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on April 7, 2009
This product is a miracle. My hair had been falling out in gobs and I tried everything on the market to stop it. I am a woman and had horrible nightmares about waking up one morning and being as bald as my husband (some men look good bald, but for a woman, it's definitely not pretty!) I went to dermatologists and internists, but the cause was never resolved. I tried Rogaine for women, then rogaine for men (which did help a bit), special shampoos, change of diet, massive doses of vitamins...but still woke with more hair on my pillow than on my head. My current dermatologist suggested trying Biosil and/or Biotin. I took both. The results were amazing. The fallout ceased within a few weeks. I was thrilled! Later, I thought I might try going off the biosil/biotin to see if it might have been a temporary ailment caused by stress, diet, or just bad luck. Big mistake... the fallout came right back. So I will likely stay on the biotin/biosil combo forever. I don't want to take any chances...its not worth the trauma being bald. It takes a few weeks to get in your system so start as soon as you notice any unusual hair loss. And as a side benefit, my nails have grown longer for the first time in my life.. and my skin actually looks better too. Unexpected benefits. I do believe the liquid formula is absorbed faster than the capsules and is much cheaper in the long term. But the capsules are good for traveling and definitely more convenient. Be warned...the liquid does taste awful, but now I take it with mango juice and can't taste it at all. Try your favorite heavily flavored cold beverage. Experiment. Biosil is definitely worth a try if you find yourself with a hair loss problem. Highly recommend this product and the Biotin as well. Do go to a doctor first, as there may be another underlying cause that you may want to eliminate first. Good luck!
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on February 25, 2011
Update November 9th 2013 - new experiment Dr.Hauschka Neen hair oil and Neen scalp conditioner. I put the oil on the scalp and massage in the night before washing it. In the week since I started this I've had a drop off in my constant shedding. It feels great on the scalp. At the same time I've also started using Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo. My shedding has been reduced by half in the time I've used this new combination. It MIGHT have been because of the awful Rogaine shed has left little hair to fall out because it caused so much to prematurely shed during application. I will know in the next month or two but so far this feels so much better than drugs on my scalp. My terrible eye bags have decreased since stopping the rogaine. I will never use Rogaine again.

Update November 1st 2013 - Rogaine is a fail. Repeat, Rogaine was a fail for me. I developed terrible bags under my eyes and dark circles. Google Rogaine and you'll see others experienced this as well. I lost 1/2 inch from my ponytail during the initial Rogaine shed they warn you about. I'm fine with this. I sort have given up on having thick hair. I now just want it to be healthy and look okay.

I would only use Rogaine as a last resort but it aged me 7 years in 4 weeks. I'm slowly recovering and the puffy eyes are almost resolved.

UPDATE September 19th 2013 I started Rogaine for women. Will keep you posted but I now believe this is age related hair thinning that is not going to be fixed without this.

9/27/13 - my shedding has decreased by half. I don't pull out hair every time I touch my head or brush/comb since starting this. I'm only losing 30 hairs when I shower compared to 70+ before starting this product. It's doing something, even if I just lose less hair that's a good thing. Please not that all the advice and journal entries under this were my attempt to get the hair back I had in my 20's and 30's. Those measures helped but I've now come to realize that for me, most of this was age related hair thinning issues plus thyroid. This is helping with the age related hair thinning minoxidil or romaine. I wish I had started it years ago but I'm over the moon to have possibly found something that works. Will update again in 2014.

***The beginning 2011***
My hair is a mess. Thyroid meds, flat ironing all but destroyed it. I've started taking Biosil and it might seem crazy but already I have a bunch of hair coming in at the hairline after 1 week. I'm going to come back here and post again in a few months. Wish me luck!

p.s. my nails peel and break so lets see if this helps.


One Month In. Okay this is turning into a blog of sorts. Changes?

* I've noticed the hair around my hairline looks thicker and darker. I think it's looking darker because of it becoming thicker.

* Fast growth. Possibly. I'm keeping track of a section of my hair and it's between 1/2 to maybe 3/4 of an inch. It will be more obvious next month.

* Nails - growing faster, definitely. I'm having to file them... As for stronger I think it's too soon to tell as the new growth hasn't made it to the end of the tips

* Skin - YES! there is a difference. Husband and a girlfriend who is honest both say it's looking better. It feels softer and after using a bunch of products on it for the past 3 years cause I'm getting older I have to say I've cut back to this, a hydrating face cream and occasionally Ret A. for discoloration and outbreaks. I like the way it feels most of all. Moist.

Be back next month.


9 weeks in

The nails are no longer peeling but they are still snapping. I'm happy with how they are as it's an improvement.

The hair:

* Not growing fast but I think there is new growth around the hairline which is getting longer.

* I think it's looking thicker

* when I pull it into a ponytail it does feel a bit thicker at the base.

* the hair loss rate with biotin is I think less and my husband said it looks thicker at the hairline.

The Skin:

* I've been rather tired lately but I do believe the fine wrinkles are looking better. The serious frown line I have needs more botox which really makes a difference.

April 30th 2011

* I think this works. For the skin, yes the difference is there. It wont make you wrinkle free but just reduce what you have and hopefully make the skin look fresher.

* Hair. Still to soon to tell but the hair feels thicker when I pull it into a ponytail. Could be my imagination. It's looks thicker in the first 1 to 1 1/2 inches around the hairline now. In another 4 months I'll know if this really works on the hair.

* nails, still snapping off but the best they have been in over 12 months.

What I'm taking as well as this

* Biotin
* Fish Oil (New Chapter)
* Calcium (New Chapter)

good luck everyone.

To tell you the truth. Even if I only saw at most a 5% improvement in the quality and quanitity of my hair I'd buy it. I love longer hair and I hope that this will allow me to grow better quality hair.

May 14th 2011


I now have the longest and strongest nails in years. No more peeling and evening the snapping has tapered off. Since I know how fast nails grow from root to tip and since once the nail is outside of the nail bed is it essentially dead then this makes sense that it has taken so long to achieve the stronger, longer nails.

Okay this is going to sound strange but I think I might need to get a manicure every two weeks if this keeps up as I hate shaping nails. Never had to before.

Hair - Improvement

There is more hair everywhere and up to about 1.5 inches/2 inches of new growth all over, maybe more. It feels like it's suddenly growing longer and I can see that if this keeps up I will actually have the thicker, stronger hair I've been dreaming about since the thyroid meds destroyed the quality. A light at the end of the tunnel. As I said before in this blog it's going to take at least a year or more for the old damaged hair to be cut out (while still keeping the length) and the new to really show me if this has done the amazing job I think it has.

I'll log back here in August or a bit before and post about how it's going.

p.s. My husband is amazed at how youthful I'm looking. He said it's like I took 5 to 7 years off my age.

June 7th, 2011

I washed my hair at the gym and noticed that all over my head there is this weird hair. It's about 2 inches long. I mean we grow new hair all the time but this is a whole bunch of extra hair all over about 2 inches long. I do believe it's working! Week 16 now according to my google calendar on biosil, biotin and evening primrose oil. My nails are so long I've had to adjust my typing style.

Hair: 2 inches of growth all over. My own hair is about 4 inches past my shoulders so this is going to take a year or so before I see just how thick it will feel. Already the base of my pony tail does feel better. Husband is commenting it looks 'thick' the overall effect. I pulled out a grey hair and the base was way thicker than the end of it - the length of this grey was about 3 inches.

I'm taking 10 drops twice a day btw. Double the recommended does but no side effects.


It looks fabulous for a woman in her mid 40's. Very happy. The creams I put on seem to work better.

Nails - well as said above it's insane, from a woman who could never grow them to people making comments. They are not super strong but strong for me. No more peeling, hardly snapping.

pdate August 26th, 2011

It's getting harder to remember to take it twice a day. Sometimes I miss one but I figure that's okay.

Nails - have to file them every couple of days because of chips and length issues. Never had those before because they peeled. Nails I've discovered are hard work and I'm thinking of just getting a manicure once a week to file them down and keep them in shape.

Hair - I think it's growing fast. Had another inch cut off last week. Here's the thing. I had a TON of shedding before I started this. That hair doesn't suddenly come back. Everything I've read has said Biotin is best for stopping the shedding (I'm on that as well) and Biosil for hair thickness and if it's doing to my hair shafts what it's doing to my nails then the layers on the hair shaft must be strong, tighter and thicker.

Nails are made up of layers and the cutical on the hair shaft is as well. IF you have peeling nails like I did then the cuticle on the hair shaft will also be weak and prone to lifting. The tighter, harder and thicker these cuticles are on the hair shaft the more it can take, the more it will shine. If you're not sure what I'm talking about then google "Hair shaft and heat damage". It will show up close the cuticle on the shaft. You want that to stay healthy, flat and tight.

Because my hair is still down to about my bra strap it's going to be 1 to 2 years before what's been growing on my head is down there.

The hair on my hair appears thicker and you can't see through it. The base of my braid is thicker. The ends which are pre Biosil and Biotin are frayed and a bit ratty. I should just cut it all off to the tops of my shoulders. I'm thinking about it. That way I'll see the full results sooner.

Skin. Still feels good and I think it's still doing well for my age but you know, when you're not that many years off 50 you appreciate any positive change lol.

October 2011 - 8 months in.


My nails snapped when I flew out to Australia to visit family. I was rushing, the bags where heavy the flight very drying. What's happening.

I've noticed that my nails have weak areas and strong areas. The improvement is there and they do grow long now (yay) but sometimes they are more prone to snapping. Was this because I forget to take my biosil and biotin? Not sure.

Visited my sister and she said she spotted the fact I had botox right off the bat when I got off the plane. BUT she thought I had it around my eyes as I had way less crows feet than she did. She is my younger sister. Also I noticed that the back of her hands that the skin was thinning and dry compared to mine. It might just be we are different but I'd like to think the biosil and biotin I've been taken have added to my collagen and that's why me, the older sister, is holding up okay. Oh, biosil has NOT gotten rid of the bags under my eyes lol.


My new hair feels smoother. I have joined the "Long Hair Community" boards. I HIGHLY recommend them for anyone wanting to grow their hair long and in the best condition. I'm sure it's a combination of the biosil and learning how to treat my hair but I'm having good hair days now. This is an improvement! What I do:

* Satin pillow slip (available here on amazon)
* No sulfate shampoo or silcone in it
* I put conditioner from the ears down then shampoo just the roots. I stretch the days out.
* I condition the entire length after I shampoo
* Shea butter is my friend for my skin, nails and hair. I get an organic locally made one with lavender in it.
* Braid my hair to sleep.
* No blowdrying or any heat products.
* Finger comb hair in shower and after. Then use wide toothed comb. Keeping brushing to a min.

Okay, I'm obsessed! What I hope to achieve is longer hair in the best condition possible.

Good luck to everyone.

Update April 2012

* I was spotty with taking this supplement after about Sept 2011. But I kept taking my biotin which I think helped.

Okay so we are now about 1 1/2 years into this experiment. I was told by a woman who is a skin specialist that she thought I had very good skin for my age. My boss and I are the same age and she has a ton of lines. That is genetic in part for both of us but I do think Biosil helped me with fine lines. NOTHING is going to stop aging except death lol but this might give you a 10% boost on top of what you can achieve with just good genes.

My current hair routine:

* satin pillow slip
* tangle teaser brush (love it for the feel on the scalp)
* Mostly wide tooth comb out my hair, never brush when wet
* Conditioner only washes sometimes if it's getting frizzy. The way to make this work is use a sulfate free cond. like Loreal or Aussie 3 minute miracle. Put it on your hair 20 min to 30 min before washing. THIS gets rid of the buildup in the hair and makes it super soft. If you just use cond. only in the shower it doesn't have time to clean the hair.
* A few drops of oil. No more than 4 when it's feeling dry after washing it.
* I blow dry it if I'm going out somewhere special but not on high heat.

My hair. The first 6 plus inches feels good but the hair in places is so fine. This is new. INFO. Hormones in women during their 40's can effect hair. I think this is my current problem. Yes, the biosil helped here but what I think mightmake more of a different is Monistat cream rubbed in once a day. WHY? you ask thinking I'm losing it. Look at this [...] If this link doesn't work then go to you tube and search for "Vaginal cream monistat 7 grow hair?(does it work?)" It might work because it effects the hormone receptors in the air folicle. The hormones which make men lose hair and women to have shrinking folicles is the same. Testosterone effects hair. I'm hoping the monistat cream will do this for me:

* Turn off the hormones effecting my hair as I'm hitting my mid 40's. This might, might increase the diameter of my hair shaft. I have pulled out hair that is 18 inches long and you can see that my hair shaft is thinning. This experiement in hair started 3 weeks ago and I'll keep you posted.

Remember. ANY changes you make to your hair routine, biosil, biotin, not using heat or even monistat will take a min. of 3 months but more likely 6 to 12 months before you see a difference.

I'm in this for the long haul. Biosil and biotin have given me lovely nails, nicer skin and hopefully better hair. Only 7 plus inches of biosil and biotin hair have grown in so it's still too early to tell how this will all work out. But I have now a bunch of hair on my head and since I started using the Monistat, I've stopped a bunch of hair. My ponytail circumference has gone from 2.25 to 2 .75 inches. That's 1/2 an inch gain in thickness near my scalp.

UPDATE 7/7/12

I've stopped the biosil. It got to be too much. Kept on with the biotin and I appear to be getting the same results but without having to do drops twice a day.

My nails are still strong for the most part. My skin is doing well for my age.


New routine.

LOreal sulfate free range is awesome. My hair seems to love it.

Most wide tooth comb hair with comb without seams. Handle gentle when wet (think of it as old lace)

Bun or braid it to protect the ends because I like longer hair

Satin pillow slip. I just prefer it now

3 drops of oil or pure coconut oil, finger nail scraping applied to lower half

Cassia if I'm needing a healthy shine/conditioning boost.

My hair is thicker. It's been since feb. 2011 that I started trying to make a difference in my hair and I think it's working. I'm ok with taking the time to work this out. I love the look of hair in good condition and it's been interesting to see if I could turn mine around. I'll never have that shinning mane of hair going down my back but I'm 60% there in getting the best hair possible for me. Patience, patience patience.


I've re-started taking Biosil again. If you read above I had stopped and went to Biotin caps because they were easier. Now I'm going to combine biosil with Biotin. BTW, my nails are the longest and strongest they have ever been but it takes a good 3 to 4 months to see that. My hair has filled in and doing well for a women in her late 40's but it's not long. I think that's more an issue of my TERMINAL hair length. That's genetic. The quality feels better but as I've only been on biotin/biosil for 1 1/2 years or 18 months there is only 9 inches of biotin/biosil growth and my hair is about 19 inches long. I'm curious to see what the overall quality of my hair will be after I cut out all the pre-biotin/biosil growth. That's not going to happen for at least another year.

Skin, it's aging and that's normal but it's still looking good for my age and considering the sun I've had on it. Can't complain. I'll post if I notice a reduction in the lines with the re-introduction of BIOSIL.

April 2013

My hair went through another shed cycle and now it's back down to a ponytail of 2 3/4 inches which I feel is thin. My length is around 28 inches using the LHC measuring but it thins rapidly past chin length. It will never be a full, thick head of hair again. I've been supplementing and taking care of my hair for over 2 years now and so I guess this is it. Unless I stop taking everything and wait 2 year I probably wont know if this has helped.

On a more positive note. My hair feels pretty good most of the time now. It's soft.

My skin feels great for my age which is now nearing 50. Few lines and nice tone.

I'm really not sure what to say about trying now for your personal best using supplements. It didn't hurt any and it might have helped. You have to weigh up the benefits yourself and I really do believe there are some benefits.
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on February 25, 2011
I am a 57 year old who has gone through hypothyroidism problems and menopause. My hair and eyebrows were thinning pretty bad. I kept researching for a remedy and many people recommended the use of BioSil. It is expensive in Vitamin Box Stores but if you research prices you can find a much better price. It does work. It takes a few months but now it's become a habit. I put 5 drops in OJ in the morning and 5 drops in any juice at night before dinner.

My hair has become thicker especially at the bang/crown area where I used to be able to see my scalp some. I strongly recommend this. Mix it with juice and you won't taste it. Keep it in a cool place away from a sunny window or a radiator or it will spoil faster. Try it. You'll lose less hair.
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on October 18, 2013
I bought this, as my perimenopausal hair has been falling out in clumps. I would say in the last few years, I have lost 50% of my hair. It's already very fine, so it's been tragic for me. :(

I have been taking the biosil since Labor Day (so, about 6 weeks). Here's what I've noticed:

1 - my nails grow crazy fast, and stay crazy hard! definitely the biggest result so far
2 - skin - I do a lot for my skin, so it's hard to say, but I think it looks brighter and more youthful. A total plus for middle-aged skin
3 - hair - well, it does seem to be falling out less, but since this is hair, it's going to take many months to see results of the hair that's hanging!(these women that claim their hair is thicker in 2 weeks is a garbage lie - NOTHING can change the texture and width of existing hair - it's dead after the root). For now, I *think* it's working to start making the follicles stronger, so I'm not losing as much from the root. Again, in about a year, I think I'll be able to know for sure, but I also know that for hair, you have to give it a long time to see a positive change.

Update - 11/3 - OK, I've been taking this for two months now, and the reason I started, was because my hair was falling out quite rapidly (thank you, perimenopause!!). I had read somewhere that to see changes in hair from biosil, it would take about 3-4 months, as that's the cycle of hair growth, and I think that's true. The first month, I saw no changes or improvement at all. At 6 weeks, I was losing less hair. Now, at 8 weeks, it's definitely keeping the hair that's left in my skull. I used to sweep my fingers across my hair, and five hairs would be in my palm. Hair in the shower, in the comb, my shirt, the bed...all over. I have white floors, so it's very easy to see my dark brown hair. Now? Yes, small amount still in the comb, but, not much more than when I was 15. A lot less in the shower. And, I am seeing a dramatic reduction of fallen hair on the floor, the couch... I can swing my hair, play with it, put it in a tie, and I'm not seeing hair falling out. I am super excited, as I think in another month or two, the results will be even better. I haven't seen any kind of wild new hair growth that others have claimed, but again, just keeping what I have is great for now. I am not being greedy. lol

As for nails, ya, still growing very fast and very strong. Skin - pretty. Both are bonus, as the real goal is keeping my hair!

So, point being...stick with it, ladies. It's not likely you will see quick results from something like this, particularly if your hair loss was substantial.

I'll update in another month.
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on August 11, 2014
We have used the BioSil product for over 15 years. our hair still has color, maybe 20% gray. no one understands why. we have not shrunk in height. We also have taken Vitamin D3 for many years. you figure it out!!! He is 82 and I am 73.
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on October 15, 2010
I have to say I'm a comsetologist and I have a lot of my clients who what long hair taking this. I can tell from month to month if my clients have been taking it correctly or not. Some of my clients hair grows almost an inch a month when they takes this. This is a great product and definatly recomend taking.
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on March 10, 2014
I have used this product off and on for several yrs. It helps my hair and nails to grow ,and perhaps also helps with bone health. It is so easy to take and a bottle lasts for about 3 months.
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on January 17, 2010
My sister started taking this about a year ago and since I see her infrequently I could not believe the difference in her hair! She had a beautiful head of hair that was thick. It looked like a lion's mane(OK, maybe she needed a hair cut) but her hair used to be so thin she needed hair extensions to give the illusion of thickness!! So of course I started taking it immediately. It takes about 3-4 months to see a difference but it is significant. It seems that my actual strands of hair are thicker and I definitely have more hair and I find only about 10% of what I used to in the shower drain! It takes 10 minutes to dry my hair instead of 3 minutes and it is alot more fun to have thick bouncy hair. Now, the only thing is, she told me to take 10-20 drops a day(I put them in empty vitamin capsules.) The product label has a 6 drops a day.
Of course I have told my friends and can't wait to see the results...She also said that the Natrol brand of biosil is the best but there are others out there. I have had such good results with this one that I am nervous to try any others. Try it, but make sure you stick with it long enough to get results, and have fun with your "new head of hair"
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on February 12, 2012
I use this product and sell it to patients. It works to improve nails, gums, teeth and hair. I would make sure it is the original product from Belgium, as it seems to work best. There are cheaper substitutes with the same name produced in the US. They work too, but not as well.
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on April 1, 2014
This arrived quickly both times I've ordered it. I started using it in September of 2013 because in 2010, I'd been diagnosed with osteopenia which has progressively gotten worse. My doc using scare tactics kept pushing the bisphosphonates which after much research I was unwilling to take. In the beginning of March 2014 my bone density scan showed that I had a 4% increase in density in my hip and a 2% increase in my spine. I take 6 drops in water in the morning with 500mg calcium, as well as vitamins D3 & K2 and do the same in the evening. The only other thing I have done differently is to stop drinking any and all carbonated drinks. I am not a physician and cannot assume these results will be the same for others...just saying though, I'm sold!
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