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on February 7, 2010
I wanted microwave, oven, & refrigerator safe cookware. I was pleased with my previous history with Pyrex. Wanting to avoid plastic's off-chemicals (BHA), I have searched for glass cookware with glass lids. I tried Anchor-Hocking's, & found the lids rocked without a seal. A-H were heavy.

So, I purchased the Pyrex 12 piece set. Pyrex manufactures this model in the U.S.A. Pyrex has filled my desires for: quality, durability, design, appearance, & food flexability. I have purchased additional 4.8cup Pyrex container from Target for $9.99.

In my refrigerator, their square shape conserves space when packing & stacking. The empty glass containers nest for storage. The glass lids rest on top of another, without easily sliding. The silicone (red) seal is: 1.)well attached/glued to the glass lids, 2.)resist stains, 3.)has a small gap to vent steam, 4.)keeps the glass lid from sliding when I shift an oven-hot container to the table, 5.)food does not dry-out in the refrigerator.

The red plastic-lids snap tightly. Pyrex states the plastic-lids are microwave & dishwasher safe, but not oven safe. I have NOT used the plastic-lids, though I may? Thus, I haven't tested the plastic-lid's water-tight abilities when turned-over, in an automobile's floorboard.

Problems? 1.)Stirring in a square container makes for spills. 2.)The smaller 1.9cup has capacity limits. 3.)Pyrex, will you expand range to larger sizes? Offer this product in a round shape with a circular openning?
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on October 29, 2010
I love the idea of having all-glass cookware to use in the oven or microwave. The only complaint I have is the height and shape of the cookware. It is very hard and awkward to handle these containers when they are fresh out of the oven or microwave. They are obviously very hot and just a bit too tall to get a proper grip on them using an oven mitt or pot holder.

The glass lid does provide for very even heating and cooking though, even when reheating food in the microwave. I have not had to deal with a half frozen-half rubbery dish since using these containers.

The plastic lids are not the best in the world, they will leak if you are storing soup or anything with a lot of liquid to it.

I would like to see this design in a shorter dish or even a bowl with a leak proof lid.
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on March 23, 2010
I second everything in the first review with one small note: they are smaller than I had anticipated. I wish they were about double for size for all of them. The two larger ones are about the size of a banana bread pan and the two smaller ones are about a third of a banana bread pan. Don't get me wrong, these will be used very much, but I also wish there was a bigger version for storing family sized meals in the fridge without having to use multiple containers. I will be continuing to use my corning ware for family sized meals. But the design and functionality is superb.
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on November 18, 2011
I just wanted to put up a warning. I was recently cleaning out my cabinets and discovered that the red rubber seals on a few of my clear plastic lids had hardened and were leaking some sort of oily substance. At first, I thought it was because I hadn't washed the containers thoroughly enough (I hand wash). However, I checked all my Pyrex containers, and found the same thing occurring with the entire set. My set is about a year old.


I don't know what was going on, but the oily substance did not smell natural. In my experience, artificial chemicals seeping out of manufactured products is usually not something you want in your food, and probably not something that's great for your health.
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on February 26, 2011
It is nearly impossible to find anything made in the USA anymore, but not only is the Pyrex Glass US made, but so is the plastic lids.......everything 100% USA Made. They are a quality product that is well worth the money. Pyrex lids utilize vented seals to release steam when cooking and plastic lids fit on tightly after cooled to seal the leftovers in the same container without needing to transfer to a different container. In the past I used Corningware until they sold out to Asia, now I won't buy them anymore. Buy American Made Products and put Americans back to work. Amazon should list where every product they sell is made so the consumers can choose what is best for themselves and their country.
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on September 28, 2011
I've always been happy with Pyrex products up til now. I bought a set and they worked fine maybe the first two times I used them. Then, by some mysterious means, all the red tops warped! It was so weird and unexpected, because I washed everything by hand. The tops did nothing other than be stored in a cabinet or used and put in the refrigerator. They didn't go near an oven. I don't have a dishwasher or microwave, so that was not a reason. Why every single one of the tops became warped and unusable was a mystery to me. It left me with more Pyrex baking dishes, of which I already had plenty...
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on June 1, 2010
I'm slowly switching out all my plastic wear with glass storage. I found the vented lids on the dishes to be wonderful when microwaving. Great value as well, I compared the price with several stores.
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VINE VOICEon September 20, 2011
We have been looking for bakeware with oven-safe lid covers. Very few baking pans have them. Some recipes need covering to prevent the food from getting too dry, and we prefer to avoid fiddling with one-use aluminum foil.

This glass bakeware comes with 2 lids for each size -- a glass lid and a plastic lid. The glass lids are rimmed with narrow silicone gaskets. At first glance, I thought the narrow red strips were plastic, but it is oven-safe silicone. The silicone gaskets have 1-2 tiny gaps, which I assume was a deliberate design choice, for venting, to prevent too much steam build-up.

The glass lids are almost flat, and do not have protruding handles; it takes up very little space in the refrigerator or stored in a cabinet. On the other hand, the glass lids are tricky to grasp, which is a challenge when hot from the oven. Thus, the choice of pot holders is important when dealing with the glass lids. Pot holders that combine insulated fabric AND the synthetic black stuff (neoprene?) have helped. The original plain version "Ove Gloves" seemed too slippery with the glass lid. The newer version Ove Gloves, with the non-slip strips added, may be helpful. A Link to an Ove Gloves product page: Ove' Glove Hot Surface Handler, 1 Glove (Pack of 2)

The plastic lids are great when storing leftovers in the fridge. We like the convenience of not having to scoop the leftovers into a different container. The plastic lids fit OK, but not super snug; if I were to turn it all upside down, liquid would probably leak out from around the edge of the plastic cover.

Theoretically, I suppose you could use the glass lids in the fridge, but they are not held secure; the plastic lids seem safer. The glass is break-resistant but not break-proof.

The 4.8 cup container is loaf shaped -- a deep, oblong rectangle. This loaf dish seems a little smaller than average bread pans (North American). The side walls are angled outward slightly. Approximate interior measurements at the bottom: 6 1/8" Long x 3" Wide. Interior measurements near the top edge: 7 5/16 Long x 4 1/8" Wide, approximate. The interior depth is about 2 3/4 inches. The glass lid is almost flat. It has a slight dome, angled upward about 1/4" -- I'm guessing; I was not able to measure the dome.

The other container size is 1.9 cup, which is little bigger than a ramekin. Seems an impractical size, except for dipping sauces or single servings of dessert, or maybe a single serving of a small side dish for 1 person.

These containers are available in multiple sets. Be aware that when Pyrex lists the number of pieces in a set, they are counting the lids as pieces. Thus, the "6 piece" set is 2 glass containers with 2 glass lids and 2 plastic lids. BTW, many cookware sets, from many brands, count lids as pieces.

I am hoping that Pyrex will make these available in other sizes. As of this writing, the sets only contain 2 sizes: the 4.8 cup loaf size, and the very small 1.9 cup size. Pyrex makes lots of glass bakeware, but this style with the silicon edge-gasket on a glass lid, is a somewhat recent introduction (2010 maybe?).

Be aware that there is a long list of safety warnings for Pyrex glass bakeware. I will mention some of the warnings and limitations here, so shoppers will know whether the limitations fit with how they plan to use the containers: "AVOID SEVERE HOT TO COLD TEMPERATURE CHANGES." DO NOT "place hot dish ... in a sink, immerse in water or place on cold or wet surfaces." ... "Allow glass to cool before soaking." When removing a glass container from a hot oven, do not set it down on a wet puddle on a countertop or sink; the contact with cool water may be too much of a temperature shock for the glass.

"DO NOT add liquid to hot dish..." Hmmm, sounds like basting is out.

Not broiler safe, and should not be used on stove-top burners.
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on June 17, 2010
I trust Pyrex for microwave oven use and I bought this. Before I use it, why I need 2 covers? But one for microwave oven and the other for storing in refrigerator. The food from microwave was perfect. The cover for storing is tight. One thing, why their shapes are only rectangular, not square? Square shape might be better for heating and storing.
I recommend this for convenient microwave cooking.
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on March 28, 2012
I have mixed feelings about this set. I like the sizes, and the combination of plastic lids that work well for the fridge and the glass lids intended for microwaving. Unfortunately, the modern pyrex has been cost-reduced to the point that its integrity is no longer as good as the older versions. I am always careful with the set, and pay attention to avoid thermally shocking it. Despite that, one of the lids blew up (okay, it shattered) in the microwave while I was heating some food in one of the small containers. I'll keep using the set (less the one lid) and try to be ever more careful with it, but I do long for good, old fashioned pyrex.
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