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VINE VOICEon September 10, 2010
And a super value for the price.

All the Seiko 5 watches use an accurate and reliable HH:mm:ss, day:date movement. This one is elegant and unpretentious, and suitable for any occasion.

Let's get the shortcomings over with; that is the smallest part of this review.
-This watch is one rated for 30m, which generally means it's OK to shower in it, but not to swim with it. Normally, I like a watch that is 50m or more water resistant, both for the water resistance, and for the implied shock resistance. On the other hand, I haven't seen any problems with water or shock resistence.

Now what's right with it. (Pretty much everything.)
-Appearence. Classy. Small, smooth, simple. A very refined appearance for office or formal occasions, but without pretension. The red sweep hand is the only highlight, and balances the austerity of the rest of the watch.
-Functionality. HH:mm:ss, day and date, and markings for an appropriate degree of precision for routine uses. Discrete luminescent markings are as good as any non-tritium marking I've seen.
-Reliability. No batteries, but when worn consistantly, is almost as good as a quartz. I haven't subjected this one to the extremes that I have other watches, but that isn't what it is for. Still, casual abuse hasn't effected it at all.

This is an excellent time piece for most civilized environments and I'll wear it anyplace I would wear shoes to (as opposed to needing sneakers, boots, or bare feet).

E. M. Van Court
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on March 16, 2011
I got this watch because I have been having trouble getting batteries replaced on other watches and the idea of a customer-serviceable battery doesn't seem to have occurred to the watch makers (anyone out there listening?).

It is a handsome watch but the band was not at all trivial to adjust to size. Thank goodness for Google and a nice fellow who shared his secrets with the rest of us. There were NO instructions in the manual on this.

I have to say for a Seiko it doesn't keep very good time. It is not clear to me if this is because it never is wound fully (I only wear it 8-10 hours/day) but I suspect not. It loses about 5 minutes every 2-3 days. It takes 2 seconds to reset but I was hoping for better from Seiko. Still, a watch that is good to +/- 2 minutes is better than a stopped one.
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on April 13, 2012
I bought this watch to replace my Seiko Automatic that I've had for 25 years. I bought this because it's most like the one I had, at a very good price. When I received it, I set the time, and have not touched it since, keeps great time. Much more fancy and shiny than picture shows. I took away 1 star because of the band, with the large links I can't get it to the size I need, it's too tight or too loose.
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VINE VOICEon March 14, 2012
This is one of the best values in men's watches. The quality of this mechanical movement is very good and looks and works great. It keeps very accurate time and you never need batteries since it automatically winds itself when you wear it. The clasp is easy to size and easy to open and close. It is also very easy to see the time because of the contrast between the hands and the watch face. This is a great every day watch. You can't go wrong with this one.
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on November 26, 2011
Hey everyone! I'm relatively new to the forums but I wanted to start doing a few in-depth watch reviews of my small collection. This Seiko SNK795 was my very first real watch, purchased just over a year ago in December 2010. The only watches I had before this were cheap digitals from when I was in grade school.

I loved this watch for the year that I wore it daily. It took some incredible abuse and kept ticking with near perfect accuracy. Just so you know the watch was not wound during the taking of these photographs. It still works perfectly though.

Case diameter: 38mm
Case thickness: 11mm
Band width: 20mm
Weight: 103.6g

I didn't realize at the time how small and light this watch really was since it was my first. Comparing it now to my Orient Mako, it looks like it could be a women's watch on my 6.6" wrist. It has absolutely no heft compared to the Mako; however that's not always a bad thing. I would only wear it now for special occasions since it's my only "dressy" type watch.

Crystal: Seiko's proprietary "Hardlex"
Case/strap: Stainless steel

I was actually very impressed with the Hardlex crystal. I was by no means careful with this watch at all. It was banged off of shelves at work multiple times among other things. In the entire year that I had it, it only got one permanent scratch. The stainless steel band has tons of scratches; it looks like it survived a plane crash or something. I really don't mind if my watches show wear; I only buy affordable and I think it gives them character.

Overall Aesthetics
I bought this as my first watch mainly because of the simplicity. I really liked the minimalistic style. Also, at the time I had absolutely no idea what I wanted in a watch. I didn't really realize that this was a small, dressy style of watch. I do like the silver reflectivity of the numeral markings. I really like the subdued crown; it never digs into your wrist. I also like the fact that the watch is thin.

However, over time my overall perceptions of it stylistically have changed. Although it was my first watch and will always be special because of that, the dressy aesthetic has lost its appeal to me as I'm more of a casual guy.

First I must say that I've had absolutely no problems with the quality of the stainless steel strap and closure throughout my trials and tribulations with this watch. It has held it to my wrist like a venerable servant. The watch was very comfortable on the wrist. However, once again the Orient Mako completely changed my perspective. Now this Seiko's strap just feels extremely chintzy, like it could fall apart at any moment.

I believe this Seiko uses their 7s26 movement. I cannot pretend to be an expert on movements; I'm just a novice watch lover. However, I can tell you from experience that this movement was impeccably accurate. I daresay you will NOT find a more accurate automatic watch for this price (More on price in a minute). In the course of the year, I only had to adjust the time about 2 times, and it was only in the first couple months. In the last 8 months I wore it, it gained +0 minutes. From what I've now learned about mechanical watches, that's pretty incredible for the price point.

I paid $72 shipped for this watch via Amazon. I really think the entire Seiko 5 line represents an excellent value. I don't regret this purchase in the slightest, but if I could go back in time I would choose a different model; probably the military style SNK809.

The lume on this watch was incredibly weak, but only because the surface area that was actually lumed was tiny. Only the hour and minute hands and tiny markings around the outside of the dial had luminescent paint. It only worked after being exposed to strong light, and only lasted a few minutes. To be quite honest the lume was so unimpressive it didn't even warrant a photograph.

Special Features
This watch is only water resistant to 30 meters, so from what I understand this probably only covers washing your hands. Fair enough, I would never swim with a watch on anyways. The day/date window is easily readable. The best feature this watch had was the display caseback, something I miss GREATLY transitioning to the Orient Mako. I really enjoyed being able to see the "magic" of the mechanical movement at work. It was really cool to be able to witness the pulse of the watch's heart. If I ever get another automatic, I will mandate that it has a display caseback.

Overall Build Quality
Now that I've owned an Orient Mako for a few weeks, I've come to appreciate the added weight. Everything about it just feels more solid. But despite the lightness of this Seiko, it proved to be a tank at heart. It withstood terrible abuse, like being dropped from 4 feet on concrete.

Final Thoughts
This watch made a faithful companion and was an excellent introduction into the wide world of watches. I would highly recommend a Seiko 5 to anyone new to watches. My only suggestion is to be prepared to upgrade the strap. It would really improve the watch tenfold.

Overall, you really can't go wrong with Seiko. Even the cheap models like this one are insanely reliable. I have come to understand why they are so respected on the forums.
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on April 10, 2011
Seems to be hit or miss quality-wise, judging from the other reviews. Maybe I just got lucky, but I haven't had any problems, and the accuracy is very good. I've owned this for 2 weeks, and in that time it has only gained less than a minute.

I love the classic looks of this watch. It has a heavy, solid feel to it - doesn't feel cheesy to me at all. The value for the price I think is outstanding.

Hopefully my experience is closer to the norm, and that the others who've had problems are just isolated cases.
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on July 7, 2011
Just received this watch in the mail today. The watch came in a light blue box, with a pillow inserted throughout the band for support with an instruction manual. The manual was not for the product listed but close enough that instructions could be applied to the SNK795. That being said, I read other reviews that stated that the link removal was somewhat difficult. I found it to be easy enough if you just remember to use something that has a point with some good backbone, like a small household nail or a jewelers screwdriver (both are available at almost any general store for a reasonable price.
1. Insert the end of your chosen tool in the hole where the embedded arrow points to on the link, and pull back (think of a shovel being put into the ground and pulled back and up) same concept :)
2. when the link begins to push out from its cradle, use a flat head pair of pliers to grip the tip and pull out. repeat this same process for the remaining links if you need more out.
3. The watch keeps good time as I have worn this all night at work for ten hours straight. Automatic watches will lose or gain a minute or two in a week so this is not unusual.
4. While not wearing the watch, make sure that when you lay it aside for the night, that it lays with dial face, facing up towards this ceiling. This helps the watch to maintain time while it is not being used. I do not know what kind of reserve this watch has but I know that any automatic watch left unworn for more than a day will probably stop. worn daily, this should not be a problem.
5. Nice watch overall, cosmetically appealing, thin, with a good solid feel to it. not bad for the 70 something dollars I spent. I've only had it a day so if any major complications arise, I will update this review. Hope this was helpful to you. Thanks! :)
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on May 25, 2013
Well this was my first automatic watch and I can say I love it. I love the look but the only down side was the size. Wish it was 40 to 42 mm instead of 38 but I can live with it. The first thing I did when I got this Watch was replace the band with a leather band. I love the look with the leather band because it makes it pop more. This watch is a must for watch lovers because A) its a beautiful watch which looks better in person B) its under $100 even with the purchase of a leather band and C) its automatic. This is my first Seiko so lets hope it keeps up with it but if your the kind of person who hates to adjust your watch from month to month then this watch isn't for you because it will lose or gain about a minute a week. I posted pictures with the leather band I purchased.
review image review image review image
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on July 28, 2011
I've been looking for a stylish watch for some time. My old watch died, and I went to the department stores to find a replacement. None of the watches there impressed me, so off to Amazon I went.

I ended up settling on this one, and I really like it. It was less that $75, and is the nicest watch I've owned to date. I've had it about two weeks now. It keeps time great, and not needing to have a battery is a HUGE plus for me. Read the directions before you fiddle with it. I don't plan on submersing it in water, but the box claims it is 30m waterproof.

I was able to remove links with a little trial and error, but once you do it, you figure it out, it is very easy to do.

This watch is not too heavy, and not to light. I wear it everywhere but the bed, shower, and swimming pool.
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on February 28, 2011
Stops erratically and loses time unpredictably when it does work. Supposed to be an automatic but does not seem to wind itself reliably. It took long enough to be convinced that it wasn't reliable that I can't return it - the vendor (BlueDial) will only accept returns with all the original packaging, which of course I don't have. I'm sorry I bought this watch.
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