the next point.
I would definitely recommend rechargeable batteries! When cycling, it does tend to go through a set every couple months and uses 4 AA batteries in the moon and 2 AAA in the remote. The remote doesn't go through them as fast, and using rechargeable batteries made this a little less painful for me. (stupid AA batteries are in everything, so I already had the charger, just had to pick up some more batteries)

A lot of people are stating that it eats batteries weekly. In the almost two years we've used it, I have not found that to be the case. I seldom have to change the RECHARGEABLE batteries more than once every couple months, but we run it until it doesn't light at all not just when it starts dimming. After about a week it does get dimmer, but I feel the battery usage is acceptable. It is used nightly as a night light so it does get used regularly, though maybe not as much as some say because we control the remote usage. Also, it DOES have a power off button on the remote and will shut down after a half hour as well.
We also don't have 14' ceilings (and I am 6'5") so pulling it off the wall to replace batteries is not an issue.
I wouldn't really call it a toy, and as a plaything it is rather limited. Though it does have an educational value with the phases and really looks quite nice at night. Don't let a lot of the negative reviews dissuade you from what I have found to be a good product. Try it yourself, Amazon has a good return policy if you don't like it. ;)
I love it and so does my little Princess!
EDIT: I bought this in 2011 and it's still working perfectly in 2015. My little girl still loves looking at it every night.
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Ever since I first pointed out the moon to my daughter when she was eighteen months old, she has had a deep fascination with the moon. This toy is great because it brings the moon into her room.

- Its just smaller than the size of a dinner plate
- It lights up in phases (4 total) with a remote
- Manual Mode: It has a remote control that allows on off of each phase manually
- Auto Mode: With the remote you can put it in auto mode which cycles through the phases automatically through all the cycles in about 30 seconds
- On Off Mode: Allows you to turn on all phases on at once or turn them all off
- The moon has a light sensor that turns on the moon whenever you turn off the light.
- It turns itself off after 30 minutes automatically.

- The moon has a light sensor that turns on the moon whenever you turn off the light. This winds up having the moon on more than I'd like it to and during the day you can't tell if its on or not so this causes some battery waste.
- It uses 6 AA batteries and I've had to change them too many times to count so I've gone to rechargeable if you hang it too high, you'll wind up having to bring out your ladder quite frequently.
- It only has one handing hole for a nail so if you want to put it on the top of your ceiling or on a slated vault wall you will have to cut an additional hole in the plastic back.

Overall, this is a great toy - my daughter adores it and it has brought quite a bit of joy to her so I highly recommend it. It's not quite perfect but the challenges with it are small compared to the joy it brings to my daughter every night.
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on October 9, 2010
I don't know about the rest of you, but I have had it with companies that waste a good idea in the effort to get our money and run, only to leave us with what amounts to a disposable product - a plastic one, no less. Our landfills don't need it, and our wallets don't either. Worse, perhaps, is the waste of a perfectly wonderful idea. There is no excuse for this item not being designed to function better and longer. The same can be said for most of the other "space" products out there, like star and constellation projectors and nightlights, all of which rate poorly and are over-priced.

The Moon in My Room is actually quite nice when put up on the wall and lit. Sure, it's a cheap plastic shell with an annoying battery case (screw-top, which doesn't seem like a big deal, except that if you actually use this thing, you'll quickly get sick of unscrewing that battery compartment to replace the batteries every few days). When lit up in a dark room, the light it casts emulates actual moonlight beautifully, and it looks fairly realistic.

The problem, as others have pointed out, is the extremely short battery life. I started with regular ones, and those were drained within a couple weeks, so I switched to rechargeables, and those die within days. And this from only lighting the thing for maybe 45 minutes a day! There is nothing relaxing or enjoyable about a product that, when you have it on, makes you feel pressured to turn it off. I even tried conserving by only lighting it in crescent mode, thinking that using fewer lights would help, but no. I have a clock that will run on one C battery for 3 years. Sure, the Moon lights up and all, but seriously, why isn't it more efficient? It's not like it's powering lasers or incandescents.

I've read this thing has even broken pretty quickly for many people. Mine didn't break. I simply got sick of taking it down off the wall to replace the batteries, so now it sits packed in a box. What a waste.
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on February 20, 2012
This is just a really simple video of the product once I got batteries in it. It's pretty bright and came in less than a week. So far it's lasting me really well, and I like the textured feel. Hopefully it keeps holding up for us.
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on January 12, 2007
My brother, the uncle of my two sons, purchased this item for Christams. In the excitement of testing this item out they realized the battery backing was not able to be opened. The screw casing was stripped! No big deal, I thought, I would just call the company. They are not willing to replace the prodect unless I pay for shipping. They recomeded that I take it to a local store to replace knowing that it was purchased over 1000 miles away and not at a chain store! Passing the buck. I then asked to speak to a super visor and she repeated the same mantra, "sorry company policey." I never go to the lengths that I am now, but I am tired of companies not performing the basic duties of customer satisfaction. They want me to go to the post office and mail it to them at which time they will determine whose fault it is and then mail me a new one. When I asked if there was any way around said policy the manager told me I could write a letter. So here it is.
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on May 6, 2007
My son became a space "expert" after his 3rd grade class studied the solar system. We've hung his moon in his room and he uses it every night. The CD is informative and well-paced for younger kids. The information is kid-friendly and helpful for learning about space and the moon. We ended up buying on for our niece, too! The Moon in My Room would work well in a classroom, as well (I'm a teacher, too). Highly, highly recommended!
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