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on December 30, 2011
I bought this as a Christmas present after doing much research. I was looking for a laserjet vs. inkjet, required wireless networking support, a decent sized paper input tray, (ideally a full ream, but negotiable), and of course, it had to be multi-function.

I purchased this one as a Christmas gift, and have had it setup & running for a few days now. Setup was very easy and took less than 15 minutes. It found my wireless network and I was able to configure it easily. I did get momentarily confused during setup as the process directed you to update the firmware to get the latest/greatest functionality and to enable ePrint. But the printer wasn't listed in the printers supporting ePrint, which led me to a brief online chat session with HP's support. Essentially they directed me to ignore that step, and I was able to confirm that ePrinting was functional, (the ePrint logo on the control panel clearly indicates the printer supports ePrint - so the website is simply behind). There was a step in the setup process where I had to connect the printer via the USB cable, but that was removed in a later step, and the printer's functioning flawlessly on my wireless network now. I've updated a couple of laptops to add the printer, (via the control panel process, and pulling the driver off the internet using the Windows Update option during printer setup).

The ePrint setup was extremely easy as well - the printer generates a unique printer code, which it prints for you. You type in the code on the ePrint website and select a unique email address for your printer and you're done. I didn't read the fine print regarding how HP deals with any sensitive documents you send through their domain, but I don't anticipate using it for sensitive information anyway. You'll want to research that before sending anything really sensitive.

So far, I've been extremely pleased with the printer. It prints quickly, even when it's in sleep mode. I informally timed it, using the second hand of the Windows clock, and within 45 seconds of sending a 7 page newsletter-type document, (light graphics & text on every page), it was printing the first page, and the entire document was done about a minute later.

Copying is extremely easy, via the two front-panel buttons, (one for color, one for black & white). I haven't tried a multi-page job yet, but the document feeder works fine. The lid has a tendency to slam down when you're copying off-sized documents manually.

Scanning is great as well. The default install has an HP supplied product that will scan documents and import into PDF format or JPG formats. Multi-page support is included and is a breeze to operate. You can email or save as files directly from the interface. The purchase also includes a fully-functional version of Readiris Pro 12. This is a fully-functional OCR product that will save as MS Office formats as well. I've only tried Word thus far, and it was klunkier than I'd expected. The document was scanned in and saved as a Word doc, but when I attempted to open via Word I received several error messages about the file being corrupt prior to successfully opening the document. I'm not sure what happened there, as the error messages led me to believe it wouldn't work. Yet it did, so ... it bears some more watching. For my needs, the basic HP scanning product will probably be sufficient. If I use the Readiris software more, I'll update the review with any new observations.

And finally, it's nice that the printer's wireless, which means anyone can initiate scanning session without having to login to the "scanner pc" or whatever.

I would definitely recommend this printer to others, based on my usage thus far.
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on December 6, 2011
I did a lot of homework on many printers before I bought this. I was pleasantly surprised by the complete user experience. This machine is really terrific. It was easy to use, and easy to set up. (Note: I had a glitch setting up eprint, but the web page said somewhere that if you update the firmware first, then it would work, which it did. The documentation is on the sparse side, but it still went pretty smooth.) It prints via wifi, over the air, and it scans over the air too, which is really cool. The eprint (to print by sending the printer an email) had some delays some times.

BTW, Amazon does sell inexpensive toner refills (which I did not try yet myself, but t hey have good reviews.) So this should keep operating costs down.

It is just an absolute pleasure to use, and it gets the job done, easy and quick. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase, and I am buying this for my office colleagues as well.
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on May 6, 2012
No complaints about the print quality. It plods methodically along and (eventually) spits out nice-looking pages, no mistaking that. But if you are looking for an All-in-One, this is NOT it. Reviews on other sites about this exact model, that say this machine faxes, are inaccurate. It prints, copies, and scans. Period. Nicely, but that's all. This machine has no more fax capability than any other average scanner that can scan to files, so you can then "send e-faxes" by actually sending your scanned files as email attachments to/through a paid email-to-fax service such as eFAX, which converts and delivers your files as faxes to the recipient's fax machine. HP tries to make up for the lack of fax capability of this machine, by having some arrangement with the eFAX company to allow its printer owners to send 20 outgoing and receive 20 incoming e-faxes per month for free (there is an extra charge for more faxes than that, but I don't know how much). Problem is, when I went to the HP eprint center site to set up eFAX for this printer, I got a message that says this printer model does not support Apps and therefore cannot be used with eFAX (which doesn't make much sense -- I mean, what is ePrinting or Air Printing from an iphone, if not an app?).

So it looks like I'm back to square one when it comes to faxing, i.e. just scanning to files, and sending email PDF files through an online mail-to-fax service. No biggie, as there are plenty of online fax services out there and I don't need to fax that often. But it's still a pain. I wish those tech reviewers on other web sites had paid better attention to what this machine really does, rather than assuming it faxes and saying it does. And I wish I had paid better attention to actual tech specs instead of taking their word for it!

Oh by the way, I have to add this little side note: I was surprised to see that the "low toner" warning kicks in a LOT sooner than it needs to. I don't know if that's good or bad. All I know is that the "Low black" warning, saying I had less than 50 pages left to print using black, kicked in more than 200 black-printed pages ago, and the quality still looks normal. We're talking pages of single- and double-spaced black type covering almost every page from top to bottom (not lots of black-heavy photos or pictures). So don't change your toner cartridge just because it tells you to. Wait until you actually need to.
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on September 9, 2012
I bought this HP printer on a Saturday and received it on a Wednesday. Like everything on Amazon I get my purchases very fast. I bought this color laser jet printer for deliability so hopefully it lasts a long time. I still have my old HP Laser jet printer from 5 years ago and finally need to replace the toner.

Once I got the printer out of the box and removed all the tape from it, it was time to set up. Other reviews had some minor problems hooking this printer up to their computer. It took me longer to get it out of the box and remove the tape then to set it up. Set up was very easy, 1 power cord, 1 USB cord, my computer, and paper, and in five minutes I was up and printing. The quality of the prints is very clear. This computer will be used mostly by my kids for their school projects.

A couple of weeks have gone by and after many prints I am amazed by the quality of the print. Having a wireless printer is way cool. I am very glad I made this purchase.

6 months later and my black toner says its low. I know it's only the demo cartridge so I am hoping the next cartridge lasts a little longer. This would be my only complaint. I found toner cartridges on Amazon for $43 but towards the bottom of the page found another company that sells them for half price. The reviews for Supplies Outlet were OK so I will see.

I bought the black toner cartridge from Supplies Outlet and wish now that I bought the HP toner refill. The Supplies Outlet toner cartridge lasted for about a month and now the quality of the print is terrible. My color is still great. I will stick with HP carridges from here on out.
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on November 13, 2011
I purchased this printer because its size is ideal for my limited office space. But I must caution buyers who receive a defective unit to immediately return it to the seller rather than involving HP Tech Support. In my case, the printer had a major print quality problem, so HP shipped a reconditioned replacement very promptly. That unit didn't initialize properly and failed to recognize the toner cartridges from the original one. After another call to another Tech Support representative, a second reconditioned unit arrived that had the same problem. After a final call to Tech support when the representative suggested that I purchase new cartridges to try (they would waive expedited shipping charges!) I decided to return the original printer to the seller for exchange with a new unit.

The replacement unit had no print quality problems but the HP Smart Install software that should be present in the printer had not been installed so I couldn't configure wireless networking following the rather sparse installation instructions. Although the unit functioned well as a USB connected printer, I could not get wireless networking configured because the E:\ drive to which the install directs you was "Not available". This had not been the case with the first unit; it networked properly. HP Tech support used remote access to load the software from the CD included with the printer (without instructions on running it) and that corrected the problem. They also considerately performed a second install on our other laptop and it tested correctly too.

This is a fairly new product (the four units I had were built in March or July 2011), so it is not surprising that some manufacturing defects are slipping by quality control. However, HP is not doing a very good job of collecting data via the Tech Support channel; most of those folks are not interested in diagnosing problems at all even when the customer is willing to provide information. For instance, I offered to provide copies of the original defective prints, but they were not interested. Likewise, they did not seem to attach any significance to the fact that the reconditioned units completed initialization in 10 seconds as opposed to the four minutes in the install documentation. One of these "script jockeys" even suggested that I purchase new toner cartridges (about $180) to try them in their reconditioned units.

None of this is to say that I don't like the unit I now have; it is performing quite well and is a perfect fit for my limited office space. Its scan, copy, and print functions very well and the wireless features work very well and avoids the medusa's head of cables and print sharing issues that made having his and hers PCs problematic.
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on July 19, 2012
I've always been a fan of HP printers, but some were ink 'soakers' and that's why I went w/ a Laserjet. It produces fabulous colors and the ink lasts forever!!! I'm thrilled that I made this selection!
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on October 13, 2012
I've owned this printer for about 6 months now.

The Good: color laser, quality is great, wireless scanning to Mac and Windows, and wireless printing from Mac, Windows, and iphone/ipad. It also has ability to print via email but i never used that feature.

The Not so Good: you get what you pay for... startup time is kind of long and loud, as is the "prep process" that the unit does before each job. Occasionally, printing a PDF document from my iPhone causes the printer to lock up and require a hard reboot. Printing to non-standard paper size is a pain, as you have to manually press "ok" on the printer after printing each page (even though i set the correct paper size on the computer, the printer kept saying "unexpected paper size"). Additionally, initial setup and then subsequent installation on any Windows PC's requires you to connect the PC to the printer via USB (but after that it works wirelessly). Once the printer is on the network, Mac installation does not require USB cable.

Conclusion: For around $300 (i paid $299 at Staples back in May 2012) its a great deal. Of course, like all printers these days, you pay for it in the ink/toner... and i do recommend HP toner over the cheaper knock-offs, which i have tried and don't work as well. I haven't yet purchased toner, but will soon. If you need a printer for everyone in the house to share, this is the one to get. Just keep in mind that it will probably last 2-3 years.
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on October 7, 2012
For a color laser printer in this price range, you would be hard pressed to find one with all of the features this one has. For everyday color graphics, F.P.O. proofs, initial client proofs, and charts, excellent quality. As a critical color semi-professional photographer, I still outsource my prints.
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on December 27, 2011
So far I have enjoyed this printer. It's very convenient and does very good scanning and copying. Printing quality is good. The only down side is the speed at which it prints. The wireless slows it down some, but the warming up and printing speed is somewhat slow. Other than that, very worth it.
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on December 22, 2011
it is teaching me patience. It can take almost a full minute to get your document. Changing toner will take you at least 3 minutes per cartridge. Scans like a champ, though. Good printer unless you are impatient or are in a hurry.
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