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on March 6, 2012
My several years old Epson printer died last weekend while I was printing an important document. I needed to buy a replacement quickly and didn't have time to do much research. My number one priority was reasonably priced ink and I expected to go with a Kodak model. But the few Kodaks I found in stock all used a single cartridge for colored ink, which doesn't seem economical to me. I came across the Lexmark S415 and really liked the price, appearance, and features, including separate color ink cartridges. In addition the ink was reasonably priced. A black cartridge was $10.99 and a combo pack with the three color cartridges was $35.99. (Far cheaper than ink for my Epson.) I believe these are rated at 200 pages each from the manufacturer and larger capacity cartridges are available. That would be about six cents per page (even cheaper in draft mode) which seems quite reasonable.

Set up took about 40 minutes as I recall. A significant part of that time was spent waiting for the software to load. There were an annoying number of tape strips to remove while unpacking but that's a trivial matter. Printing speed seems blazing fast compared to my old Epson. I really like the cancel print request button right there on the control panel. I also like that the scan function is accessible from the control panel. I haven't used the automatic document feeder yet but that is a great feature to have at this price. I also haven't used the wireless connection yet.
I've only printed a couple of color documents and the quality seemed fine. I can't speak for results with photo printing but I don't think one should expect superior photographic prints at this price.

So far I am very pleased with the printer and wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. The only slight negative I've found is that it does take two minutes and 20 seconds
(by stopwatch) for the printer to boot up. That's the sole reason I didn't go with a 5 star rating.
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on October 15, 2012
I absolutely love this printer. Been using it for a couple of months so far, and have had no issues at all. Toke a few more minutes setting up than other printers I've had but that wasn't a big deal. Very good quality! Totally satisfied with my purchase.
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on February 24, 2012
I needed a scanner but it was more cost effective to purchase an all-in-one machine instead. What made this machine appealing were its multi-function features :auto feeder, wifi, scanner, printer, and color-compartmentalized cartridge design.

Lengthy Set-up - over 2 hours with some success
The set-up of the machine took nearly two hours. Initial set-up involved the following steps take the tape off, install cartridge, install software. Well when I installed the cartridge, I had to re-align the cartridges twice!!! It cant just self-align itself or that it wasn't designed to the right tolerances to be able to handle installation inconsistency. Installation of the software was the longest ever. I had to make sure my mac & printer were connected to the same network for this to work. Their software doesn't take ensure of this . Also, when I was trying to resolve this issue, no documentation was found on the lexmark web page about this product which led me to believe it was a discontinued model but Fry's claims that it isn't so. Many attemps were made to make the wiifi connection between printer and mac and most attempts were software timed-out.

Scanning - paper readily gets stuck in auto feeder
After many install attempts and finally established connection, I attempted to wirelessly scan in 8 pages of document to my mac using the auto feeder. In my first two attempt, my pages were stuck in the rollers. I had to carefully load in the pages and finally they all scanned in. It scanned pretty quickly and resolution was acceptable for a document.

Printing- not so great
I was willing to forget about the lengthy set-up and the sub-prime auto-feeder but the printing was disappointing. I printed a photo from my recent vacation in hawaii. The colors were not representative of the original photo. In areas that were supposed to be yellow-brown, it appeared blue green. Also the photo clearly looked like it was printed from a cheap ink-jet printer

Wireless printing/scanning works intermittently
Wireless connection appeared to work intermittently. When the machine is in sleep mode when not in use, you ahve to physically turn on the machine then reestablish wireless connection between mac and machine AGAIN! I think this beats the whole wireless idea.

The following evening, I returned this machine and purchased the CANON PiXMA MX 410 for $20 cheaper and life was better again :D. It had all the features the lexmark s415 but set-up was way faster and easier, print quality looked like i had professional printing, and auto feeder scanner worked flawlessly. In the end, I highly do not recommend the lexmark s415. I have very little good things to say except that the cartridges may be cheaper for poor quality printing.
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on June 26, 2012
I went through two portable fax machines, each malfunctioning significantly until I decided to use my protection plans with the chain store to move up to the high quality Lexmark Multifunction Printer.A high quality machine like the Lexmark certainly is like playing a magnificent violin, it responds splendidly.I must relay to you the thought that the Lexmark S415 is all about precision. The machine functions flawlessly every time. My business has a unique fax set up. Since we only have one phone line, I use a fax service to receive my transmissions on my laptop and the Lexmark can send faxes, copy and scan. I know there are ways to prevent your phone calls from hearing the fax sounds but I just prefer the service allowing me the ability to review and print at my leisure. Remember, I just plug in the power and snap in a telephone chord or the Lexmark works online.These are the so called portable fax machines if you need them to be hooked up that way.I would suggest a high profile machine like the Lexmark S415. When you start buying these units on price, you may be headed for another experience.
Jay Adler Music Critic
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on June 5, 2012
this is the WORST printer. i left hp because the scanning wouldn't work any longer on my 3 in 1 and thought i'd try lexmark. right off the bat the cartridges kept giving me an error message after i loaded them. then finally i got that issue resolved and then it moved on to printing the alignment page and that sounded like it was printing but nothing popped out and finally it gave me an error message saying there was a paper jam. i tried to find the jam and couldn't find it anywhere. i tried unplugging it and everything. finally called lexmark and could barely understand the woman and her final answers was to return it to where i bought it. what a crappy printer. don't waste you time. get a canon or hp.
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on October 12, 2012
Purchased the LEXMARK S415 - great price from Office Max for all of the listed features. Home and Small Business Use. Comes loaded with the minimal S415 Black and Color Ink Cartridges, as most printers do. I predominantly print/copy in Black and White, for the very reason so save on the cost of Color Ink Cartridges. I minimally reserve to Color Print.
So my first Black Cartridge got depleted. Again, I mostly print in Black and White, so I ran out, and went to Office Max to purchase another B/W Ink Cartridge. I loaded this into the S415 printer. Printed OK for a day. Then 2 days later, an error message appears, I "need to replace the Cyan print cartridge," which is COLOR, each time I print in Black and White.
IT DISABLES YOU TO PRINT ANYTHING, even when you are only printing in Black and White, NOT COLOR! I contacted Lexmark Customer Service 1-800-332-4120. "Kim" told me the printer is designed to work this way! So you run out of black ink, instead of $20 some bucks, plan on spending an additional $48 for the 3 color cartridges (plus your B/W ink cartridge) i.e. $70 + with tax to print in BLACK AND WHITE ONLY! TOTAL SCAM!
I AM GOING TO OFFICE MAX Corporate, LEXMARK Corporate, and post this review on any website that sells this product.
Great, get the product on sale for $89, and be FORCED to spend $70+ on your first ink replacement, even when you only print in black and white, or you get a repeated and continual error message, and if you ignore to purchase a new color cartridge set ($48+ at Office Max), your printer is rendered TOTALLY USELESS, even with a BRAND NEW Black Ink Cartridge installed and print only in B/W!
"Designed to work this way?" per the Customer Service Representative, "Kim". More like designed to FOOL THE CONSUMERS!
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on December 28, 2012
I purchased this printer a while ago through Staples and I had no problems. Although this doesn't concern Amazon, it concerns the product you will be purchasing from Amazon. The fax function of this printer used to work fine until I started having problems through heavy usage but luckily I purchased insurance on this product and received a new one. I installed the new printer and everything worked well EXCEPT for the fax function. I called Lexmark customer support to help me mitigate this problem, but like most big companies, they forwarded me to their call-center / help desk in India. After several weeks and a rude member of their customer support, I finally had enough and will purchase a new printer with fax capabilities. If you need a standard printer/copier then this is your device! Just don't expect it to have a reliable fax function. Also, don't expect anything but terrible customer service if you have any problems with this device. Never purchasing anything from Lexmark again.
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on September 2, 2012
I recenlty purchased this printer, so the I cannot comment on ink usage. However, the software was very easy to use and setup. It did download about 200MB of updates, but it works great. The printer wireless network took me about 5 minutes to figure out, because I had to goto Setup->Network Setup->Active Network->Wireless. When the Active Network was selected to Auto, I was not able to join the printer to my network using WPS. This brough my review down to a 4. The printer did align the print cartridges automatically. It did seem odd that the paper kept going in and out, but it does this by design.

Overall the printer was easy to setup, scans and prints great. I use this primarily for small color prints that my wife prints for students at school, maybe 100 sheets a month. Most of our prints are on a high ouput monochrome laser printer. The document feeder makes copies and scans very convenient. For the cost and size, a great addition for a low volume household.
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on December 12, 2014
Not buying a Lexmark ever again. This printer uses a lot of ink and you don't get a lot out of the refills. That isn't what kills this combo though. What kills it is much more ignorant. If you run out of one of the colors of ink you CAN NOT print ANYTHING. You can't print/copy in black and white unless you replace that empty color cartridge. We don't ever print in color and it uses it anyway. It blows me away that this is what companies are doing to people now. It won't even fax without you buying their (overpriced) ink.

Other than that it printed fine and and the scanner works great. The Setup wasn't too difficult and I can print from any computer in the place without issue, unless your color cartridges are empty. Which believe me, they are. The ink problem really kills this Combo unit. Without that issue it would rank higher.
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on May 19, 2013
It wouldn't print more than 5 to 10 pages before it froze up with communication errors. Then began the printing errors. Tech support couldn't resolve the issue. This went on for months before I demanded a refund which I eventually received after a couple more months of delay by the Philippine office. You deal with the Philippine office (HUH!) on this. I finally got fed up and called the Kentucky HQ and got some action from some capable fellow. Only then was I given my refund which came within the week. But what a waste of valuable time, ink, paper, money and spirit this printer caused. I see I wasn't the only one either.
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