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on September 21, 2011
I wanted to wait at least a month before I entered in a review for these boots. I didn't want to make a hasty "These boots are the best, comfortable, etc." without actually breaking them in and truly testing them. I work in a fast paced job in NYC where I'm constantly hopping in and out of truck and traversing all kinds of terrain. Sure, desert boots can handle the rough terrain of rocky, mountainous regions but what about oily slick ashphalt? What about cement covered in smooth, oil based paint? Can these boots withstand the abuse of harsh metal surfaces that have worn out my old Bates ICBs (33500)?

The answer to all of these is "Yes." Besides the fact that when I first opened up the box, these boots looked absolutely great, they are comfortable. The initial break in period took a few days but afterwards, the leather became supple and compliant. The toe box is roomy, which is needed when going up and down steep inclines. My toes don't bang against the front of the toe box nor do my feet feel like they're swimming. Also, these boots do fit true to size, which I was very pleased to find out. Some boots, like the Bellevilles, run a size too large and you had to factor that into the whole shoe buying experience, not with the Danner TFXs.

After the experience of Hurricane Irene (which was quite laughable in the region that I lived in), the Goretex lining held up and kept my feet nice and dry even though I walked through deep puddles and water rushing down the streets. Of course, because of the Goretex lining, these boots can be a bit toasty.

One thing I've noticed is that these boots don't really have the "speed lace system." Perhaps it was me abusing a brand new, not even broken in pair of boots, but the laces got a little frayed from rubbing against the eyeholes. I expected these laces to hold up better than that. In utilizing the ladder lacing system, I prevented these laces from rubbing against the eyeholes too much while keeping a nice, tight fit.

All in all though, I love these boots. They've held up pretty well in a strictly urban environment. They fit well, are comfortable, and greatly reduces feet fatigue, which, in the end, keeps me from getting fatigued after running around for 10+ hours.

By the way, they don't squeak on tiled surfaces the way some Vibram soles do. To me, this is a nice feature. No one likes the sound of boots squeaking. :)
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on July 20, 2010
Just received these boots and did a short walk in them last night. It started to rain and I did a little running. Boots are very light and I think are just as comfortable as my running shoes. I need to drop some weight and plan to start doing some long walks (5 plus miles) with these boots. It has been 40 years since I wore Jungle boots but these seem much better made. My only complaint is that they were made in China. I didn't see that until I clicked the order button. However, I am going to go back and order another pair of Danner boots and get a pair made in the U.S.

I plan to use these boots for walking, maybe short runs, going to the range, hunting, and wearing to work (I am a tenured faculty member and I can wear what I want - which will be jeans, boots, and a sports coat most of the time). Ankle support seems to be very good. I don't want to take them off.

I think Danner should make these boots in the U.S. I would gladly pay the difference in cost. I also would prefer the boot in green. I don't want to look like I am a phony faking that I have returned from the sandbox. My generation had its own war and I don't live near a desert.

Size: I wear a 9.5 D but order a 10. A 9.5 would be long enough but I plan to add a high quality insert (plus my feet swell when I do really long walks in the mountains).

Two years later: I have had these for a while now. I don't wear them that much. I am doing spinning and rowing for exercise, but I have to say these are the lightest and most comfortable boots I have ever owned. I ordered a pair of Danner Patrol boots which were about twice the price of these boots. The Patrol Boots are a 6 inch boot made in the U.S. The fit and finish of the Patrol boots and the leather are excellent but they are not as comfortable and much heavier. If I were in a fight and had to kick someone in the arch, the Patrol boots would be my choice but these made in China boots are excellent.
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on February 6, 2012
On sizing, they DO stretch out. As others, I initially had problems selecting the correct size, particularly width. Since the only choices for me were a 10D or a 10EE, I ordered both to try. The EE was ENORMOUS, but perfect with an extra pair of socks. The 10D was way too narrow. I pained over the decision knowing they were going far out with me with little chance of resupply. Against my better judgment I chose the smaller D width banking that they would stretch out. Thankfully they have indeed stretched and they are the perfect size now.
On all other issues, these are the most favorite boots I have ever owned, and are a followup to other sets of lighter colored Desert TFX's I have lived in. These boots make it all possible and take me there. I took these Mojave's almost straight up 4000 feet of the nastiest snake-ridden, rock and boulder terrain on earth under the worst conditions, and they looked as good as when I opened the box when we were done.
They support and balance on such dry and slick rock terrain perfectly, but I have no feedback on softer terrain.
One gripe for me is Danner's failure to coat or finish some of the large upper-to-sole stitching, which is left vulnerable to damage or unraveling. Unless i am missing something, this could result in complete failure, and an opening between the sole and upper, but maybe there are super glues beneath this that I cannot see. This large stitching, and all stitching for that matter, could have some polymer coating over it for durability. At this price, we shouldn't be hunting for non-reflective Shoe Goo!
On the other hand, these aren't plastic toys like some of the other stuff out there. You won't kick yourself for spending the money on these boots. They are indeed worth the extra money in this case.
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on June 26, 2010
I have worn Danner boots for several years now, and still love them. These boots are very well made and durable as hell. I've been in Iraq for quite some time and have worn these boots since I got here. The only reason I had to buy a new pair is because I got my other ones covered in motor oil while out on patrol. It's a long story, but safe to say that I didn't just step in a small puddle. They were covered from the soles of the boot to almost the top when an oil drum I was standing near "sprung a leak".
The boots are coyote brown, but if you spend anytime out in the sand they turn Khaki, but with a little brushing they're back to their original color in no time. As I said they are very well constructed and withstood all of the foot patrols, climbing, jumping, and a little running I put them through. They're really comfortable, but after a long time on my feet they get hot. The Gortex lining is a God-send when it's raining, but in the heat it gets toasty inside the boot. I should be in Afghanistan by the end of August so we will see how much wear and tear I can put them through. I have a feeling I will have these boots long after my adventure comes to an end if they're anything like the boots I've been wearing back in the states.
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on December 21, 2009
I have owned these boots for one week now and absolutely love them!! I work for Home Depot and spend a lot of time walking on cement floors. These boots required no break in time and are extremely comfortable. Some reviews on other boots like these complained that the boots were difficult to lace. I wear a size 13 and do not find this to be so. You can loosen the laces and slip your foot out without actually pulling any of the laces out of the grommets. I think they are great and would galdly buy another pair!!
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on August 25, 2014
I ordered these boots in early May in preparation for a job that required leather 8” work boots. I saw that these boots had a very high rating and were comparatively cheap compared to their competitors and so I made the decision buy a pair. Big mistake. The boots broke in multiple places on the left insole within one week of normal wear. The holes went completely through to the inner boot and exposed my foot to the snow and rain. Unfortunately I was in the back-country camping and working for 10 days and arrived home after the thirty day return window had closed. I contacted Danner customer support and received no response. I can maybe excuse the fact that I got a defective pair of boots but not that Danner customer support utterly failed to resolve the situation or even contact me. I will never order a pair of Danner boots again.
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on November 12, 2014
When it comes to boots a lot of things need to be considered. Can you stand in them all day with good comfort? Will they hold up longer than one deployment? Drainage/water resistance/ waterproofing/ moisture wicking? Breathability? Ease of use? Time it takes to put it on and time it takes to take it off.

I considered all this and more before buying. I've had boots all the way from standard issue proppers with vibram hard soles to magnums, under armour, bates, Oakley, all with varying sizes between 6 and 8 inches with a few Solomon below the ankle shoe boots as place holders and civilian use.

But that's besides the point. Danner has always made great boots. That isn't a new opinion. I've always loved their products but I never liked the price. But after ripping through so many boots so quick I felt like I needed a change.
First off. These boots are tough, not like a steel toe work boot but in the way a good operations boot should be. They've lasted through marches, hikes (in treacherous Rocky Mountain terrain) climbing trees, rappelling, live fire, and running many miles as well as standing for hours on end. All of it and the boots have, for the most part kept their shape, excellent comfort, and most importantly, the waterproof gortex has never failed.

These boots are warm in 100+ degree heat. I won't lie. But not too the point of your feet literally cooking. They breathe exceptionally well for gortex. Which I've never experienced before. But as you probably know, heavy waterproof boots aren't a necessity in the desert. But with constantly changing terrain that can go from 100 to 30 in a couples of hours on a vertical climb having dry feet is a lifesaver. I've even used them for civilian work here in Colorado and they are my go to boots during all months of the year. I especially love them in the winter with a pair of wool socks. They work wonders in below freezing weather up to negative 20. Even when covered in snow.
When it comes to traction these boots excel. They have a remarkably tough yet soft outer sole, which grips better than anything I've used, even when wet or slippery.

I have never used Danner before these but it certainly won't be my last. If you're on the edge about boots then these will be them. They fulfilled every expectation I've had and then some. I got em for a hundred here on Amazon and that price can't be beat. get a pair while you can.
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on May 27, 2013
I struggled to select among the many offerings Danner has. I wanted a boot that was waterproof, lightweight, designed for warm weather, durable, comfortable, and had good traction. This boot not only satisfies - but exceeds all that I wanted, and it is a very cool looking boot also. The fit is perfect IF you replace the worthless insoles that come with it. I recommend the "Ten Seconds Arch 1000" or the 2000. The 2000s are really thick; so, if the boot is a perfect fit they may make them a bit tight. Assuming you replace the insoles, this boot wears as though it were a natural part of your foot. No break-in period required. They were perfect straight out of the box. I walked around more than usual just to experience the amazement with this boot. I absolutely love the lacing system. Some seem to dislike it, and I can't figure out why since I can't imagine a better system. The laces did require a few hours of adjustment as your foot and the boot settled in to a perfect relationship. But once the laces are set correctly, you don't want to take off the boots.

Some folks seem to not like the fact this boot is not made in America, yet for that reason it may be among Danner's best boots for the price. Of the Danners I have, it is my favorite even though it is also one of their cheaper boots for the excellence it represents. For the price, it is among the best boots you can possibly get, and I'm quite sure NOT being made in the USA is the reason.

The Tfx "athletic" type souls are made to make one more nimble on their feet. For that it functions perfectly. However, if firm backpacking type foot support is what you desire, I'd go for a boot with a more rigid soul, more of a true backpacking boot. That's not a negative comment about this boot since this is not designed for that purpose. It is designed as more of a tactical boot than it is a backpacking boot. Tactical is what soldiers need since it gives an edge in quickness that a more semi-rigid backpacking soul could not provide. As such, a more flexible, quick-on-your-feet, direction changing athletic soul is best. And for that, this boot is tops. The design is balanced with as much support as can be given while still maintaining the nimble, tactical advantage such a boot has.

You will not go wrong getting this boot. I like it so much that I purchased a second pair!
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on September 23, 2014
Bought these boots as a replacement to standard issue Ranger Joe's i had that were completely wore out to back strap.
The danner's are amazing (after break-in time). Wore the boots for 10 hours first day i bought them (6 hours laced tight, 4 loosely laced). Wore them a secend day for 8 hours without needing to loosen the laces at all.
Third day i wore them for 12 hours, hiking 3.5 miles total. Part of the hike was with 65 extra pounds of gear. i finished that evening with slightly sore feet, but overall happy in how well the boots performed.
Through wet grass for the first 6 hours, feet/toe's never got wet.
Through multiple thick vine and thorn bushes, the boots never tore or even scraped up from the sharp tips. At some points i was backing up to pull the thorns out of acu's, thighs, and calfs.

Overall from first experience
Pro's -
Extremely LIGHT
Water proof toe's and sides
Traction for days! (on par with tiger/jungle sole traction)
Ankle support is a deff 10 out of 10.
Lace's will tighten down to the beginning of your toe's for an extremely formed and tight fit once broke in.
Gortex lining is a huge plus!

Con's -
Boots are not near as dark. Deff a tan shade! (mojave in the pictures looks close to a FDE tone)
Lace's have to be loosened down the the 2nd to 3rd loop from your TOE to get the boot off and on.
No speed lace's.
No gortex tag on the outside of ankle as advertised (not important, but it is misleading).

Overall im happy with these boots and will continue to update this as time pass and more knowledge is obtained about the boots.
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on February 12, 2011
Great looking boot, excellent fit and construction. Light weight and great for hiking, work or casual. Quality is outstanding. I own several styles of Danner boots and these are my favorite. I always get compliments whenever I wear them.
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