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on November 17, 2010
I've never written a review on Amazon before, but I'd really like to save other people from making the same $600 mistake that I did when I purchased a NuvoH2O unit.

I have very hard water in my house (16 grains), so I purchased a NuvoH20 Home System in March of 2010, with the promise from the company that it works as well as a salt-based water softener in eliminating hard water, plus it would remove the existing calcium and other mineral buildup on my faucets within 3 months.

Well, 3 months (and with it, the 90-day money-back guarantee) came and went with absolutely no improvement in the calcium buildup on my faucets--in fact, the buildup had gotten worse. After about 6 months, I could feel the hot water pressure in the shower and from the faucets start to drop, which it always does when my water heater's coils get clogged with calcium buildup. NuvoH2O hadn't worked at all in preventing this buildup.

Last week, I finally gave up on the NuvoH2O unit completely. I had the coils cleaned in my water heater (they were very clogged with calcium buildup, as I'd suspected) and I had a traditional water softener installed. The plumber confirmed that the NuvoH2O unit was installed and set correctly--it just wasn't doing anything. He said that my water's pH level was perfect, but the hardness of my water was still 16 grains and causing calcium buildup in my pipes, fixtures, washer, and dishwasher.

I will say that the company's customer service is great. I always received quick, friendly responses to my e-mail messages. Unfortunately, the product they're selling simply doesn't work.
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on November 23, 2013
I have used this system for 9 months now - it just does not work as advertised.... Replaced the filter after 6 months and same result, do difference. Clothes not cleaner, dishes not cleaner, more water spots, shower curtain still has scale, it was new when we installed the water system. Not happy with purchase and would not recommend to others.
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on November 12, 2010
We did our research and were a little iffy about purchasing the nuvo due to lack of reviews and not knowing whether the glowing reviews we did find were written by an actual customer(which we now suspect they weren't). But since there is a money-back guarantee, we took the leap and purchased the largest system. We live in a town that has very hard water and were really hoping that it would preserve our pipes and appliances. We were moving into a house that is 10 yrs old and the prior owners had a salt system installed when built, so the pipes were all good. Here is what we discovered:

-We were told that it is easy to install--it is not. We ended up paying $180 to a plumber to install the thing
-The dishes (which had hard water damage prior to moving) did not improve at all.
-Our skin was still just as dry
-If I tried to make iced tea, the tea seemed to adhear to "floaties" that were in the water
-We ended up using a brita filter so we could have good drinking water

Needless to say, we were incrediably disappointed and yes, angry. We contacted the company about returning the unit and were informed that we should purchase a filter and that would make the water perfect---and of course that also had a pretty hefty price tag. We declined and insisted that we were going to return it.

We sent the unit back (requiring a signature on receipt so they couldn't claim they hadn't received it back). We called to confirm they had received it and were told that it would be 2-3 weeks before we got our refund. Three weeks passed and nothing. We called and were told it was going out that week---still nothing. My husband then proceeded to call every few days and would either get "it's in the mail" promises or that the woman who takes care of the refunds was out--and it was a new reason everytime. This woman apparantly had a broken leg, was sick, had a funeral and other items within just a few weeks. Can we say stall tactic?

We finally received our refund only after threatening to use our chargeback rights on our credit card and to contact the BBB.

The whole episode was a nightmare and that is why I am writing first review ever. Since then, we have purchased a salt system and are 100% happy with it. Our dishes gleam, my tea is clear and our skin is soft--which is all we wanted in the first place.
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My Nuvo filter, which I bought online, needs a small part. Nuvo representatives refuse to sell the part to me, and insist I can only buy the whole unit. Beware of this company, since, if you buy, you can never resell without notifying the buyer that parts will not be available from the company.
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on January 23, 2012
Before I start on my review, I want to make a few things very clear...

- I bought the Manor system but I am going to place my review here since this is where the majority of them are. I did not buy it via Amazon but from Nuvo directly. However, the reviews found here is what I based my decision upon.

- I am a real person writing a real review. I DO own the NuvoH2O Manor system. I DO NOT work for Nuvo or any reseller. I have NOT been compensated for my review in anyway by them or anyone else.

- I am not the type to convince myself that something works when it really doesn¡¦t just because I bought it. You are going to get the TRUE story from me. I have absolutely no qualms about returning the unit and getting my $$$ back!

- I know a lot has been made about "fake reviews". This is only the second item I have ever reviewed on Amazon (the first was the "Wagan EL2022 Ionic Air Purifier") even though I have placed 40 orders back to 2001. I do plan on posting a review of the "Metro Vacuum ED500 DataVac 500-Watt 0.75-HP Electric Duster". While I did not personally buy this item (Christmas present from my wife), it is one of the greatest items I have ever owned!!! If you are tired of paying $7 for canned air...BUY THIS ITEM!!! :)

- I am starting my review at 5 stars because I think it is a complete sham that people who do not own the product can rate it at 1 or 2 stars. What a load of horse&*%@!!! Amazon needs to change this and I plan on contacting them about it. Hopefully this will help to balance some of the negative reviews that have no merit. I will update this review over the coming weeks/months/years and adjust my rating accordingly within the review itself.

- I have been an IT guy for 20+ years...the last 10 working for a large Pharma company as a Desktop Engineer. Why is this important? I like technology in every aspect of life...not just computers. That is one of the things that drew me to the NuvoH2O. If someone can build a better mousetrap I will be intrigued.

- I didn't want a salt-based system. The main reason for this is the logistics of the plumbing. I really didn't have a place to expel the waste. Also, I really wasn't wild about the "slimy" feeling that everyone talks about. While I have never experienced salt conditioned water, enough people have mentioned it that I am convinced I would feel it.

- So far we have lost a $180 coffee maker and a $100 steam mop to hard water and our $750 dishwasher is on its last leg. I had to run 3 gallons of vinegar through it just to get water flowing again. We needed a solution...and soon!

- I am a homebrewer. The fact that the NuvoH2O helps to balance pH of the water was an ancillary benefit for me. Proper pH is crucial in the brewing process.

- I am a TOTAL skeptic! That being said, I am willing to try new things, but, only if I can do so with limited or no risk. If NuvoH2O did not offer a 90 day money back guarantee, I probably would not be writing this review right now.

- I know a lot of crap has been slung at Nuvo about their statement that they "soften water". I am not going to get into that debate. I am not a chemist but I do understand what they are doing as far as chelation. They contend that they do not remove the hard elements, but rather put them in contact with a chelating substance so they cannot stick to pipes, faucets, glass, etc. Whether it actually works or not will remain to be seen (at least in my case study).

- I will provide links to photos that I feel are important: contents of the package, my installation, before/after shots of problem areas, etc.


I first contacted NuvoH2O on Thursday, January 5th 2012 via e-mail. I had some general questions and received an e-mail reply from Kenny Phair that same day. I called Kenny later that day and talked a little more about my requirements.

I placed my order for the Manor system and 2 extra cartridges. My total bill was $1008.xx. Kenny told me that I would receive an e-mail with my tracking number once the unit was shipped and I would probably have it within 7 business days. Tuesday, January 10th rolled around and I had not received a tracking email. I e-mailed Kenny and inquired about my order. He replied a few hours later and provided the tracking number. This is probably the only issue I have encountered till this point. It just happens that when I looked up the tracking number on the UPS site I could see that the unit was shipped on the 10th. In my honest opinion, I think they dropped the ball and hurried to get the unit out the door. Oh harm no foul.

NOTE: If you want to order a unit, do so via a phone call and not via their website. Kenny was able to reduce the price of the Manor system by $150, provide free shipping (normally $40) and also took an additional $25 of any cartridge that I ordered at that time. YMMV. I ordered two additional cartridges with the understanding that I would return those also for a full refund.

The unit arrived on Tuesday, January 17th. Being the dork that I am, I immediately opened the box, laid all of the parts out on the kitchen table and took some pics. Everything was accounted for. I planned on installing the unit the upcoming Saturday since I still needed to buy the required plumbing parts, and, I have a 22 month old and a 6 month old. I normally would jump right it but time is at a premium in our house!

Contents Pic: Pics are attached to my profile. Click on my name (John O.) above to view them.

NOTE: I couldn't find this info anywhere so I will state it here: the input/output ports on the Manor system are 1.5". I actually chatted with customer support to find this out so I could buy what I needed ahead of time.

I won't go into detail about the installation since it will be different for everyone. The install took about 2 hours...mainly because I am no plumber! LOL Anyway, I had one minor leak and probably would have been done in an hour and a half if it weren't for that. The point: make sure you have a plan and things should go smoothly.

Installation Pic: Pics are attached to my profile. Click on my name (John O.) above to view them.

Once the install was finished and verified to be leak-free, the first thing I did was run all around the house and turn on all of the faucets. Again, being a dork (and an impatient soul), I wanted to get the "conditioned" water flowing through the house ASAP. I ran cold and hot water to ensure that all remaining "hard" water was out of our plumbing including the hot water heater.

There are a few areas that I am going to be watching closely. All of the pictures taken are prior to the NuvoH2O being installed with the exception of the kitchen sink. I'll explain later.

1. There is hard water "channel" on the tiled floor of our shower. That is the best way I can describe it. This stuff is almost like concrete. I actually had to ask my wife if it was due to hard water because I just couldn't believe it.

Before Pic: Pics are attached to my profile. Click on my name (John O.) above to view them.

2. Around the base of the faucet in the kitchen sink and on the faucet itself. Again...scale buildup. It was crusty and layered and could NOT be scratched off with a fingernail.

NOTE ABOUT THIS PIC: This is where I jumped the gun. Before I took this pic, I started splashing "conditioned" water on the buildup. So, the actual buildup was much worse prior to taking this picture. What does that appears that the conditioned water actually started to breakdown the buildup already...just from splashing. If you look around the base of the faucet, all of the scale that you see was at least 3x as bad and a lot more discolored. I really wish I would have taken a pic prior but oh well.

Before Pic: Pics are attached to my profile. Click on my name (John O.) above to view them.

3. Our glass shower door has tough scale buildup. I have tried just about every product on the market and the only thing that has made somewhat of a dent was Barkeeper's Friend. However, even though the glass was clearer, you could still feel the rough buildup by rubbing your finger along it.

Before Pic: Pics are attached to my profile. Click on my name (John O.) above to view them.

NOTE: I want to try the packet of Citracharge that came with my system on the shower doors. However, I am very anal. I fear that if I use it, I will not be able to return the Manor system for a refund because I am would nto be returning EVERYTHING that they sent me. I'll probably call them to see if it is OK for me to use the Citracharge without affecting the money back guarantee.

4. The holes in the kitchen sink sprayer have obvious deposits. We really do not use the sprayer that often but I will make an effort to run water through it regularly.

Before Pic: Pics are attached to my profile. Click on my name (John O.) above to view them.

5. I will monitor our dishwasher and stop all treatments with vinegar. I will be looking to see how clean the dishes come out, if they have any chalky buildup and if any spots are present on the glassware. Right now the dishwasher does not have any Jet Dry and I am reluctant to put any in. I want to see the results without any aids. Anyway, I read in one of the previous reviews that the customer was instructed to NOT use Jet Dry. Can someone clarify?

I will not do ANYTHING to manually correct the issues listed above. The most I will do is to splash water on the kitchen faucet from time to time. I will not rub it or use any cleaners whatsoever. Everything will run its course naturally.


UPDATE: Sunday, January 22nd 2012

It has been one full day and this is what I have noticed so far:

- I could be imagining things but I swear that the hard water channel in the tile floor of the shower if becoming smaller. I'll give it a week or so and take another pic for comparison.

- Something I did not even consider...I get very dry skin in the winter. This especially happens in a hot shower. It itches so bad that by the time I get out of the shower, I have red streaks up and down my sides and on my legs from constantly scratching. Sunday was my second shower since installing the unit. To my surprise, I don't think I scratched once! Now, there is a caveat. I took this shower later in the day and I did not use very hot water like I would in the early morning. This could definitely be a factor. I'll monitor and report back.

- The scale buildup around the base of the kitchen faucet has been reduced considerably!!! I can't believe it...the countertop is almost smooth. The buildup on the faucet itself has not been reduced as dramatically, but I attribute that to the fact that it is not sitting in the water that was splashed on it since it runs down.


UPDATE: Monday, January 23rd 2012

- This morning I took my usual VERY hot shower in the early morning. The itching did return but not nearly as bad as usual. I will continue to monitor.


UPDATE: Tuesday, January 24th 2012

I chatted with John @ Nuvo regarding the CitraCharge packet that came with my Manor system. He told me that I could use the packet and it would in no way affect my 90 day money back guarantee. Just thought I would pass this along.


UPDATE: Thursday, January 25th 2012

I have had a serious itch to try out the CitraCharge now that I know it will not impact the $$$ back guarantee. I know I said that I wouldn't do anything to try and correct the problem areas, but I really want to see what this stuff does. So...I think I am going to select just a small portion of the shower glass (near the bottom) and give it a zap of CitraCharge. That way I still have plenty of "virgin" shower glass left to see the effects of the nuvoH2O (if any). I am also going to spray the tray under the water/ice dispenser on our fridge. I will take before/after pics as usual and will update again tonight.


UPDATE: Thursday, January 25th 2012

Another question I posed to nuvoH2O customer support and their reply...

nuvoH2O - John: [11:20:37 AM] Hello my name is John. How can I help you?

John O.: [11:20:37 AM] Quick question... I have installed my Manor system and everything is working fine. However, I am thinking of moving the unit closer to where the cold water line comes into the house. This would be a space of about 2 feet deep between drywall and foundation wall (cinder block). The space gets very cold. I haven't measure the temp yet but if I had to guess I would say ~45F. Are there recommendations regarding ambient temperature? i.e. no less than 40F and no higher than 120F. The only references regarding environment that I have found talk about direct sunlight and exposure to the elements. Thanks, John

nuvoH2O - John: [11:21:53 AM] As long as you keep it from freezing it should be fine.

John O.: [11:22:16 AM] That's what I figured. Thanks for your time!


UPDATE: Thursday, January 25th 2012

Well, as promised, I selected a section of shower door, sprayed it with CitraCharge, scrubbed it lightly and rinsed it with clean water. All I can say is WOW!!! Every sign of scale that used to be there is now completely gone. Honestly, I'm not really sure I even needed to scrub but I did anyway...but VERY lightly.

If anyhting this will provide another good test: To see if scale returns to a cleaned area.

I have attached 4 new pics to my profile:

John O. - Shower door - prior to CitraCharge
John O. - Shower door - CitraCharge sprayed on
John O. - Shower door - CitraCharge sprayed and scrubbed
John O. - Shower door - CitraCharge sprayed, scrubbed and rinsed

The difference is absolutely night and day. However, hopefully I will never need to oder any more if the nuvoH2O works as advertised! :)



UPDATE: Saturday, March 3rd 2012

OK...I know this is long overdue. My apologies to everyone who is tracking this review.

It has been exactly six weeks since I installed the Manor system. Here are my observations thus far...


1. I have to say that the greatest benefit we have seen so far is how well the dishwasher works. I will go as far as to say that our dishes (and especially glassware) are cleaner now than they have ever been...even when the dishwasher was brand new 4.5 years ago. The wife is estatic! She is just tickled pink by how clean everything is.

2. Number two on my list of positives is how well the water now drains in the shower. I know that this is not an advertised benefit, but the result is obvious. We have always had serious issues with the drain in the shower becoming clogged...mainly due to my wife's long hair. Ever since installing the system water drains as fast as it comes out. No more least for now.

3. I am going to list the shower glass as a positive for now. About one week into my experiments, I got antsy and cleaned all of the shower glass with CitraCharge. I know I said I wouldn't but I just couldn't help myself. (On a side note...CitraCharge is just awesome as I stated before). So, I now wanted to see how long it would take for the shower glass to become cruddy again without cleaning it. After about 2 weeks, I started to see some buildup on the glass. However, I think it is just regular soap scum and not hard water scale. I am able to wipe it off fairly easily which I could never do before. Also, the very back shower glass (where soap nornmally does not hit but water does) has not sign of residue. To me this is more proof that we are only dealing with soap scum. Once we get back in the habit of cleaning the glass regularly I think we will be completely satisfied. But for now I am avoiding that just to see what happens.

4. The water dispenser tray on the refrigerator had scale buildup and was also cleaned with Citracharge the same day that the shower glass was. Five weeks later there is no sign of any buildup other than water spots that are easily wiped away.

5. The counter area around the kitchen sink faucet had significant scale buildup. It almost felt like sandpaper but not as coarse. Also, the faucet itself around the base and in between the pieces that separate had buildup. All of these was scraped off using a putty knife and blasted with CitraCharge. None of the buildup has returned til this point.

6. Water pressure, feel, taste etc. has not been impacted at all. Actually, I will say that the tap water does taste better. My wife would contest that but I really think it does.

7. The marble slab under the shower door and glass and the aluminum "footer" on the door itself had orange soap scum. It would clean off unlike the scale buildup but would soon reappear. Since treating with CitraCharge and having the Nuvo installed the orange scum has not come back.


1. The kitchen sink sprayer was soaked on CitraCharge and the buildup in each hole was scraped off with a the point of a steak knife (I know, I know). Anyway, I got the sprayer to work satisfactorily again. Prior to this it would hardly spray at all. After 5 weeks, the sprayer is still going to strong, however, I do see a small amount of buildup under the bottom hole (when the sprayer is sitting in its holder). This is obvioulsy caused by the water but I am starting to think that it may have been from residual water that may have been in the water line. Also, this has not impacted the sprayer's performance at all. So, I am calling this "NEUTRAL" for now. I actually may replace the sprayer so I can start from scratch and see what happens.

2. I honestly can't say that I have noticed us using less soap or laudry detergent. I really don't care about this anyway. I'm not exactly sure how you would know to use less soap anyway. Shampoo maybe. I just can't say for sure.

3. To date, the conditioned water has had very little (to no) impact on the hard water channel on the sower floor. However, I didn't have high hopes for this anyway. Like I said before, this stuff is like concrete. I do think it may have dimished a little bit but it is too hard to say. I think I may chisel it off and see if it reappears. If Nuvo would have claimed that it could break this kind of stuff down then this would have been a NEGATIVE result.


1. I have only 1 negative to report thus far and it really isn't that big of a deal. But since it is most definitely a by-product of the system (the condition did not exist prior) I will list it... Pretty much every sink drain flange has a white, powdery coating. It is easily cleaned off but reappears after some time. Again, it is not doing any damage but you could say it is an eye sore.

I will try and take some updated pics later today and post them to my profile.



UPDATE: Saturday, March 10th 2012

Well, I have some troubling news to report. :(

It must have been 2 days after my 6 week review (just prior to this review) that my wife said to me: "Did you notice the buildup around the kitchen faucet? And...I have noticed that some of the glassware is not coming out of the dishwasher as clean as it was before."

I checked and can verify that some of the buildup is starting to come back. Also, the water dispensing tray on the refrigerator is showing a lot of "white chalky" staining. The shower glass is showing a lot more spotting than it did before.

So, I am left with the conclusion that the filter I installed with the initial setup lasted only six weeks. I still believe that the unit was performing as advertised, but, if this is all of the life that I can expect from the filters there is no way I will keep the system. Costs will become way too high.

I have since changed the filter (this morning) to see if the system starts working again. I plan on calling Nuvo later today to see if they have any suggestions. I will let them know that if they plan to troubleshoot with water samples, newer model filters etc. that I will request that my 90 day money back guarantee be extended (in writing).

I am reducing my rating to 3 stars until this is resolved (if it is at all).

Stay tuned....


UPDATE: Tuesday, March 13th 2012
Called Nuvo @ 2:00pm EST today and spoke to Jake in Customer Service to express my concerns about the cartridge/unit not performing effectively after 6 weeks.

Jake was very nice and wanted to send me a checklist to make sure the unit was installed correctly. Since it showed positive results previously, I already knew it was but entertained the notion regardless. During our conversation Jake had mentioned that it was possible that I received a defective cartridge and they could send me a new one at no cost. I seem to remember that others had been told this also. I mentioned to Jake that I had bought 2 additional cartridges when I purchased the systems and I installed one of them on Saturday.

At this point I asked Jake if it was possible to have my 90 day money back guarantee extended since it is due to expire on 05APR2012. If it takes another six weeks to realize that the performance of the newly installed cartridge is diminishing, that would put me past the money back guarantee date. At that time Jake explained that they are not allowed to extend the guarantee date.

Unfortunately, I was left with no other choice to request an RMA. I just can't take the chance that I will see similar results and be out $1000 (let alone $80 every six weeks) and I will never know if it was a defective cartridge.

So, this weekend I will disconnect the system, package it up and send it on its way. I will post a final review to let everyone know how the RMA was (or was not) handled.

My star rating is now 2 stars.



UPDATE: Saturday, March 17th 2012

Unit and spare cartridge were shipped back to Nuvo on Friday, March 16th 2012. I was told they will be there by the next Friday (23rd). Once I see that the packages have been received by Nuvo, I will give them a call to check the RMA status. I will update my review at that point.



UPDATE: Monday, March 26th 2012

I have confirmation from UPS that the system and spare cartridge were delivered on Friday, March 23rd @ 10:59am. I e-mailed customer service this morning @ 8:00am (although it is 6:00am their time I think) asking for a status my refund. Hopefully I will hear back by the end of the day.


UPDATE: Wednesday, March 28th 2012

I traded a few e-mails with Nuvo regaridng my refund. Customer Service had told me that it was processed on Friday the 23rd however I had not seen a credit to my card. I check again this morning and there is was. I can actually see that the refund was indeed processed on March 23rd but did not post to my account until March 27th.

Anyway, RMA/refund completed. Props to Nuvo for staying true to their 90 day money back guarantee. I really wish this could have been a 5 star experience but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I can say without any hesitation at all that the product does indeed work. The results were obvious and we were very happy for 6 weeks.

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356 of 411 people found the following review helpful
on February 4, 2010
We bought this product with the intention that with the money back offer we would be in the same place if it didn't work. WOW!!
Were we wrong about it not working. We read all the different reviews and agree that the review timelines seemed a "little suspect". We couldn't be happier that we were proven wrong. The unit came in 4 days from time order was placed, was easy to install ( minor plumbing skills required). When we first put the water on we could feel a difference in the water, we called a neighbor over that has been in our neighborhood for 15 years and has dealt ad nauseam with the hard water in our area. She was amazed at water coming out of the tap, she asked if she could wash her hair in the sink!!!! She did and said that her hair hasn't felt that good since she was on vacation . As far as the claims that it helps clear residual build up in shower heads and faucet heads, well again we were amazed. The shower head in our bath has always had a few "sprayers" that dribbled water. In the span of one week the shower is spraying out of all "sprayers" and giving us the best shower our tankless water heater ever gave us!!!! The biggest thing we have noticed is that the water feels better on our skin, hair, clothes, and dishes are coming cleaner (no spots). I am a contractor and I prefer to use new products ( tankless water heaters, dual flow toilets, etc.) on my own home before I recommend any "new technology" to anyone. I can say in my opinion this product works and works well !!! The company has great customer service and I was very pleased with the purchase. hope this helps anyone looking for a solution to hard water issues.
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on March 25, 2013
After going to the Orange County Home and Garden Show this weekend in Orlando, I saw so many water softener/cleaners it made my head spin. Our water is mildly hard and leaves residue on our shower walls and scale that clogs our shower head. I wasn't ready to shell out $3000 for a system until I thoroughly investigated all possibilities. I came across the NuvoH2O and was ready to purchase this model through Amazon, because it looked the same as on their web site, but was at least $200 less. I was a bit confused with this model and the WH2100 available for $699, also through Amazon, so I called the company's toll free number today and talked to John. He explained to me that this Nuvo H2O DPHB was a KNOCK-OFF, and NuvoH2O would not honor any warranty, and that their customer service was nonexistant. He did say the $699 model was theirs, but if I wanted to pay in full he would ship it free. BUYER BEWARE--don't believe me--call NuvoH2O and ask them yourself. Amazon, do the right thing and discontinue this SHAM!
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107 of 124 people found the following review helpful
My skeptics group was contacted by an irate customer who had purchased, at great cost, the "nuvoH2O" device plus several "Cartridges." He told us that the device "does nothing" and he asked us to test the device. A team of three skeptics visited the customer's residence with test equipment and performed the following tests.

First we educated the customer about the physics involved, and explained why the device cannot do what the sales page states it can do. The claims are wrong according to the laws of physics (i.e., chemistry). Specifically, the chelator used in the device cannot perform as claimed because the solubility at ground state temperature (roughly 57f) cannot swap ions fast enough, nor to enough water volume, for any possible effect to occur.

We then took 12 samples, each 300ml in 500ml beakers: one "non-treated" water sample, one "treated" sample, one "non-treated" sample, one "non-treated" sample, etc., until we achieved 12 total samples--- six "treated" and six "non-treated." Water was drawn at the device itself, with two taps: one "before" the device and one "after" the device.

We then homogenized all 12 samples to room temperature (of 73), with covers on each beaker.

Then we applied four standard pH tests to each of the 12 samples, using 30ml for each test, for a total of 48 tests. The result of the pH test shows no difference at all between the "treated" and the "non-treated" water.

We then applied a Dionex reagent test for metallic (specifically fe3, lead, and cadmium) ions in all 12 samples, using 30ml from each sample and UV absorption filters. The result showed no difference in coordinate bonds for any of the 12 samples for all 3 reagents.

We then performed a Cyanide test on all 12 samples, with the same result: up-take rate of metallic ions were identical, with no deviation.

Our last test of the device was to take apart the residence hot water heater and examine the heat exchanger. The patina of hard water deposits was apparent throughout the heat exchanger, though the device had been in use for 166 days and the sellers of the device advertise it as a "descaler." The heat exchanger was later subjected to an acid bath for cleaning, and reinstalled.

Our skeptics group concluded unanimously that the claims made for this device are wrong, and perhaps are even made fraudulently (we cannot know what the sellers of this devices actually believes: perhaps they really do believe the device does what they claim it does). There are no tests that can be performed on this device and its water product that can show which water samples are "treated" and which are not.

Our test results explain why so many customers have reported the fact that the device does not work. The placebo effect and greed perhaps explains some of the "reviews" that state the device does work.

Caveat emptor!
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101 of 118 people found the following review helpful
on July 7, 2010
I live near Phoenix AZ and the water is very hard here. I don't know the numbers but the testing strips that change color turn as dark as they can.

We purchased our WH2100 last December and I guess it made a difference. It wasn't dramatic. I think salt is probably the way to go. It was an expensive lesson but that's how we learn sometimes.

The cartridge needs to be replaced now but I don't think I'm going to do it, I'm not going to give these guys another $70.
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71 of 83 people found the following review helpful
on April 19, 2011
The short version is that we moved into a house 2 years ago and have had on-going water hardness issues (especially in our dishwasher with scaling). I've been very pleased with some newer technology that I've gotten in recent years (i.e. water powered sump pump), so I wasn't turned away by this "new" tech. I admit, I was one of of the ones who were duped by the positive reviews. I bought it, installed it, and....noticed no difference. We had our water tested before and after the install and had extremely little difference in water quality--not just hardness! The water spots the same in the dishwasher, has the same taste and smell, only now we pay a lot more to have the same water quality.

It was only after buying it that I saw someone's review saying that all the positives were at the same time and from the same area. I feel like an idiot. Learn from my mistake and avoid this like the plague.

(Incidently, 2 months later I went to Home Depot and bought a water softener for 1/2 the price of this unit and had instant success and noticable difference.)
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