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on May 20, 2012
The first thing you need to realize when you learn you've got bed bugs is that you don't have a battle on your hands - you're in a FULL BLOWN WAR.

Bed bugs are very tenacious insects and they show signs of climbing the learning curve. You're going to have to annihilate them or they'll come back. Getting rid of them involves work and commitment. Fortunately, once you finally get rid of them, they're loathe to return. Diatomaceous earth will get the job done but if you want to succeed you have to be smarter and more persistent than the bed bugs.

I first learned we had bed bugs when I saw something like a brown pill bug, but a lot faster, charging at me across the sheets. I squashed it and it exploded in a dime sized blood stain. I realized to my disgust that we had bed bugs - and that was the reason for the small red marks on my wife's and my arms and legs. We had what I'd consider a small to moderate infestation - maybe 200 bed bugs total (for every full grown adult you see there are about ten smaller ones in various stages of development). We learned a few things along the way:

1) Forget about pesticides. PESTICIDES DON'T WORK WITH BED BUGS! Bug spray doesn't work. Bug bombs don't work. Pesticides just drive them into hiding... for a while.

2) Alcohol kills them, but only a few at a time. The survivors scamper off into more remote hiding places. Extreme cold kills them too but has to be applied in such a way that none are missed. Heat kills them VERY well. Bed bugs can't stand temps above 115 F for more than fifteen minutes. Exterminators are now using 200,000 BTU heaters to heat houses, apartments and rooms to 140 F for an hour. Bed bugs can run but they can't hide from heat. But thermal extermination is expensive and doing an entire house can cost over $5,000. Diatomaceous earth kills them too. It's the cheapest way to get rid of bed bugs - but you have to be thorough, persistent and systematic. DE won't kill them immediately as it's not a pesticide. It takes a couple days to start working - and it takes a while to get them all.

3) You're the bait! Bed bugs love us and take great risks to suck our blood. Many of them die in the effort. They're most active between the hours of three and four am but they'll change their schedule to whatever yours is if need be.

When I discovered we had bed bugs I bug bombed and sprayed them. But it quickly became clear that while they didn't like it, it wasn't killing them. That's when I finally understood we had a lot bigger problem on our hands than I first thought - our own personal hell. Fortunately for bed bug sufferers the Internet has lots of information about how to fight them. Maybe too much. After a day spent studying the problem I came up with a plan: diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earth comes in two grades: pool grade, which is poisonous to people and pets; and FOOD GRADE, which is the stuff you want to use. It's very light and powdery, about like flour. It contains tiny, glass-like shards that work their way into the soft spaces of insect exoskeletons, cutting them up and causing them to dehydrate and die. Bed bugs don't seem to recognize it as a mortal danger and once it gets on them they can't get it off.

We dusted diatomaceous earth all around the bed, on the mattresses, underneath the bed and in the bed frame screw holes and any crevices, on the headboard, rails, legs and everywhere else. Then I dusted behind, inside and underneath the bedside tables and dressers, along the baseboards, in all the drawers, etc. Everywhere a bed bug might hide. Trust me, they're very good at hiding and if you make life hard for them around the bed they'll move their base of operations to a further corner of the room and bide their time.

We also put plant pot saucers filled with diatomaceous earth under each bed leg. This is real important because once you've defeated the ones hiding in your bed the only way those lurking elsewhere can reach you is by passing through it. As much as possible turn your bed into an island surrounded by an ocean of diatomaceous earth.

Use double sided tape around all the bed legs, on the headboard, etc. They won't try to cross it and will in fact turn back around as soon as they encounter it. What you want to do is create choke points that force the little buggers to have to pass through diatomaceous earth in order to get at you.

Mattress covers for the top and bottom mattresses. These are very important. Bed bugs like to hide in mattress seams - and in the hidden recesses of box springs. Leave the mattress covers on for a long time too because they can live up to a year without feeding; and check the covers periodically to make sure there aren't any holes or tears they can climb in or out of, because they will definitely find them. Also, if you've got anything: dust ruffle, sheets, blankets, bedspreads, etc. that touch the floor, take them off because bed bugs can and will use them as an avenue to get to you.

Light colored sheets - to see them better. The nymphs are light tan colored, tiny, and a lot harder to see than the adults - which are 3/16 of an inch long and dark brown. Dark sheets show up the little ones better. Light sheets show up the bigger ones. Also, after nibbling on you they poop little black spots. If you see these showing up on your sheets it's a good sign of bed bug infestation. I went with light green sheets which worked well as I could see both adults and nymphs, and any poop spots. Dark sheets hide their poop stains, so avoid them. Also, it's a good idea to wash your sheets daily for the first week or two because these things are laying eggs like crazy.

We got everything out from under the bed and put ALL our clothes, bedroom stuff etc. that bed bugs could hide in, into black garbage bags, then sealed them and put them out on the back patio to heat up for a couple hours in the summer Sun. Black garbage bags absorb the Sun's rays and turn the insides into an oven. I measured the temp inside and it was 132 F! If it's cold when you learn you have bed bugs you could probably use a blow dryer on low setting. You just have to get the temp in the bags up to 115 F for fifteen minutes. Eggs take longer to kill but they can't survive 115 F for more than an hour. The more heat you create the faster they die.

Vacuum your floors - 3-5 times a week for a couple of weeks or more depending on how many there are. You want to suck up any eggs that have fallen to the floor or any bed bugs that are crawling around. Concentrate on the spaces under and around your bed and base boards. If you've got hardwood floors it'll make your job easier as there are fewer places for them to hide and you can see them, and signs of them, better. Also, if you have a canister type vacuum it'll give you an idea of how many you're killing. Re-apply the DE as necessary. I used a paint brush and turkey baster. DE's very powdery and floats like dust but it doesn't take much to cover a large area. Some have complained about how dusty it is, but ask yourself this: what would you rather have to deal with, a little dust or bed bugs?

Even after all this we were still getting bitten - though much less. We found a few hiding between the new mattress covers and killed them. A few days later we were bitten again. Taking the bed apart we found a half inch hole in the mattress cover surrounding the box springs. It had some little black poop stains near it. The bugs that'd been trapped inside found the hole and came out to feast. We sealed it with some scotch tape.

We next found some crawling up a table lamp cord and marching across the bedside table! I've no doubt they were headed for the sheets that were brushing against the table. I moved both bedside tables a foot away from the bed then thoroughly dusted the table tops, cords, electric receptacle boxes (which they use as hideouts), etc... but we still got some bites - though less than at any time in a month. We then took the bed apart and using a flashlight, magnifying glass and dentist's mirror, searched every nook and cranny. Sure enough, some were hiding in screw holes. We'd already treated the bed frame and screw holes with diatomaceous earth, but it hadn't stuck to the tops of some of the screw holes... and that's where they were hiding. I killed these and we put the bed back together.

About a week went by without any bites but we were still suspicious and took the bed apart again. Lo and behold two adolescents were hiding in a small worm hole in one of the slats. I killed these and prayed we were finally nearing the end our disgusting problem. But just to be sure we took the bed apart and thoroughly inspected it weekly another four or five times. By now we were familiar with every nook and cranny of our bed. We also checked all possible hidey holes around the bed. All told we spent around a month and a half in our bed bug war and the mop up missions... BUT WE WON THE WAR! And we've been bed bug free since September 2011.

We didn't think we'd ever get bed bugs but we learned better. They're everywhere now. If you're waking up with unexplainable red marks, and/or your sheets start showing little black spots, you need to ACT FAST. At the first sign of an infestation take your bed completely apart and INSPECT EVERY INCH OF IT: mattress, frame, inner box springs, headboard, legs... everything. A flashlight and magnifying glass are helpful here. You may be shocked at how many you find. You can vacuum them up and/or squash them with paper towels. Squashing them is messy but hydrogen peroxide will clean up any blood stains. Toothpicks work well on the ones hiding in crevices and holes. You'll learn to be impressed by how cleverly they hide. Don't go light on the diatomaceous earth either - this really is total war.

Once you've cleared your bed of them the ball's back in your court. But you can still pick up eggs on your feet and carry them back into the bed - thus the importance of vacuuming religiously. If you go a week without getting bitten it shows you've made progress, but the war ain't over yet. Many are still lurking around, so you need to keep checking for them. If you go a month without getting bitten you've probably won the war but it's a good idea to leave some diatomaceous earth in the plant pot saucers under the bed legs, and along the baseboards too, for several more months - in case some are still hiding out. And inspect your bed a few more times too, if only for peace of mind.

I might add that if any of your family, friends or visitors report bed bugs at home - or at work - you should immediately buy some diatomaceous earth in anticipation of when they show up at your place. Pre-emptively dust your base boards, especially in the bed rooms, because they use base boards as highways and hideouts. Most of them stick pretty close to the bed but for some reason some go solo and you can find them anywhere in your house.

I can only surmise that the people who neg diatomaceous earth are less intelligent and/or persistent than bed bugs. Or maybe they're exterminators. Who knows? Diatomaceous earth is a real deal killer for exterminators if it's used properly. It just takes a while to get them all.

The key to defeating bed bugs is to understand you're up against a wily and resourceful adversary who's not going to leave without an ugly fight. A hit and a miss doesn't work with them. The sooner you get started the better because the more there are the harder they are to get rid of. If you decide to go with diatomaceous earth you learn their habits and hideouts. You make life at your place dangerous for them and kill them off by percentages in a series of running battles until all are gone. There may be multiple battlefields: your bed/mattress, framework, under your bed, the baseboards, bedside tables, chairs, blanket boxes, behind picture frames, electric boxes, loose wallpaper, lamps, dresser drawers and everything that's in them, closets, curtains, etc. Like I said, the main thing is to first get them out of your bed and turn it into an island sanctuary; then go on ruthless search and destroy missions for any others.

Remember... you're the bait! But by using yourself and your loved ones as bait you'll lure bed bugs into a diatomaceous deathtrap. It's a great feeling to be able lie peacefully in your bed again without worrying if you're being silently stalked.
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on November 5, 2010
This stuff Rocks! - I had previously ordered some D.E. from another company (Wolf Creek Ranch) when I became very ill with parasites. No complaints, the stuff worked very well - In fact a little creepy well. This first time I took it, I felt a spastic squirming in my body I had never felt before along with a heavy pressure bearing down (like being in hard labor) like the parasites wanted OOOUUTT. It was horrifying to say the least - I then even found a hole/exit wound in my skin (where I had previously felt the squirming) the next day from some of them doing just that! Disgusting. (Having Parasites is 50% head game, I swear).
- It's GOOD to FOLLOW ADVISE about the D.E. when dealing with parasites; which is as follows - "WORK UP TO a Tablespoon a day & THEN a Tablespoon 2xs per day. You can do 3xs per day or more if you feel a need, but you be the gauge. I didn't listen and took about 1 1/2 Tablespoons the very first go round. I'm extremely lucky I didn't receive damage internally from the burrowing of the parasites. Don't do what I did - No need to shock 'em into chaos. Just quietly kill them before they know what hit 'em. - Again.... Following directions is a Good Thing :).

Here's some of the benefits I've personally received from consuming D.E.:

1) Parasites - It worked incredibly well (no other weird experiences with the D.E. after that first dose by the way - I DON'T WANT TO DETER ANYONE FROM USING IT - It was a key component to my ridding of those lil' buggers and getting well). I also took "ParaPure" herbal tincture and some occasional "Bloodroot" in-between rest times for the "ParaPure". These herbal items were not added until after being on the D.E. for about 2 weeks, so I KNOW the D.E. works well on it's own merit.

2) Intestinal Detoxification - It keeps me cleaned out and functioning well :) NOTE: I've read others say it constipates them. I've only experienced this a few times and it was because I was not drinking enough liquid to wash it thru'.

3) My skin is Incredible! - I've had a sort of Melasma looking problem on my face and chest for years, and the D.E. for some reason has really been evening out my tone. Also the texture and moisture of my skin has literally never been this awesome. Even facial lines have softened too. (I've been taking D.E. for about 5+ months now).

4) Energy (& ADHD medicine replacer?) :) - I had no qualms with the other brand I was using, but this Nature's Wisdom brand is So Much Better. It is a finer/lighter powder and actually mixes into things better for some reason. I still take D.E. everyday mixed in with my Spiced Rooibos Chai Tea & was use to having to swirl it around every time I went to take a drink; because it would settle at the bottom of my thermos. But, this stuff doesn't clump at the bottom like the other would. Sometimes it use to even leave a hardened layer at the bottom of my cup, but not this brand!! :)))
For a moment, I thought, "Okay, but maybe because the powder seems finer it's just lighter in weight per Tablespoon and I'm not putting in as much (per weight) as I was before".... BUT.... This brings me to the "Energy" benefit of why this brand is so much better
- I feel it is absorbing into my system better. I can tell this because of the massive amount of energy I get after drinking it. I had read numerous times of others saying they couldn't sleep after consuming D.E., so Not to take it at night. I personally had a small bit of "alertness" previously with the other brand but nothing too severe. With this stuff however *Sheesh!* I will have to learn NOT to take it at night. For instance, I just received my Nature's Wisdom D.E. yesterday, so I had some last night. I felt like I could clean my whole house in one incredible, speedy, & motivated sweep!.... at 1:00 am!... and I hate cleaning. Stupid me couldn't sleep, so unaware of "why" I was buzzing, I got up out of bed & out of habit had another cup of tea with the D.E.! - and then couldn't understand why I soon after had the shakes like I had O.D.'d on my ADHD meds or something - Then it hit me.... It was the D.E.! I tested it out this morning, just to make sure, by having a Tablespoon of D.E. in my tea again (and I was tired from not sleeping well last night *lol*), and I quickly was "perked". I think I will test it out this next week even further to see if I can replace some days with D.E. instead of my ADHD meds, and see if it does the job(?). Wouldn't that be something?! I'll report back with my experience :)

5) Flea/Parasite Deterrent and Remedy for pets! - I already mentioned it helped immensely with my own human parasite issue (I'd been to Africa btw), but I give D.E. to my dog everyday in his food (this is recommended & stated as safe by numerous vets and animal care organizations). Let's say, I'm giving my pooch just regular dry dog food today, I just sprinkle a heaping Tablespoon of D.E. into the dish and splash a little water in and swirl it around to mix it (He's a medium sized dog - pit mix). The dog food stays dry and crunchy and the dog eats it up :). In the past he had a problem with worms, but when I started him on the D.E., it got rid of them :). Also my dog has not a single flea or tick on him.... and no other flea/tick treatment is used.

6) Bug/Insect Deterrent and Remedy for the Home/Property - You can sprinkle this stuff around trouble areas or mix it with some water in a sprayer. Insects HATE IT (especially cockroaches for some reason), because it is microscopically sharp and it cuts them up. Leaving them injured, killed and/or dehydrated (leading to eminent death). Oddly, I've noticed slugs are attracted to it, but then my slug populous has almost gone away. It could be for the same reason that ants and some parasites are drawn to it. They like to eat it... but then it cuts them up :)

CAUTION: While D.E. (FOOD GRADE ONLY - NOT THE STUFF USED IN POOL SYSTEMS) is very safe for human/pet consumption, you DO NOT want to INHALE it! I've accidentally done so, when covering the dog's bed with it, and the warnings are correct... It left my lungs hurting badly and a bit asthmatic. It can cause your lungs some serious and permanent damage if you are not careful - So WEAR A MASK if dusting it anywhere.
- After purchase, I immediately transfer my bag(s) of D.E. to plastic containers with screw on lids (recycled nut containers from Costco work great). This leaves the likelihood of any D.E. flying in the air to a minimum. Opening and closing bags can have the powdery stuff floating in the air and you don't want that.
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on January 11, 2011
Late one night, while reading in bed, my cat pounced on a bed bug. I was horrified! But that explained the welts I was waking up with on my fingers. I lived in an apartment building and I'm pretty sure the bugs came from the apartment next door. Anyway, you may have noticed that these vile creatures are making a come back - they've been in the news repeatedly. They can be found in movie theaters, restaurants, laundry mats, clothing stores - pretty much everywhere you go these days. When I found out I had them, after my initial freak out, I Googled like I've never Googled before. Among the horror stories, there was a ray of hope - Diatomaceous Earth. This stuff, on a microscopic level, is like razor blades to bugs. They walk through it and their exoskeletons are punctured and then they dry out and die. It does not kill chemically - it's a physical killer. But to you and me (and animals) it is harmless, and even beneficial for some in that it can clean out your digestive tract. (Note, this only applies to FOOD GRADE D.E., NOT the kind you use in pool filters. That stuff is poison. I have a cat and there were no issues with him being around the food grade stuff.)

Please don't take my word for any of the particulars - you can research that yourself as I did. But what I CAN tell you is that this stuff really worked to end my problem. Once I threw away pillows and put everything I owned through a dryer cycle or out in the hot sun, I treated my entire place with D.E. I bought small bottles meant for hair dye at a beauty supply - they have a tapered nozzle. I then squirted the stuff along the entire perimeter of every room. I put it in between the drawers in my furniture,between my mattress and box spring and under my couch cushions. It has the consistency of flour, so it does make a bit of a dusty mess, but it's a small price to pay for piece of mind. 10 lbs was much more than I could use so I gave some to my brother. He put it in his basement around the baseboards and has found crickets lying dead in it. I would recommend having this even as a preventative measure. Mark my words... if you haven't had bed bugs yourself, you WILL know someone who has in the next year or two. Good luck!
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on November 22, 2014
I don't believe there's a single product out there that can provide as wide a range of health benefits as this product can. I think everyone especially once you hit forty years of age should take this. Here's a list of just some of the ways it can benefit you: clean out the digestive system, get rid of tapeworms and other parasites, improved bowel movements, strengthen entire bone structure and teeth, make skin more youthful and supple, fade age spots, make fingernails hard and shiny, increase growth and strength of hair, reduce headaches, muscle cramps, high blood pressure, cholesterol, improve energy and alertness, mental clarity, sleep, remove toxins, heavy metals, viruses, bad bacteria, reduce or eliminate arthritis, and more. For me i know it cleaned out my digestive system, eliminated mild arthritis, reduced muscle cramps, made my fingernails hard and shiny, increased my hair growth, made my skin smoother and youthful, my entire skeletal structure feels reinforced, and just gave me an overall sense of well being that's hard to describe. It's like the clock has been turned back fifteen years. I forgot to mention i also lost ten pounds without even trying so for those of you who take diet pills i strongly suggest you try this first. This also goes for people who take medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. I hear stories of the nasty side effects of those drugs. The only side effects of taking food grade diatomaceous earth seem to be other health benefits. I get funny looks and disbelief from people when i tell them about this stuff and believe me i totally understand. If it were the other way around i would look at them the exact same way. My main goal is to get you to at least try it out and realize the many health benefits so that you can in turn tell your family and friends about it. Just be prepared for the funny looks and disbelief. It's imperative to start out slow by using no more than one teaspoon mixed with about eight to twelve ounces of water or in a smoothie first thing in the morning. Increase to one tablespoon after one week. You may go through a healing crises and different phases of healing. I experienced on day one nothing. Starting on day two through seven starting to clean my digestive system out. Experienced a mild headache and mild flu like symptom after one week that lasted for about twelve hours. Noticed skin improvement after day ten while washing my hands i thought someone put oil in the soap. After two weeks my skeletal structure felt reinforced which also resulted in better balance. My feet feel cemented to the ground , i feel it'd take a truck to knock me over. Again, i urge you to try this out not only for you but also your friends and family.
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on July 14, 2011
We moved into our house in June 2009. We were unaware that we were bringing 7 cats into a house where there were apparently some fleas. To say the least, things got ugly. We also got a yearly swarm of flying ants indoors.

It seemed like we tried everything we could think of. Frontline, Advantage, Baths, vacuuming, exterminator, sealing up all gaps, etc but the bugs persisted. When we'd get home from work, we'd spray our ankles with repellent. It was that bad but we kept on fighting but when we'd get relief fleas would be back within a few weeks.

So I tried this stuff. We have a five month old infant at home so I had to factor that into treatment. And I will say that yes, it did take a little while to see the results, but I haven't been bitten in a few weeks so I'm going to say this stuff really does the trick for fleas. The first coating was really thick in the carpets, under beds. I treated the whole house and maybe used a pound or so in the process (using the pest pistol) and I also did a few laps around the house on the outside as a preventative measure. Still got bit for a few days but noticed it got better with time.

I let the first treatment sit for a week in the carpet, brooming occasionally. Vacuumed it up and sprayed it directly onto the cats. Then gave a few days and brushed the cats -- and they had a bunch of dead fleas fall off of them. But of course, the yearly flying ant swarm came back right as the flea problem was going away.

Noticing both the fleas and the ants were attracted to light I traced the ants to the fireplace (the nest was actually in the ash pit, I would later find). I sprayed a ton of this stuff into the fireplace and onto the walls. I then took a portable flourescent light and left it lit 24/7 to see what would happen. Within a few days the fireplace was a graveyard for both fleas and flying ants (not termites.) the flea eggs that were left would hatch and be drawn to the light and then the flea would land in the DE and rot. The flying ants same thing.

After a week of watching the bugs continually die I decided I need to find the origin of the flying ants (flying ant swarms indoors are a sign of infestation.) I found the ants in the ash pit to the fireplace. I treated the ash pit thoroughly and then the ants stopped making it upstairs. I have only seen one bug since then, which was covered in DE and miserable with pain. One of the cats had a fun time playing with it.

The stuff works but you have to be persistent.

After spending hundreds of dollars on exterminator and frontline, my problems were solved with some DE and some creativity. I've still got the light on in the fireplace, but there are no bugs showing up anymore. I'll probably turn it off tomorrow and see what happens.

This is probably one of my favorite substances on earth now.
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on April 23, 2012
We were suffering from bedbugs for several months, and I had tried a lot of measures, such as anti-ant spray, anti-bedbug spray, hot air, and this Diatomaceous Earth DE. I found that the most effective way to get rid of bedbugs was bedbug spay plus the DE. The spray I used was hotspot (Hot Shot 96010 Bedbug Killer). Generally, it could give us a two-week bedbug-free break. However, bedbugs came back after two weeks...Than we bough the DE. It seemed that the DE can not kill bedbug immediately, but it provides a longer bedbug-free time (I did saw dehydrated dead bedbugs). We put DE under our bed and coach, and use bedbug spray every two-three weeks. one month later after we use the combination of DE and bedbug spray, we are total bedbug-free!!
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on August 14, 2011
When I moved into my new home, the basement was infested with woodlouse (roly poly - as some refer to them) bugs. It seems like I was smashing tons of them every day - especially during the night. I didn't want to use any chemicals because they greatly irritates my lungs. I purchased diatomaceous earth since it helped to get rid of a bedbug problem I had in my old place about 4 yrs ago.

I was set on trying to get rid of these pests. Although they are not wood-eating bugs and don't spread disease, they were just annoying to see. I had a bedroom built in the basement for my son and sitting down there watching tv with him these disgusting bugs would just crawl across the floor out of nowhere. This became extremely annoying. If you think like a bug and get those places where they hide, it will work. DE did the trick. Within 2 - 3 days of putting this stuff down I've been seeing dried up woodlous bodies on the basement floor. The DE fine powder absorbs lipids from the waxy outer layer of insects' exoskeletons, causing them to dehydrate - thus, dried up insect bodies. I can tell that it was the DE that killed them because when I came across a few dead bodies, they had white powder all over them. Because of the DE, my son has seen a drastic decrease in these bugs and I'm happy that I can stop smashing them every day.

UPDATE: It's September 19, 2011 and still no woodlouse activity. These pests appear to be history. My son said he hasn't seen any in his room since the first application. I will continue to reapply the dust every so often to make sure they stay away. I've also notice that they were killing other types of crawling bugs around my house. In my last apt. it killed silverfish, cockroaches, bedbugs, millipedes, etc. and I expect it to do the same here. This is one of the best products out there for killing pests and keeping them at bay.

2nd UPDATE: As of April 2, 2012 there's still no woodlouse activity, but it's time for me to apply another application anyway to keep them far away! If they come in my house again, they will meet the same fate as the others.... DEATH lol.
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on April 21, 2011
I got this after rave reviews from my "hippie tree hugger" friend who doesnt use chemicals to kill bugs. She said this was the BEST thing to use to kill fleas and that you could even sprinkle it in the pets food.
I just moved to a house and have indoor only cats. The house has carpet and there was a flea explosion as soon as the warm weather came. I sprinkled this on the carpet and vacuumed it up about an hour later. Still had fleas.
Re-sprinkled it on the carpets and let it set for about 3 days... I also tried to get it in the carpet better by using a broom... I do think that you should wear a mask to avoid breathing the stuff in. Its a fine powder (like flour).

After the 3 days were up, I vaccuumed again, and noticed a BUNCH of fleas in the bin. I dumped it out in a bag and threw it in the outside garbage so they wouldnt jump back in the house.

Since then, which was almost a month ago, I havent had any fleas jump on me. Im also putting it in the cats dry food, and have noticed that they dont have anymore tapeworms either.

The next step that I will do will be to put this all over my lawn to kill fleas and gross bugs out there.

I highly recommend this product.
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on August 10, 2010
Be sure to buy food grade DE if you are using it where that matters. We use it to keep bugs out of our stored beans, grains and many foods. Put about 1 or 2 Tablespoons in a gallon jar of beans and shake or roll the jar to spread it around. In a few days all the bugs were dead. We have used various brands for 20 years especially when we lived in the tropics. It is fantastic AND 100% safe. No poisons. So you can even use it on foods that you can't wash it off.

We even take it with juice to get rid of intestinal worms and "freshen up" the lining of our digestive system, but I have no proof that that works.
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on June 17, 2012
2 tablespoons of shell flour (DE) a day and 3 teaspoons of Greens Plus a day(vitacostdotcome)and I have more energy, do feel and look healthier. My skin looks younger according to my friends. People are thinking I am about 40 give or take. And I do feel like I am 40 again. I feel like I got back 15 years. YES! I love feeling super good.

I do a face mask, brush teeth with it and drink it mixed in anything I want. There is no flavor to it. I just use warm water. But my greens plus has to be in juice or it is too much flavor to drink it.

My sister ordered this for herself and got a bag for me on May 16th. I was already using DE. My sister wanted some after she saw how much weight I lost. I didn't need to loose weight, so I was eating and drinking my pepsis as usual. I did lose 15lbs without trying.

What my sister ordered was only 19 bucks including shipping each for 2 X 10lbs. We got it for less than 20 each.

What I already had/have is 10lbs in 2.5 gallon jugs. So I can reuse my jugs with my next order. Which will probably be next year.

The silcon in DE replaces what the body makes less and less of as we age. My bones are beginning to feel stronger too. I can't take the osteoporosis drugs. I haven't had anything but good happen since I began shell flour earlier this year.
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