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on February 13, 2008
Over all I found the frag fx to be an excellent controller, and is worth the price if you want to use a mouse while gaming on your playstation 3.

Pros: Helps increase accuracy(unless you are bad at video games, nothing will help then); Increases turning speed significantly; Buttons are remapable; Motion sensitivity is remapable; L3 and R3 are hot swappable

Cons: Mouse pad is terrible(can use it in lap, or on a table); D-pad is terrible in every way, its position is wrong and it miss hits directions

Over all I think the frag fx is a good product, even with its few flaws. The mouse and nunchuk work great so long as you read the manual and set it up properly.
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on October 24, 2007
When I first saw it, I thought, "Well, it's about time!" So I ordered this from Amazon and just got done playing Resistance again with it...

I don't play online so I am not going to give this great product a negative review so no one else would have the same advantage. :)

And no, it's not 100% like having a KB/Mouse setup, Some things about it are better, some worse, but overall, I find it to be better than playing FPS on a console with any controllers or even a PC using KB/Mouse.

1) Mouse aiming is say about 90% as good/accurate as on a PC, but 200% better than Sixaxis.
2) Unless there's a 7 button PC mouse I don't know about, having 4 additional button on the mouse is a plus.
3) Left analog stick for movement is superior than using KB.

As I have read somewhere, the aiming and moving can get jerky, but to me, it's no worse than when I tried to play the original Half Life on a PC with less than the most expensive graphics card back when (cost me $300 to upgrade). The accuracy I've gained far outweighs anything negative about this product, which is very few.

There's one minor problem with my middle mouse button (R3), however. When I press it to zoom in or out, it fires one or two shots which would alert the enemies. So I reassigned R3 to reload and problem solved. It still fires one or two shots but no biggie. The configuration software thinks I'm pressing R1 when I press R3.

I placed a call to their technical support, and after 3-4 rings, the CEO of the company answered! I told him what a great product I thought this is and brought up the minor issue of the middle mouse button. He suggested I send email to tech support and said that if the firmware upgrade didn't fix the problem, he'd personally ship me a new one tomorrow. But again, this is not a show stopper for me, I was really testing their tech support number.

I'd like to point out:
1) This does NOT need a driver on PS3.
2) RMB and LMB does feel a little weird, but not crap, just getting used to.
3) The only tweaking I needed to do was assign the buttons in the game and increase in game setting's sensitivity to max and dial the mouse sensitivity on the FragFX to 3 like manual suggests.
4) I thought something was wrong at first, but realized I was pushing the wrong button for PS button. DUH!
5) wires don't bother me. I could have waited for the wireless version coming out soon. And I'm glad I didn't!
6) I don't find mouse pad size to be a problem.
7) In the past, I've found 3rd party controllers to be more fragile, BUT, I would gladly purchase another FragFX if I had to, it's worth it!

I own XBOX 360, PS3, Wii and a gaming PC. And I believe Wii actually is the most realistic controller for FPS (pointing to aim vs analog stick or a mouse), just wish Wii had better graphics... And I can't wait till they release FragFX for xbox 360 which is actually in the works! Amazon, please take my pre-order!
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on January 6, 2008
I purchased the FragFX despite many negative reviews here. Somewhat skeptical, I thoroughly read the website and the manual and proceeded to proceed.

Firstly I will say I think this controller is fantastic! Cod4, R6, RFoM, Ut3 (especially ut3, I'll explain later). There are some things you should know to get optimum use.

People who have stated the controller is jerky did not read the manual. You need to adjust the game's sensitivity to max (or slightly below) before adjusting the sensitivity on the controller. If you use low or medium sensitivity in the game, it will be VERY jerky and act like it has a lot of acceleration. Simply read the manual as this is explained!!

Those who claim the buttons are hard to press did not read the website or manual. You can change the sensitivity of all the buttons on your Windows XP computer. Min and Max Levels for each button are available. You can make a button respond very easily (I'm talking super turbo desert eagle here) or make it very difficult to mis-press (grenades!! AHHH). Simply goto the website and download the configuration software to get your controller set how you want.

Next... Those who complain the button layout is hard to use suffer from the same fate as those above. The same program that allows you to change sensitivity of buttons lets you remap your buttons! Hate using Square to reload in Cod4? Just set it to a trigger. Want reload to be shaking the nunchuck? No problem! You can switch the sticks, switch the stick clicks, anything you want. It is fully customizable. JUST RTFM!!

The Sixaxis support is very good. You can change the sensitivity of the accelerometers, as well as changing the default plane. So if you rest your hand sideways, the game will recognize that as the 'zero' point. It is a very nice addition! No other controller I'm aware of lets you do this.

The controller has a "mouse" mode that works well for use of the playstation store and web-browser. Much better than the Sixaxis, but still not as nice as mouse and keys.

The configurability of this controller is unparalleled. Nearly every complaint I've read in the reviews here were simply due to people not being informed about the product they've purchased. No defects, just simple ignorance.

Now to the product itself. It does work like a mouse. You can adjust the speed, and acceleration if you're clever. Speed (linear) is controlled by the game's sensitivity. Usually you want this to be near max. Acceleration is controlled by the controller itself. If you like small movements to be very small, and large movements to spin you around twice then set medium in-game and high controller sensitivity. If you like very linear controls then set in-game very high, and the controller very low.

The buttons all work well once you set your desired sensitivity. I particularly enjoy using single-fire weapons with very high-sensitivity (low min) on my left mouse button. This allows very, very rapid fire well beyond what's physically capable with the Sixaxis.

There is a "frag" button in the controller which cuts your sensitivity down on the fly. It's located above the L1 trigger and very easy to press. When sniping or using the shock rifle in ut3 it is an amazing tool. It will allow you to have a very, very high sensitivity for movement and on-the-fly slow down for sniping and very fine-tuning of long-range shots.

The mouse-pad is larger than your average 'pc' mouse-pad. It has an arc at the top that gives extra room for wrist throws. The optical system allows easy use on your couch or pant-leg or whatever. The nunchuck is well-made, though I prefer a diferent d-pad position, and I love the analog stick on it.


Now to mention why this is so much better in UT3 than their key and mouse support. One word: auto-aim. When you use a 'controller' in ut3, all the weapons have auto-aim around your reticle. When you switch to mouse and keys, this auto-aim is completely gone. Using the FragFX you still get the auto-aim, plus the accuracy of a configurable mouse. You also get much better movement than simple keys which are only on-off movement. Since the FragFX has configurable buttons you can set up some wicked stuff for UT3. It's honestly almost unfair.

Did I mention the frag button? Ut3 + frag button = CHEATER. Really, you have to try it.


Note that the configuration program does not work with Windows Vista or Mac OSX or Linux or Solaris or BSD or whatever OS you're using that's not Windows XP.
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on January 24, 2008
If someone plugs it in without reading how to properly set it up that will cause 100% of the issues that all those nOObs that wrote negative reviews reported. I know this because I did too...BUT, I'm not a nOOb that immediately jumped online and started firing off ignorant comments, rather I read the instructions and made the game adjustments recommended and BAM! ( as Emeril says ) all the "lag" and miscalibration went away and I immediately went on massive, record breaking, kill streaks on Unreal. ANOTHER THING! I read a review from another nOOb that said,"The first thing I did was go to the browser..." THIS control is for GAMES not browsing, that's what the Mediaboard and other keyboards and mice are for...I have noticed that the sensitivity levels I have configured for the games presents a problem when going back to the online mode, but who cares, I have a Mediaboard and before that I used other devices for web browsing. I purchased this VERY REASONABLY PRICED controller to kick serious butt on FPS games and to that end it delivers WAY ABOVE EXPECTATION! Anyone who says otherwise has either:

1. Not properly configured this VERY customizable & configurable device.
2. Never used a Mouse & Keyboard on PC platform and is a complete nOOb with that scheme anyway.
3. Not taken the, maybe, 10 minutes it takes ( after proper configuration ) to get used to the feel needed to use it.

Mostly, I believe the negative reviews are just a classic case of plugging it in right out of the box, maybe turning the sensitivity dial on the side a little, and saying, "Duh...This don't work!" and writing a pouty lip review. It is a awesome innovation unlike anything else the world has seen for the way we play console games and 100% DELIVERS on the promise of bumping up your frag count on FPS games. It was built from the ground up to do ONE THING and that is BE THE BEST FPS CONTROL SCHEME EVER MADE. To that end, it delivers! All those nOObs out there who fired off a review without taking the time to set it up properly and get used to it, need to consider what it means to the rest of the world that read their garbage and miss out on a revolutionary experience. People should really take a hard look at wither or not they took the time and put in the effort to give an accurate review. It is not fair to people out there that are assuming that they have used the product as intended and derived their experience that way and don't realize that a product that is left to be customized in every way by the end user is very liable to not be used correctly by ignorant people that don't take the time to learn how to properly use it. This is why most companies don't allow the end use to customize their product. Because it takes a touch of common sense and education that is out of reach of a great deal of consumers. A device like this is only for people intelligent enough to use it. Others should just stick to their thumbsticks and get fragged by the rest of us! :)
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on August 14, 2007
When playing "Resistance: fall of man" demo on the PS3, and trying to play with the PS3 controller and this, I noticed that I can obviously play better with the fragFX. I always hated playing FPS on gaming consoles because it's hard to aim and run around, like you can with the PC. The most annoying bug on this controller is that the sensitivity implementation is really really whacked out. They have this scroller on the side of the controller to adjust the sensitivity on the fly (which is cool), and they have this button that just lowers the sensitivity of the mouse by a couple levels (which is also cool when you need to aim at something that's tiny), but those cool features are nullified by how the sensitivity works. Here's an example of how it works:

sensitivity 1: when u move your mouse the mouse will jump 1 pixel at a time with a slow acceleration (which is expected)

sensitivity 10: when u move your mouse the mouse will jump 20 pixels at a time. This is where it goes wrong...instead of doing a smooth acceleration, it just jumps 20 pixels, so there is no way you can aim at small targets with a high sensitivity because the mouse will just literally jump at 20 pixel intervals (when u move the mouse only a very little bit, the mouse won't move until u reach like a 1/4 cm change and it jumps 20 pixels).

This sensitivity issue might be just a ps3 limitation but I doubt that. Until they come out with a better firmware, you should stay away from this.

Lastly, this thing really needs bluetooth, cuz the 10 feet wire is quite annoying. Also, I've been reading reviews @ IGN and other sites and they say there's software I can download to adjust the sensitivity and buttons for the controller, but their site is pretty much useless. They have a pdf version of the manual that comes w/ the controller (and the pdf file is screwed up anyways), and they have downloads of their logo (which is pointless). I wonder where this "software" is.
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on November 6, 2010
i'm a pc gamer. hardcore. mouse and keyboard since the quake 3 arena days. i have never been able to compete on the consoles because i can't get my thumbs to make a controller do what i want. while all of my friends play on consoles.
for people like me the Shark is a godsend.
i own the original wired fragfx, a fragenstein, and a scorch. the shark performs well above all of these.
the mouse movement on the shark is perfect. playing mw2 with the in game sensitivity at 9 and the shark set around 2.
my only problem with it is the size. the mouse is just too big. i need to hold my hand a certain way just to reach all of the buttons..kind of annoying. and we can really do without the rapid fire and macros.
when i wear this one out i'll definitely buy another.
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on April 13, 2008
This controller, quite simply, rocks. I need to write this review from the PC gamer's perspective. If someone learned to play FPS's with joysticks then they're obviously not going to like this controller. Here's my bottom line, if you're a PC gamer looking to get into consoles, this controller IS for you.

I've been playing first person shooters on the PC since 1993, and from the beginning I've used a mouse. When I got the N64 in '98 I bought Quake 64 and tried it for a couple hours and felt like I had a mental disease because I couldn't hit anything, and I couldn't look around right. It was then that I realized that a joystick just wasn't meant for first person shooters. Over the years I tried every now and then and could never get used to it.

Fast forward to two weeks ago when I bought my PS3 with Call of Duty 4. I figured because I had gotten used to using my left thumb for moving around in Metroid Prime 3 on the Wii that I might actually be ok with the dual joystick in CoD4. I ran through the entire game and I felt clumsy the entire time. Anytime an enemy came up to me my sight would go crazy! I couldn't aim!

When I found the FragFX controller here on, I read all the reviews. I wasn't really sure what to think because they're actually pretty mixed. But I knew I couldn't keep going with the dual joysticks, so I took the plunge and bought it. From reading all the reviews I knew that I had to go into the game and turn the sensitivity all the way up. In CoD4 that means going into the "Custom" menu and going to 10 (insane). You'll see that "high" is only 4 on the scale. After about 10 minutes of playing with the FragFX I had my controls dialed in and I was playing with THE EXACT SAME SKILL AND AIMING I GET ON THE PC, period . I spent a little more time playing the single player game and then went online. I had tried playing online with the dual joysticks a few days ago and it was laughable. I couldn't even almost hang with those people. With the FragFX controller, within 3 games I took first place. And I took first the next two games.

If you follow the directions and turn the sensitivity in the game all the way up and then use the dial on the nunchuck to dial in the mouse sensitivity, you will get the exact same control you get on a PC. Anyone who says otherwise either didn't set it up right, or didn't learn on a PC.
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on September 10, 2011
I play games in bed with my TV at the foot. It gets uncomfortable after awhile with my arms holding a dualshock 3 over my stomach. This controller allows them to rest on either side of me. You can also set this controller to the same input as your dualshock Eg. 1. That way you can have a dualshock in your right hand and the fragchuck in your left. I love the "fragchuck". It fits well in hand and everything for the left hand is there, plus motion sensitivity, macros, rapid fire, and more! Could pack 2-3 more buttons in, though.

The mouse feels good, the buttons take a little getting used to, but are intuitive and easy to adapt to. The mous pad is good too. However, it's a little too big for me and I have good sized hands - 7 inches from my middle finger to the bottom of my palm. Because of the shape, It actually fits better in my left hand than my right, of course then the buttons are imposable to use. I could have gotton used to the size but didn't want to since it wasen't very compatable with some of my games (See details section below).

There is a lot of disinformation surrounding this product. There are a lot of positive reviews from people playing Calld of Duty (Newer ones) and a lot of bad reviews calling it a "rip off". Aparently compatbility is hit or miss since PS3 was not made for a mouse and the fragfx shark has to emulate a thumb stick. To be fair to Splitfish they made a niche product, great for some of todays most popular games, but it's game manufacturers that are not making their titles compatible with Splitfish controllers. But then, why should they? It is a 3rd party controller. Also, why would Sony make the PS3 compatable with mice when most console gamers like the dualshock 3? I should add that some users don't like to use mice and the only refuge they have from the advantage a mouse gives users is on a console.

- The Concept is sound
- Wireless, no lag
- The design looks sweet
- The "fragchuck" is almost perfect!
- Great Battery life
- Works with some F.P.S. games

- Price!!!
- Dosen't work with some F.P.S. games
- PS3 Games were ment for Dualshock controllers
- 3rd parties don't get much support from developers
- OK as an optical mouse (Not great, Not laser)
- Mouse is a little too big in my opinion
- Disinformation about it

- Yes and no to both points! It works with some games and not with others. It may be worth it if your game is supported, you get past the learning curve, and you really want to take your "hard core" gameing up a level, or if you seriously want to get into PC gaming without the keboard. Otherwise, it's not for you and you will end up unsatisfied. I suggest you keep everything, and thouroughly test out all your games as soon as you get it, then you can get a refund if it does not meet your expectations.

Price I would consider keeping it for (Opinion):
- $34.99
Price I would buy the Fragchuck alone (Opinion):
- $29.99

There was no combination of ingame look sensitivity and "dead zone" sensitivity that removed diagonal "staircasing" without making tracking too slow for most of the games I've tested. I saw reviews that mentioned the same thing before I purchased. I decided to give it a try anyway. To their defence, I tried evey combination of dead zone to ingame look sensitivity in the games below with limited success.

Homefront (Demo):
- Staircased at dead zones of 0-5 and required too much mouse tracking with 6-9. 6.5 was almost workable except it required me to repeatedly pick up the mouse and reset it to look around. Was less efiecient than the dualshock.

Call of Duty: Classic
- Same as aboave, but worse.

Call of Duty: Black Ops (Demo)
- Works really well but seems to move up/Down slower than lept/right. No staircasing/jittering with ingame sensitvity at max (Insane) and deadzone = 3. Workable but will take some getting used to. Recommended for this game but it's not perfect.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Demo)
- Same as black ops aboave. Abviously, these are the game it was intended for.

Killzone 2 (Demo):
- I was able to resolve staircasing and jittering. Requires maximum ingame sensitivity and a deadzone of 4. Too slow of movement, mouse has to be picked up and drageed all over in this one. Not recomended.

Killzone 3 (Demo):
- Better than above but not as good as COD:MW2 or black ops. It is still too slow. too much mouse tracking.

Battlefield 1943:
- No staircasing. I needed a dead zone of about 3 to get rid of the jittery/jumping when trying to "pixle point" at an object. Although better, I found tracking was still too slow/difficult to play with. Would take some getting used to. It makes driving vehicals or flying extreemly difficult, if not imposable.

- Works well enough to play. Better feel than the dualshock but jittery/staircasing not completly gone.

When set as a mouse it is fine, sweet to have four extra buttons! Not as good as my logetech MX 5000 laser mouse but it tracks as well as an optical (A cheap one). Also, since I was a console gamer before PC, I tried this on a game I have always dreamed of having a "fragchuck" for...The Descent series. Although windows 7 x64 recognizes it as a gamepad and all of the buttons/analog stick work, it would not recognize the anolog or mouse movement in Descent 1. In Descent 2 this problem is fixed but the mouse has dead zone issues, and when that is ajusted it's too slow, requires too much movement, and is'nt as accurate as my MX5000 laser (Not even close). So, it was esentially useless. Too bad! Fine, I can just use the MX5000 instead by choosing the mouse and joystick option. Worked perfect, very addicting. I set drop bombs to the motion sensative melee and afterburners to the joystick button (L3)! That is sweet and there are 10 buttons on the fragchuck, if you count L3 and the D-Pad, to assign functions to. They could have packed 2-3 more buttons in though. I also, tested a few other FPS games (Older School) that did not work to my satisfaction. Bottom line: if your game supports joystick and mouse operation in tandom (and gives you complete control over button reassignments) then it "might" work like you want it to, otherwise it's a crap shoot. Don't know about newer games like far cry, fallout, and etc.

I really wanted it to work for me and to give it a fair review. I even pulled it back out of the return box to test it agian on a few titles I forgot about, just to make sure I wanted to return it. No go. Given the range of experiance I got out of it and the problems I was able to almost resolve, I would say my unit was not defective. It just almost works. Maybe it will work better for the games you want it for. Good Luck.

that guy on youtube (zDD) is displayed prominantly on the packaging and endorsed by Splitfish. Not to say his videos are fake, but his incentive is to paint the product in a positive light. Therefore he's not going to post a video showing what games it doesn't work in! A one sided story is at best a half-truth. So, don't be supprised if your experiance is different form his.
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on December 24, 2011
After several hours of researching the Frag FX Shark, AIMON PS, EagleEye, and XIM3, I finally settled on purchasing the Frag FX Shark controller. Here's the lowdown:

The Frag FX Shark does work as promised, depending on the game being played (based on what I've read). I have only tried it on COD MW3. The best thing about the Frag FX specifically is the sensitivity dial on the controller. This makes it as plug and play as can be with this type of setup. No need to download game specific firmware or any other garbage. The controller is fully customizable as well (remap buttons, macros, blah blah). Basically, you plug in the wireless stick into a USB slot, turn on the mouse and controller, and presto -- it works. It is recommended to set in game sensitivity to max and then adjust using the dial on the controller. I've found slightly past 2 to work best for me.

Yes, there is some staircasing with the Frag FX. It won't affect gameplay much for the average gamer and it might even get sorted out with a firmware update later on.

The wireless works well and I had 0 problems with interference. I have a wifi TV, 2 routers, cellphone, cordless house phone, iPad, and the ps3 all in the same area. Did not have any problems at all.

My biggest issue with the product is the ridiculous size of the mouse. I can get over the cheap feel of the plastic, but the size of the mouse is as if it was designed for Captain Banana-hands. This isn't enough to make me return the product.. it is, however, the MAIN reason I knocked the Shark down to 4 stars. The only other issue is more of an annoyance than anything else... even when the controller and mouse are turned off, if the USB stick is plugged in, the ps3 will assign it to controller 1-4. This is annoying in 2-player games if you want to use the dual shock controller and play by yourself as the game will ask player 2 to hit X to join (or automatically add player 2 into the game).

If you are a typical gamer, this is a great product at a great price. It's not as great as a PC mouse in terms of accuracy or quality, but it does do the job.

If you are a hard-core FPS gamer looking to dominate everyone just get the XIM3. This is one area where you definitely get what you pay for.

For reference: (based on my e-findings)

FRAG FX SHARK - $60 (when I purchased) $90 now
See above for review
pros (no setup, sensitivity dial, includes lap board, great fragchuck design, 'snipe' button which slows mouse movement)
cons (cost, mouse size, staircasing, works better on some games than others)
pros (better mouse, less staircasing, better 'quality')
cons (complicated setup, firmware flashing required for each game, no MAC support to do said flashing, possible wireless signal issues, cost, no sensitivity dial)

pros (real keyboard and mouse, cost)
cons (complicated setup, need PC to set up the hardware, game specific settings required)

XIM3 - $150
pros (unsurpassed accuracy and quality, real mouse and keyboard, LCD screen to assist setup, 1:1 conversion)
cons (requires an xbox controller to be plugged in, can make a mess with all the cables necessary to use product, very high cost, no mac support for updating firmware, made for xbox and requires adapters to use on ps3)

note: $300 on amazon market. It costs $150 at the maker's website (google xim3)


Average gamer who wants a plug and play solution? Get the FRAG FX SHARK

Want a higher quality product and don't mind tweaking settings and tinkering? Get the AIMON PS ELITE (then head to their forums and read up)

Want to use a real keyboard and mouse at low cost? Get the EAGLE EYE (then head to their forums and read up)

Insist on the absolute best, regardless of price (hardcore gamer)? Get the XIM3 (then head to their forums and read up)

You can't really go wrong with any of the 4 options.. I got the Frag FX because there's no setup and amazon prime shipping was offered.

I will update this review after testing the Frag FX on Battlefield 3.. I've held off because I doubt it will work very well as the game itself currently has lag issues.
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on August 13, 2007
[...] I was really scared to spend the money on it after all the negative comments on it. Still, I wanted to give it a fair try, and make sure I try it on a few games before judging it.

Overall, I think it is an excellent controller. My first try was with Resistance, and I encountered a lot of the same problems people listed here with turning sensitivity on the mouse. In the end, the sensitivity cannot be optimized when compared to a PC FPS like Half Life2. But to be fair, it is not the controller's fault. The sensitivity adjustments allowed from the game severely limit the controller's performance. For Resistance, it improves your gameplay maybe 25-50%, but it isn't as good as we all hoped. Still, I found that after a little practice, I was much better than with my analog sticks.

Next I tried The Darkness. MUCH BETTER when it comes to sensitivity. This is due 100% to the fact that the game allows for adjustment of both X and Y sensitivity and acceleration. After playing with it for 20 min, I found a setting i liked that played much like a PC FPS. The bad news: the R1/R2/L1/L2 are backwards! This means you have to fire with a right click instead of a left click. And since currently you can't reprogram the buttons for the controller (and no setting from the game switches R1 with R2 function,) it takes more getting used to. But judging it on the mouse capability, it is pretty good, over 50% improvement (don't expect PC laser mouse performance though,) from my analog stick performance.

Finally I tried F.E.A.R. This games allows for more sensitivity adjustment than Resistance, but much less than The Darkness (since you cannot independently adjust the sensitivity and acceleration). It also has the same problem as The Darkness with R1/R2 not allowing to be set properly to fire with a left click. (You can adjust every button except R1...bummer.) Overall improvement compared to the analog sticks is somewhere around 50% for me.

The bottom line is that many of these reviews are a bit too harsh for me, especially given that you don't know what games they may have demo'ed it with. The sensitivity is not PC quality, but much better than the analog sticks (but it does take time to adjust it). It also takes some getting used to the nunchuck controller vs a keyboard (I'm still learning it). Finally, the inability (so far) to swap R1 and R2 also takes some getting used to (this bothers me more than any other drawback -- I desperately hope they offer a solution to this via a firmware update!!!!)

I can honestly recommend this controller. You will not get laser mouse quality out of this device, and you will have a steeper learning curve with it than the analog sticks. But after a weekend tuning it to your tastes and a little practice, you will really enjoy your FPS more than ever before.

(Some other short comments: The other bells and whistles (SIXAXIS motion, frag button, swap the left analog and right analog sticks) are nice, but not a selling point. Also, I have not tried yet with a PS2 FPS, but they say it will work as well. Finally, the cord is kind of a bummer (but long enough and doesn't get tangled) when you consider most of us haven't used a corded controller since 2004.)
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