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on September 18, 2012
Be carefull ordering this product. I ordered the free trial bottle and no where did I see that I was signing up for continuous re-orders if I did not cancel in two days. I have not even taken half the trial bottle and they have already charged my card the full price for another bottle. So far I have not noticed any improvement from my urinary problems. If anything, they seem to be getting worse. I called and cancelled my automatic shipment, but was told that the product had already shipped and I could not get reimbursed for it without shipping it back when I received it which I will have to pay the shipping cost on. I would not recommend this product.
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on September 13, 2012
When I ordered this product I really thought that the product would do at least what the ads claimed. But not only was I wrong about the product, but was placed on an auto-ship list in which you sent the pills each month and charged 30.00. So in addition to the product not being able to provide any relief from the effects of an aging prostrate, I found it a nightmare trying to get removed from the auto-ship program. I finally had to have my card number cancelled and receive a new card or they'd still be billing me.

I would caution anyone contemplating buying this product to beware. I purchased this supplement in a attempt at finding some measure of relief, and all I received was grief and frustration. Super Beta Prostrate has totally failed to provide any relief for what it claimed to fix, nor will their customer service help in removing your name from their auto-bill list. So in my opinion, Super Beta Prostrate belongs on consumer watch list, the list for Miracle Cure products or snake oil sales list. I hope no other desperate people buy this and have to go through what I did. This not only a complete waste of money, but seeing as how they won't take you off their auto-ship list, something much worse.
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on August 31, 2012
Some people seem to like this product and others, the majority appear to find it useless. whatever the case, its manufactured and distributed by Roger Mason who is promoted as a "renowned research chemist." Well, that's the first fraud I found in this promotion which has been going on for a decade. I did some research and found that Mason's only qualification at all was 20 years in the federal pen for selling dangerous drugs through networks of teenage junior and senior high school students. Also alarming is he has used a series of fronts to hid his activities and launder his huge drug profits. Its all available for you to check out. Just search for Roger W. Mason criminal history and its all available for you to evaluate. By the way, federal prosecutor's, in asking for a life sentence (they got 20 years plus 10 years parole) for Mason provided evidence he was directly responsible for the deaths of 12 children who took his drugs. You want to be the next victim? All you have to do is order Super Beta Prostate without any lab certification on what this mass murderer has put into it. This product does not work, it should not be allowed to be sold to anyone and needs to be removed.
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on August 29, 2012
I too was hoping that Super Beta would alleviate my trips to the bathroom at night (just like the commercial says); however, I found that there was no improvement at all. Thanks goodness I only paid for processing and shipping.
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on February 18, 2012
I was really hoping this product would do what was claimed; to alleviate my frequent rushed trips to the bathroom. Sadly this was not the case. In fact, in addition to its failure to provide any relief from the effects of an aging prostrate, while I was taking the supplement I developed a severe case of constipation that turned into another problem that had to be addressed using additional treatments; the timing being much too coincidental to be anything but an unexpected and undesirable negative side-effect of taking the supplement.

Weak urine flow and frequent anxious trips to the bathroom have greatly hindered my lifestyle. So I purchased this supplement in a desperate attempt at finding some measure of relief. I can only speak from my personal experience. In my case, Super Beta Prostrate has been a total failure in providing any relief for what it claimed to fix. Also, be warned that it can produce an unwanted side-effect that is not mentioned anywhere in their advertisements or on the product label.

In my opinion, Super Beta Prostrate belongs on the list with the rest of the Miracle Cure products that for centuries have been hawked to desperate people who would buy anything to find a cure for a debilitating condition. This was a complete waste of money.
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on February 7, 2013
Great commercial... does nothing of what it promises.
Waste of money.
They are taking advantage of men in distress. I am one of their victims.
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on December 6, 2012
I'd been using saw palmetto for a couple years. Then I switched to Super Beta Prostate. At first, it seemed as good as saw palmetto, but then results deteriorated. It's much more expensive than saw palmetto, and my conclusion is that one is MUCH better off taking (over the counter) saw palmetto.
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on April 28, 2012
Tried just one bottle but I couldn't really detect any effect. i switched to Saw Palmetto soft gels. I take one in the morning and another at night. For me, there is a very noticeable effect, fewer trips to the bathroom at night, and a somewhat stronger urine flow. I will continue to use Saw Palmetto for the foreseeable future.
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on April 6, 2011
I have been using this for about 4 months now. I experienced, quick, effective results within a week of taking it - maybe 1 trip to the bathroom a night, as opposed to 3-4. I was very pleased. I am on my fouth bottle, and am noticing that it is suddenly not as effective. Actually began noticing this just after starting my second bottle. I am wondering if the first bottle, which I received free as a promotional offer, contains a higher dose of the key ingredient, while all subsequent bottles are "dosed down." Either way, I am considering trying something else. The company swears all bottles contain the same dose, but SOMETHING has changed, and, of course, the rep's job is to reassure me. He was much more interested in making me commit to a 6, 9 or even 12 month single purchase to "save me money." I am shopping around for something else.
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on January 22, 2012
Update: 2-12-2012: Some comments to my post were that "You bought them". In actuality, Super Beta Prostate was bought for me which is different than buying them. In any case, whether I bought them or they were purchased for me, two things still apply to these kinds of supplements: 1) Super Beta Prostate and similar kinds of "supplements" are sold and more importantly, advertised, as a product that will "in essence" cure your urinary problem. As I previously stated, there is no cure for BPH (the non-cancerous form of prostate enlargement causing urinary blockage). Which leads me to 2) there may be individuals that may be taking these kinds of supplements and that are subject to the Placebo effect - a well-documented phenomenon. Also, if one reads the bottle label on SuperBeta Prostate it warns that if you are pregnant or nursing to consult a physician before taking. Well, it's news to me that women would be taking something for their prostates which I didn't know they had - unless of course, men can also become pregnant, too. If any woman does indeed have a prostate she would or should be the talk of the medical community of the world and be entered into the Guinness book of records. How can a supposedly serious product designed for men who DO have a prostate have such a stupid warning label.

However, if anyone has been taking SuperBeta Prostate and is reporting positive results more power to them - but they better see a medical doctor and urologist just to be certain they don't have a more serious condition that is not being addressed. And I don't know of any serious medical doctor or urologist that would recommend such a "supplement" to treat a real urinary blockage such as BPH.

ORIGINAL POST: I have been using Super Beta Prostate and quite simply it does not work for me: I'm not a doctor but I will give you some serious advice: If you have really serious prostate issues which are that you do not completely empty your bladder, stream is weak and starts, stops, takes long to start, dribbles afterwards, and you get up frequently during the night (referred to as Nocturia), then stop playing doctor with your health because you have a serious medical condition - YOU NEED TO BE EVALUATED BY A GOOD UROLOGIST.

While a number of people may react favorably (they may not have real BPH, and then there's the placebo effect) to a supplement like SuperBeta prostate, the fact of the matter is that BPH (Benign Prostastic Hyperplasia) or worse, prostate cancer, share many of the same symptoms.


However, even if your condition is the non-cancerous BPH, do not be fooled into thinking it is any less serious. If your blockage is severe it can cause you to develop urinary tract infections, and worse, cause kidney problems later. If your kidneys fail or sustain damage it could kill you later even though the BPH is not cancer - in effect the BPH is causing serious complications that can be life threatening.

So even though the "B" in BPH stands for "benign", BPH is by no means a benign condition that you can ignore and take supplements to treat in the hope that it will cure the condition because there is no cure for BPH.

Current medical knowledge shows that all men's prostates enlarge over time. The older you get the larger your prostate becomes - plain and simple. Some men are lucky enough to never have an issue with urination while others are not. If you have BPH (and not prostate cancer) the issue becomes at what rate your prostate is enlarging and whether it is enlarging in a way that it's closing down your Urethra which will then block the flow of urine from your bladder. However, even though BPH is not prostate cancer, treatment for BPH is just as serious requiring either just prescription drugs that shrink the prostate, or a combination of prescription drugs (that do work) and/or surgery.

Surgery can take a number of forms and ranges from laser surgery, often referred to "minimally invasive", to the more extensive type known as a complete "open prostatectomy" where most of the prostate is surgically removed to clear the blockage. What kind of treatment you get depends on your particular condition and will depend on how severe the blockage is. In either case, whether your particular BPH is mild, or severe, it's not something that should be fooled around with.

There are few drugs that really do work: Most drugs do not address the actual cause of the enlargement but have been found to relax the large smooth muscles and so make urination easier. Two drugs Proscar (Finasteride), and Avodart (Dutasteride) - these are real drugs that require a prescription. Of the two Avodart was designed to work on the cause of the prostate enlargement which has been identified to be the conversion of testosterone into dehydrotestosterone. Avodart actually blocks the conversion of testosterone into dehydrotestosterone and so attempts to act on the cause of the condition. In effect, by blocking the conversion process the prostate shrinks or its rate of growth is severely reduced.

However, whether Avodart (Dutasteride) or any other drugs will work depends on your particular condition and how the drug interacts with your physiology. In most of the clinical trials of Dutasteride it was found to work in shrinking the prostate and significantly improving symptoms.

If you have a real case of BPH (and not prostate cancer or some other condition like prostatis) you basically have two paths to take with treatment: 1) non-surgical, and depending on the nature of your blockage 2) surgical.

The non-surgical approach is usually the administration of drugs such as Proscar and Avodart (Dutasterid). If you are given drug treatment the preferred drug is Avodart simply because it acts on the very cause of the enlarging prostate.

What you should also be aware of is that short of removing the prostate, the prostate doesn't stop growing, even with the use of Avodart. So while Avodart can provide serious relief, you may find that after a long time with drug treatment your prostate has grown to a size where it now requires more serious action - like surgery. And if that's the case you really don't want to be fooling around do you?

To those that really do have BPH and are not keen on taking drugs and also think supplements are the best way to go let me ask you this: If you had a blockage in a heart valve you wouldn't be taking supplements in the hope that it would actually clear the heart valve, would you? I don't think so, because you'd have a serious medical condition that would warrant serious medical attention.

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