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on January 20, 2014
If you're seriously considering these price is likely not a big issue for you. So I will leave the question of value aside. Let me just talk build quality and audio.

I share the same concerns as some of the other reviews in terms of the cords. For something so precisely engineered on the inside I'm a bit surprised at the lack of strain relief on the cords at the earbud end. I fear that one good jerk (as happens with headphones when you step on the cord or catch it on something) might pull the cord right out. I don't know ... the assembly of cables just feels a little flimsy.

Also the little audio adapter cable that allows you to use it with a straight stereo jack -- when I was unpacking stuff out of the box (which btw all the packaging is very nicely done) there was a little rubbery plastic sleeve on the tip of the adapter cable. When I tried to remove it, it was on there so tight that the barrel housing actually came apart. I mean literally the housing pull right off the tip/cable joint. That's when I noticed that the barrel housing assembly is not threaded. It is just a pressure fit. I'm just stunned by that. Who thought that was a good idea? I managed to reassemble it -- which wasn't easy because it's very small -- but feel they should replace it since it's liable to come apart again. I have been trying to get in touch with AKG customer support and it is not easy to get a live person on the phone. So I'm frustrated with this.

In regard to the location of manufacture -- on the headphones it actually says "DESIGNED in Austria." Mine do NOT say made in Austria. So in your mind you want to picture these fine German engineers assembling these. But they are probably made in China at some Foxcon facility. I'm not saying that makes them bad quality, but the FAQ above says made in Austria. Just for clarity. The problems I mentioned above are DESIGN problems not manufacturing defects.

How can I put this? I don't like the word "audiophile" because to me it conjures up a lot of words and phrases that don't have a lot of meaning. So I won't call myself that. But I will say I have been playing several instruments for over 25 years, have worked for almost 20 years with live audio, and spent quite a bit on my home stereo. (In case you're interested: Paradigm Studio 100 towers and Paradigm DSP-3100 sub, Harman Kardon HK990 amp.) I'm not saying I'm an expert but I know audio well and have pretty well-trained ears. So I don't use these words lightly: it is the finest reproduced audio I've ever heard in terms of clarity, detail, and precision. I mean it is stunning. I have CD tracks that are my reference songs. Things I've listened to hundreds of times on lots of different amps, speakers, etc. I am hearing details and ambient sound in these tracks that I've never heard before. It is AMAZING. It really is brilliant.

Let me illustrate with this little anecdote. Tonight I was listening to a track and at the end of it there's this little melody on an oboe that sort of pops in. I was leaning over with my head in my hands (don't ask me why, that's just how I like to listen) and I swear to you when I heard the oboe I snapped my head up because it sounded like someone was in the room with me playing an oboe about 5 feet away. It really took me by surprise. I mean obviously my brain knows it's not physically in the room but I was immersed in the audio and it just sounded so real that I reacted without really thinking. Crazy. It just sounds like the audio is not coming through your auditory system but originating inside your brain. It. Really. Is. Awesome.

For me these will not be headphones I just cart around anywhere. I'm very careful with them because of the above mentioned concerns and because they're worth so dang much money. When I'm not using them I keep them carefully wrapped and zipped up in a padded case. I really really love them. I really do. A lot.

If you post a question I'll try to get to it. Hope this helps.

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on February 5, 2013
The AKG K3003I is a pretty amazing piece of audio gear. As far as universal fit IEMs go, it's comparable with the FitEar ToGo 334 and the Sennheiser IE800s (I own both) but slightly more revealing. Imaging and soundstage are fantastic. Works well without benefit of headphone amp (compelling sound straight from iPod/iPhone)

In a different league than Westone 4, Schure 535 and Sennheiser IE80s but not by 2x (i.e., law of diminishing returns: price vs performance.)

The downside? Price, cabling (seems delicate/not user-replaceable) and therefore IEMs that you might not want to use in a mobile context for fear of breakage.
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on August 26, 2012
Originally written August 2012 (The K3003 is not my personal set but a loaned set for review):

Before jumping into the sound, I want to make a few comments on build and accessories, which I feel are important to discuss, due to how they may affect the sound and/or durability of the product.

Accessories include 3 pair of stock single flange tips that are very comfortable and well made with a good combination of thickness and flexibility. My only issue with them is that I require a bit deeper insertion due to the shape of the housings and tip length; I can't quite reach optimal positioning. I had some extra Meelec triple flange (trips) tips lying around and these solved the fit issue. Achieving optimum fit smoothed the treble out, improving its tone and realism, while tightening up the low end a fair amount. Another benefit was the expansion of soundstage from left to right and improving imaging. I would like to see AKG offer some dual and triple flange tips of the same quality of their single flanges as the changes I heard in sound were significant for me.

Other accessories include screw on swappable filters (bass, treble and reference). The bass filter is basically useless. It really muddies up the sound, wrecks clarity and timbre and just plain sounds bad. The treble filter offers a very nice analytical sound that is very reminiscent of the Audio Technica CK10 and is overall more neutral. The reference filter, which is my preference, slightly pulls back on the treble presence, while adding a very satisfying bass presence. The build quality of the housings and filters are excellent and beautifully crafted. I love the smart screw-in mechanism of the filters. The housings are surprisingly small and tastefully minimalistic in overall design.

If there is anything to fault or complain about, it is the cable; in particularly the section of the cable above the Y split. On the microphone version, there are no strain reliefs around it and I find where the cable enters the strain reliefs on the housings concerning as well. Perhaps it is unfounded concern but these do appear to be weak points in an otherwise well built and very expensive, top of the line earphone. I think I would have preferred the upper portion of the cable to be covered in the same nylon feeling material of the bottom portion, allowing for more flexibility without kinking at strain points.

Also suspect is the winding case. While very attractive looking, I find winding the earphone in a large square shape to be impractical and creates odd memory to the cable; but more importantly the method for storing the housings in the case seems overly complicated and could lead to kinking or damaging the cable, if one is not very carful. An aftermarket case, like a Pelican, Otterbox or UE hard case is recommended.

Enough with the cosmetic and on with the sound.

Being that the K3003 is a hybrid design, coherency between the differing driver technologies seems to be one of the biggest concerns; so let me start by saying, to me, it is a non-issue. I think the driver technologies are blended very well and I did not find anything distracting or disjointed during my listening sessions. Instruments sounded smooth and cohesive from the bottom of the scale and up, contributing to excellent timbre. Coherency Schmoeherency. Just enjoy the music because it sounds damn good from the K3003.

The treble of the K3003 is simply fantastic, nicely weighted and has a very nice brassiness about it. It is highly reminiscent of the CK10 treble, albeit a slightly tamed down version of that treble. With the Meelec trips, I've had no issue with undo sibilance or issues with peaks or harshness. Just airy, brassy and extended goodness.

In comparison the Merlin and UM3X treble are much more subdued and laid back. The UM3X treble is not only more laid back but also sounds less realistic, with less detail retrieval than the K3003. Upon switching back to the UM3X, it's takes a moment to readjust, making the UM3X seem a little too dark and smoothed over. The Merlin treble is also more laid back than the K3003 but is certainly crisper and more present than the UM3X. Both the Merlin and K3003 high end come across as highly detailed and resolving, especially when amplified with the cleaner signal of the Leckerton UHA-6s mk2, but over all I enjoy the treble presentation of the K3003 more. It's the CK10 like brassiness and realism that won me over.

The midrange of the K3003 is slightly forward and aggressive with a flavor I would term as sweet. Vocals are very engaging; strings sound lifelike and distortion guitars have excellent bite. This energetic midrange presentation is right in my wheelhouse of preferences and is one of the most likeable traits of the K3003; in fact I think I'd call the K3003 mildly mid-centric.

In comparison to the UM3X, the K3003 displays much greater upper mid presence, which is what gives it the aggressive and sweet sound. The upper mid of the UM3X is actually scooped out, with more emphasis on the lower mid, giving it a more lush, euphonic or analogue sound. Both presentations are great but I'd say the balance of upper and lower mid presence gives the K3003 more versatility for a better all rounder and certainly gives it greater clarity.

On the other hand, the Merlin seems to split the difference between the mid presentation of the UM3X and K3003. The Merlin and the RE262 share many similarities in the midrange. The K3003 mids are more aggressive and sweet sounding than the Merlin still, due to more upper mid presence. The Merlin gives a more emotional, intimate vocal by being more laid back than the K3003. I also find the midrange of the Merlin to be more resolving of micro-detail, especially with the Leckerton or Arrow 4g amps.

The bass of the K3003 can be summed up a number of ways - fun, satisfying, impactful, deep, textured and musical. If ultimate neutrality is your goal, you won't find it with the dynamic bass of the K3003 and the reference filter, although its boost isn't as large as the overwhelming majority of consumer oriented earphones. The amount of boost the K3003 offers is quite possibly the perfect amount for my preferences. It adds realistic and believable weight to strings and keys and I could not detect any issues with bleeding into the midrange. While certainly not as fast and as accurate as say, the CK10 bass, it is fast for dynamic driver bass and is tastefully colored and very lifelike.

In comparison to the UM3X and Merlin, the K3003 has less bass quantity, coming across as the most neutral of the three. The K3003 beats the UM3X in lower end extension and resolution, while the Merlin has more of its bass focused on deep/sub bass, so it gives the feeling of greater extension and rumble. With the Meelec trips, the tightness of the K3003 bass competes very well with the Merlin bass, both being some of the tighter dynamic driver bass I've heard.

With the stock tips, I thought the K3003 soundstage width was just average to perhaps slightly above average but with a spacious and airy presentation within that soundstage, displaying much better than average depth. With the Meelec trips, the soundstage is increased from left to right by a substantial margin to my ears. Comparatively the Merlin soundstage is still wider and deeper but a fair amount taller as well. The Merlin soundstage is the tallest I've heard to date, although with the Meelec trips, the K3003 soundstage is very satisfying.

Imaging and separation are as good as the best, or better than I've heard in most universals. Dynamics are also excellent and the K3003 makes a superb low volume listening experience, and is in fact the best I've heard yet for low volume. As mentioned earlier, timbre is very good - strings and keys sound lifelike and believable, with proper note weight; toms and snares snap to life; cymbals and rides have a natural brassiness. The K3003 is one of better phones for portraying instruments as you would hear them in person. I would love to be able to compare these to my previous timbre champs, the EX1000 and FX700. It seems to balance nicely between earphones that come across as too thick or too thin in note.


While I absolutely love the sound of the K3003, I do find the price point impractical for myself; but I am hoping AKG prices the K3003 more competitively in near future, as other companies release new hybrids and new flagships this winter. If so, I would definitely be very interested in obtaining my own set.


If I had to sum up my listening experience with the K3003, I would call it a CK10 with dynamic driver bass. It takes the same great, brassy treble of the CK10, tones it down just a bit; sweetens up the midrange and lifts it slightly; then adds a more subdued taste of the Merlin bass. The majority of the music I listen to is distortion guitar driven rock with a healthy does of acoustic/indie/singer-songwriter selections - and it is without reservation that I can say the AKG K3003 rocks; but it does so much more and truly sounds excellent with everything I send its way.
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on November 1, 2015
I've owned the AKG's for a little over a year now...the more I use the better they sound. The bass is spot on as are the midrange and treble.....Would I buy these again? Definately.

November 2015...I now owened 14 months and the whole volume control piece broke off. I contacted Amazon and they replaced even though they were out of warranty. They are not that well made so be careful.
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on September 22, 2013
I have owned JH13, UE11, W3, IE7, IE800, PK1, B&O A8 (mic version), SONY xba 40i, Custom Dynamic IE monitor. 3 of which are custom IEM, and the rest are universal IEMs.

This pair of headphones are probably the most most realistic and unbelievable ones. The sound is just live like. I even like to purchase another pair just for the purpose of collection.

If you had the budget, and if you had enough budget, get them.
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on February 19, 2016
My gear
AKG K812, AKG K712, Philips X2, Audeze LCD-2 with Fazor, AKG K3003i and Fiio Ex1
Burson Conductor SL 9018/ Chord Mojo/ Fiio X3 2nd Gen/ Fiio E17k (2nd Gen)
Music - Flac files (16/24 bit up to 192k)

Well I spend lot of time and money in my hifi journey started with Sony SRS X9. Today I have settled with Chord Mojo-> AKG K812 and Fiio X3/Mojo-> AKG K3003i.

For me K3003i sound better than everything except AKG K812 due to sound stage etc. I generally does not miss K812 when I am listening to K3003i. However I sometimes find K3003i bit too bright and fatiguing. Ear tips does not fit well to my ear so I have fit Fiio EX1 tips. May be I should look for something else. Isolation is not bad

Great IEMs.
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on March 3, 2016
Excellent sounding earphones, the best I've heard at this price so far. Very well built and very nice fit. The cable cannot disconnect from the earpiece though. The cable seems very sturdy and pretty tangle free.
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on April 3, 2015
while does have a 'clean' sound they are just way too harsh on the high frequencies. Can hear too much of the separation between the armatures and dynamic transducers.
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on August 3, 2014
I had burn in it for 300h, it is more and more perfect! But I don't like the tips, so I change them into Comply Tx-400 Isolation PLUS Earphone Tips. Now I just need to continue to burn in it over 500h. I am looking forward.
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on December 7, 2013
First of all, I really did love these things. These were definitely my go to iems, very practical, great comfort and not much fiddling to achieve a proper seal. Sound quality was superb!

I bought a pair of these soon after they came out and had enjoyed them ever since till recently, the left side started sounding more and more distant, a couple days later the left side is totally dead!

I've tried reaching out to AKG through phone calls and email, but no response.

EDIT: I reached out to Harman Kardon, which owns AKG now and had excellent service provided to me. I returned my pair and in return they gave me a brand new, sealed in box pair!

Simply superb iems, just make sure you get a proper seal and you might need an amp if the bass sounds like it's clipping.
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