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on January 23, 2009
This is your bare-bones basic electronic watch. Nothing particularly fancy, not a lot of whistles and bells - just what I was looking for. That being said, this is my second purchase of this particular watch. I bought the first one 6-7 years ago back when I was in construction. I wanted a nicer looking watch with a metal band that would look nicer when dressed up, but I prefer the digital ones because they keep perfect time. I literally wore the old watch out - my fault, not Casios - and have now purchased it again. The new one is just like the old one. It keeps flawless time, looks really nice, and was so inexpensive.

I simply wanted a nice looking digital watch that had a nice slim profile and kept excellent time. I didn't care for all the other fancy frills or features, all I want a watch to do is keep time. I hope this watch is available in another ten years (I no longer do construction) so I can replace this one when it wears out. Maybe I'll just go ahead and purchase another one now just in case.
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on April 12, 2011
Nice, inexpensive watch. Looks very nice on the wrist, a little small, but I don't have huge wrists so it looks fine to me. I'm not a big fan of the "huge watch" craze, anyway. I don't share most other reviewers' sentiments about the band -- it seems as solidly built as the rest of the watch, is relatively easy to adjust without tools, and looks good. Features on the watch are easy to use and easy to set. The price actually went down a few bucks after I ordered it, and even then it was still the lowest price I could find with free shipping (ordered from Amazon). The band pulls a little at the arm hairs, but it's not a huge problem, and no more than any other metal-banded watch I've owned. If you need a nice simple feature-laden watch that looks good and has a cool retro look/feel, get it. They've been making this model for decades now, and it still sells, for a reason.

Also: I ordered this one over the A158W because the backlight is much nicer. The whole thing illuminates, whereas on the A158W theres only a small light on the side and it's not as effective. For a few extra bucks I think it's worth it.
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on January 7, 2015
I feel like a total swag master with this watch.

No other person owns it except my Calculus teacher.
That's how you know it's totally swaggie.
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on March 23, 2012
If you're debating this purchase, DON'T. Click buy, right now. Hell, use the one-click-purchase if you can. My dad had this exact watch for my entire childhood. It survived everything. If you're looking for a solid, functional, classy timepiece... look no further. It's not fancy, it won't catch the eye of that cute dame you've been eyeballing, and it's not going to tell you how much tip to leave. What it will do is tell you the date and time, relentlessly, forever.

As a medical student entering my clinical years, I needed to buy a watch that I could trust enough to keep my life on schedule, but not worry about getting scratched, broken, or covered with unknown bodily fluids. When I found this for under $15 at the time, the decision was easy. I know next to diddly-squat about watches, but what I do know is that in the past year and a half, this has served as my security blanket to make sure I get up in the morning, get to work on time, and never find myself running late. I've beaten this thing to hell and back, and it barely shows a scratch. I don't know what Casio did when they designed this thing, but I personally hope they never discontinue the model. I'll wear this baby until it dies, then go back and buy two more.

As a side note, to those with legit burgeoning interest in watches, this is a fantastic place to start. Although it's completely nondescript, I can't tell you how many comments I've gotten from people who DO know watches, complementing me on sporting one of the original digital wristwatches. Totally retro, but who doesn't want a watch that works perfectly, has a history to it, goes with every outfit you put on, and will last forever?

Go. Click purchase now.

PS- all those whiny babies complaining about the band and it's "sharp edges" and how it "pulls their hair" need to man up and grow a pair. No, the band is not sharp, it will not scratch you, and it will not make your wrist bald from wearing it. Sure, if you're hairy as a yeti it may be a pain... but at that point ANY watch with a metal link band will do the same. Anyone who complains about this band will likely complain about ANY watch band made from metal links... they should just go back to wearing the cloth band watches they wore as children.
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on October 17, 2012
I think the watch will work well. I will mention a few things that are not apparent from the product description.

Two drawbacks:

1. The wristband is adjustable, but the manual doesn't mention how. Eventually I found a YouTube video that shows how, and it is easy. Since part of the purchase decision was planning to replace the band with a flexible metal one, I don't care. The watch shop told me that putting a metal band on a resin watch case would break the watch case in 6-12 months, in their experience, so I need a metal case. I hope the case is steel, the watch says "stainless steel back", but the product info on Amazon says steel case. When the watch dies - in 7 years - I may take a hacksaw to it and find out.

2. The numbers are small and hard to read. The face in 25 mm high, but only 10 mm is used for the display. The time digits are 5 mm high and the day and date characters are about half that. This is the worst feature of this watch.

3. The manual says to replace the water resistant seal every 2-3 years. Probably less expensive to buy a new watch, so I won't bother.

The good stuff:

1. The EL face lighting makes it easy to read the entire face at night.

2. The watch is slim enough to fit under a shirt sleeve. This is a major benefit since the current style is to make watches quite large and bulky.
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on April 16, 2015
Nice classic Casio that pairs really nicely with a NATO H3rrington strap. Red, white, & blue for you! (It's really difficult to snap the spring-bar back on over the strap but it does work! How I did it was to put one side of the spring-bar back in, slide the strap under, then use a writing pen with the tip retracted back into the barrel, to press the other side of the spring-bar on top of the vinyl cloth till it snapped into place.) Good luck.

Edit: I'm changing the rating to 4 stars because the only stainless steel part is the backing and the rest of body of the watch is actually a pretty cheap coated plastic. I dropped the watch maybe 3 feet and it nicked the side instantly, which wouldn't happen to steel. It's still a good deal for the money but I'd happily pay more for an actual metal body.
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on August 14, 2015
Absolutely love it. I have a Seiko watch which was about $300, so this watch feels so much lighter, but you get used to it. I bought this model and an A158W which has a slightly smaller face for my girlfriend, she loves her watch as well. I would definitely recommend this. Any questions? Feel free to ask.
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on November 5, 2010
I bought the watch for my son. A nice thin classic old style watch. The edge of bracelet is rather sharp or not smooth I guess it is what you get for the price. Things that disappointing is that the electro luminescence doesn't stay on a few second when the light button is pressed, it is only on when it is pressed. The second thing the bip sound when pressing the button can not be turned off which mean my son can not use the stop watch during exams.
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on November 27, 2014
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on August 1, 2010
I've noticed that there are 2 main camps for people that buy this watch (and many similar designs).
1) People that appreciate low-cost, no-nonsense, attractive (personal taste), waterproof, stainless steel design with plenty of features including stopwatch, alarm, and light.
2) People that wear it as a fashion item for that funky, retro-coolness.

I'm actually in the second camp more so than the first but overall, a good mix of the two. I love the design. It's straight out of the 80s. I love the "ElectroLuminescence" and "Illuminator" signs. It's very tacky but in a good retro way. Yes, I am a child of the 80s...

There is also a gold version A168WG, which can be had for a few dollars more. A female friend of mine had it to begin with (which got me looking at this watch) and it looked really nice on her. It's got that retro-blingness to it with the gold tone. So if you're considering this watch, you may want to consider the blingier version too - whichever works for you.

It seems many more have bought A158 model than this one. Not sure of the reason but A158 is cheaper. I prefer the look of A168 and like the illuminator light.

As one reviewer pointed out, the band can be "sharp" and may not be the most comfortable feeling on your wrist... I noticed it too but most of the time, I don't think about it. Also the band is stainless (clasp is fine) while the watch case is plastic, which may end up peeling or fading over time. Also countdown timer would have been nice as well as dual(or world) time... but then it probably wouldn't be so cheap anymore. It's so cheap that if it breaks or wears out, just simply buy another one. I hope Casio will continue to make this watch.

Edit 8/5/2010: Amazon has bumped the price up since I bought it. I got it for $16, now it's $19.50.

Edit 5/29/2012: Amazon no longer sells the gold version (affiliates do) and the online prices have appreciated considerably compared to 2 years ago, now at $35 and up :(

Edit 5/19/2013: It's been almost 3 years since I bought this watch. It still looks great and is ticking fine. The (plastic) crystal is still scratchless and despite me having put this through countless running sessions (yes, I went running w/ this watch many times b/c at one time, it was my only watch) and showers, the shiny chrome layer/coating on the plastic housing has not faded or peeled.
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