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on August 28, 2006
I wanted to get something for my ten month old so I could ride my bike while my three year old rides his. We have a trailer but I wanted to try a seat because I thought it would be easier than dragging the trailer out- especially just for riding slowly around the neighborhood with a three year old!

The front kind seemed like a good idea. The whole reason I bought a trailer in the first place was because I was afraid of my balance being thrown off with a bike seat. This front mounted seat is super for balance! I felt very comfortable with my daughter up front and she loved it! We just went for a test run around the block after installing it.

I was able to install in less than 20 mins with a 10 month old crawling around. So I'd say it was pretty easy. It's also very easy to remove the seat when you don't want it on your bike.

I was a little afraid of how my knees would hit the seat but I figured for the price I would just order it and give it a try and if it didn't work out I'd return it.

It's much better than I thought it would be. My knees don't really hit but I have to pedal in a way that I'm aware that the seats there. Not really a big deal, just something to get use to.

The seat does seem a little wobbly, not terribly so though, so not a huge deal. I may be able to adjust it to keep it from doing this. The seat was so easy to install I actually haven't read the manual yet...

Over all for the price you can't beat it. What a cool thing.

I just want to add that I recently went to our local hospital where they do helmet fittings to get a new helmet for my three year old and they wouldn't sell me one for my daughter until she's a year. The AAP doesn't recommend children ride in trailers or bike seats until a year. Trailers are also recommended over bike seats because the majority of accidents happen in bike seats. Although I would imagine that would be the back mounted type. It would be interesting to see a study about front mounted seats as they become more available.

Get this seat! Just be safe!
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on November 16, 2006
I have been looking for a way to take my 2 1/2 year old riding with me. The salesperson at my local bike store refused to sell me a back mounted infant seat because they are so dangerous. I don't want a trailer which are safe, but I enjoy riding the many fire trails by our house.

So this was a great fit.

1) easy to attach- I also switched screws and bolt from the front/back attachment as the seatpost of my TREK needed the bolts from the front attachment.
2) comfortable ride- my daughter is very comfortable and the center of gravity is outstanding... I don't feel unsafe on the bike
3) Easy to remove- there is a screw that once you unscrew it you can take the chair off and you can ride normally.

1) The seat belt system stinks- It is really bad and not very safe.
2) Going up hill is tough- definitely be in shape for those uphills, more then 2x as tough...but it is a great workout
3) You can't use clipped pedals- because you have to splay your legs a little to pedal, clipped pedals are not feasable

Again, My daughter is comfortable (she's 35 inches tall) but in about 3-6 months she will be too tall for this chair... but for now we are having a blast!
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on September 5, 2006
The seat is wonderful-it just was not made to be used with a petite rider I guess. I am 5' tall, and when the seat's foot rests are in their fully-extended position, they interfere with my steering mechanism-making it very dangerous for me to make turns. The seat itself is right in my gut. I can lean on it to push it forward, so it isn't too awful, but the worst part is that in order to pedal, I have to extend my legs outwards. It is a terrible strain on my knees and makes this a very uncomfotable-and sometimes overly painful experience.
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on January 20, 2009
I've owned this product for approximately 1 year now and I am completely satisfied with it. I began using it with my son when he was 18 months (24 lbs). He is now 36 months (~30 lbs) and we are still having a great time. Once mastered, the assembly only takes about 2-3 minutes. I have been using this on my mountain bike, so I usually assemble and disassemble the entire thing several times a month. I feel that the seat is very secure, and have ridden both on and off road with my son. Although not recommended for off road use, I think it is safe enough for the sandy/dirt trails where I live (no rocks, jumps, non-technical).

- Spend quality time with my son, and give my wife a break
- My son LOVES the bike time.
- I get a good workout with the added weight of the seat and child, which has actually helped me on those singletrack climbs when I go out mountain biking.
- People will stare at you as you ride by and say very nice things about you, the seat, the child, etc...

- Interferes with your knees just a bit when pedaling, but you only have to adjust your legs a few centimeters. This is a small price to pay for the great feeling of taking your child out with you on a beautiful day.
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on July 10, 2008
I was very disappointed to find that this seat does not fit on either my wife's or my bicycle. Both are fairly standard off-the-bike-store-rack models. The company's misleading advertising states it fits virtually any bike. What it should say is that you must have at least 3/4"-1" of head tube extending above the top tube so that the front mounting clamp will fit without interfering with the headset bearings (steering mechanism.) My trek mountain bike has essentially no such space. My wife's Giant city/trail bike had a little more space due to the sloping "ladies" top tube, but the clamp still did not fit. Had I known this, I would not have wasted the shipping fees, and gotten a seat that fits.
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on July 2, 2007
I had been trying to put together a combination of a good comfort bike and a child seat for over a week and found a great success with this one.
There are some workarounds with which I got them working together. Needless to say, after putting together this, my 2yr 3 month 39" tall kid enjoyed the ride and never wanted to get back home :)

1. Significantly better than the Bell child seat (back mounted).
2. Looks and feels much better. Satisfied.
3. My son is 39" tall and 2yr 3 months and weighs around 27lbs. I was hesitant to buy this seat given his tall height for his age. He was able to sit comfortably and still has lot of room to grow!
4. Assembly time: 20-30 min (with workarounds: Read below)
5. The seat is detachable from the child seat frame. That way, you can remove the seat if you wish to go biking on your own.

1. The belts are sized for fitting infants when I removed the seat out-of-the-box. You may have to try multiple combinations to fit it for your child. It took me a while and was frustrating.
2. The bottom of the horizontal bar has bolts protruding out. If you rest the bar on the horizontal bar of the frame of the bike, make sure you add some padding (like a piece of soft cloth). Otherwise, the bolts could bite into the paint of the bike frame.
3. The Saddle height adjustment is not possible after adding this child seat. Make sure your bike is adjusted for your height first.

Workarounds and Howto (and comparison with Bell child seat)
I had a terrible experience with the Bell Child seat (rear mounted). I had to return this one since it just wasn't engineered to latch on to the frame near the rear wheel. Poor incompatible design. After force-fitting the Bell child seat, there was hardly 4" space between the saddle and the back of the child seat leaving only around 4" space for my kid. Absolutely a waste!
WeeRide child seat was much easier to assemble, if you can play around with the bike you have.

1. Buy a bike that you think can take such a child seat. Example, I bought a Schwinn 26" Mens Comfort bike from costco for $199 and assembled the seat on it.
2. In my bike, there wasn't enough space to bolt the front of the bar since the vertical space between the moving elements of the handle and the frame was too small. I had to let go of the front bolts. Since the rear ones and the horizontal bar center bolts were secured very tight, I felt comfortable letting go of the front ones.
3. Add a soft cloth padding between the horizontal bar of the child seat and horizontal frame of your bike.

I am really happy with this seat.
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on December 25, 2006
I live in a neighborhood with a lot of parks and a lot of biking trails. My two-year-old son loves going to the parks, but since some of them are a bit farther than he could walk (he could probably walk halfway to one of the parks we go to most often), this often necessitates that we bring him in his stroller. This presents a problem because as soon as we get to a park, he insists on pushing the stroller around instead of playing.

The other excuse is that walking to some of the far parks tire *me* out, so I don't feel like walking back and pushing him in his stroller.

So, getting to the parks by bike was the best option, unfortunately, none of the child carriers that I researched or saw on other bikes appealed to me, since I didn't like the fact that most of the carriers would have my son sitting BEHIND me, therefore giving him a great view of my sweaty back and allowing him to do whatever he wants (like wiggle around and throw off my balance) without my knowledge of it. I also didn't want a bike trailer since they sit below a car driver's eye level. Well, that is, until I saw the WeeRide Seat.

Once I got the WeeRide, I had my son sit inside while it was on the floor so I could adjust the seatbelt (which, according to another reviewer, is pretty crappy, but works as designed) and the footcups. Installation on a beach cruiser was pretty easy. I'd imagine that it would be just as easy on a mountain bike...but regardless, due to the position of the WeeRide's front 'armrest', don't expect to utilize any accessories (trip computer, air horn, etc) which may be mounted in the middle of your handlebars.

Riding the bike with the WeeRide and my son sitting in it isn't awkward at all. Granted, I'm riding a beach cruiser and the handlebars swing back so I don't have to lean forward since I sit upright. I'd imagine that folks riding a mountain bike would probably not have the same seated position, so they'd probably hit their chests against their kids' helmeted head. I do have to pedal a little differently since my legs are spread apart a little to compensate for the width of the WeeRide and it definitely works a different muscle group than normal pedaling. But, I've adjusted and it's pretty natural now.

As far as I can tell, my son enjoys riding around on the bike while in the WeeRide. As soon as I put his helmet on him, he knows that he's going for a ride, and he tells me where he sits (the WeeRide) and where I sit (directly behind him). Whenever we ride around, I can point things out to him so he can see, but most of the time, he points things out to, "Doggy!", or "Ducky!", or "Big Truck!" get the picture. It's also great being able to keep an eye on him and make sure that if any bugs get in his mouth, I can wipe them off. Just kidding, no bugs - just a little snot (he's a teething two year old, what do you expect?), which I can wipe away easily...or, to my son's liking, I give him a tissue so he can wipe it away himself.

The other day as we were riding around the neighborhood, two electricians driving by stopped me and asked me where I got the WeeRide. They were pretty excited since each had a child of his own and didn't know that something like the WeeRide exists. They were pretty ecstatic and raved about how my son was in front of me and didn't look tired and how he could see everything. [...]

With that in mind, on one level, the WeeRide enables my son to see more of the world...and on a different level, the WeeRide is an enabler in Father-Child bonding. Already, I've passively encouraged two other fathers that being with their children for an activity as trivial as riding a bike could be an enjoyable and enriching experience.
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on June 17, 2007
17 mo old rode 16 miles on wife's (5'5", 35yrs old) mtn bike - loved it!

Easy to install - there are only 4 screws.

Ignore those who criticize the straps - they are great. For the technically challenged, the cross strap is not a sternum strap to go over your childs head and across chest - you would strangle them. It goes across the back up near the shoulders to hold the shoulder straps in the correct alignment.

People will stop you to ask where they can get one. Would get 5 stars, but am going to add stem riser to raise handlebars on mtn bike. If she had a cruiser or hybrid bike, would have been perfect out of the box.
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on September 26, 2006
Well engineered product. I had some questions before the purchase and the manufacturer was quick to reply via email. I use it on a 26" beach cruiser and have no problems with my knees hitting the child seat. My daughter and I love it!
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on December 10, 2012
when i first got it i was skeptical, because of the size i didn't expect it to fit my bike. but now i leave it attached unless i go into the store. my daughter approves by trying to steer the bike & often falling asleep. she also has been known to grab her helmet and try to take the bike out herself if i'm lagging.

i deducted a star because my unit came incorrectly assembled. 5 stars otherwise.
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