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on September 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
I don't usually take the time to write reviews, but I was compelled to in this case to save others from being disappointed by a product that really is AWESOME.

I have been using WEN cleansing conditioner for several months now and LOVE it. HOWEVER, you have to be aware that there are two different versions of the WEN cleansing conditioner: the Guthry-Renker distributed item, and the version.

I have always purchased WEN from without any problems, UNTIL THIS TIME. I didn't think to read the ingredient label when I received it, I just took the product into the shower with me. I could tell a difference IMMEDIATELY. The product was not sliding through my hair easily, it seemed almost sticky. Then, when I rinsed my hair, it felt dried out and rough, and when it dried, it looked greasy and brittle. I looked at the label and was irate when I found the first 3 ingredients to be water, GLYCERIN, CETYL ALCOHOL, and CETEARYL ALCOHOL. [For those of you who don't know, these forms of alcohol are known to be a low cost way to add sub-optimal moisturizing to a product; although a small amount to enhance the moisturizing properties of other moisturizing ingredients is effective, using it as the primary emollient is counter-productive (it WILL dry out your hair.)]

THE GUTHY-RENKER VERSION IS INFERIOR, and I believe that those who have given poor reviews to this product related to it being drying or making their hair look greasy have actually received this version. YOU WANT THE VERSION BY CHAZDEAN.COM! The ingredients listed on the Amazon page are the true ingredients (water, aloe vera gel, glycerin, chamomile extract, cherry bark extract, calendula extract, rosemary extract, etc...); if you get a bottle that lists the first several ingredients as water, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, and cetearyl alcohol, CONTACT AMAZON IMMEDIATELY. When I contacted Amazon, they immediately issued a refund and initiated an investigation of the seller who supplied the product to AMAZON PRIME (HBA SALES VENTURES).

Do yourself a favor and contact the seller to ask what the ingredient label on their product lists, and who is listed as the distributor. Also, the label on the version is just as pictured on Amazon, whereas the Guthy-Renker version has a label that wraps clear around the bottle, it is lighter in color, and is labeled as 'Wen by Chaz Dean', as opposed to simply 'Wen'.
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on August 20, 2008
I ordered this product after watching the infomercial late one night. (Insomnia sometimes has it's benefits) As someone who used to do hair for a living, I have tried nearly everything on the market. My shower rack was always overflowing with numerous shampoos and conditioners, but no more. This delicious smelling, one-step cleanser/conditioner is the only product I use now. I have somewhat fine hair that's a bit dry from color treatments and I needed a product that would restore a healthy shine and manageability without over-conditioning. WEN cleansing conditioner does the job all in one step. I apply about two to three pumps to wet hair when I first get in the shower then rinse out as the last thing. You can add a tiny drop after as a leave-in conditioner. You'll be amazed at the results regardless of your hair type. One last tip, unless you have extremely thick long hair that's as dry as the Sahara desert, you do not need to use the recommended amount of 16-24 pumps. You'll figure out the right amount for your hair. Also, buy it here on Amazon and don't get caught up in the auto shipments required on the infomercial. Happy conditioning!
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on June 9, 2011
Verified Purchase
I purchased this product from Discountbeauty on Amazon a couple of months ago. The product that arrived at my house was a similarly packaged product labeled WEN Cleansing Conditioner, but the ingredients list was completely different. The real product's first 4 ingredients are Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerin, & Chamomile Extract. This formula was cheaply made with Water, Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, and Cetearyl Alcohol. When I contacted the seller originally, they claimed they purchased their ingredients "directly from the seller". When I provided evidence of a different ingredients list, they didn't bother to respond!

I looked into this and found a website called This website sells a low quality fake version of the real Chaz Dean product, but they charge the same price. If you want the actual WEN product you must purchase it from [...] or the QVC website. Wen hair products are not being resold for sale to anyone else. In the future, I will by my Wen from people who are authorized to sell it. And I will NEVER purchase anything from Discountbeauty ever again. This was the worst customer service experience I've ever had. This is basically stealing.
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on April 3, 2008
Bummer. Neither the almond nor cucumber formulas, which are recommended for fine hair, worked for my hair, which has little natural body. These formulas made my hair beautifully shiny but so flat that it looked like I had slicked my hair down with a heavy gel. Yes, I followed the directions. Yes, I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. I also tried using less formula, but that didn't work either. On the other hand, the almond formula worked great for my son, whose hair has loads of natural body and is somewhat curly. He's asked me to reorder the product for him, which I'll do.
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on July 19, 2011
Just kidding. But, When I first saw the infomercial, I was desparate and ready to cut my hair off. I have all kinds of nasty hair traits:Fine, frizzy, gray, color treated, wavy, dry split ends and an extreme dislike for humidity. My hair, which used to be beautiful on its own, has lived through a death in the family, a divorce, a child deployed and a hysterectomy in the last three years. It barely has a chance.

On the other side of the coin, one of my best friends owns a salon, so I have access to all the best shampoos, conditioners and treatments out there-all at very little or no cost to me. As well as advice from my friend/stylist and free haircuts. You would think THAT right there would help. But it hasn't. Believe me, I have tried everything short of shaving my head.

So, After watching the infomercial with rapt attention, I decided to order this so called miracle, after determining that the back of my hair looks like a dog chewed it off. (Really, almost in tears when this revalation hit me)

I ordered this product from WEN, not from Amazon. Which, I wouldn't recommend, product review aside, I would have been much better off buying it from Amazon.

So, I have been using WEN products exclusively for a week now, and here are my observations:


1. It took way too long to arrive. It was probably a week and a half to two weeks before it arrived. They use FED EX and then dump it at the post office to be delivered by your friendly mail man. I really hate that method.

2. I don't like the way it smells. (Almond Mint)-the oil that's in this stuff seems to permeate the skin. I feel like I'm breathing mint and tasting mint all the time. Like I just chewed an unsweetened stick of gum. I guess its embedded in my fingers, and I'm inadvertantly licking it off when I eat something.

3. The website is NOT user friendly, and choices are limited. I couldn't even pick a different flavor. And while you can choose how often to have WEN shipped to you, you CANNOT choose to have it stop being delivered altogether on your account page.

4. What I got is just what you see on tv. The cleanser, the moisture treatment, the styling gel, the comb, and some stuff for "textured hairstyles" ???? Which I'm sure I will never use. A 12 oz bottle of the cleansing conditioner was supposed to be a one month supply. Remember I said I've been using this stuff for one week? The bottle is half empty already, and I haven't even used the ridiculously high pump count they recommend in their literature.

5. I also read that if you do intend to take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee, you MUST return the empty containers in the original box, with packaging, or no refund.

6. Ok, enough babbling--does it work? Well, miracles were promised, and miracles were expected. Miracles were not realized though, and then I remembered the all powerful mantra of American advertising--"Individual results may vary" I saw absolutely no improvement whatsover the first day. None, nada. I wanted to cry.

7. It's so freaking expensive!!!--Is my hair looking good really worth THAT much to me??? I'm just an office schlub. Even if I loved it, I couldn't afford to keep using it.

Okay, now for the good news


1. With each day's use, I do see improvement. My hair was softer after the first day, just still looked terrible. It really does seem to get a little nicer looking every day, - despite all my hair oddities and as of this writing I am smack dab in the middle of the midwest heat wave (July 2011). In Nebraska no less, so add 90 percent humidity to that. I am an every day hair washer. I can't stand that icky, greasy need to wash my hair or I'll lose my mind kind of feeling. And I like my hair to look I don't like a ton of products in it. I want it to look soft and shiny and be touchable. So, this is a good system for people who like their hair to look natural and what I like to call "accidentally beautiful"-like it just happened. Not sure it will work for gals who have very structured or sculpted styles. I don't have a greasy feeling like some have said. You do have to adjust to your own hair's needs though. They recommend 16 pumps for hair my length. I don't think so. I use 4 to 6, with a little one to leave in.

2. Today, after one week, I was brave enough to gingerly blow dry my hair on a low setting. It didn't fly all over the place like usual.

3. I used a curling iron today also, which is usually an exercise in futility. My hair can hold a curl just until I get to the front door and step outside. 8 hours later, I still have a little curl, and my hair has not frizzed up.

4. I colored my hair on Sunday, and had used the intense moisture treatment first. I will say that my hair took the color beautifully and I was able to rinse it out about 10 minutes sooner than normal, and after air drying it was nice and wavy. -I use very good professional color by the way.

So, there you have my opinions so far. If you are patient, and can afford it, I would recommend this product, but I would suggest any other scent than the mint, and definitely buy from AMAZON if the price is right.

Since alas, it will probably be too pricey for me, I will try the knock off Hair One from Sally's and let you know how that goes.
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on June 17, 2009
I really love Wen products, my favorite is the Sweet Almond Mint, it's a great product to tame my curly gray hair, however, because of the price of Wen, I can't always purchase it therefore, I started looking for a comparable product. I found HAIR ONE at Sally's Beauty Supply, it is a cleansing conditioner that for me, works better than Wen and it's only $11.99! Give it a try, for $11.99 what have you got to lose.
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on May 22, 2010
Marketing is everything! Your cozy couch, a woman who could have used a better hair cut has frizzy hair in front of you and voila! using WEN she has voluminous, smooth, come hither hair - of course, this came with a camera crew, a stylist, a make up artist and well, the creator vetting every take.

Flash forward to your shower, or bathroom sink where you wash your own hair. You follow the rules, pump the pump however many times depending on how literally you follow directions, and then voila! Your hair is transformed in to a magical and seductive fortress where all who never desired you before, now hover at your feet and whistle when you walk by, or just say "hey, your hair looks awesome, can you watch my kid for a few hours?." And you put your WEN bottle on a pedestal for people to stare at in awe. Or, at least that is how the infomercial makes it all sound.

Not so much really.

A few things: 1) hair relies on pH balance to well, balance itself out and that includes oily hair. If you were trapped in the jungle for a year, eventually your hair would adjust to what it needs to be and guess what, you would look great! 2) Hair does not need to be shampooed, really ever, unless you roll around in mud - if you really like bubbles, try just using Johnson's baby shampoo from time to time, they sell it for 99 cents in trial sizes. 3) It is ALWAYS about the conditioner. If you use Suave shampoo and buy Aveda or Keratase Conditioner, guess what, your hair is going to look good because the last thing you did to it was tame the beast through conditioner. Hence, cleansing conditioners.

If you want to save at least $204 per year on a 12 months supply of WEN (rudimentary math using only the $28 price tag of $28 x 12 months = $336) buy the other version that Amazon sells called Hair One, or even Nature's Gate Cleansing Conditioner - both perform the same function as WEN, but don't have an infomercial to pay air time to promote and sell it (and subsequently pay those standing by - although I am all for employing people), so you can save about $200 per year buying an alternate brand (Hair One is $11 x 12 = $132 per year).

The American Way.
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on August 12, 2008
I ordered this after watching the infamous infomercial...I'm sure you've all seen it! Anyway, I am an African-American woman who has done absolutely EVERYTHING to my hair and now have (thick, thick)relaxed hair. I only mention my race here because I think it is important to stress what the creator of this product was saying about his line--it works for anyone! I have only used this product for two weeks and I have to say that never before has my hair looked and felt so touchable--I literally used to cringe (and divert the perpetrator) if it seemed as if someone wanted to put a hand on my hair! I also used to be in a state of perpetual unrest--concerning my mop. It just seemed like no matter what products I used, I was always looking for something to do BETTER. The search is definitely over; I am truly satisfied. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs more good hair days!

October 14, 2009...One more child and one recession later, I still stand by my review, but if you are trying to save money in uncertain times, Dove Intense Damage Therapy Shampoo/Conditioner will also give you beautiful, healthy results.
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on March 31, 2012
Verified Purchase
Let me start by saying, like a lot of women, I am extremely picky about my looks, the products I use, and my hair in general. I spend a lot on beauty products because I have tried everything, and stick with what works.

About my hair--I have long brown hair. My hair is very fine, and I've put it through the ringer and back--very light blond highlights, dye every few months--it's not good. And my hair--especially my ends showed it.

I saw the commercial for Wen and thought I would try it. Why not, I thought. I was extremely skeptical, though, because there are some serious haters out there. Also, some reviews said that it left hair extremely greasy, smelled bad and made hair fall out. I totally expected, based on these reviews, that I would be using it, hating it and sending it back.


I have used Wen for three weeks now. The first time I used it, I absolutely loved it. It does not leave your hair greasy at all--people who say that obviously cannot read directions. If you totally massage the product into your scalp and work on cleansing your scalp, your hair is as clean as if you washed it with a strong shampoo. And about the hair falling out--when you use it, they give you a comb to comb it through your hair. Some hair comes out, just because it's wet, you just massaged your scalp and now you're combing it in the shower. It wasn't any more than usually comes out in the shower, though--it was just right there on the comb. My hair is soft and I no longer have to use a smoothing serum on the ends. Which means, I can go every other day without washing it, because I am not saturating it with product, making it disgusting and greasy. And, I think the brass is toned down in my hair. I don't know how to explain this, except for maybe my hair is less dry, and it seems a little darker and healthier. For once in a long time, I don't hate my hair.

I would not take the time to write such a review if I didn't believe in the product.
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66 of 75 people found the following review helpful
on August 23, 2008
This is only the second product I have ever purchased after watching an infomercial - so I thought it may be a waste but I will try anyway... I did not want to buy it off of the their commercial because I did not want my card charged and the automatic shipping - so I bought it off amazon. I got it 10 days ago and just love it! Weird but I have actually had 3 compliments on how nice my hair looks this week and the only change is the shampoo.

The only con I've found is the instructions on the bottle are "off" for me though my hair is just past my neck and the bottle says @14 pumps and that was way too many after the first time it looked greasy - so I do 3-4 pumps comb it through and leave it sit while I finish my shower then rinse. My hair looks and feels so soft :) I would recommend this to anyone.
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