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on September 6, 2012
If you are reading this review, you must be considering this flashlight. But like me, you might be saying to yourself... "Wow, why would I ever pay this much for a simple flashlight??" Well, this is not your ordinary flashlight. This thing is perfection in your pocket. I own 4 Fenix flashlights and a Fenix Headlamp. And compared to other brands of lights I own, I'd rate Fenix 10 stars if I could. I can't imagine being dissatisfied with any of their products.

This model of Fenix light has everything you need for daily use as well as incredible reliability and features for an emergency situation. I feel the description on Amazon is somewhat lacking of this light's potential. For more details, check out the features and running times listed on Fenix's website:


This thing is constructed amazingly. The quality and craftsmanship is outstanding. The best part about it for me is that it runs on a single AA battery which is cheap and easy to obtain. The second best part about this is that you have 4 levels of brightness (controlled by the grey button on the side). And when you turn the light off, it remembers what brightness you last had it set at. I like knowing that runtime on the lowest setting (3 lumens) is 97 hours! In a very dark area, low might be enough to see what you are doing and conserve battery in an emergency situation. Other runtimes are as follows:

Turbo: 115 Lumens (2h 9 min)
High: 60 Lumens (4h 51 min)
Mid: 27 Lumens (11 hr)
Low: 3 Lumens (97 hr)

Being able to adjust your light output in an emergency situation could be vital to conserving battery and making your light source last longer. The LED light is very 'white' and bright as opposed to other flashlights that use traditional bulbs (yellowish/tungston dull light). LED lights have a much better life and reliability when compared to older bulb lights. The bonus this light has over others is that it also has a "Strobe" and "SOS" mode. Just hold down the grey button on the side for 2 seconds and it switches to "Flashing modes" for emergency situations. As bright as this thing is, you would have no trouble being spotted from a rescue ship or aircraft. The "Turbo" setting at 115 lumens is blinding to the eye and if pointed up at a white ceiling in a dark room, lights up the entire room as if the regular lights are on. It's waterproof and impact resistant. You can't go wrong with this light. I love the pocket clip and tactical button on the bottom for quick on/off (as opposed to other lights where you have to turn the head to get it to come on). Oh and it also has a rigid edge on the front for breaking glass in an emergency situation. The lanyard that comes with it is even better quality than I've seen on other lights. It fits in the pocket and hand nicely and is about the size/thickness of Black Magic Marker (but slightly shorter).

I feel this is the perfect 'save your a** light'. You will want to carry it everyday. If you want something small to carry on your keychain that is the same quality (just less features)... I highly recommend the Fenix E05 (takes 1 AAA battery) and is not much bigger than a AAA battery but is VERY VERY bright at 27 lumens. Hope this review helps.
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on September 30, 2013
If you don't want to read my full review, here's the bottom line up front: After nearly a month of carrying this light every day, I couldn't be more pleased with it's features, construction and function. Highly recommended!

I've had an EDC flashlight for a few years now - don't know how I ever got by without one. My most recent EDC was an inexpensive EnergizerEnergizer Tactical Metal Handheld LED Flashlight AA LED; simple, small and effective. When I lost the Energizer I went looking for a replacement. Criteria was a durable LED that was waterproof, had a good run time and was small enough to fit in my pocket. As an added consideration, I wanted a light robust enough to double as a tactical/bedside light (lighting up Grandma with your weapon-mounted light as she gets a glass of water in the middle of the night makes for awkward Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners). After pouring over a ton of reviews, I was about to pull the trigger on a Streamlight when I stumbled on the Fenix LD12. WOW. This light is everything I was looking for and then some.

- It's powered by a single AA battery - the ultimate in easy replacement. I won't rehash run time numbers here, as they've already been covered in previous reviews, but I find them more than sufficient.

- Bright?? It's hard to believe how much light is put out by this little guy using only a single AA (125 lumens on Turbo). Pointing the light at the ceiling in a darkened 15x20 room on its Turbo setting lit the entire area well enough to easily read small print; even on the lowest power setting the room was lit well enough to be able to move around and function. The strobe function will, literally, stun you. Yes, there are high-end lights out there that are brighter (usually employing one or more CR123's) but repeat after me: Single. AA. Battery. Simply amazing.

- Construction is first rate. The aluminum body is smoothly machined and finished with an anti-roll design. The clip is heavy duty and attaches securely to my pocket without any play. The threads on the battery compartment are precision cut and the cap smoothly screws on and off (a blessing for those of us who have fought with poorly mated threads). After three weeks of carrying the LD12 in my pocket daily (accompanied & banged around by a pocket knife and mini leatherman) the finish remains essentially unblemished. One much appreciated aspect of the construction is that the body is threaded on BOTH ends. Ever have a battery leech acid and get stuck in your flashlight? I have, and being unable to get the battery out ruined an otherwise good light. With the ability to open both body ends there's no longer any chance of a leaky battery becoming a permanent fixture in the tube. My only reservation with the construction was with the durability of the gray mode select button, which is located on the body below the lens. It's rubber with a tactile raised design and I wasn't sure how it would stand up to the wear and tear of EDC. To date, my concerns appear to be groundless, as almost a month of carrying it around in my pocked hasn't resulted in any noticeable damage or wear.

- Waterproof!

- Cost. Let's be honest - this isn't a cheap flashlight. Fifty bucks is fifty bucks, no matter how you slice it. That said however, the LD-12 is cheaper than other flashlights with similar performance and features. Fenix also stands behind their product with a 24-month warranty (extended to 30 months if you register your light on their site). If you would have ever told me I'd buy a light for $50 and count the money well spent, I'd have offered to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge for $50 and made my money back. I was wrong. This light is a great *value*, based on features, performance, and construction.

In sum, I like the light so much that I find myself looking for excuses to use my LD-12, and get this stupid grin on my face when I do. I'd buy another LD-12 in an instant if this one were to ever be lost. Even more telling, my wife and daughter may be getting these for Christmas (and I don't trust the well-being of the most precious things in my life to junk). Hmmm, I wonder if I can convince Fenix into making an LD-12 in female pleasing pink, purple or turquoise.....
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on March 27, 2012
I am by no means a hard core flashlight user. However, I can say what I have liked and disliked in the past with respect to flashlights. Generally speaking, this flashlight has most of what I am looking for. I have had a few of the twisty kind where the different settings are changed by twisting the bezel. Generally this work pretty well, except I have run into issues where weather temps have an impact. Specifically in cold weather the twisty part required a couple tries before it will switch to the next mode (have never had this problem with pushbutton). What I like about this flashlight is:

*Pushbutton to switch between modes (only down side is you can't stand it up on the tail stand)

*On/Off remembers last setting so you can have it come on in low, med or high instead of always coming on at the same brightness.

*Size is great, fits perfectly in the hand (is a little bigger than average single cell AA flashlights)
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on November 13, 2012
I have both the LD10 & LD12...the LD10 is definitely much brighter and I dont care for the side mode switch on the new LD12. Parts appear to be interchangeable (end cap & reflector section). The included case is more durable than the LD10's case but I like the utility of the LD10 case.
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on August 26, 2012
I've gone threw several iterations of AA lights like these from quite a few manufacturers (Fenix, JetBeam, Nitecore, ...etc). So far for the money the AA models from Fenix are the budget way to go. Even on the turbo mode (115 lumens) the battery lasts 2 hrs and the flashlight doesn't get too hot to handle unlike the nitecore lites which will lightly burn you, after about 5-10 mins on turbo mode. I've also dropped this a few times from standing height onto the concrete with no issues, I've had $100+ lights fail and never work correctly again after a fall like this.

when it comes to these types of lights I would get a fenix or a jetbeam (pa-10), and that's it, the rest of the guys work fine, but burn batteries, get too hot, and will crap out if dropped on the concrete.
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on July 31, 2012
I also own the Fenix LD-20, which uses two AA batteries, for around the house. I bought the LD-12 for something to easily carry, and it is everything I expected. The size works for me because I wear loose fitting pants and it rests comfortably in my front pocket. It's a little bigger than most of the other single AA lights I considered but the features are just what I wanted. I wanted to stay with AA batteries for the convenience, price and consistency with my other flashlights.
The tail cap on-off button is firm enough to prevent accidental operation but not too hard to use when needed. The button on the side to change settings is nicely located. Being able to choose the light level it comes on at , is nice. The light output is more than enough for what I need.
If you want a light that is easy to carry, powerful and dependable then you won't be disappointed with this one.
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on January 10, 2013
I have a Fenix LD15, but was looking to upgrade to a model with a push button on/off instead of twist. Th Fenix LD12 was my answer. It feels about 25% bigger than the LD15, but is more practical and intuitive due to the push button.

Many times when using the LD15, I would try twisting the top to turn on the flashlight only to have the top start to unthread off the unit. Also, you would need to do a retwist to cycle between the brightness levels on the LD15 of which there are 2. On the LD12, you simply press the brightness button to cycle between a much better 4 brightness levels. Not only that, but the LD12 remembers your last brightness setting unlike the LD15.

I would actually lower my rating 4.5 stars due to the bigger size, but don't mind rounding it up to 5 for the wealth of features over the LD15.
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on September 11, 2013
Fenix LD12 115 Lumens CREE XP-G R5 LED Flashlight - Uses 1XAA Battery

light output
build quality
uses the best l.e.d. available (Cree)
60,000 hrs+ l.e.d. lifetime (6.8 years)
battery life on a single AA alkaline battery is amazing
4 brightness settings
compact size

I cannot think of a single one.

Versatile flashlight with amazing light output for it's size. I use it in Afghanistan for nightly security duties and the single AA battery lasts about 3-4 months. It has 4 light output settings which make it perfect for up close viewing to a full-on mini spotlight on it's highest setting. The light uses a single Cree L.E.D. which is the best LED manufacturer on the market. Construction is top notch with tight seals, solid thumbswitch, and a heavy duty aluminium body. For personal carry, you cannot go wrong with this flashlight!
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on December 12, 2012
Amazing how far flashlights have come. Although the build quality is not up to Surefire standards (at least what Surefire was a few years ago), this flashlight is amazing for the price.

Well-built, great color and brightness and you can use rechargeable AA's! This is really the killer feature. No more expensive CR123A's. The 4 brightness levels are cool and easy to control. Highly recommended.
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on February 15, 2013
I have several Fenix flashlights and I have never cared for the half-click or twist cap mode changes. It just gets too confusing or delicate.

This model has a side switch for mode changing which I adore. I end up holding this in my mouth 3-4 times a week (IPX-8 waterproof, yay) and it is very handy to be able to change modes with my teeth while keeping my hands free. The construction and beam are the high quality I have come to expect from Fenix lights.

The battery life is outstanding, the batteries are easily found anywhere in the world, and the modes are easier to cycle through than any other flashlight. My Surefire flashlight has not seen the light of day since I bought this Fenix LD12.

The price is a little painful and the rubber activation button keeps the flashlight from stanging on its tail, but aside from those points, I cannot imagine a more suitable light for EDC or even SHTF.

5-stars for an awesome product experience and the perfect tool for my belt.
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