Customer Reviews: Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player, Black
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on March 16, 2013
I've had this for 2 months now, and have used it a few dozen times. I also previously owned the Aquabeat 1.0, and have owned several waterproof ipod nanos.

First off, you need to get a good fit from for the ear pieces, or else any underwater mp3 player will be junk. And what fits one person well won't fit another. I tried 3-4 different types before I found something that works. That ended up being one of the cheaper underwater earphones available through Amazon. Once you've got earphones that work, you'll be able to tell that basically all the underwater mp3 players sound pretty much the same (okay, but not great, fine for podcasts or casual music appreciation). It's just a matter of how reliable they are, what features they have, how easy they are to use.

In comparison with the previous Aquabeat, this is a big winner. This new version is smaller, much, much easier to use with the LED screen, and has a radio that surprisingly works pretty well. The only disadvantage is that it doesn't float like the previous version, but that's not really a big deal to me.

In comparison to the ipod nano with waterproofing, well, that's tougher to say. If you like to listen to radio a lot while swimming, then go with the Aquabeat 2.0, sure. But the nano is so much better designed and using iTunes to manage your music is much, much easier if you are trying to listen to podcasts that update frequently. The controls on the nano are much better as well. The Aquabeat's buttons are clumsy and the interface really needs to be simplified to allow the most common operations with one or two touches. The nano has voiceover, so the lack of an LCD screen is not a big deal, it's pretty easy to find the music you want.

So would I recommend a waterproof nano over the Aquabeat? Well, while they're operating, I loved my nano. It's fantastic. But, in the last three years, I've been through four of them, they all failed after after 4-8 months of usage. Look at reviews from people who have had the product more than a month, it's a frequent complaint. However I have had good experience with Waterfi's customer service, they gave me a free replacement within their 1-year warranty period twice. They're advertising an upgraded waterproofing system that they claim will work much better, without coming out and admitting that their previous system wears out with frequent use.

Presumably, since the Aquabeat is actually designed by the manufacturer to work underwater, it'll last longer. I don't really know if it'll work out that way, since my first Aquabeat was stolen after only a month, and I've only been using the Aquabeat 2.0 for about two months. As Of right now though, I'd definitely recommend it.
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on November 27, 2011

Easy to use once I got the manual which it did not come with it. It is hard to use most functions without it.
It Clips easy on the goggles but I had to take off the plastic piece that wraps around the ears which is attached to headphones/earplugs.
I yet to use the stopwatch while training.

The sound is not loud enough; I had max the volume to be able to hear it.
The radio does go out of tune once underwater and gets static sound , you have to re -tune it which is easy.
The fitness function is strangely not really designed to work for a swimmer more like a runner or cyclist.
Battery charge does not last all that , it drains even while shut down.
It would be great if it had a lap counter built in.
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on December 9, 2011
I waited until the Speedo 2.0 before making my first purchase of an underwater MP3 player, purely based on the fact that I didnt believe that technology had come far enough to provide a decent consumer level product. I was sadly mislead into believing that this was it.

The Aquabeat MP3 player looks pretty nifty, unfortunately though the buttons are not very user friendly, with an absurdly complicated level of buttons to get to the main menu from whatever is playing at the time.

The sound
Even on ground, the sound quality is below average, far worse than even most of the chinese knockoff mp3 players you find around the place

The headphones
this is probably the worst part. Once underwater, these constantly come off, even after I adjust the earpiece to suite my ears. Even if they do by some miracle stay on the ears, the sound is so badly muffled, that its like having two pillows over your ears.

Dont even bother thinking about using things like the distance calculator, timer or radio. For one thing its time consuming to get started and the radio is terrible once underwater..

Rating and recommendation
- Wouldnt bother buying this, I hear good things about the FINIS underwater MP3, but will wait out a few more years before testing the waters again!!
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on February 20, 2012
I own this device for about 4 months now, and I can't swim without it anymore. The only down point are the headphones that don't fit properly in my ear canal, I had to cut a piece of the rubber part and adapt. For that reason, the sound is really low when your head is in the water, they should find a way to make a headphone that is able to keep the water from getting in.
The device is great, but I'm giving it 4 stars for the headphones.
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on October 15, 2012
I like this MP3 player. I've had it a couple of months now and it is reliable for swimming laps. I do not use the earphones that came with it. I have a set of H2O surge Pros that I've been using for a year or so and I am sticking with them. Speedo must have been listening to it's customers because they fixed two of the shortfalls of the previous models. They added a shuffle option and a battery meter. Way to go Speedo! This MP3 player seems more stable when adding music to it. I do NOT like the plastic clip that this MP3 player uses to clip onto goggles. The old integrated retainers were much better.

I've had a Speedo LAZR for years. I have put a lot of laps in the pool with it. However, it doesn't want to reboot after a charge like it used to. I have to reset it a bunch before it works after a charge. I figure a few years in a wet environment is pretty good for an electronic device.

I tried another cheapo piece of !@#$% non-Speedo MP3 player. It was chrome plastic and the headphones screwed into the player so you have to use proprietary headphones with it. I ordered an adapter when I bought it but the instructions said the adapter could not be used in water. Didn't say that in the description of the product when I bought it. Plus the adapter was not a standard size. The non-Speedo MP3 player only lasted for about a month and one side stopped working. So I came back to Speedo. Glad I did.

I'll keep using the current setup until it goes bad. I have my old LAZR and the new Speedo headphones from the new player as backup. I am spoiled. Laps without music sucks! Maybe I'll get 3 years out of this setup. too.
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on December 8, 2011
The thing I like most is that it remembers where my song is after I turn it off. This is great for me, because I listen to large NPR podcasts and they may be cut short by the end of my swim, so I can return to the place where I left off the next day.

Other than that, it's FM player sounds great and even pre-programs channels, it's very easy to read the screen and to navigate after a couple minutes of practice.

I do have a problem with the headphones though. After getting them wet for the first time, they sound distorted and about 75% volume. Thankfully there is a 90 day warranty on the headphones.

The battery life is huge given in the specifications, it actually lasts in real life about 4 lap swimming sessions of 1 hour apiece. Which is good enough to have to plug it in 3+ hours to charge it every week or so.
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on July 16, 2013
i really loved this speedo aquabeat, but just after a few months of cautious use and good care it stopped working. i turned it on, and it was beginning to turn on but then it died, and the play button seemed loose, a certain click would intricate maneuver would make it turn on. and so i thought it was worth trying to recharge it and see if that fixed the problem) and that if i charge it again it would turn on again. then i charged it over night and the next morning IT JUST WOULDN"T TURN ON ANYMORE!! not even a flicker like last time.

*sigh* ughh.. the days when it was running beautifully and carefree like the best thing in the world .. i miss those days.. and i just hope when i send it back under its one year warranty, i don't have to worry about a glitch again.. but it really sucks that i have to send it back at all.. i'm going to miss having it. showing it off to my friends was so much fun, they'd never heard of such a gadget before i introduced it. ... :( ..... I'm sitting here charging it again in hopes that it starts working again, so that i dont have to go through the hassle of the warranty or exchange process.....
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on March 17, 2016
Only 2 stars, as now I realise how brilliant it is to swim with music in your ears, but it's such a hassle that nevertheless I'm not using it.
The hassle is both in the water (sometimes you hear well the music, sometimes not at all... and never for a longer period good), but at the time I bought it it was very last century on how to upload music (writing the review in 2016, it feels like 10 years old).
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on July 8, 2015
Finally I get to enjoy my time in the pool without having to think how much time it's been, hence I'm swimming for longer periods of time. I have one problem:
The headphones don't sound as good as I expected, the right one sounds more than the left one?
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on August 6, 2015
I purchased this unit directly from Speedo. Though I have read numerous reviews saying the ear buds were a bad design I think the ear buds are the only good feature of the product.
1. The Aquabeat 2.0 is advertised as being Apple friendly…it IS not. I had an Apple geek friend of mine attempt to down load music from my MacBook and could not make it work. I had to get my next door neighbor down load my music from his PC.
2. After swimming for 30-40 minutes the sound quality went from stereo to mono and the "highs" were lost. After two weeks of use the Aquabeat completely failed.
3. I returned the unit with Speedo's return labels and have not yet been refunded my purchase price.
4. Speedo's return policy will deduct $9.00 from my refund when / if they get around to sending one.
5. Speedo needs to focus on swim wear and accessories and stay away from Korean made electronics. JMHO
6. Do not purchase this item!
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