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on April 17, 2011
I have been a faithful Teva wearer for over 15 years. As I have worn out my last two pairs, I decided to try this new style. It looks good; but it did not wear good. For the last 6 years I have been working in the Middle East so my main purchasing outlet is I was going to Thailand with my daughter and decided to try this pair. At the end of the first day of moderte walking I was just about crippled. What you cannot see from the Amazon provided picture is under the front toe strap from the inside of the sole is a flap of material that is a continuation of the harness. This flapped literally worn the skin off of the top of my second & third toes. The product description says "Classic" teva strapping, but this is unlike any other design I have seen from them. Usually they have a triangle that connect the side support and the the toe strap goes thru and folds back onto itselt and velcos in place. I have no idea what Teva was thinking about when they deviated from their classic design for this foot killer design.

If you decide to try these I recommend trying them on at a store first and see if they will work for you and not buy them on the internet. After payng $100 for a pair of sandals, the last thing you want is to take the change of bad shoes. I did give the sandals two stars because once I wore socks (Fashion Faux Pas) my toes healed up and they were fine. After a couple days of this I finally broke down and bought some flip flops._
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on September 16, 2010
I bought here almost 2 months ago because the free shipping made them less expensive than the Teva site (I normally don't spend this much on a shoe). I also don't like dealing with returns and the Teva site seemed more intimidating. I found these to be very comfortable- a little like walking on marshmallows but not so mushy as to give any loss of control. The tread is much deeper than my sneakers & there is nice padding under the straps. The straps on my other sandals (a "New Balance" sport sandal) dug into my feet pretty bad during the break in period (They were a gift, I didn't wear sandals at the time & they sat around here for 2 years first -I knew they would fit, otherwise I would have returned them) so the comfortable padding under the straps is a big plus for me. The straps are also split on the ends so you have an easy pull tab to unlace, at first I didn't think they used enough glue, then I realized how handy it was to get a grip on. Very good quality- I expect these to last the rest of my life. These are considered a "Lifestyle" sandal rather than a "sport" sandal. The main difference I can see is these seem to have more padding under the foot & under the straps which I think makes it a little heavier but this level of comfort is worth it. The strap behind the foot is a little lower but I don't think makes the sandal any less secure, just something to get used to. I read another review about buckles on these sandals, I disagree. If the straps had buckles & you put them on too tight & then your feet swell you wont be able to get them off (or any shoe for that matter). The Velcro allows more adjust-ability and if you keep it clean it will last. I've also read things about the arches being too high or low. I am undecided, I think it depends on how your feet settle from side to side and can change very slightly when you first put them on. After reading that, to get them to fit right I unlaced them completely and then lined up my feet with the arches instead of measuring from the front or back. After lacing up they fit perfect, now I only unlace the middle one to get my feet out. According to Teva these are waterproof & though not listed they (Teva told me on the phone) have that anti-microbial product as well. I would definitely purchase again. I also noticed a difference in color on different sites. These are a nice dark (slightly rustic) Brown with a subtle Gray stripe that is less noticeable in person. They are not Red or Grey or Green.
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on October 8, 2011
Got these less than an year ago. Figured I have to rate these so you know the pros and cons before you shell out your hard earned cash.

THE GOOD: As most reviewers here have said, these ARE comfortable and do provide adequate arch support (I have low arches). I have used them on all day events walking on grass, beaches, natural trails, and urban surfaces, without any problems. There are no friction/pressure marks at contact surfaces with the straps, and my feet/ankle do not hurt at the end of the day. Besides, they seem to grip well on most surfaces, wet or dry. I do recommend these as a family medicine physician who knows a little bit of podiatric medicine.

THE BAD: Only 1 complaint. One day, I though I got something stuck under my forefoot and tried to brush it off, that's when I noticed the worn out sole at the forefoot area, revealing the green foam underneath the paper thin leather-like top layer! I am disappointed that this happened within 1 year. And upon further investigation, the sandals are Made in China, which explained why. Due to the worn sole, I can only comfortably wear these with socks, which looks nerdy, so I am only giving these 3 stars, and that's being generous.
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on August 13, 2010
I bought these sandals to replace my old Teva sandals for our beach vacation. I wanted 1 pair to wear in the water and another for out of the water. The first pair I bought were too small so I returned them and bought a 1/2 size larger. The 2nd pair fit like a glove on the foot. I have not found anything that I do not like about them. I wore them for over 12 hours on our way out to vacation and they felt great. I was nervous to wear brand new sandals for so long but it was not a problem. Then as I wore them longer they began to mold to my foot for a better fit. I would highly recommend these sandals.
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on August 17, 2010
The Teva Mens Obern Outdoor Sandals are well built and comfortable with great arch support. The feature that most distinguishes them from less expensive sandals I have owned in the past is the extra-thick insole. It is actually a pleasure just to put these on and stand on this soft, airy cushion. It is firmer than a gel-cushion, but still softer than a typical "outdoor" sandal. Nevertheless the sole is as rigid as I would expect from an outdoor sandal. All this and they are still lighter than most other sandals this bulky that I have owned.

There is one spot of minor discomfort: the part of the sandal that goes just below the malleoli has some extra cushioning that is only partially attached to allow for more flexibility. The problem is that these sometimes fold over on themselves and I have to stop and flatten them back out. It is a minor irritation.
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on February 1, 2013
I wear these sandals every day, all year round, in sun, rain, & snow. Ok, light snow. :-) I travel all over the world with them. I go canoeing & white water rafting with them. They look great and they're very comfortable--at first. My only complaint is that the sole top (the surface that makes contact with the bottom of your foot--the lighter gray part in the picture) is not solid rubber. It's not-so-good-looking rubber coated with a very thin layer of something else to make it look good, and whatever that substance is isn't very durable. It tends to flake off after a while, particularly in the area under your heel, and the edges of the remaining layer are a little sharp & uncomfortable. Not sharp enough to cut, mind you--nothing like that at all. Just not soft. If the entire sole (or even just that light gray part) were made from one big thick solid slab of rubber these would be hands-down the best sandals I've ever owned. I would probably still buy these again though.
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on July 14, 2013
I buy a pair of these every year, been wearing them almost year around for the past 5 years. We winter in AZ so I wear them starting in Nov when we get to AZ and wear them daily for the 5 or 6 months while we are there and wear them here at home until Oct when it starts getting to cold, then I wear shoes as I complain about my feet being in jail by having to wear shoes. I love the darn things and I keep the older pair for wearing outside in the wet grass or mud if I have to get in it after the rain. My wife tries to throw the old ones away and I keep them until they are completely worn out. I have recommend them to my friends all the time. My Grand-kids like my sun marks on my feet, I wear them so much I have white marks where the straps go, the rest is suntanned from being in the sun almost all year.
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on September 27, 2010
Shoes were comfortable on first wearing. But not as comfortable as the Tevas I bought 15 years ago and just wore out. They just aren't what they used to be. I wore them to the state fair, 7 hours of walking. At the end of the day I ended up with blisters on the outside of my big toes, one more than the other. Maybe an irregular fit, maybe poor design. I've worn them hours at a time since then without the same effect, but I'm guessing they would give me the same problem if I walked for another 8 hours. But maybe they'll "wear in." Overall a good experience, not great.
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on August 4, 2010
I ordered the Obern sandals to replace some older Teva hiking sandals that just gave up finally, and these are everything I expected. The package arrived on time, when expected, and I wear them in the evenings or weekends for walking, biking, and just tooling around the house. A little bit of adjusting to get the right fit, and they are good to go. Excellent shoes at a decent price.
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on February 21, 2015
I got in one shipment all in size mens size 11:

Teva Obern 11
Teva Toachi 11
Teva Katavi 11
Teva Hurricane 11

Obern - of the four this one was the most expensive and the heaviest and felt the most solid and had the most feeling of ‘quality’ about it. The strapping and the side panels were very nice and looked and felt good, but the rear ankle strap for me was a bit off angle and did not ride quite as well as in the others. Worst - and the deal breaker for me - was that for me the footbeds of these had was too rigid in combination with the pronounced arch support and contour of the footbed. When I took each step in them I felt the hard arch support and contour of the footbed in a less than good way. On the other hand, if if fit your foot it would not be a problem.

The summary for this one is that if you happen to have a foot that fits the pre-defined contour of the semi-rigid footbed, then this would likely be an excellent sandal. It happens it did not work out for me, but it deserves many stars for quality and construction. I rate them highly because of this, even though they are not for me.

Obern 13 1/2 oz 383g (single mens 11)

Here are the differences and comparisons of the various sandals (see photos):

Weight of single sandal (size 11):

Obern 383g (13 1/2oz)
Toachi 343g (12oz)
Katavi 308g (10 3/4oz)
Hurricane 295g (10 1/2oz)

Note that that the Katavi and Hurricane XLT weigh almost exactly the same, even though the Hurricane is billed as ultra-light and the Katavi not advertised as such so much by Teva.

The four from top, side, tread are in review photos.

Hurricane and Katavi had identical treads with different slightly foot beds. The shape and foot fit of the beds was virtually identical for the Hurricane and Katavi. The Obern was close, but had a higher arch support and was more rigid and felt a bit narrower at the middle foot. I felt the arch support too much on the Oberns. The Toachi in contrast had an extremely narrow tread and footbed and my foot could not even fit on it.

All of these were size 11 in mens - but they fit very differently.

The Hurricane and Katavi are the most similar, and the Katavi with the extra side mesh panels and suede material for the strapping was much more comfortable with and without socks. The material used for the Hurricanes was not nearly as comfortable and the expose rings added to that feeling compared to the Katavi. The Hurricanes, however, I expect would handle being wet better than the Katavi and dry faster.
review image review image review image
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