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on October 21, 2011
It's not perfect but it is a very durable bag. I fly by air and usually check my bag, I have seen it airborne on its way into the baggage cart more than once. I drive to the airport and park my own car so the bag has been dragged across hot asphalt in the summer, ice and snow in the winter, and whatever that stuff is on the ground in spring and fall, the wheels still work without any complaints. I usually fly in smaller aircraft (Embraer 175s) and the bag fits in most overheads, but it is a snug fit. If you stuff it and use the expansion feature you may have a problem getting it into the overheads on all but the biggest aircraft.

And now the Good the Bad and the Ugly.

The Good
Two outside very accessible pockets, one good size one smallish. They stay closed.
Nice fat zippers that stay in place. I don't need or use a lock to keep them closed.
Durable fabric outside. Did finally get a small tear after about 75 trips.
Durable wheels, as in no problems after 2 years of constant use.
Inside fabric is still in good condition.
Interesting shade of Blue that is very recognizable in baggage claim.
Retractable handle has always worked, always. And I have been know to hang a smaller bags off the handle.
Roomy enough for 3-4 days of men's business casual cloths, some casual cloths, an extra pair of shoes, workout gear and the assorted other things that seem to find their way into your luggage when you travel often.
Using the expansion feature adds a lot of room, great for car, bus and train travel.
My stuff has always stayed dry.

The Bad
Those attractive fat rounded seams started to wear fairly quickly, creating a furry, slightly shabby appearance. Surprisingly those same seams didn't wear through. It now has a well used look.
A zipper tab fell off last month, zipper still works just fine. With two slides on every zipper it's not an issue.
A flat bumper panel (skid) on the back fell off after a couple of months. Again surprisingly it didn't cause a rip in the fabric and the fabric hasn't worn through.
After a a couple of dozen trips the top lost some of the stiffness and got flabby so the whole bag looks bigger than it is. It's only an issue because the bag can look too big to fit in the overhead bins when it's fully packed and you may have to put it in those silly sizing bins to convince the gate attendant otherwise.

The Ugly
Those furry seams (see The Bad) give it a shabby appearance too quickly.
Interesting shade of Blue, very Blue. Apparently not for everyone as I don't see the same shade very often.
Because it's not black you can see the dirt and grime build up on the outside. I've never tried to clean it
Definitely not a sleek looking bag. Kind of chubby from some angles.
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on January 5, 2011
I purchased this suitecase in blue for a recent trip on Frontier Airlines. The bag was wonderful to pack with so many pockets, straps and compartments. I could easily pack enough for as many as 4 nights with some careful planning. The bag fit easily into Frontier's overheads. The exterior of the bag is very attractive. The silver trim, protective plastic molding, high quality wheels and zipper hardware make it LOOK like the quality bag it is. My husband liked mine so much I bought another for him, in black, an upcoming trip on Delta.
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on October 23, 2011
I purchased this bag about 6 months ago because it got great reviews on Amazon. While I really like the size and functionality of the bag, the flimsy handle stopped working intermittently after about 4 uses. It is now completely broken after a few subsequent trips as the handle is stuck in the down position and will not release. I contacted Delsey about my issues and received absolutely no response. So - buyer beware!
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on December 11, 2011
I have used this carry on for about a year and its been all over the world. I carry on a lot of medication and find this carry on to be perfect. It has outside pockets to put small items such as keys and phone. I always take a plastic bag with me and put all the items that are in my pocket into the bag and then into the case before going through security. The back of the case has a zipper compartment where I put my e tickets, car and hotel reservations and newspapers and magazines. The case has tie downs and a plastic holder for cosmetics,etc.
I just ordered another one for my wife who always liked her pink carry on.However she finally agreed that my Delsey case was easier to pull and had a longer handle which she likes.
Obviously I recommend it.
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on November 17, 2011
I purchased this luggage for traveling to Europe. I used it on that trip as well as several others. I love it! It fit in every overhead bin and even in the check-bins (the "if it won't go in here you can't call it carry-on" bin) in Ireland. It rolls well, has lots of useful pockets and zippers and holds more than you'd ever think it would. No problems after MANY miles!
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on July 2, 2010
This is a fine bag. I just returned from Washington DC and found that it met my needs very well. As with any bag of this type, one has to set it down carefully as it tips a little easily. I like the retracting handle and the wheels are good. A colored belt will help to identify it at the baggage pickup. Why is the name so complicated? Perhaps a marketing major can answer!
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on November 27, 2012
Forget suitcase - this may be the best product I have ever purchased. I bought this suitcase about four years ago after reading the reviews on the Consumer Reports website. I have traveled with this suitcase at least 300 times by air, approximately 500 trips in total. I abuse the heck out of it; I pack it extra full, sit on the lid and zip it shut, and chuck it into the trunks of rental cars. It has held up like a champ.

I travel on a lot of small flights, so it often has to be "gate checked." I've seen the airline people throw it and leave it out in the pouring rain. Once I saw it fall of the baggage cart (I can watch from the plane since it's gate checked), then they just tossed it back on top. While traveling I've drug it through airports, parking lots, gravel roads, dirt roads, paths, non-paths, and fields. For "care" I've never done more than suck the mud off of it with the hose attachment of my vacuum cleaner. It still functions perfectly and looks fine. I honestly don't know how; the fabric must be coated in magic.

As for "downside," one of the zipper pulls broke when I pulled too hard about a year ago. That is the only thing on it that has broken after four hard years of use and abuse. In regards to the design, there are two functional downsides that I have discovered to this suitcase. The first (which I actually don't even consider a downside) is that it won't fit into the overhead carry on bin with the expansion zipper open and packed full. You have to leave it un-expanded to use it as a carry on. The second (true) downside is that when it is expanded and packed full, it has a tendency to fall over to the front (away from the wheels). It doesn't do this if it's not expanded, but I've learned to hold on to the handle if it's expanded.

I was really surprised that some people said in the reviews that this suitcase didn't last; I've had exactly the opposite experience. I love this suitcase. I wouldn't be surprised at all if I got another four years of hard use out of it. I'm going to buy another one for my boyfriend for Christmas.
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on November 25, 2011
I'm a frequent traveller and this bag has been my constant weekly companion for 2+ years and it's still holding strong.

The bag is lightweight, solid, wheels roll well, and you can put a heavy briefcase on top while you roll it and it will hold it just fine.

Lots of storage compartments inside and out (I usually put my TSA liquids baggie in the top outside zipper pouch,very accessible/convenient), and it's expandable with a zipper around the front if you need to get some extra clothes inside.

When my Delsey finally gives way I will buy another one in a heartbeat!
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on August 31, 2010
First of all, just on aesthetics, it gets 5 stars from me, very stylish- inside and out.

Looking at how it handles, it's a very smooth ride. The wheels are inline skate type wheels and it appears to have a very strong frame. (I haven't tested it out in travel just yet).

It has tons of nifty pockets on the inside and out side which I can see will be very useful to organize myself for travel. I really like the quality as well. I'll update after a test drive.
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on May 13, 2011
Lugged my Delsey all around England for 3 weeks, in trunks, on trains, checked it through....not a single problem. Took my 'other' suitcase on a weekend to Vegas..a wheel fell off before I check into the hotel! Awkward! Delsey may cost more but it just goes and goes...
Of course I got this Delsey fast through Amazon.
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