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on June 9, 2011
We recently bought a 9020 and experienced the same power plug issue described here (and on other sites with reviews for this product). We were going to return it but I decided to contact Magellan because I couldn't believe they could release a product where the mounting bracket prevented a good connection for the power cord. While on the call to Magellan tech support to ask about this issue, I noticed grooves on the sides of the plug. These are for sliding the plug onto the mounting bracket BEFORE the bracket is slid onto the unit. With the plug in place on the bracket before the bracket is installed, the plug is very securely in place and cannot fall out. This also corrected, to some extent, the screen brightness issue since the quality of the contact with the power supply affects brightness. The booklet that came with the unit does show a picture of the plug with an arrow pointing towards the bracket, but I didn't notice that until after our first test drive with the gps. Magellan should probably put some words other than "install the power cord as shown" because this could be a big problem for users. I hope this helps other 9020 owners.
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on May 15, 2011
I just picked up a 9020T-LM (9020 with lifetime traffic and map) from Costco. This is the absolute worst GPS I have ever purchased. Unfortunately, while Costco has an actual device at the in-store display, it is not powered, so one cannot test the features of the unit before purchasing. Had I been able to test it for 2 minutes, I wouldn't have purchased it.
The hook is the 7" screen size, and even this feature is mediocre when compared to the Garmin products. The screen washes out in sunlight and is dull even under ideal conditions.
The first tip-off that Magellan doesn't think much of its customer was the sparseness of the what they charitably refer to as the users handbook. This "handbook" consists of 9 short paragraphs that barely touch on some of the product's functionality. One can only read the full 39-page handbook on the internet and even this version is quite confusing since it refers to non-existing "buttons" that have apparently been removed in newer versions of the product in order to streamline the user interface. I have no idea why Magellan can't provide the full handbook in a product it lists for over $200.
The speech engine pronounces street names adequately, but the location database is again mediocre. For instance, I tried to enter Skull Valley, AZ., not an unknown town south of Prescott, AZ. The database would only route me to Skull Valley, UT. The map requires the user to zoom-in too tight before showing peripheral roads, and then once found, those roads disappear when one pulls back out.
The "handbook" refers to the unit's ability to modify routes, but I have yet to be able to make the unit function as described in the manual.
If you are considering this product, please save money and your sanity and consider a Garmin 1490T even though it is a 5" screen versus a 7" screen.
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on June 16, 2011
The unit is fast, comfortable to use, and it finds some places my GARMIN nuvi 1490T can't, such as Mesa Verde National Park. The screen brightness is not an issue. Touch screen is a bit sluggish but not a big problem. It is a good value for the price sold in Costco.

However, I bought it for its claim of life time map update; unfortunately, I couldn't get its Content Manager works on my PC. It seems like Magellan doesn't want you to get the free updated maps. I clicked a few places, and it always leads me to purchasing their $99 Europe map. Since I have already had the GARMIN and it's been working fine, I have returned it back to Costco.
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on March 10, 2012
Part of the pitch for the mid tier gps receivers is the so-called Lifetime Map Updates. I have tried thru their site and although there is one available for $40, I cannot acquire the "up to four (4) updates per year". Not even once. It smells like pure a come-on like a sugar glazed cowpie.

Functionality is better than my previous tom-tom, which really wanted to go swimming but couldn't, it drowned, but this one cannot find the City Hall of El Cajon, CA. It would not even take the address manually because the street wasn't in it's database. BO-O-O-GUS.
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I purchased the 9020T-LM several months ago at COSTCO, because my old Magellan finally died. I tried it out on some familiar routes and it seemed fine. Like others, I fell in love with the "big screen". I just returned from a trip from Baltimore, MD to Saratoga Springs, NY and was quite happy with its performance. Not knowing where in the heck I was going, I clipped Lady Magellan 9020 onto her windshield mount and took off for upstate NY. Needless to say, I got there and back without incident. Considering that I was traveling alone, for 6 hours+ each way, I was quite happy that Lady M performed well.

The larger screen was a plus and made it easier to see, yet it was not too big. Of course, as you would expect, you have to play around to find the right spot on your dash. The first time I used it, the mount and plug in seemed a bit awkward. So, I dropped my ego and got my son. He did a "zip-zip" and I was set. What I didn't realize was that the cord snaps into the bottom of the mount, so you slide Lady M onto the track and then into the plug in. It just takes a deep breath and an extra minute to slide it in right.

The small fold-out "manual" was a big let-down! I get really upset when any company does not have a decent manual or tells you to go on-line. I can go on-line but there are lots of folks who still don't use a computer (believe it or not). Anyway, the product should always come with a complete printed and enclosed manual, and all I need is the English version, thank you. (I once received a camera with about 3 manuals, each in a different language.) So, I am still finding advanced features by accident or not at all. That is a shame.

I thought the screen view was sufficient in the sunlight, even with my polarized sunglasses on (an improvement from my old Magellan where I had to take my sunglasses off to read it.) The voice level seemed louder than my old one, again a plus. (Actually, I think they should make these things with an adjustable voice level. I think it would help some of the folks with diminished hearing.)

Although the voice is robotic, Lady M was music to my ears when she would give me advanced notice of something "Turn left at xxxx. Then freeway exit on the right." So I knew which turning lane to get into. She saved my tush quite a few times when I was boldly traveling into the unknown on the way home. (Yes, she will re-route you, but it is not always that easy to re-route or to "when possible, make a legal U turn.")

I also found (by accident), that if you touch the "elevation" on the bottom left hand of the screen, a little list expands and tells you estimated arrival time, miles to go, traveling speed. Of course, the top of the screen tells you miles to go before your next turn and what you are turning on to "16.4 miles exit 14A Shrewsburry/Glaston PA-426" (I made that up for an example). Sometimes, her pronunciation is wrong, but maybe it's really my Baltimore accent. Lady M pronounced Ephrata, PA correctly. I also liked the display improvement over my old Magellan to show the big green highway signs. When there are more than one sign, the one you take is the brighter green.

Anyway, I am quite pleased with the product. Yes, there is room for improvement, but it did what I needed it to do and she did it quickly enough and she said it loudly enough.
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on September 16, 2012
I live in the Miami area continually changing their roads and bridges on the Expressway and create new towns.
I'm a professional truck driver, I need a GPS that continually updated, and this has in .
The first thing to do was the update, very easy and fast, you walk into your page and downs all in just minutes.

I have the GPS working every day from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm, entering the data easy to get your new destination, and automatically gives you three new options. And if you have a one congested Expressway quickly tells you which is the best route to follow.

Magellan 9020T-LM is solid and resistant to hard work

I recommend them to all drives.
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on April 19, 2012
I purchased this unit because of the large, 7" screen. The 7" screen is ideal for my RV (which doesn't have a built-in GPS unit on board). I purchased it as a replacement for a Garmin nuvi 255W 4" unit, so I will be comparing the functions of both units. The first thing I miss on the Magellan is the indicator for the speed limits on the roads I am on. I had become dependent on the speed limit indicator on the Garmin screen. I guess I will have to adjust. As mentioned by another reviewer, the screen image is a bit washed out in bright sunlight. Unlike the Garmin, the Magellan is more "verbal" in naming the streets I will be turning on, which allows me the time to spend listening to where I am going without having to looking at the screen. The "Highway Lane Assist" option is quite helpful since my RV and towed vehicle exceeds 50 ft. in length, so it allows me more time to plan ahead before I make a lane change. I have only updated the maps once, so, presently, I have little experience beyond that. Magellan is suppose to notify me via email when the next update is available. The fact that Lifetime Updates came with the unit is great. I had to purchase a lifetime update package for the Garmin for about $70 on sale. Because of the large size of the Magellan unit, the mount periodically fails to hold because of the weight of the large screen Magellan, which always happens at the most inconvenient time (Murphy's Law, you know). I side mounted the unit on the dash and I have been unable to get the screen viewing angle right for me because of the poor design of the mounting bracket. The Garmin comes with a selection of voices to chose from. The Magellan has only one, which I find a bit garbled at times. If I turn the voice volume up too high the case starts to vibrate, distorting the sound of the voice even more. I gave it 4 stars, but I feel like it should be 3 1/2 stars overall.
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on September 3, 2012
This is my second Magellan 9020T. My wife absconded the first one because she loved never being lost.
Needless to say, I thouroughly enjoy this product. I'm a sales representative covering eight states and use it every day. I like the size of the screen, the ease of operation and the verbal turn instructions. I've also purchased a suction cup bracket assembly which fits securely in one of the drink holders in the center console giving me easy access with little distraction. Thanks Amazon for the great service!
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on February 7, 2012
Very good compare with my Avalon 2006 built in GPS. Clear sound, excellent screen design, easy to navigate from one screen to another screen, intuitive functionality. The concern is only poor visibility on bright sunny day, when device is located on windshield.
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on May 31, 2012
I've owned a Garmin and this Magellan and boy do I ever regret buying this stupid thing. It takes me on and off highways that I don't even need, through neighborhoods for no reason and, generally, drives me in circles on a regular basis. Long after you have passed the road you were supposed to turn on It will tell you to do a U-turn. It will tell you to do a U-turn if the name of the road changes and then correct itself a mile down the road. It will send you to a Starbucks 10 miles up the road when there is one 2 seconds away. It is awful. I can't believe I'm stuck with it. It is so frustrating. This company should have worked out the kinks before releasing this. Now I'm just going to be driven crazy.
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