Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset and Amplified Stereo Sound
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653 of 687 people found the following review helpful
on August 17, 2011
+ Super-sensitive mic picks up everything I say, even whispers and mumbles; this was the single biggest factor to my purchasing these to replace my previous headset, the Sharkoon X-tatic SP
+ Great sound, not overly "bass-y", and you can control the amount of bass with the Bass Boost dial
+ XBOX controller connection is compatible with the chat pad and all Rock Band/DJ Hero/Guitar Hero controllers without an adapter, unlike the Sharkoons
+ Extremely comfortable, even with glasses and after multiple hours of continuous use
+ While they're not noise-canceling, I'd say they cut external noise at least in half, if not more
+ Controller dongle/pod is light and well positioned

- Microphone is so sensitive it often picks up background noise
- I don't entirely like the microphone monitoring feature. I don't personally need to hear my own voice when I'm speaking, but it is a useful reminder about whether or not you have your mic muted.
- Due to the position of the mute toggle, it can be a little too easy to accidentally change the Bass Boost/Game/Chat volumes inadvertently
- Very, very slight static hiss when plugged into USB power, which is apparently systemic to USB-powered headsets. The hiss is less noticeable here than with the Sharkoons, at least

Overall, a huge improvement over my previous headset. The group of people I play with regularly noticed a big difference in audio quality and ability to hear me. Highly recommended if you need a PC and/or 360 headset.
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310 of 337 people found the following review helpful
on August 16, 2011
I just picked these up today, Aug. 16, 2011, which is when they became available. I really love the way these things sound. they are great on movies, music, and especially games. I've had the px 2's, the x11's and these are far superior. The sound is much more rich/full. Without a dss footsteps are crystal clear and no hiss or background noice. the bass boost is great too, if you really want to sound whore turn up the bass a little and those footsteps sound like stomps. I am really pleased because no matter how high i turn up the volume i don't get any distortion. The ear cups are bigger as well making them feel more comfortable than the x11's or px21's. If you liked the x11's then you'll love these. Basically if you have the x11's/px21's and they work then you dont really need these. But if your current headset has distortion or is broken or if your looking to get your first headset for gaming, I highly recommend these without a doubt. This is the best headset you can buy for under $100. Trust me i've tried them all, the plantronics, sharkoon, tritton, & a bunch of others but i just end up returning them because they dont match the quality of the turtle beaches. Hope this review was helpful, if you got any questions please feel free to leave a comment, thanks!
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173 of 198 people found the following review helpful
on August 30, 2011
These headphones are the perfect gift or accesoy to any gamer who enjoys FPS games. I can have the volume as loud as i wanted without disturbing my kids or wife. I can also watch movies and even though they are wired it is long and easy to keep under controll and out of reach of little kids. They are ultra comfortable and the sound is great. I would perfer surround sound for sure but did not have enough to invest in the next grade up. the price was a little high 60.00 but it was worth it. On Call of Duty black ops i can hear enemies entering a building on the first floor while im on the second floor, not only that but i can also hear what direction it is coming from. I ultimatley decided upon the wired pair as well because i read many reviews stating the lower end wirless headphones had lots of interference in the presence of wireless products i.e. baby moniter, laptop, cell phones, and basically anything that is wirless. Bottom line great sound, decent price, and looks awesome.
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82 of 92 people found the following review helpful
on December 9, 2011
I have researched for over three months now about what to buy. My set up requires me to play Xbox on mute most of the time which sucks, so I've been looking for some headphones to let me hear my games and not disturb anyone else. These are wonderful. I bought them along with the DSS Dolby Digital 7.1 Decoder *check my other reviews to see my thoughts on the DSS 7.1 Decoder*. I was looking for a pair that had the 7.1 (yes I know it's not "real" 7.1) built in, but I've read and heard bad things about the wireless (unless you go super-high end). The wire on this is really not a big deal and not a mess at all. The sound is phenomenal. My father works at an Acoustic Engineering firm and gave these a try and was very impressed for the price point. The sound is awesome and with the DSS makes you aware of where everything is as you move around. Understand that these are 2.1 channel speakers and Xbox only puts out 5.1 channels, so it's not true 7.1, but you won't care once you put them on. When I play an FPS I like to stand near explosions or fires and spin in circles just to hear the sounds move around in my headphones. It's not just for FPS either. I have played sports games, FPS, RPG and racing and it really puts you in the action. It's strange to take them off and realize how quiet it is in the room with how much sound those things really pump into your ears. The separate controls for chat and game are great and the bass boost really does make a difference. My first try with them was 3+ hours and they were never uncomfortable or required readjustment--they just feel nice.

I would highly suggest the wired version and if you want to move past the RCA outputs on the Xbox, get the DSS decoder (it has an optical input)--the sound is digital and you won't believe what you've been missing through TV speakers. I was a skeptic for a long time and have tried many of my friends and relatives various headsets (Tritton 360, Turtle Beach X41, and the new Tritton Trigger) this was better than all of them. For what I paid, you can't beat this product. If you've been on the fence about it, just get it. If you have been debating it, just get it. If you need to keep the place quiet and don't want to miss out on the mind numbing sounds, just get it. These are awesome.

If you would like to leave a comment with any questions you have, feel free--this took me a long time to reach a decision, so I've learned a lot. I would gladly offer my advice and OPINION. Remember that folks, reviews are opinions not the Gospel.
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23 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on December 28, 2011
I held off on buying a headset forever. All my friends kept telling me how much better their gaming got since they could hear more, I figured it was all crap. I got my pair of X12s today and I can tell ya, it really does make a difference! I'm hearing sounds I had no idea were in the game, and I can tell if someone is walking around near me and I know right where they are, no more sneak attacks from behind.

In the Turtle Beach video, it says you need the audio adapter for your Xbox to be able to use these. If your TV has a headphone jack, or white and red audio out plugs, you're already good to go. There's no difference in audio quality between using the white and red plugs and the headphone jack.

-Super comfortable to wear for extended gaming sessions.
-The headband is a very sturdy plastic. So if you have a bigger head there's no worry about them snapping.
-With independent game and chat volume control I can make sure I hear everything I want to.
-The mike is very sensitive so you can talk quietly and still be heard.
-It's a wired headset. So if you play in long sessions like I do, there's no worry about them cutting off in the middle of a game.

-The swivel on the mike doesn't move easily. Makes it a little difficult to swing it out of the way if you're eating while playing.
-There's only about 18" of cord between the USB power cord and the headphone plug. Not a problem if you have it hooked up to the xbox audio adapter, but if you use the headphone jack on your TV you may need a USB extender to reach a plug.
-The wire is entirely too long. I imagine most people get a wired headset because they're fairly close to their TV. They give you enough wire to reach across a big room, so it winds up in a bundled lump.

In summary, if you're like me and you've been putting off getting a headset but always sorta wanted one, this is the set to get. Playing games like Battlefield or COD with these on is so much more immersive, I can't believe I waited this long to get em.
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49 of 57 people found the following review helpful
on November 20, 2011
This is the first pair of headphones I have invested a decent amount of money into, and needless to say I'm blown away. For $55, music has become a completely new drug for me. I have a decent pair of speakers on my computer, but having a pair of headphones that actually have decent (for the money) speakers in them really makes music so much better. Everything comes in clear and deep (I listen to a lot of electronic type music, so it's all over the place). Having the bass control is amazing as well, I honestly didn't think I'd use it, but on songs where it gets out of the range the headphones can handle bass-wise before they sound bad, I can just tune the bass down and it sounds awesome again. It really is useful.

And that was just the music. I play Skyrim, and having the music and the sound effects so close to my ears and crisp really helps set the immersion, along with it blocking out outside noises, sometimes I have to remember to stop playing and actually do something productive @_@

Durability seems good for the price, can't really say much as I haven't had the set too long, but I've dropped them about a yard from my couch onto my floor several times already (not thinking, derp) and they're ok, which I would expect for the price.

Haven't used the microphone, but if it is as sensitive as everyone says, I'm sure there is a way to turn down the sensitivity. These babies are going to make Diablo 3 unreal, can't wait!
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154 of 187 people found the following review helpful
on October 4, 2011
This is my first Gaming Headset and this is my pros and cons:

*High quality Mic
*Adjustable Bass Boost
*Mic Monitor (ability to hear yourself) is surprisingly perfect
*No noticeable hiss or white noise (there is but it's very, very low)
*Very Comfortable Head and Ear Cushions (comfortable even with glasses)
*Big Ear Pad
*Reduce outside noise, but not 100% noise-canceling
*Really long Wires
*Very Sturdy

*Too sensitive Mic
*Ear Pads aren't too flexible
*No clip on volume controller (most people won't mind)
*A lot of Wire setup
*No surround sound without DSS
*Can be uncomfortable if wore for a long period of time (like 6 hours)
*There is no Inner Cushions for Ear Pads (Can cause pain if your ear is resting on it) [more info below]
*Not a lot of replaceable parts, like Ear Cushions

My Problem:
I would love X12 if they just put inner cushions inside. Yes the ear cushion is comfortable IF your ears touch the hard parts of the ear pads (logo inside the pads). My ears aren't extremely big or small nor wide or flat, but I do feel very sore after a long period of time wearing it. I wanted to replace only the ear cushion, but there isn't one for X12 for now. I am going to return this and to get X11, just for the ear cushion. I think this headset would be perfect for its price if I didn't have this problem. But this could be only me.

This headset does feel like it is made out of high quality material. The headset is very sturdy and it is inflexible on Ear Pad angles. The Mic is very clear, doesn't cause pops or spikes, and flexible but it can be too sensitive (so don't move it around or cough while chatting). Wired isn't a big problem because thick wires don't get tangled easily. Ear Pads are very comfortable if you don't have the same problem as me. The 50mm speakers aren't really that amazing compare to my $20 earphone for my mp3 player, but then again, I usually use and like earphone than headphone. This headset is perfect for someone to do commentaries, chatting with other players, or just playing games without disturbing others. For it's price, it's good, but if you can offer more, you can get a lot more.

Since this review is my opinion, I gave it a 3. But without the "ear cushion problem", it is a good headset no doubt.
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23 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on January 26, 2012
The headset is amazing, I can watching movies in the middle of the night using this with Tv on mute. Multiple player: you can hear the other person's footsteps which is great for maps where you won't always have someone watching your back. The headset works so great, that I even bought a second one for my boyfriend. So whether your a gamer or a movie fan this is your headset ^.^

Only con I have ever ran into is that my little dog is sometimes picked up barking, but not eating while waiting in the lobby
review image
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37 of 45 people found the following review helpful
on March 7, 2012
BEWARE: Picture description of headset is deceiving

Let me make this review quick and easy to understand


-Crisp, perfect sound. I almost got scared one time while playing Black Ops and had the bass on full. Definitely worth the price
-Very comfortable (not including the wires being all over me)


-So before I bought this, I had a wired headset that just connected the headset to the xbox controller, so when it broke, I didn't think twice before ordering the X12. Of course, when I got it, I was in for a big surprise. This headset has a wire that goes from the headset to the controller, another wire that connects the headset to the xbox itself via USB port, and one long *** wire that literally replaces the red and white AV cables and has to connect from the headset all the way to the TV. After finally setting it up, I tripped over the mess of wires. Right after that I decided to return it. The wires were literally too much for me to handle.
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23 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on August 18, 2011
I pre-ordered the x-12's after my dog got a hold of my reliable x-11's and chewed them up. Perfect timing! The x-12's were available for pre-order through Amazon and i received them on my doorstep on the exact same day they were released. I've used these to play Black Ops Zombies and they are good headphones. Just as clear as the x-11's, nice new black look, and the new bass feature is an added plus. I was going to try a different set of headphones to replace my x-11's but i decided to stick with Turtle Beach because of their EXCELLENT customer service. I owned a wireless set from Turtle Beach(forgot the model) and when i had a problem with a wire, they sent me a replacement part free of charge. Their email support is quick and very helpful with any questions you have. You can't go wrong with Turtle Beach.
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