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I shake my head in amazement when I read some reviews downrate the entire Olympus XZ-1 camera because they don't like the lens cap. It appears they are used to the "leaf-type" devices used on cheap point & shoot cameras and don't realize how flimsy and vulnerable those are. A grain of sand or a poke with a pencil to a leaf-type lens cap can make the whole camera into an unusable paperweight. I don't know why XZ-1 users seem to be particularly sensitive about having a real lens cap instead of a leaf-type cap but the reality is that all "better" cameras use real lens caps, from the newer high-end compact cameras, to bridge cameras and all DSLR's. A real lens cap simply offers more protection.

But how cool is it that Olympus offers an option to install an auto-open cap if the owner chooses to. I did make that choice, but I will still keep the real lens cap, and here's why. Many times I am at events in which I want to be ready to shoot as quickly as possible. While the real lens cap pops off automatically and is retained by a string from getting lost, the action of it popping off and dangling is a distraction and there is a risk the cap may get into the picture.

The biggest downside of the LC-63A is that the leaves have a fairly substantial gap (see sample photo I uploaded). That is a major concern at events that are inherently dusty like parades, rodeos, races, etc. Given enough dust a pattern can form on the lens, having a very detrimental effect on the photograph. The blades on the LC-63A are also very thin, offering not much more protection than the built-in leaf type caps on cheap cameras. The upside is, unlike cheap cameras, if the LC-63A gets damaged you can unscrew it and throw it away, whereas with leaf-type caps you may end up throwing the whole camera away. So bottom line, my preference is to use the real lens cap for protection while traveling, or if I know I am going to be in a very dusty environment, and screw the LC-63A on while shooting where I need quick response.

A couple of other things to note ... the LC-63A is well designed and well put together and a bit overpriced, but considering that its function is to protect the lens on a high-quality camera, the price is not out of line. Because it is a smaller diameter and only a slight fraction thicker, it actually goes into my eveready case easier and there is no risk it can be accidentally knocked off. If you own a XZ-1, it is a nice accessory to have, but realize that it is more of a convenience than true protection for your lens.

NOTE: as the camera nears its end-of-life this lens cap seems to be getting more scarce. If you feel you want one, it's probably best to order soon. I didn't really "need" this but I have a gut feeling I won't be able to find it before long, so I bit the bullet and ordered one (direct from Olympus because it was discontinued at Amazon at the time and now the price has gone up substantially).
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on December 5, 2012
Like a lot of other XZ-1 owners, I got tired of taking the separate lens cap off to use the camera and putting it back on afterward. I also worried that, when I had the camera in my pocket, the cap might come off and the lens could be scratched, although this never actually happened.

A short time ago, I bought a "self closing" lens cap for a few dollars. That cap had two problems: (1) it was more than twice as thick as this Olympus cap, making the camera a tight fit in the pouch where I often carry it, and (2) its collapsible cover had three leaves, which stuck out beyond the lens when open.

The Olympus LC-63A is less than half the thickness of the other cap I bought, so it fits both the case and my pocket. The cover has four leaves, which can therefore be shorter and still fully cover the lens. When the lens is open with the barrel extended, the leaves lie snugly against the lens barrel and do not protrude beyond it as the other cap did.

Result: I paid five times the price, but got a much better product. It's easy to use: unscrew the old lens cap, throw it away, screw on the new cap. Camera off = cover closed, camera on = cover open, all automatically!
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on August 23, 2014
I have an Olympus XZ-2 which comes with a standard push on lens cap. After enduring that for a month or two I bought the LC-63A lens cap and it made all the difference in the world. This lens cap should be standard issue on both the XZ-1 and XZ-2. Now I don't have that dangling cap getting in my way all the time. This is a really worthwhile add-on for a great little camera and it is easy to mount. The thread on the barrel is set so when the lens cap is hand-tightened it aligns just as you see it in the illustration.
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on October 3, 2012
Olympus took a while to make this, but they got it right. The attachment ring is metal. It is much flatter than the aftermarket tri-fold cover (47mm v. 56mm overall thickness in place). The plastic shutters have more precision and all four parts close reliably every time! And the price is reasonable too. Go Olympus!
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on August 17, 2013
With this accessory it’s impossible to lose the lens cap but it may still allow some dust through the was an annoyance to deal with the lens cap that came with this camera, always in the way!
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on August 5, 2013
A great lens cap! Works just as described, just screw it on and it works! The only problem is that this lens cap should have been provides as standard equipment. After spending almost $400 on the camera it seems ludicrous you have to spend an additional $20.00 for a lens cap that doesn't fall off!
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on November 5, 2013
Much more convenient than the standard lens cap and only mildly dorky looking! ;-) It seems well made and it is easy to replace if one of the flip out panels does become damaged. I just threads in so you do have to take a tiny bit of care to get it lined up correctly if you care about that.
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on January 12, 2013
I got this along with a Cosmos case. It screws in the threads on the xz-1 lens and pops open when you use the camera.

So you get rid of the lens cap problems of either holding it, losing it, or having it fly around on the lens cap cord on a windy day.

This screw fitment on the lens was perfect and the size of the cap when screwed into the lens body gives it the same profile as the original removable lens cap.

The only people that would not be interested are those who might want to use filters, teleconverters or other screw on lens complements. But if I want to do that type of photography I break out the DSLR. I use this just as a high quality point and shoot and with this lens cap that is exactly what I get.
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on March 20, 2013
This is a must have accessory for your XZ-1. Brilliantly simple and elegant. I normally shoot Nikon DSLRs, but bought an XZ-1 for a trip and didn't want to lug all my gear. This was a very nice addition to the camera and eliminates the need for a traditional lens cap. I agree with everyone that has said this should have came with the camera, but regardless, it is well worth the money. Just turn the camera on and it is ready to fire.

I contemplated purchasing a cheaper alternative, but decided that this looked a little more refined and I typically lean towards factory parts anyway. This is a very high quality accessory from Olympus and can't offer any feedback for the off-brand ones.
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on October 4, 2012
This lens cover is a great addition to a great camera, it's a pity Olympus did not ship it with the camera.

There were two things I did not like about the XZ-1, one was the push-on, pull-off lens cap dangling from a string, and this item cures that, and the other was the long neck strap which I replaced with this item:

Those two things made this camera nearly pocketable, and much more convenient and fun to use.

I think that most all XZ-1 owners want this lens cover.
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