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VINE VOICEon January 22, 2007
If you have been looking for a great water bottle, this is it!!! I am not a hard core workout person - I just want to drink more water for my health. I use this bottle at work, going from meeting to meeting and bring it with me when I am on the go in the car. I never thought I would be so excited about a bottle, but I am - Camelbak really thought about useful features and it shows.

The bottle holds quite a bit of water (25 oz, 750mL). The bottle is leakproof. I like drinking from the straw - no tipping the bottle required. No unscrewing a cap, just flip up the valve and drink. I removed the flexible bite valve cover and just drink normally from the hard plastic straw piece since the bite valve seemed a little weird to me. I have had no problems with leaking with the valve cover removed - just flip down the valve when I am on the go and there is no leaking. The valve system seems very well designed. I generally sit the bottle on its side on the car seat or throw it in a bag with no leaking, just like a regular screw-cap bottle. The carry loop is nice - fits in your finger. It is easy to fill, with the wide mouth. It comes in lots of colors.

As for minuses, there is only one minor annoyance and that was mentioned by a previous reviewer - the straw does not reach the bottom of the bottle. Note that this size bottle does not fit into the car cupholder - would need the 16oz=0.5L for that. Also, the plastic has scratched slightly from rolling around on a sandy car mat.

I have decided to purchase another bottle so that I can have one at home and one at work. I highly recommend!

Updated 12/24/07:
I still love this bottle, although I am now accustomed to it and it is not quite as exciting as when I first got it :-) I fill it every morning and bring it to work with me and also fill it when I get home from work. It has really helped me to increase my water consumption. The plastic has scuffed up a bit, but there is no change in function. I wanted to mention that water will come out when the bottle is opened after a pressure change - like going from air conditioned space and leaving it in a hot car. Physics at work.

Updated 6/28/08:
Yes, I STILL love this bottle and purchased another (the BPA-free version). I was pleased to find that the straw in the new bottle does reach nearly the bottom of the bottle, so that annoyance has been corrected. If you already own the previous (BPA) version of this bottle, note that Camelbak makes the BPA-free bottle with a "classic cap" that can be swapped with your previous straw assembly (classic cap version is slightly cheaper but does not come in as many fun colors).
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on November 30, 2006
This is just about the perfect water bottle. The polycarbonate is shatter proof, it holds three cups of liquid, and it has a built-in carry loop. The nozzle is easy to flip down with a built-in thumb tab, and the nozzle works by opening when you bite it. This makes the bottle pretty much leak-proof even when the nozzle is down, and since it is meant to be bitten, you don't end up with ugly teeth marks on it. The included straw makes it convenient to use, but it can be used without the straw if you prefer to tip it. I also like the vivid translucent color (I got a blue one). The only thing that would make it better is if the straw went all the way to the bottom; it stops about 1/4 or 1/2 inch above the bottom.
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on June 7, 2007
I love love love this bottle! I drink a lot of water throughout the course of the day. In fact, I hardly go anywhere without a wattle bottle. What was most troublesome for me was trying to drive and drink water at the same time. Bottles with the screw-on lids were just too cumbersome: either I couldn't get the lid off with one hand while trying to watch the road, or if I was a passenger, it never failed that the driver would accelerate while I was taking a drink and because of the large mouth of the bottle, I'd end up spilling water all over myself. This bottle was the perfect solution. It is truly spill proof, and I can easily drink out of it while driving, walking, or wherever. And its dishwasher safe!

I have the largest size, the full liter, but I'm planning to buy a smaller one too, just because. :)
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on May 6, 2007
I loved this bottle till I found green moss in my bite valve. Bad and not so bad, it had been sitting on my counter for a week unused. The problem was when I tried to clean it (I scrubbed it with a little brush, I even soaked it in a bleach solution as a last resort) I could not get all the green stuff off.

Also I have not had it that long, maybe about 6-8 months and the plastic at the base of the thumb tab is starting to go white, showing that it is stressed (and will break at some point).

I still really like this bottle but will not get another.
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on March 11, 2011
I gave one of these to my cross country running nephew and he loved it. But noticed his time was declining and he was feeling sick. After several weeks of researching what the problem could be we discovered under the bite valve part there was black mold. YIKES...make sure you disassemble the whole top and clean it real good.
Fortunately we found it before any serious health concerns had a permanent effect on his health. BEWARE...CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN.
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on December 28, 2006
After a long, hard search for the perfect water bottle I ended up with the Camelbak 0.5L. All of the other water bottles I tried were either too small, could not fit in the cup holder of my Jeep, or did not have a straw. The Camelbak passed the test.

The straw is a little weird, because you have to bite the "big bite valve" to take a sip. It was designed that way to minimize spilling. The "big bite valve" also folds down to avoid spilling when not in use. I also like the handle, which is perfect for carrying it with one finger or tying it to something.

The only flaw is that the straw does not reach the bottom so it is impossible to drink every last drop. But, I can live with that so I am still giving it five stars.
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on May 19, 2007
I had a nalgene knock-off that eventually started to crack, so I was on the lookout for a new bottle. I love this camelback because a) it's not too bulky but can still hold 32 oz of water! b) fits in my car cupholder (toyota corolla) and c) it has a straw and spout so i don't have to tip the bottle over to drink. you never really think about how much effort goes into trying to drink out of a bottle of water until you drink out of this bottle. it's totally leakproof - at first I was a bit skeptical, but I've turned this bottle over many times to test this property and it's won me over. I really like the easiness of the bite-spout and feel that I can easily drink more water this way. It's very inexpensive and I know I'll have this for a long time.
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on June 18, 2006
So how could anyone get so excited about a water bottle? Good question, I will be sure to ask my therapist this next week. In the meantime, read on: CamelBak hit a MAJOR home run with this one. I have purchased *way* too many water bottles in the past (just ask my wife), but this is far and away the best one. It feels so solidly built and really is leakproof (provided you put a non-carbonated drink in it -- and no offense, but if you put a carbonated drink in a water bottle and think it's not gonna leak, sign up for Chemistry 101 RIGHT NOW). One of the reviews on Camelbak's website called it the "Grown-Up Sippy Cup" and that is what it is. Great great product. Can't miss with this one.
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on June 3, 2007
'Made like they used to'! This is an extremely well-made, high tech yet basic, highly functional, durable water bottle. Super easy to use & to clean! VERY durable thick-walled polycarbonate does NOT impart any plastic taste to your water. Other reviewers have commented amply on the drink nozzle method, so I'll mention some of it's other features. My favorite is the finger loop holder. There's a very sturdy/solid ring, which you just hook your finger through to carry the bottle. Great when your hands are full with sports bags/shopping bags/keys/whatever, & all you can spare is a pinky or thumb to carry one more thing. Also, I've gone back & forth in my mind about this 16 oz size vs. the next size up (24 oz.). I imagine that hard-core excersizers would opt for the larger bottle. I like this smaller (16 oz.) size because:

A) The bottom/base of the bottle is tapered to fit into car cupholders; and fits easily into my handbag &/or my child's backpack/sportsbag, whether for LaCrosse, Soccer, or Skiing/Skating etc. (& is not so heavy as a filled 24 ouncer)...With absolute confidence that it's truly leak-proof!

B) 16 oz. is plenty of water or juice to start with & can be refilled when needed- honestly if I'm physically active for several hours, 24 oz of water isn't going to be enough anyway! I bring along an entire extra 1/2 gallon sized thermos of water if I'm going to be out/away from water access for an afternoon (ie hiking);

C) This 16 oz size works well for both adults & children. ALSO a big plus not mentioned often enough, is that these amazing water bottles are made to hold BOTH hot & cold liquids- so it's great during the winter as an absolute no-slill coffee cup, hot cider, etc. Certainly nowhere is this water bottle advertised as capable of holding boiling liquid temps, but a hot cup of coffee, broth, hot cocoa, & cider have all worked just fine! The wide mouth of the bottle makes it easy to fill & easy to clean. The easiest way to clean this water bottle is to just rinse it out thoroughly immediately upon getting back home.

Also not empahzised enough are the incredible hues- the colors are very vivid & great for men & women (obviously with the exception of the pink). I'm ordering a bunch in preparation for the's turned out to be my entire family's favorite water bottle, so rather than having everyone argue over who gets the few CamelBak today, I'm just buying a bunch. Buy now while they're available, whatever size you select (it comes in even larger sizes too- 32 oz). One size is already out of stock. I think the 24 oz is the most popular size, but for personal reasons outlined above, we prefer the 16 oz size. Lastly, this is the ONLY TRULY LEAK-PROOF water bottle I've EVER owned! Just flip the spout/nozzle entirely closed to make absolutely sure. Bottom line- Best water bottle EVER!
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on April 18, 2008
SHIBUYA!! and no I'm not talking about the place in Japan.
This bottle is amazing. No leakage from the plastic, none of that plastic taste which leads me to believe I am drinking pure water and none of the bottle/plastic is coming off into the container. Bite gaurd means fluids won't escape the have to bite down on the "teet" in order for any fluid to get out of the bottle. You have the option to use the straw (which I prefer to use so I don't have to turn the bottle upside down to draw the last amounts of water out). Both parts are sold separately so in the off chance you actually destroy either, it's easily replaceable without buying an entirely new bottle. I take this everywhere (I drink water all the time, all day) - the office, the car, the gym, the track...I even go to sleep with this - NO LIE. It never spills anywhere and instead of running the humidifier all night - I just make sure I drink water whenever I even come close to feeling thirsty. I don't even use glasses anymore - this bottle has replaced the need to use anything else. I fill this up several times a day. Easy to clean, looks sleek aka "madd cool" (i have the gray/black bottle) and extremely durable - I've dropped it at a 1/4 full on concrete and all it had was minor scratches that only I notice. My friend has dropped his consistently and he told me every time he thinks it's going to be broken - he ends up loving the bottle even more because it outlasts every clumsy and unobservant move of his. I'm going to get two more. One as a back-up if I ever lose this one, and the other just because I love this bottle.
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