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on March 14, 2012
At the time of this review I have the latest firmware (version BD7.341.00).

The BP620 is LG's 2012 blu-ray player model that replaces the LG BD670 from the 2011 lineup. The new 2012 BP620 model comes in at the same physical size as last years. I personally like the build quality of the player compared to the 2012 Sony BDP-S390 model, which while smaller feels very cheap.

The user interface is virtually identical to last year's model. At times last year's BD670 model suffered from delay reaction to the remote control. This is not the case with this year's model. The exception to this is during the first 20 seconds of the player booting up (turning on).

In terms of blu-ray playback quality, it is up to par compared to all sub-$180 players on the market today. The disc load times have improved on the model compared to last year's LG BD670. DVD up-scaling to 1080p is well done on the BP620 too. One feature missing across all video playback formats is the zoom feature. While I never really took advantage of zooming in on my video, I know of some people who will miss it.

The included remote control is almost exactly the same as the model included with last year's BD670. The big difference is the lack of the "marker," "search" and "zoom" buttons neat the bottom. These three buttons have been replaced with a "music id" button to have the player access GraceNote for disc info and a dedicated "Audio" button to switch audio tracks. This was a button last year's model did not have. Before you had to hit the "Info" button and scroll down to audio and then toggle to the desired track. A dedicated "subtitle" button has also been added to the remote.

Compared to the 2012 Sony blu-ray players, this LG streams a lot of video file formats from my local network: AVI, DIVX, XVID, MKV, MP4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 & more. The Sony BDP-390 would not see or play any of my video files. This LG sees and plays them all. The one thing I miss is the "search" function that the LG LD670 had. It made fast forwarding though a long video much quicker to skip ahead. The BP620 would not see my home Seagate NAS as the BD670 did unless I turned on the DLNA Media Server function of my NAS. Not really an issue. Just worth mentioning. When fast forwarding or rewinding video was much smoother than when doing so on the BD670. Also, if you stop playing a video file then go back to playing the same file again it starts all over instead of picking up where it left off like on the BD670.

The BP620 features only a 2.4Ghz wireless radio card. This year's model lacks the 5Ghz wireless radio which I liked on the BD670.

In terms of steaming services, at this time there are a few less available than the 2011 BD670 model. Some people have written in reviews of Netflix issues. I have not experienced any to date. As of 3/14/12, the BP620 has: Netflix, vudu, hulu PLUS, Pandora, CinemaNow, AccuWeather, AP, vTuner, YouTube, Picasa Web Albums & viewstar.

Lastly I will say that the unit runs fairly warm. There is no fan in the rear or ventilation in the rear. I opened the unit up to find a very low end heat sink on the main board.

** UPDATE **
Sony has released firmware version M11.R.0211 for the BDP-S390 and while it is not listed in the updated items in the release notes from Sony, this firmware seems to have corrected the issue mentioned eariler in my review about the Sony 2012 units not seeing video files (MKV, AVI, XVID, etc) from my DLNA Certified NAS.
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on May 14, 2012
Disclaimer: I'm writing a review on an identical model sold by Costco (LG BP620C).

In the past 4-5 months I've tried several Blue Ray DVD players; several models by Samsung, a Sony and as of late, this LG. I've had different issues with each of the previous units which is why I kept trying other ones. My Conclusion is that the LG is the best (from my stand point). It is the only one that played anything and everything I throw at it. It played all MKV files (even the one that a Sony unit complained was corrupted), it was able to recognize and display both subtitles embedded in the MKV as well as added subtitle files within the folder. It did so both from a disk and from a connected USB device. It even played DVDs that were encoded in PAL (!!!), something none of the others could.

So, I'm sticking with the LG BP620C.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Hard to believe, but it was just a few years- 2006, actually- ago that Blu-Ray players cost $500 or more for even the most basic units. Now you can get a fully-functioned unit with WiFi, Internet connectivity, and players for Netflix and other services that didn't even exist in 2006 for a fraction of the cost. So how good a player do you get for under $150?

Pretty good, actually. I've never used a really high end player (you can spend well over a thousand dollars for a high end unit) but I can't image the images they produce are significantly better than those I get from this box. I started my evaluation by putting the manual aside and plugging the player into the wall and my LG TV. I turned it on with the remote, and the on-screen instructions led me painlessly through the setup procedure and software update. I tried a few discs, which played with no problem, and then turned my attention to configuring Netflix. This went even more smoothly than the Netflix setup on my LG TV, although there was one odd glitch. When I entered my Netflix id and password, I got an "ID or password not recognized" message, and then the player connected to Netflix without further problems. Curiously, I had exactly the same error message with my LG TV. Other than that I had no problems with that function. The user interface once you launch Netflix is very good- better than that in my LG TV, I think. It scrolls more smoothly and more quickly than the TV set based player.

The up-scaling feature that reprocesses ordinary DVDs to full 1080p doesn't appear to deliver significantly more resolution with the ordinary DVDs I've tried, compared to my old Philips player. I tried both older movies originally shot on film as well as brand-new videos of current TV series, but neither showed that much improvement on my 1080p set. The various Internet streaming functions, like YouTube and Hulu worked without a glitch. One curious omission from both this unit and my TV is a player for Amazon Prime videos. Amazon has a full writeup on their site on how to input code numbers from LG equipment to enable Amazon Prime video playing, but it doesn't appear to be supported on those units I've looked at. Some reviews say that previous models of this player did have Prime support. I checked an FAQ at LG's web site and read that Prime support "may possibly be made available on a future update" but there is no timetable to do so. Pity.

Other than those few quirks, I didn't have any problems with this player. The BP620 may not have all the functions I'd like, but it's still a very good deal in a basic Blu-Ray player, and includes a lot more functionality than even top line DVD players of just a few years ago. I'd say it's a good choice for anyone looking for a not-too-expensive entry into Blu-Ray technology, or a good all-around DVD player with Netflix streaming.
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on December 3, 2012
Let me start off by saying that many of these reviewers are correct in their assumptions about this blu-ray player, even the negative reviewers. I did not care much for this blu-ray player from the start but with my experience with electronics I decided to be patient and wait for all the proper updates. After about two weeks of the blu-ray player locking up and having to unplug it I gave LG a call and they told me they were aware of it and they were working on fixing it. Now, I'm no nuby to electronics and I try to stay realistic and patient. In this instance it paid off. I also have a LG 7600 tv that had some issues, but like with blu-ray player, the updates fixed everything.

A lot of times these companies get a wee-antsy when trying to push their yearly products out, and this blu-ray player was no exception. On the other hand, now that it's fixed it's the best blu-ray player I've ever owned (and I've owned a few). Not only does it play blu-rays and DVDs great, but it also streams at extremely great levels. I can't tell the difference between the streaming quality and blu-ray quality sometimes. It's crystal clear and runs 1080p very smoothly.

The Blu-ray player itself is very quiet in comparison to earlier blu-ray players. Some of you are familiar with loud blu-ray players and it can be very annoying. This blu-ray is as quiet as a church mouse.

One negative mark that is pretty minimal is that the blu-ray player is a bit slow. It is slow in loading and it is slow with the remote when you are trying to type out a title for a show you might be looking for on Vudu or Netflix. It's nothing major, but it is evident.

Overall this blu-ray player has been very good to me (minus the first couple weeks). I got this back in April, so I have had it for a little over 9 months. It's running great and I am 100% satisfied. Hope this helps. Take care
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on September 13, 2012
I am not an expert in blu ray players, everything seems to work well so far for me and I am happy with the price. However, I feel very silly I did not check but just assumed I would be able to watch Amazon VOD on this machine, older LG models have this capability but not this brand new one! Netflix and huluplus seem fine, but I am contemplating returning it because I do like Amazon prime as well and since I am a member I feel cheated not having that option on the TV hooked up to this blu ray player. So just be warned if you are an Amazon VOD user maybe skip this player :(
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on May 16, 2012
I gought this as a companion to my LG55LM7600 3d tv. It's my second 3d blu-ray player, and it compares well to my first, a Samsung product. I hooked it up to my newly-mounted tv just 12 days ago. Haven't used the wi-fi yet...need to get a router. I've watched a 3d movie, several 2d blu-ray movies and some dvds. The 3d is fine, no ghosting, no trails, smooth motion. 2d movies are extremely sharp, but I don't know whether to credit the player or the tv for that. One thing that startled me was the picture I got when playing non-blu-ray dvds. Almost indistinguishable from blu-ray.
The player hooked up easily - they all do - and looks great, all slim and shiny black. One other thing: it operates much faster - much - than either of my two SONY blu-ray players. I'd recommend this unit.
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on August 20, 2012
I purchased LG BP620 Blu-Ray player primarily for watching Blu-Ray movies, Netflix, Hulu, and occasionally, YouTube. I have cut the subscription to cable TV last year and relied solely on Roku 2 XD for my entertainment needs, but decided on purchasing a multi-purpose Blu-Ray player to expand my options for recent releases of movies and shows.

The functionality as a Blu-Ray player is excellent. It requires only a few seconds of loading time, rewinding and fast-forwarding is a breeze, and on-screen menu is easy and intuitive. I am glad to see that it also plays DVDs without a hassle as I have a huge collection of DVDs. I have heard of many other Blu-Ray players stuttering and freezing upon playing DVDs, but LG BP620 has shown none of those issues.

As an online-streamer, it was good enough for me to sell my used Roku 2 XD. It was easy to navigate through each Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, and layouts and menus were predictable. Everything that should be there, is there. One huge thumbs up is the subtitles that work flawlessly.

Only complaint I have is the performance of its WiFi on WiFi-G mode. It has been about a month since the purchase, and I have had a few occasions of Wi-Fi being disconnected upon start, or the streaming is noticeably slowed down. The issue may be related to how the WiFi-G router is in the basement of my house and LG-BP620 is located on the 2nd floor. However, seeing that my laptop has no signal problem on the same floor, I suspect that LG may have used inadequate antennae.

A few other reviewers mentioned overheating issues, but I haven't had any occasion of the device heating up even after hours of Breaking Bad marathon.

Overall, I am happy with the purchase and would recommend this to anyone who needs a multi-purpose Blu-Ray player but don't want a $200+ gaming console.
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18 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on July 12, 2012
I primarily bought this (non-Amazon warehouse) as I was looking for a wifi blu-ray player that will play some video files that I had.

First things first - Installation was a breeze. Connected it, turned it on, couple of menu items, including something which asks for the wifi particulars (it found my wifi quickly) add local wifi's security key and it's onto business.

It's menu is beautiful and intuitive. I truly feel that among a bunch of different gadgets, this menu was probably the best I've seen as yet (I've a Sony tv, LG TV and a Vizio TV with another Sony blu-ray player).

It comes with "Premium content" - these are basically apps that allow you to connect to online content - Netflix, Hulu plus, Viewster, Pandora etc. It does not have Amazon Instant Video. I did a sofware update and it still did not have it. It contains a LG Applications app which allows you to download apps. LG's website has lots of video. (None of which seemed appetizing enough for me to try to install it). You get about 95KB worth of space on the device for your downloaded apps. Navigation is really really nice. I'll say again - menu/navigation/wallpaper+look/feel was very nice for this player.

It comes with a disc that contains Nero Home software. I have not tried that aspect as yet.

I tried the USB access to a hard drive. There is 1 USB port - it's at the right front of the receiver - and allows connection to only 1 USB external drive. It was able to load the drive contents almost instantaneously. Showed me all the folders including those of non audio/video data and files within. I was able to play video very easily with that. Access was generally good. I didn't see any hesitation of jumps cos of external USB access.

Formats supported: It seemed to support WMV, MPEG, Xvid, Huffy and SH263 video without any problems - I had videos with differing ratio aspects and it didn't seem to complain about any of it. It somehow *chooses* to play it as a standard 4:3 (with vertical bars at the sides) or a 16:9 video on my HD TV. In general, I did not notice any weirdness in it's ability to play items. Normal 480p type material wasn't the best quality but I think it was more a function of the digitial file itself not being encoded for very high quality. I watched some 1080p files and they displayed quite nicely. Audio for the file was detected as MP3, WMA and standard audio and there were no problems in that area. For all DIVX encoded AVI, it would give a Video Format Not Supported message. (MAJOR DRAWBACK). It detects that the file is DIVX3 or DIVX4 or DIVX5 (there's a function to view information of the file which shows what the aspect ratio, the video and audio file format that was detected for the file). But refuses to play it. I tried some FLV files and it played a few and didn't play others. Don't quite understand why

There was about a 1 or 2-second delay whenever choosing to play a file - pretty good response time in my opinion. My USB drive is not too fast.

There is a facility to read files directly off the wifi network but I have not tried that as yet.

The software was downlevel and when accessing the Premium content (the apps for Netflix, vudu etc) it required me to download an update. I could not back out of that one. Happened as soon as I clicked on Premium content. However, I don't think it installed a firmware update - probably just configured the apps. Since on doing a check in the Settings later, it showed that there was still a newer version of the firmware and associated software available for download. I did download it. No changes that I could notice to the supported formats after the updated firmware.

Overall: I gave it four stars. It does the blu-ray bit, is below-100 (when I bought it, plus-tax tho), does 3D blu-ray, does wifi, has one of the most clear no-nonsense menu (without being boring) and plays multiple video formats when connected via USB. The 1-star deducted was because I was not able to get DivX to work.

I haven't as yet decided if I'm going to keep this as yet since I really want DivX to work.

Edited 8/13/2012: I talked to LG customer service. They confirmed DivX is not supported. I decided to go with an earlier model from LG that does support DivX - the LG BD 670 blu ray player. And I returned the LG BP620 back to the store. Please note: When trying to buy the LG BD 670 blu ray player on Amazon, it will say that it's been replaced with this 620 player as a newer model. But there's a clear difference in features between the two. I would recommend going for the 670 until LG comes up with a model that supports DivX also.
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23 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on May 14, 2012
Bought one last week, despite the mixed reviews and I'm glad I did.

*It's very fast compared to the last year's Samsung I had
*It did detect my Wi-Fi and connected to all of the online services right away (including Netflix, Pandora, Facebook, etc). No problems!
*It recognized any type of video format on my USB Flash drive. Very neat feature - you don't have to do any software update for it. I download a lot of movies and a lot of times you have to download different codecs in order for the movie to play on your PC. No need to do it with this player. Download any format, plug it in and enjoy!

I think it's a great buy if the price is right!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is my fourth Blu-Ray player and first 3D player. All my players are under $200. The LG BP620 has a LOT of features and options, extra apps, games and more, The menu system is intuitive and easy to navidate Connections are basic - network, HDMI out and RCA analog outputs. It uses only 12 watts of power - that's pretty amazing, even though it does seem to run hot. From turn on to playing the disc is fast - far faster than my two year old Sony. Plus it plays video streams from a wide variety of formats, plays Netflix (and many other online services) and includes both wired and wireless network options. At first I used wireless, but found it slow - streaming video often stuttered. The player even displayed a warning that playback over a wireless network may have problems - so I switched to wired. This could be signal strength - on the player it was two bars (-90dbm on my wireless meter.) Switching to wired solved this.

I'll try wireless again after I add another access point in that part of the house.

Other observations: The USB port cover is just a cheap cap - not a door. At first I thought I was going to snap it off. It's small and lightweight, and has a full featured remote. For the money, I'd say its a great deal. My DVD's look better on my more expensive unit, but only marginally. HDMI cable is not included (most don't include it.)
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