Customer Reviews: Oakley Men's Tactical Six Hiking Boot,Black,8 M US
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on August 1, 2010
I am always puzzled at the fan service paid to Oakley; they charge a very high amount for their products, which in the experience of this buyer, either don't do what they are advertised to do, or break after less than one year. And, seeing as how Oakley PRIDES themselves on being the top choice for athletes and "Special Forces around the world", I'm not sure how they keep getting away with it. Prestige is a powerful thing, I suppose.

First off - comfort. These boots are comfortable, for the first two weeks. After that, the inner lining of the boot, which is nothing more than upholstered padding, is worn off by contact with the foot. And this was just from me walking around campus.

Second - the fit. I ordered a size down, and there was still nearly two inches of space for my foot to slide around in.

Third - the "waterproofing". Don't be fooled, "waterproof" material and "seam-sealed" construction will give you a waterproof boot; unfortunately, these boots are lacking the latter. So, the waterproof material of the boot beads and channels water into the seam of the tongue that is not sealed, and places it directly on your foot. I stepped in water 3-4" deep, and it ran into the shoe like I was wearing a pair of crocs. I find it weird that none of the other reviewers mention this, but they are probably still too busy staring at the "O" symbol to ever fathom that something could be wrong.

Finally - The price. I don't really need to extrapolate, if you are going to sell something for this much money, it better perform. I highly doubt SF teams are deploying wearing these, and if they are, they are having to buy new boots after each rotation, and wrap them in duct tape when encountering water over 10 mm high.

Seriously, go buy some Danners or Timberlands, and get what you pay for, instead of feeding the money machine that is Oakley.
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on November 8, 2011
I have been wearing these boots for the past 3 years, working in the Middle East. Great wearing,, Comfortable in all types of weather, reliable in any condition.

There are many new, lighter boots on the market,, however as with running shoes,, they become too hot wearing them all day. Basic Military boots too high or not enough support.

These boots will be comfortable and reliable. Whether you are going light or packed to the hilt.

Highly recommended
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on April 29, 2012
I have had these boots (Desert) all of two days. I will come back after a year and update my review. Promise.

I wear (nominally) a size 12. I have found out that, apparently, as I got older my foot size had slightly changed. One in about 4 shoes/boots doesn't fit my left foot. Only just barely.

I have taken to ordering a size 12.5 in shoes and boots.

Good news. So far each set of shoes/boots I have bought at 12.5, fit.
Bad News. Almost, not quite, impossible to find anyone that does a 12.5.

Makes no sense but there you are. I guess only people with little feet can have half size feet. Go figure.

Oakley (thank you so VERY much) makes a size 12.5.

Now to the boot.

The style and fit are superb.
They hug w/o pinching my foot.
Toe box is wide and comfortable. Thick socks or thin.

I will be wearing them for hiking boots so will see how they stand the test of time, as it were.
I also will start wearing them when riding my motorcycle. Black mark on the left boot is a badge of honor. IMO.

If I continue to like them, as much as I expect, I will have to buy others just to stick in my closet because, since I like them, they will take them off the market. Paranoia is a wonderful thing. :0

I put them on yesterday when I received them (Amazon Prime with overnight guarantee - extra 3.99 - worth every penny we spend on Prime) and did a 3 mile (just in the neighborhood) walk. Paved road, mid 80's. No hot feet when I was done.

These things are comfortable right out of the box.

Only "con" I have noted is that, apparently, only the Desert boots are not waterproof. I got this info from the Oakley site.

Don't figure this is a show stopper. I mean my jungle boots weren't waterproof and, like these, I just will let them dry on my feet if I get them wet.

They are a kind of a suede so will get "character" in a hurry. If you need a uniform boot (something that polishes well), try one of the blacks/brown (not seen here) options.

These things are light and fit well.
The quick lace eyelets are a bit different. I like to use Kevlar laces in my boots and they will not fit in these eyelets. Further investigations warranted as to durability/"laceability" of the provided laces.

I would recommend these boots to anyone. In fact I have done so to my wife. No higher praise can I give.
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on May 8, 2011
Love these boots. They are very cushy and have a fit that adapts to your foot. But they are also very soft and the sole is almost too soft and flexible. My running shoes' soles feel stiffer. I wanted a boot that I could use for hiking and backpacking, but these boots may be too soft for that. You can feel rocks through the sole. On uneven, rocky terrain, the sole twists and causes lateral friction. The softness of the sole also causes them to compress, creating more room in the shoe that could cause some rubbing. That being said, in urban terrain or short hikes, you would never cause enough rubbing to cause any problems. These boots are so comfortable, you could wear them to bed. I also like the height. It's tall enough to prevent rocks from falling down your ankles so you won't have to wear gaiters.
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on December 13, 2012
12/13/12 I purchased these boots for my fiance as a gift and he just loves them. I showed the online photo and description of them prior to purchasing them. We measured his foot according to the sizing information provided next to where you choose your size. According to the sizing chart his foot measurement indicated that he would need a 7 1/2. I doubt he has ever had a 7 1/2 in his life...usually a 6 1/2 or 7, but thankfully we did not ignore their sizing chart as when he tried them on the 7 1/2 is what he needed in this boot which tells me you need to order a half size larger than your normal size. My fiance is a contractor and has many work boots, but never a 7 1/2. They are made very nice and really look more expensive than the price shown. He is really happy with them and will use them more for casual dress going out in cold damp weather, walking, hiking, etc. He won't be using them to work in. Really, they are too nice to destroy and use as a work boot, but additionally my fiance does not feel they are quite sturdy/hardy enough to use as a work boot. He doesn't feel they would last too long for construction work use. We like to walk in the winter and I think they will be nice for this. Not as bulky as his Sorels...which do have their place also.
I purchased these from Altrec and am not happy with their packaging. The boots come in a box provided by the manufacturer. Altrec did not put this box inside of another box for protection....they just put the box inside a large plastic envelope which obviously provided no protection and the shoe box is pretty battered up. I'm not happy with that at all as we store all shoes, boots, etc in the manufacturer's box.
Update..1.15.13 I contacted the Seller, Altrec within a few days after delivery (12/10/12) and advised them of the battered box due to their poor packaging. To date...again...1/15/13...I have never heard from Altrec which I am not happy about. I have just filed a complaint so we will see what happens. I'm still giving the boots 5 stars as the poor shipping packaging has nothing to do with the boot, but I want others to be alerted to this problem with this Seller. The boots are very nice!
1/29/13 UPDATE The boots have now been put through their paces. On Saturday, 1/26/13 my fiance wore these for a good 15 hours. We had allot of running around to do and since it was so cold here in South New Jersey and we had some snow and ice around he wore them for the day. We were dressed I guess what you would call dressy casual. The boots looked real nice. Considering that the boots are still new he was comfortable in them all day. He said they are still a little stiff for driving, but he managed. We are in the construction field so it is not like he is not accustomed to wearing work other words its not like he is not used to having a boot around is ankle. Probably once they break in some more he won't feel some restriction in the ankle while driving.
1/27/13 We went out walking very early in the morning and the temp was only in the teens and we had snow and ice to deal with. He wore the boots and we walked I guess about 3 miles or som about and hour, and we were moving. I wasn't sure how comfortable he would feel using them for this purpose, but he was extremely comfortable and his feet really stayed warm. He had no trouble walking fast.
Yesterday, I cleaned them up to get rid of the mud, ice melters, etc and they cleaned up beautifully. You can't even tell they were worn. I did get him the black. I would imagine that the tan will stain.
So...all and all he still gives these boots 5 stars and says he would even give them more if he could. I guess there is nothing else we can add to the review of these boots. They look nice, they are comfortable and warm and if you follow the sizing information provided you shouldn't have any trouble sizing them. Prior to ordering these we did measure his feet and then compared the measurement to the sizing chart provided and they fit. I do see in some of the poor reviews that the fit was not good, but did they follow the sizing and fitting instructions. If you like the look of them I would say definitely give them a try. I do see some 1 and 2 star reviews with people saying that this boot did not hold up well. Again, he hasn't had them long so we have yet to see how they hold up long term. He will not be wearing them everyday and would not wear them for work (he is a plumbing & heating contractor). For that he wears his heavy duty work boots. I would not buy the Oakley Tactical Hiking boot for a construction related trade work boot. One man says he was using them in Afghanistan and I wouldn't think they would be hardy enough for that, but I haven't been to Afghanistan. I would hope our military is providing these folks with the top of the line boots, but that is another subject.
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on July 8, 2013
I bought another pair not because the old onews wore out but because I need them in two places and dont feel like always carrying them. Also looks like they are now discontinued so I wanted to have a replacement.
They are probably best boots I had, except for the same model in black. Very breathable in hot weather, great in both urban and outdoor environment. Extremely comfortable even after prolonged use.
Very light yet tough. Styling is good enough to wear to office or in a city without raising any eyebrows.
It is a shame that Oakley discontinued this timeless design. The replacement SI Assault model is just as comfortable and tough but the styling is pure utilitarian and does not blend as well in a normal environment.
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on October 31, 2013
I had been reasonably happy with these up to this point, but after two years of light use (i just walk in them, no hiking, rock climbing, leaping tall buildings in a single bound, or other hard wear & tear) the soles are coming off the boot. What's disturbing is the soles, while very very soft, appear to have plenty of tread, but are in fact wearing through under the ball of the foot, and one is separating along the side of the sole as well.

The uppers are in excellent condition, and would give years more service if the soles were thicker/harder/better made.

My other wear complaint is the pair of fabric shoelace guides (on the laces between the lower section and the shaft of the boot) have worn out, but I used a leather punch to create two new holes in the leather for the laces to go through, and that's worked fine so far.

Does anyone know if these can be resoled? Boots like this should last much longer -- the sole is the weakest aspect of the boot, making no better than the cheap hiking boots I've bought in the past and wear out in a year or two.

UPDATE 23 Jan 2014: I have emailed Oakley's "customer care" department twice in the past 3 months about the problems I have with the boots -- including actual photos -- and have never received a response. Apparently, they really don't care whether or not their customers are satisfied with their products. Keep that in mind before you buy anything made by Oakley.
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on January 20, 2012
I bought the Oakley Tactical to use primarily as a motorcycle riding boot. While there are probably a lot of better motorcycle-specific boots on the market, for what the Oakley Tactical does, it does wonderfully. The size was perfect for my foot. I had read that it does run big so to order a 1.2 size smaller than normal. I heeded this advice and it worked perfect. The boot looks outstanding with a pair of jeans, and was very comfortable out of the box. There was virtually no break-in period required. The good, the bad and ugly:

The Good:

+ Appearance/Looks. A classic looking boot, nice lines.
+ Virtually break-in free. The base and leather is very soft and flexible. For me, there wasn't any break-in required.
+ Good traction from the sole.

The Bad:

+ Not fully waterproof. While Oakley doesn't market this boot as a waterproof boot, I would expect some level of inherent protection regardless. Water can easily seep in between the tongue and shoelace holes.
+ Fit is about 1/2 size large so plan accordingly.
+ No steel toe or shank (for weight reduction).

The Ugly:

+ Nothing.

While the price might be a deterrent, this boot would serve well for "dry" hiking, motorcycle riding or even as a work book. It's lack of a steel toe and shank might not make this an ideal boot for working with power tools.
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on September 19, 2012
I put these boots through daily abuse in urban and suburban duty and they BOTH feel great and perform perfectly. Well worth the coin to know that your feet are taken care of (they have to carry you around) and that the boot will provide some level of support when needed. Sure they are a little pricey, but, will probably pay for themselves by lasting longer than the competition.
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on November 3, 2012
Very comfortable and well put together shoe, peviously purchased the Nike Free Tac Boots wich were nice and lightweight but where way to thin and was more like a running shoe then something i could work or hunt in. On the other hand this seems like it could hold up to about everything. Very glad i made this purchase
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