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740 of 757 people found the following review helpful
on September 5, 2010
I'm an ER nurse and we use temporal artery thermometers in our ER. They are much more accurate than underarm or in the ear, although the gold standard is a rectal temperature, which can be upsetting to children.
I actually wrote my Master's research paper on these thermometers, and here are a few tips in order to use them accurately:
1. run the thermometer from forehead (above the eye) all the way into the hairline. DO NOT LIFT the thermometer at all!!!
2. repeat this 2 more times
3. take the HIGHEST of the 3 readings. It is always important to take the HIGHEST as it is most accurate. There is a chance it didn't read right on the artery so it wouldn't be as high, which is why it is best to do 3 readings.
4. clean the head of the thermometer with a Q-tip and some alcohol occasionally to help it read accurately.
5. If your child is sweaty, the sweat dries off quickly and cools their skin temperature, so it isn't as accurate! In this case, it is better to run the thermometer over their carotid artery on their neck- off to the side of the voicebox. Run the thermometer side to side, and not up and down.
If you follow all of these steps, this thermometer is quick, easy and very accurate. I highly recommend it over any other form of temperature taking for young children.
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524 of 535 people found the following review helpful
on January 21, 2007
I got this as a gift and LOVE it!!

2 of my kids have small ear canals and have frequent ear infections so we can not use the ear thermometer (you can't use it on kids under 1 anyway). And waiting for a rectal reading on a squrimy baby was a challenge

I was shocked to read bad reviews on another site. My husband had some problems at first (like these people's complaints) but I figured out that he was pulling it away from our kids head and was still holding down the button for a second, which was then adding to the calculations the room temperature. Depending on how long he continued to hold it down after pulling it away, it really made the temperatures flucuate. My readings would only vary by .1-.2 degrees.

So Practice a couple times when you first get it. (Across the forehead, down the temple and stop infront of the ear). BEFORE YOU PULL IT UP, LET GO OF THE BUTTON!!!. It will beep as soon as you let the button go and has your reading. It takes some practice to be really quick (our peditricion is super quick, but they practice dozens of times a day).

If the forhead is sweaty you can also just hold it for a second or so behind the ear, but again wait for the beep before pulling away.

Our kids don't mind
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189 of 205 people found the following review helpful
on October 27, 2007
I will admit it. I am a gadget junkie.

We have a Braun tympanic thermometer that I received as a baby gift. While I really liked it a lot, I had to wait until my preemie was older and had bigger ear holes to use it on her. Also, ear infections skew the readings on those things. And finally, you have to get those crazy probe covers which are just a pain.

After going to the Dr.'s office and being "swiped" by the professional version of the Exergen Temporal Artery thermometer, I felt like I just HAD to look into the home version. Since it is a Flexible Spending Account eligible item, I decided to give it a go.

Many of the reviews I had read stated that this thermometer read "low". Well, I pulled it out of the package and tested it on myself. 96.4. Over and over. I almost screamed, then started pulling on the frosted piece of plastic at the business end of the thermometer, and voila! Turns out that you have to take the protective cover off the tip in order for it to there you go for all the skeptics out there.

The only con that I have on this product is that it is kind of awkward to hold-you are supposed to touch this thing to the middle of the forehead and then press and hold the button until you are done scanning. With a squirming baby, it takes REAL coordination to pull that off. But it works great for people who are being still, and even better if you are taking your own temperature.

Other than this one small drawback, I LOVE this thing and would recommend!
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69 of 80 people found the following review helpful
on June 13, 2012
Just follow the directions....

I have only had this for about 2 hours now, but I have quickly been able to get it to read accurate and consistent temperatures. If I can work out all the "new owner" errors fast, then you can easily get it to work as well.

Key points I have already discovered by testing it and reading the manual (some others have also written the same things in their reviews).

1. Feel free to lift this away from the skin and then place back on the skin.
Feel free to readjust your angle in the middle of the measurement.
Feel free to scan your kids head, deal with them squirming, then continue to measure when they stop squirming.

Just make sure you hold the button down the whole time!!!! This is not rocket science! I have zero idea why a lot of the negative reviews claim that you get inaccurate results if you lose contact with the skin. People......seriously......this thing measures thousands of times per second and records the highest temp for the entire time you hold the button. As soon as it sees a higher temp compared to earlier in the scan, that higher temp is what it remembers. The directions even support this and claim you can measure the forehead, keep the button pressed, lift it off the head, then measure behind the ear to confirm you have the highest temp.

2. It beeps quickly as it detects higher and higher temperatures. It beeps slowly when it is just measuring and not finding increasing temperatures. I have found that if you just scan from one side of the forehead to the a straight line, you will hear it beep fast until you get around about where your nose is, then it just beeps slow for the other half of your head. That makes perfect sense to me since it finds your high temp in the first half of the scan, and then the second half is just confirmation that you got enough samples to find an accurate temp. Hey....if you are paranoid that it is not getting enough samples, feel free to scan back and forth a few times holding the button. It will keep looking for a higher temp thousands of times per second.

3. Some people complained that their unit looked old or that the battery that came with it was expired and therefore the unit must have been packaged years ago. The battery that came with mine is dated 4/2012 and expires in 2016. So......if the battery was made in April of 2012 and it is now June 2012.....logic shows that Amazon is shipping units that were packaged at most 3 months old. That is amazing! Especially since these are name brand batteries and I assume they did not get produced and then instantly packaged with this thermometer. They took some time to go from Duracell factory to the thermometer factory, then to me as the consumer.

4. Finally, it is true that the thermometer needs to have had time to acclimate to the room temp. When I first got it from the mailbox and used it, it was not reading accurate. When I let it sit in my house for an hour, it magically started being accurate.

As I said in my first sentence..... Just follow the directions.... :)
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on December 15, 2009
My husband picked this up at [...] several months ago because my girls keep getting ear infections & fevers and waking a sleeping baby to take their temperature is not a smart thing to do & makes for even grumpier babies. I think my girls were around 4 months old when we got this-they are now almost 14 months, I use this on a regular basis & it DOES work and is pretty darn accurate. NOTHING is as accurate as a rectal thermomemer.

You do need to use this several times until you get the hang of it. My husband and I tried it on ourselves, eachother & both our girls several times and in the first day we knew how to use it. No, this probably won't give you the exact same number everytime you do it but you're probably not putting it in the exact same place or for the exact same amount of time, etc. But you don't need the exact temperature, IF you do this correctly you will have a close enough idea IF they have a fever.

I keep this on our changing table and normally several times a week I take my girls temperatures. Why? For one thing it gives me an idea of what their normal temperature is, my girls LOVE when I do it(they get excited when I get it out) and I know exactly how to do it.

IF you have this & can't get it to work correctly or want to make sure you are using it correctly, take it to your childs DR or your DR and have them show you how to use it properly.

I recommend having this & a rectal thermometer for babies/toddlers because that is the most accurate way to check their temperature. If the Exergen says my girls have a fever over 101 then I always check it with a rectal thermometer as well to make sure I know their exact temps. Like about a month ago one of my girls had a consistently high fever for days, a couple hours after I layed her down I took the Exergen to check her temp because she felt hot, it was over 103 so I woke her up to take her temp rectally and it was 104.9(I recommend Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer)

I think this is AWESOME & VERY EASY TO USE!!

My girls have always HATED getting their temperature taken under the arm. They don't mind the Exergen or Rectal though.
review image review image
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240 of 306 people found the following review helpful
on December 12, 2007
Had tried lots of other thermometers and thought this was the best thing since apple pie for the same reasons everyone else says (easy, consistent, fast, etc.), especially since my daughter has febrile seizures and we monitor her for any sign of fever. We were so happy with it that we threw away our other thermometers, and bought it as gifts for other friends with kids. But it was inconsistent when we needed it - when my daughter had a fever.

Apparently it becomes inconsistent with the slightest forehead moisture which of course happens with a fever. It did not register the correct temperature making it difficult to know what was happening with my daughter's fever. We were not aware her temperature was as high as it was and she had a febrile seizure.

We threw it away and now use the Braun thermoscan for the past 3 years which provides the best readings and consistency of any thermometer we have tried.
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131 of 166 people found the following review helpful
on April 5, 2007
The Exergen has to be the best baby product invented. Ever been awake wondering how high your feverish sleeping child's temp is but afraid to wake her checking? No problem!

The ONLY complaint (which still doesn't prevent me from giving this product a 5 rating) is that there is no backlight. You have to move to a lit area in the dark to read the result. Also, when first using, it is best to test your scanner when there is no fever. I find that 98.6 is not always a consistent baseline. Learn each person's base temp before the fever begins.

IMPORTANT - if the patient has a hot forehead due to sunburn and you suspect a fever developing, use another non-forehead means to double check. We gave our child fever-reducing medicine only to realize the "sunstroke fever" turned out to be heat from sunburn on the skin itself. Apply some aloe vera, wait, and then check when the skin has had a chance to recover a bit. Double check with alternate thermometer.

Of course, I also find that the "lip test" is great too. An old pro taught it to me. If you touch your lips to your child's forehead, you can easily tell if the heat you felt with your hand is fever or just a warm body. I can almost as accurately predict the temperature with the lip test, but always use my Exergen forehead scan to confirm. :)
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67 of 86 people found the following review helpful
on October 19, 2009
This has got to be the worst most innaccurate thermometer I have ever daughter was sick and I had taken her temp with it while she was in bed sleeping, I got a reading of 105.9...I nearly passed out, knowing a high fever like this is very dangerous,so I packed her up and took her to the Emergency Room at 6 in the morning thinking I had a real emergency with a child who had a very high fever, they took her temperature as soon as we got there and got a reading of 102.2, they had asked me why I thought her temp was almost 106, I explained to them that I had taken it at home at that is what the thermometer read. They then asked me what type of thermometer I was using, I told them that I was using the Exergen temporal forehead thermometer. Well, my husband, luckily had put the thermometer in my purse before I had left, and the nurses suggested that I take her temp again with the Exergen thermomter just curious to see what it would read we took her temp again and it had still read 105.9, so the nurse there brought me a brand new 9 volt battery for the thermometer, we put the new battery in took her temp again....105.9 again!!!!!!! I took my temp with it, it read 103.5, I WAS NOT SICK, and had a normal reading on the hospitals thermometer, so needless to say the hospital officials explained to me that they would not suggest anyone buy this thermometer, because they are NOT accurate, and they suggest either the ear thermometers or the digitals. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT!!!!
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on June 16, 2008
I just purchased the Exergen Temporal thermometer today from Walmart. My son had not been feeling well and I had finally had it with my Braun tympanic (ear) thermometer. I never felt like I could get an accurate reading. I am an RN, and we have been using the Exergen Temporal thermometer (professional model) for years.
When used correctly, it really does give an accurate reading. Using this model does take a bit of practice, but after a few tries you should get the hang of it. What I love about it is that you can take a temp. when your child is sleeping.
As other reviewers have noted, you press the button after the thermometer is touching the forehead and you let go of the button BEFORE you take it off. By the way, at work we were taught to "rub" the thermometer across the forehead and bring it down in front of the ear and stop at the bottom of the earlobe. If you look at the diagram on the back of the package, this is the route of the temporal artery. I have tried both methods, and both readings were nearly identical.
Of course being a nurse, I do have 2 digital thermometers at home (one for rectal temp. and one for oral temp). My Exergen temporal thermometer will be my first choice when taking a temperature on my kids, and I am sure they will appreciate it over the other choices ;)
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35 of 45 people found the following review helpful
on February 8, 2008
I bought the Exergen based on the rave reviews here. I'll give the manufacturer the benefit of the doubt here and suggest that maybe I got a bum unit, but I doubt it. It seemed to function OK, but it didn't even begin to live up to my expectations.

I read the instructions carefully, and even looked up other tips as to how to use it properly on the web. The best readings I got were when I placed it on the forehead over one eye, dragged it slowly over to above the other eye, continuing over and down to the temple, then straight down the side of the face, stopping in front of the ear, with the whole process taking maybe 5 seconds. Whatever you do, don't press the button until the unit is in full skin contact, and you should release the button before removing the unit from skin contact.

That was maybe the 10th process I used and it was the most consistent, maybe +/- 1 degree F or so. Even so, every 3rd reading or so I'd get a +/- 2 F outlier, and so couldn't really trust it without some statistical evidence, hence the need for 5 or so readings to get any kind of feel for the real temp. Sorry, that's not good enough for me. Good try though.

Beyond the problems I experience with accuracy, the unit could be improved in other ways. The angle of the head is crazy, and prevents you from ever knowing if it is positioned squarely on the skin. Exergen, please remove the angle from the head! The erratic beeps given off during measurement are confusing, and after using it maybe 300 times I still have no idea what they were trying to tell me - and I'm no technophobe (not by a long shot). Finally, the activation button is too rubbery, and too prone to accidental release, and this combined with the cryptic beeping makes for a very frustrating user experience.

I ended up giving my unit away to a friend who has kids. He's almost got his PhD, so maybe he can figure out how to get accurate results from it. I'd recommend you avoid this and give the Thermofocus a try. I haven't actually tried that unit, but at least it doesn't require skin contact, and it's hard to believe it could be any worse than the Exergen.
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