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on November 18, 2010
This stuff is AMAZING! I have 2 dogs that were on a topical flea & tick prevention treatment that stopped working. I live in Florida and the fleas were ridiculously bad this spring, early summer. I could not get my dogs to the vet for 2 weeks as no appointments were available. Well, needless to say within 3 days my house was infested with fleas. They got so bad that if you walked around in white socks, it looked like someone poured a jar of black pepper on them. I got the Siphotrol. You gotta love next day delivery, and applied per the directions on the container. In 10 mins the number of fleas that could be seen was reduced to almost nothing, 30 mins later not one flea could be found alive. Dogs were put on a medication for flea and tick prevention 11 days later, still no fleas after applying the siphotrol and before they were put on new medication. Never even had to re-apply. Its been over 7 months an I can proudly report have not seen one flea anywhere. This stuff is amazing!!!!! A must have for any owner of a pet that goes outdoors!!!!
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on August 9, 2013
I live in Texas with 2 large indoor dogs, 1 indoor cat, and 1 semi-feral outdoor cat. Both cats, and 1 of the dogs are very allergic to fleas, so when there's a nasty flea infestation, it's just horrible. They're all covered in scabs, losing hair, and scratching constantly... it's just terrible. Not to mention that I'm not too pleased to see fleas on me either!!!

I tried everything, flea collars, flea powders, and flea shampoos that you buy from Wal-Mart. I tried Borax, and natural flea repellents. I tried EVERYTHING!

So, after going through all that frustration, I'd like to share how I got rid of the nastiest flea infestation, so that maybe ya'll don't have to go through the same thing.

***Just to be clear, this was my vet's advice to ME how to get rid of MY flea infestation... I'm not actually advising you do do any of this yourself... you'd need to consult your own vet for advice.***

1) Wash everything you can, such as all the sheets and blankets, and any dirty clothes in the house. Vacuum everything that can't be washed. Make sure you seal the bag that you dump the dirt into well, so no fleas escape. Even vacuum the mattresses and hardwood floors.

2) Wash your animals with a good animal shampoo. Not the flea repellant kind... you want one that will help soothe their irritated skin, like one with oatmeal in it. Using a regular soft plastic comb, comb the shampoo through their fur. This will help loosen fleas and eggs. Please be gentle, so you don't irritate their skin worse than it is. Rinse the cat or dog well, since shampoo left on the animal can cause more irritation.

3) Ask your vet to recommend a good flea drops type product, such as Frontline, or similar type product. Apply the drops according to the directions on the package.

4) Spray all carpets, upholstery, and areas that the pets hang out in most with Siphotrol Plus II Premise Spray. Just a light spray, you don't need to saturate the area.

In 2 weeks, if you're still finding any fleas, vacuum and spray everything with Siphotrol again.

Reapply the flea drops every month, or at LEAST during warm months when fleas are most active.

Oh, and try to do steps 1-4 in the same day if you can. If you're waiting a couple of weeks between each step, it won't be as effective.

Anyway, this is how we stopped the worst flea infestation we've ever had. I hope this helps.
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on July 26, 2008
I've used this product for nearly 20 years and have found NOTHING that works better! This stuff goes a long way - just a few short bursts here & there has controlled any flea infestation we've ever had. I have 19 dogs, and half of them stay in the house most of the time, and we hardly EVER have any flea problems. If we do, a light spray around inside with the area treatment, a good dog washing with the Vet Kem shampoo, and a good yard spraying takes care of the problem. One of the best things about the Siphotrol spray is the "Precor" stuff that keeps the fleas from maturing - When you use this stuff, you don't have to worry about the next flea "hatching" in a couple of weeks! Also, it doesn't hurt your furry friends. This line of pet products just can't be beat! (And it doesn't STINK to high heaven like so many other products!)
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Summer took me completely unaware: the fleas were terrible, the dogs were miserable, barking, scratching, chewing. I knew I needed help with this problem. So I took the three dogs to the vet. They got baths and the vet asked if I used Frontline. I do -- I use it religiously year-round because we are far enough south to have fleas even in winter time.

This year the frontline was not enough. The vet told me to use siphotrol for all the dog's sleeping areas and bedding. He also told me to vaccuum daily and use Capstar pills for about a week to get ahead of the problem.

By that evening after spraying the bedding and sleeping corners, and giving the dogs capstar, the dogs were all much happier and much more comfortable. The siphotrol spray seems to have done the trick. I have used capstar with frontline before, but never had the siphotrol. This time, the flea problem has not returned. At first I was nervous about the mounting cost of flea control because the Siphotrol spray was approximately twice as expensive at the vet than I found it on amazon. But now that I found it on amazon, I feel much better buying it.

The spray smells pretty strongly (smells like RAID or other insect spray), but the smell is very short-lived. It does not leave any residue on the carpet or couches. The directions are very clear and very simple. Spray area, let sit a little while, then everyone can reoccupy their spots flea free. The spray claims treated areas remain treated for 2 weeks, which about right (though I think it is a bit less).

None of the dogs seem to mind that their beds were sprayed (DO NOT SPRAY YOUR DOG WITH THIS). I will use this spray all summer long, especially at the prices I found on amazon.

As with any treatment for your pets, I WOULD ask the vet first about this product. But if they suggest it for you, i would buy it on amazon without hesitation.
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on December 3, 2011
Fantastic! We got hit hard with fleas. They were everywhere. Tried several other flea sprays, that didn't even slow them down. One can of this did the whole house and like magic they were gone! If you have a problem, try this first.
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on September 15, 2013
Think about removing your pets from your home when you first apply this product--maybe for a couple of days . . . I didn't realized my cat would be affected. In fairness, one cat had problems, the other is fine, but . . . please read . . .

I sprayed this in the basement which is off limits to my two cats because of the flea problem down there. Honestly, I have used a ton of products down there lately, cleaned & vacuumed constantly, emptied my vacuum bag every time--REMOVED almost everything from the basement so I can really get the nooks and crannies--but the fleas persist to a small degree. About three weeks ago I had a professional exterminator spray down there, and it did help, but didn't solve the problem completely. I would still get a few fleas jumping on my ankles and legs, and my flea (light) trap would also capture some. I want NO fleas.

So I got this product and sprayed down there very thoroughly--but one room that had not been affected by fleas--I didn't spray much that day. Then day 2, I went down to check the status of the product and a flea jumped on me. So I sprayed that other room thoroughly as well.

On day 3, today--my two cats were fine one minute, then 1 hour later one of them was drooling non-stop, his pupils constricted, and I could see his heart racing. I wasn't sure if he had injured himself or what, but he had copious strings of drool coming from both sides of his mouth. So I took him straight to the emergency vet. She asked right away about the use of flea products. After checking him over, she gave him a shot of atropine, and she watched him for an hour as the drooling stopped and his heart (which was double the normal rate for a cat) went back to normal, his pupils also normalized. I explained to her that the other cat in my home is "fine." But the cat who was affected does have some sensitivities. This vet suggested that I actually board both cats for a couple of days until the basement is aired out a bit--this in spite of the fact that the basement door remains closed (and now I put rugs under the bottom of the door, just in case).

I used the spray version of Siphotrol--not a flea bomb--but apparently some of this stuff does get aerosolized and who knows, maybe traveled through my vents to the main floor?? Or perhaps I brought residue up on my shoes?? I'm just not sure, but I'm convinced that my cat's problem is not a coincidence.

After bringing my cat home from the vet, I kept him confined upstairs for 5 hours in an airy bedroom. He likes to "go" OUTSIDE most of the time, so I did let him come down to go out and do his business. He was on the main floor and outside for maybe 30 minutes--then I saw him with a little bit of drool starting again, so I rushed him back to the airy bedroom where he is going to stay (with a litter box) no matter how much he wants out, until I can get this figured out. Tomorrow I will make arrangements to board them both for a couple of days.

I really want to love this flea product--I sure hope it is the answer. I have had such a struggle with this issue for the past 6 weeks. I did check my flea light trap today, and there are about 6 little fleas on it. I guess this shows that the product encouraged eggs to hatch. The exterminator 3 weeks ago suggested his product would make the eggs hatch and then they would die, so I just don't see when the end of this problem is ever going to come. I'm exhausted, worried, frustrated, and going broke spending money to resolve this problem. Now I have spent more money at the emergency vet for my poor kitty!
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on May 2, 2012
I have used this product since....1993!!!! It is so perfect and safe. And, it doesn't just kill fleas, it kills those "ladybug" imposters (spray it along the sides of your windows when they're open), spiders, moths, etc. with no harm to myself or the cats. This spray is one of my BFFs!!!
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on July 31, 2009
This is an excellent product. We had fleas about 5 years ago and again recently. We used this then and bought it again. It was recommended by our vet. It is a little more expensive than products at Walmart or Kmart, but well worth the money.
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on July 29, 2011
We moved into a new house, where the previous owners had had a dog. The carpets were cleaned with a rug doctor. About a week after moving in, we noticed lots of small red itchy marks all over our ankles. I soon discovered when standing in one spot on the carpets, little black dots quickly appearing all over my legs. Captured a few in soapy water, and sure enough, they were fleas.

We vacuumed the carpets almost every day, and I bombed the living room and porch where the dog had it's bed previously, and it made no difference. We then tried diatomaceous earth, and it still made no difference (although it did make a hell of a mess with powder all over everything). Then I got this stuff. It works almost like a fogger, but you control it. It makes a low cloud that covers everything and will even get under furniture pretty easily. We have probably about 800 square feet of carpet, and it used most of the container. Waited a day or so before walking on the carpet again, and the fleas were totally gone. The porch, where within 30 seconds you would have 10-15 fleas jumping on you, has 0. I spend 45 minutes on the porch in bare feet talking on the phone, and not one flea.

This stuff really works. I'd easily pay double the price for this stuff, because it's 100% effective. If you have fleas, don't hesitate to get this, and don't bother with anything else.
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on September 25, 2012
I did a great deal of research before I purchased Siphotrol. I checked the all-natural remedies, the flea traps and several other products, but none thoroughly attacked every stage in the flea life cycle like Siphotrol. I was worried about using non-natural products, but once this stuff dries, you don't know that it's there. However, there are a few things anyone considering buying Siphotrol should know about using the product (things I wish I would have known before I purchased it).
First, make a plan on where you intend to spray it. Treat one room a day and treat everything in the room.
Second, only use it in rooms and other areas that are well-ventilated. Treat the areas on dryer days (low humidity) with a slight breeze. I've found that it takes between 1 1/2 to 3 hours to thoroughly dry. Using it in areas that are well-ventilated not only removes the smell, but also aids in drying. The smell vanishes once it's dry.
Third, buy some pet gates to keep your pet out of the room that you're treating. Siphotrol is dangerous to animals and humans when it's wet. Once it's dry, everything is fine.
Fourth, the can says not to use it on human or pet bedding. I'd recommend washing all bedding in hot water and drying on high for at least 30 minutes (our vet says it's the dryer heat that kills the fleas).
Lastly, try not to get it on you or your pet. Hold the can 2-3 feet from the surface and carefully move through the room. Don't saturate the surface or yourself.

I know this sounds complicated, but it's really not. After one room, you'll be a pro. Vacuuming alone, without using Siphotrol, does nothing to the fleas - they still come back. Siphotrol gives lasting protection and kills the new fleas that might come into the house as well as fleas emerging from eggs. It gives total protection to your house.
Used in conjunction with Capstar pills, Siphotrol really did a number on the fleas in our house. I'd highly recommend both to anyone battling fleas.
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