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on August 9, 2012
I run a recording studio, and use Grado phones for mixing purposes.
After trying all the available pad types for Grado cans, these are, hands-down, the most comfortable for long-hour usage.
They suspend the drivers directly over my ears, without touching them, or causing me to sweat. they hold the 'phones more securely on my head, too, 'cause of the increased surface area, so they stay put nicely while being weightless.

These fit even the SR60 and SR80 perfectly - there's some confusion as to what cans they fit - but I believe they fit pretty much the entire Grado line except the iGrados.

Yes, they're costly for essentially a piece of foam. But Grado headphones are already such a value, they're worth the upgrade.
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on May 8, 2010
The large circumaural G-Cush earpads will fit on any Grado and are easy to install. They greatly improve the comfort for extended listening and for eyeglass wearers. Since they fully enclose the ear, they provide extra stability to keep the headphones from shifting around, especially the heavier 325 series. They provide a bigger sound stage and lessen the in-your-ear effect. There is a slight loss in sensitivity and a slight shift in timbre since the 'phones are positioned a bit further from the ear. Well worth the price.

5/11/2013 update: I have enjoyed using the G-cush on my SR-325is and more recently my PS500. Earpads affect the acoustic transfer function between the earphone driver unit and the human ear. The latter device is highly variable, deteriorates with age and abuse, and not readily replaceable. On occasion I change back to the original L-cush earpads to hear the more intimate Grado "intended" sound, but for long term listening I still prefer the G-cush sound signature and physical comfort. They are holding up well after three years on my 325is and I continue to recommend the G-cush.
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on March 26, 2010
I bought these pads to replace those awful on-ear pads that came for my Grado SR60i headphones. With stock pads the SR60i's are a bit irritating for long jam sessions, BUT they are much more comfortable with these replacement pads. They are very pricey for pads but they transform the SR60i's into an audiophiles dream. Not only are they more comfortable, I believe the treble sounds more crisp and they keep sound in better than the stock pads. I highly recommend these pads.

Pros - Better comfort, better sound(i believe so) and helps keep sound in.

Cons - EXPENSIVE for pads.
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on September 3, 2012
I bought G-cushions to replace original L-cushions of my Grados SR325i. They fit perfectly and they significantly increase the comfort of listening, therefore they are worth buying, in my opinion. They are however overwhelmingly overpriced for no reason. In fact they look ordinary and cheap. Five stars for comfort, one for the price, what gives three.
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on January 1, 2013
I only own 1 pair of Grado headphones, the magnificent PS500s, and these cushions really change the sound signature of these very dynamic headphones. Comfort wasn't a serious problem for me with the original cushions on the PS500, but with the G-Cush they are no longer an issue since they've eliminated the pressure of them resting on my ears by instead sitting around and slightly over them. I got these because I've been looking for a modification to alter the tonal balance of the Grados, which consistently has alot of midbass and ear piercing highs on some recordings. With the G-Cush the music becomes more tame dynamically, more evenly textured, and has a wider soundstage. The midbass is also not as pronounced, it becomes milder and trades some impact for some depth and clarity. However, I would not say that these cushions make your headphones generally sound better overall. It still really matters to the listener and their musical preferences. The G-Cush is more suited for music that might have been poorly recorded, overproduced, or has too much treble and heavy bass, which comes off as unrestrained and overbearing with the original cushions. It will present you will a more pleasing sound but some of the dynamics and liveliness may be lost. But if you prefer a dynamic, extremely revealing and very live performance you should stick with the original L-Cush ear cushions. For more intimate recordings like jazz or vocals, I put the L-Cushs back on because it sounds more natural. For classical its a tossup really, if you like that middle of the concert hall sound use the G-Cush, but if you prefer to sit closer to the orchestra switch to the L-Cush. Very bright or edgy pop/rock recordings sound best with the G-Cush on in my opinion.
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on May 14, 2010
I bought these for my beloved 325is phones and they do make them *MUCH* more comfortable. Good buy. You may need to crank the volume slightly higher, but the effect on overall sound is negligible-to-positive. If you put these on, and pull off the logo buttons, you'll get a less aggressive sound, possibly less suitable for dance/pop/hiphop, but on the other hand it will open up & sweeten the soundstage on the highs and bring in more low-bass (since you have a larger cavity), & make the highs more precise (obviously there are fewer reflections if you pull off the buttons) making them sound like much more expensive, classical-oriented phones. Leave the buttons on if you want midrange/vocals & bass more in your face at the expense of slight distortion in the highs. The other reviewers pretty much cover the bases, I agree with them. All Grados have incredible drivers, solid housings, great cabling, and overall the best design in the industry. Each model is tuned perfectly for different tastes & different kinds of music. Beyond that, they don't need a lot of tuning/modification but if you really come to find the supra-aural fit annoying (as I did) and don't have $1000+ to upgrade to the GS/PS phones, these pads are unquestionably a great mod that won't radically change what you've come to know & love from your Grado phones.
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on September 7, 2012
I recently purchased a set of Grado 225i headphones. The G-cush cushions are supposed to be meant for the higher-end, more expensive Grado cans. However, they will fit on any of their products. I can't recommend these enough. The G-cush cushions open the soundstage tremendously. You'll lose a little boom in the bass, but you'll hear more music. It's amazing what a $45 dollar product will do for an already great pair of headphones.
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on July 16, 2011
I was *this* close to sending back my new Grado SR325si because of the ridiculous earpads (yes, ridiculous - there's no excuse for that design on $295 headphones), but I decided to drop the $45 on these guys before returning the whole set. Thank goodness I did, because it's like night and day. What had been irritating and uncomfortable is now entirely acceptable and pleasant. Are they as soft as velvet or some other types of cushioning on other higher end headphones? No. My Sennheiser HD 555s are still more comfortable. But these ear cups make my SR325si barely noticeable on top of my head and ears, which is a lot more than you can say for the stock foam earpads. Are the worth $45? No way, not for two round pieces of foam. But is it worth $45 to fully enjoy the exceptional Grado sound? I would argue that you can justify it. I will also add this: Grado headphones are made in Brooklyn, which has been an important factor is my intial decision to purchase them and in my decision not to return them for discomfort. I like the idea that something this nice is made in America.

These pads fit the SR325si absolutely fine, and the sound is as good as if not better. If you own the sr325si and want to make them more comfortable, this should do the job nicely.
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on December 14, 2011
I've probably never contemplated so much before buying a single product. I didn't think twice before shelling out $295 for the Grado SR325s, and yet have spent months wondering whether the G-Cushes were worth it. The L-Cushes that come stocked with the mid-range Grados leave your ears itchy and quite honestly, you can't use headphones for more than an hour because of them (some would argue that's a good way to keep your hearing intact. Anyhow...)

I finally decided to recklessly hit 'buy'. I haven't regretted it, my ears thank me. Still to achieve the stunning comfort of an Audio-Technica, though.

I'm no audiophile, so I don't notice too many drastic changes in the sound. An improved soundstage, and a slightly tinnier sound (which I negate by changing equaliser settings on my Cowon) is noticed. Experts on Head-Fi say there's a huge change, so perhaps you'd want to head over there if your ears are that developed.

For people like me, however, who just like their music and don't normally caress their ears with cactii, this is a fine purchase.

The only con remains the price. I'm sorry, Grado - this is just a piece of foam. $45 is way over the top for this. (But then, like someone else pointed out in a review - cost of headphone + cost of cushion = bliss, so the sum total is okay).

Someone, please make a low-priced version.
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on September 6, 2011
Re: use with Grado SR60 and SR80 (original, not "i" series) headphones:

* Incredibly comfortable compared to the S-Cush ("pancake") and L-Cush ("donut hole") stock earpads on the SR60 and SR80, respectively. I can wear these for 5-6 hours with no outer-ear soreness (a real problem for me with the stock pads).

* They're also very breathable and lightweight. No hot, sweaty ears like with the Sennheiser 500 & 600 "around the ear" series.

* The sound difference between the S-Cush "pancake" pads and L-Cush "donut hole" pads is drastic (the L-Cush pads really open up the perceived transparency for me). But the difference between the L-Cush and these G-Cush pads is smaller (but definitely there).

* Less claustrophobic, more "open" sound space presentation that I find less fatiguing and more accurate to recorded room ambience.

* Bass response (20-125 hz) is audibly weaker, but easily compensated for in iTunes & iPod EQ, other audio app, or amplifier tone knobs.

* Identical transient response, dynamic range, and resolution detail to L-Cush pads (I listen to lots of raw 24-bit/96khz studio content).

* When used with a gentle headphone spatializer app like midnightwalrus' Canz3D plug-in, I can listen to these headphones all day with zero physical or cognitive fatigue

Verdict: Highly recommended earpad replacements for those who find their Grado SR cans awesome sonically but miserable to wear. That's how I felt four years ago when I first bought my Grados...and eventually dreaded putting them on (like I did my orthodontic retainer). I only wish I'd adopted these from the get-go!
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