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729 of 746 people found the following review helpful
on December 1, 2010
I purchased this product because I had a problem with engorgement and over-supply the first few weeks after my son was born and was going through nursing pads quickly with feeds, and even then I frequently soaked my shirt (and my child). It was appealing to catch the extra milk so that I could avoid wasting it and use fewer pads. I purchased just one and used it on the side opposite from the one I fed my son, just during feeds at night, when my breasts were most leaky. I found it to bulky to wear at other times.

Here are the pros -

1) It does what it says - catches milk without leaking (although it will spill if you lean forward)
2) Heavy duty - holds up to washing, repeated use
3) Easy to use- I was able to tuck it into my bra for hands-free use.
4) Ability to collect milk instead of have it wasted all over my shirt - I collected as much as 2-3 oz per feed during nightly feeds.
5) Easy to clean

Here are the cons -
1) Expensive - in retrospect, my over-supply got better after a after about 3 weeks and I feel I could have done without this for the price.
2) It encourages release of milk - Now that my over-supply issue is resolving, I now realize that keeping light pressure on the side opposite from that which I nurse prevents leakage of milk, even with let-down. However if I wear this device the nipple is exposed and more milk leaks out than would have done otherwise. It is my preference to prevent leakage altogether, as collecting milk with every feed from the opposite breast only leads to more issues with over-supply.
3) Collects mostly foremilk. My infant sufferd from foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. I was hesitant to give him the milk I was collecting with this product because it was more "watery" than what I got when I pumped larger amounts.
5) Collecting milk this way is a hassle - Going to the kitchen to poor the milk into a bag for storage and then rinsing off the product was not very appealing in the middle of the night, when I was most likely to collect milk this way. After a while, I found it easier to pump once daily to get the milk I needed for when I was away. As my problem with over-supply resolved, I find I no longer need this product to prevent the mess of milk leaking from my breast, and I no longer needed so many nursing pads either.
6) too bulky to wear continuously

In summary, this product is more useful early on (before supply matches demand). Keep in mind that the many ounces of milk you can collect with it might not be leaking out if you were to just apply pressure to the other side during nursing. You might want to mix this milk with other pumped milk if you have concerns for foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, as it is likely to be more foremilk. For the price, I recommend getting it early if you are going to get it at all. I wish I had it for when my oversupply issue was most severe, and would have found it primarily useful to prevent the mess of the leaky breast during feeds.
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315 of 326 people found the following review helpful
on July 4, 2011
I don't often love or hate something enough to bother writing a review, but this product is worth me taking the time to tell you how awesome it is! And I say this even though, as a new parent, my free time is rather limited! Put this handy gadget in your bra to collect milk that drips from the non-nursing side while you're nursing or pumping. When I remember to use the milk saver at several feedings per day, I easily collect enough milk for an extra feeding for my baby every day - about a half-ounce per feeding if I'm very full, less otherwise. I get a little over 2 oz total per day. I never realized how much milk was going to waste dripping into a nursing pad!

(The other way to prevent milk going to waste would be to pump from one side while baby is nursing the other, but I always find doing so a bit precarious if baby starts flailing around. The milk saver is secure even with the baby moving around.)

Tip: If you only remember to use it at a few feedings per day, make sure to use it at the feedings when you're most full - you get the most milk leakage from the non-nursing side that way. I get the most milk when I use it with morning feedings, a little less for afternoon feedings, and usually only a small amount (sometimes only a few drops) in the evening. I tend not to use the milk saver in the evening for this reason.

I haven't really had any of the (minor) problems with this device mentioned in other reviews. As to the spillage problem, perhaps others are collecting more milk than I am, and that's why they're having the problem with milk spilling out if they lean over, but it hasn't been an issue for me. I can bend over far enough to put baby in his swing without the milk spilling, so as long as I remember to take out the milk-saver before I bend over enough, say, to pick anything up off the floor (in which case milk would definitely spill out!), I don't have the leaking problem.

As to the fit problems mentioned in a previous review, it IS tight fit to put this device into my nursing bra, and it's a bit uncomfortable to have there if I pick up baby and lean him against that side to burp him, but it does fit into my nursing bras and tanks, and I'm not especially well-endowed. As to whether it shows under clothing, I'm sure it would, but it's not meant to be worn all day - just slipped into the bra when nursing.

The only flaw I've found in the milkie is that it's hard to keep in place if I nurse while lying down - only the edge of the bra supports the device that way, so it's a bit precarious. It's doable, but it's much trickier than using the milk-saver while sitting up. Just to be safe, I often end up holding the milk-saver with my hand if I use it while lying down. In spite of this minor issue, however, this is great little product!

UPDATE, 9/8/11: after I wrote my original review, I realized that I had failed to notice one useful feature of this device, one which allows you to securely use the milk saver even if you're lying down. The feature is the little square interior piece of the milk saver, which turns, making it easy to use this device even if you lie down next to the baby to nurse - just turn this piece 90 degrees before putting the milk saver in your bra, and then put the milk saver in your bra in the same orientation as always, with the full bra cup supporting it. Love this product even more now!

UPDATE, 1/4/12: After a few months of nursing, my body started to become much more efficient, only letting down on the side where the baby was actually nursing. By 6 months, there was almost no leakage on the non-nursing side any more, which means the milk saver isn't of use to me any longer. My excellent rating of this product still stands - it was great while it worked, and allowed me to stockpile some milk during the first few months of nursing. I thought I should mention this development in case it's useful to anyone considering buying this product.
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25 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on January 28, 2015
Love these!!!! Just have to get more storage bags. You just need the one milk saver while you feed from the other side!
review image
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31 of 35 people found the following review helpful
on December 3, 2014
I wasn't sure how much I'd use this or not. But I really find this useful. I don't want to pump and increase my supply, but to use it- I save pads or laundry, and collect milk. Sometimes I don't get much, but massaging and pressure helps more collect, but sometimes I have a ton! Its not super comfortable, but its not uncomfortable either. The silicone is flexible, I don't like it when it hasn't dried off completely from the last feed and the water is cold!

I would sure recommend this to anyone wanting to store some milk!
review image
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21 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on March 5, 2015
Loved this product. While feeding my baby on one side, the other would drip - a waste of precious milk and so annoying because I'd be soaked. These catch about half an ounce of previously wasted milk per feed. Only complaint is that if you're wearing them around the house, if you bend over to pick something up all that collected milk will dump out on you. I've done it a couple times!
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21 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on July 3, 2014
This product was shipped to me used. The sticker seal was broken, and the cups had water marks on them, clearly indicating that someone had used them, washed them and returned them. This company should not be reselling personal hygiene products. Pump parts are always sealed and not returnable and this should be the same. I did not re-buy this brand.
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41 of 51 people found the following review helpful
on August 24, 2014
These are huge! I have size A/B breasts and no way will they fit into my bra. You're better off buying the Medela soft shells, they fit well in a bra and catch just as much milk as this; even more possibly, as the medela shells you're able to sleep with and they can catch what you leak and these can't.
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15 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on April 26, 2015
This is my first time using this product and I am in disbelief! In total after 25 minutes of nursing, I collected over 2oz of milk and I still had plenty to feed my little guy! The pictures say it all! I will never nurse at night again without my milkie!
review image review image review image
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107 of 139 people found the following review helpful
on June 4, 2010
I really like this product. I use it on the non-nursing side when I nurse my son. I usually get 1/2 oz or less per feeding. A little more in the morning, and less progressively as the day goes on. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and helps me keep my shirt dry while nursing (I would often leak through a nursing pad and my shirt on the non-nursing side). It is not at all uncomfortable, and does the job it is intended for very well. And it is cool to take it out of your shirt and think, "wow, look how much is there!"

There are a few things I dislike, however.
*It is surprisingly large. I only use it at home when I am nursing. When I am out, I just use the nursing pads and don't cry over leaked milk.
*It takes some time to deal with the milk, cleanup, etc. Not a LOT of time, but you have to have a bottle or container of some sort (you can't mix warm milk with cold) to store your milk in, and then you have to pour it out of the Milk-Saver into the bottle, which is slightly awkward, and wash the milk-saver for the next use. Then at some point, you have to combine your collected milk to freeze (1/2 oz doesn't go very far.) And, I am not adept enough to do most of this one-handed.
*It leaks if you bend over too far. So sometimes I have spilled on myself just getting out of the chair. Take it out, set it in its stand, and then feel free to move around.
*It does seem just a tad overpriced.

Overall, I wish I had bought this product earlier. I didn't get it until my son was about 4 weeks old, and I know I leaked more before that. I would recommend it to breastfeeding friends.
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15 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on May 24, 2010
Ok, I bought this thing thinking that either I wouldn't produce as much 'leakage' as they say (avg is 1-4 ounces) or that it wouldn't work properly. It's bigger than I anticipated but well made. Not something you could wear around under your bra, but totally ok while nursing. I was shocked at how much milk I was wasting without this thing! I wish I had had it since my daughter was born, I could have really saved lots more milk. Personally, I 'm able to collect about 1 ounce per feeding....but over the course of the day, that is 4 ounces that I would have thrown in the garbage, soaked up in a nursing pad. It's kinda fun to see how much I have collected each time after a feeding....maybe I'm a dork....LOL. This will not work in sidelying of course, since the top is open. You also have to be careful not to forget and bend over while wearing or the milk will spill out (yes, I did it). This is common sense, not necessarily a design flaw. It seems expensive but it is made of thick, substantial plastic and comes with a hard case. If you leak at all and need to save as much milk as possible, don't mind the effort involved in remembering to use and using your milkies, I don't think you will be disappointed in this product! I am a converted skeptic! So much that I wrote my first review!
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