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JLAB Go Waterproof/Sweatproof/Sports MP3 Player Headphones (Black/gray)
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on March 27, 2012
Color Name: Black/yellowVerified Purchase
This is my first review of any product I have bought from Amazon. Though I find the reviews immensely helpful while I decide on a product, I have never written one myself. Sorry, I am just lazy!

The idea of wireless music player has always been something that interested me. I knew about the Sony option from the TV ads, but never bothered until I split the cord of my ear buds accidentally while working out. I looked up the options and it was clear, Sony 262 or Jlab go. The idea of a waterproof player sounded really cool, not that I swim regularly, but I do sweat a lot, nice to know that this would not really affect the headset.

Now to the more annoying problems I faced with my ear buds; the fit. They worked well in normal use but 10 minutes into the work out, I am working up my heart rate and start sweating, the buds start slipping out. It was a MAJOR irritation to keep pushing the buds into your ears and constantly adjusting the cord so that it doesn't jump around while you try to run! That's when I decided and ordered both Sony 262 and the J-lab go as I wasn't sure which would work.

The Sony arrived first and I decided to take it out for a spin the same day. I plugged it in for charging, transferred some music and tried them. I switched all 3 sleeves and had to settle for the largest sleeve as otherwise it just wouldn't sit in my ear at all. First impression, the build quality was solid; the sound quality was very good. While running with them on, it felt a little heavy in my ear and once I started sweating, the nightmare started. The headphone just would not stay in my ear, I tried for the next 15 minutes in various positions etc, but it just didn't work. I gave up 30 minutes into the workout and took it back home. I also asked my wife to try it, she faced the same issue as well. To me, the fundamental design seems flawed, the plastic wire connecting the 2 earpieces does not have any tension, it useless. The earpieces are heavy and tend to fall out with movement. Though the sounds quality was great, it was just useless for me. I am a Sony fan and have several Sony products at home and have been very happy with them. Unfortunately, this will not be one of them.

The J-Lab go arrived the next day. This comes in a rather crude cardboard box with the headphones and the wire packed in a Ziploc bag wrapped in a bubble wrap. I was a bit surprised when I saw the package for the first time. There were 6 different sleeves for water and land use. The medium size fit me fine here. I charged it up, added some music and took it for a run. Oh boy, was I thrilled with it :)

Jlab have got the most important thing for a sports mp3 player spot on. It fits incredibly well and stays in place all through your work. I don't face problems even if I am doing bench presses with them on, it just first great. Great work Jlab!! (***** for the fit). The connecting cord between the earpieces has the required tension to snap them perfectly in place. It also swivels vertically (up/down) and moves forward and back on the wire to fit naturally according to the shape of your head. The operations are simple and it works well, BUT the sound quality is probably not as good as the Sony, but I didn't care, because this WORKS. It doesn't have as much bass as the Sony. However, it weighs nothing and that is a HUGE advantage for a sports music player.
I had read a review somewhere that said that the player doesn't have shuffle and was worried. Now that I have it, I do want to mention that Jlab-go does have shuffle and works fine.
Now for simple comparison stats on both headphones:

Sony 262
+ Looks cool and the build quality feels solid
+ The sound quality is great
+ The controls are easier and of quality and well placed
+ It held charge for the 2 days I tried it with a 1 hour charge.
- It is on the heavier side
- The fit just doesn't work at all
- No tension in the connecting cord to hold the earpieces in place
- None of the earpiece fit fine for some reason.

+ The fit is AMAZING for any kind of workout
+ It is lighter than the Sony and feels properly place in your ears
+ It is waterproof and they say that you can swim with them on (haven't tried this myself though)
+ The sound is pretty loud and it can drown most noises around. My wife tells me that she cannot hear sound outside even if I am playing it on a pretty loud volume.
+ I have used this for over 5 days now and haven't charged it after the first day. I charged it overnight the first time.
- The green power light on the controlling earpiece is for everyone to see and is a bit dorky.
- The USB wire connects using some kind of proprietary connector, didn't look like mini USB. Also the USB connector on the earpiece has a cover that seals it which is connected to the main headphone with some piece of plastic, this could break with usage. However, they do provide you with a spare for this (good thinking Jlab!)
- The sound quality is inferior to the Sony, the bass is low.

Overall, I am very happy and proud owner of the Jlab-go. I love it and have been using it every day since I got it. What more, I am enjoying my work out even more now (bye bye iPod!)!!
If you are looking for a simple cordless in-ear sports MP3 player, go with J-Lab, you won't regret it.

--- Edited on 1/9/204 -- chink in the jlab go armor--------------
I have been using this for a while and I hit a chink int he jlab go armor. I had it in my back pack and was on my was in the gym, i pulled it out of the bag and it broke right in the hinge that connects that player to the ear ear bud. Now I have the ear bud with a wire that connects it to the player :(. It is unusable now. I will post a picture of it sometime. If i glue it back, then the rotation would be hampered. I also want to add that, I did not apply a lot of force or handle it badly.

Just something to consider when you buy. I havent' contacted jlab yet, lets see what they say !
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Verified Purchase
I've been experimenting with underwater MP3 players for the last four years. Due to a couple of bad hip operations, I am at the YMCA doing a 50 min. pool therapy routine three days a week. Most of the routine is walking back and forth, side to side, and backwards. I rewarded myself by swimming laps where I am fully submerged. The 50 minutes used to seem like five hours before I put music in my ears.

For the last couple years and after trying numerous products, I'd had the greatest success with the Trio Surf from Mach Speed. That unit worked exceptionally well, although only for about a year before breaking down. I found this acceptable based on its price point of between $40 and $70 (closeout and retail pricing). I did have to replace their headphones with a longer lasting waterproof headset, but other than that, the unit performed admirably. It held two gigs of music, strapped on my forearm, with a short cord going from the unit to my headset.

I was on my last Surf player looking to get some more when I spoke to my contact at Mach Speed. He informed me that they had discontinued that model and had purchased a company called JLab and would be marketing their waterproof MP3 player, The JLab Go waterproof sports MP3 player.

What is unique about this player from all the others is that there is no cord. The MP3 player is built into the headset. Two very small (1¾ inches long by ¾ inch wide by 3/8 inch deep) boxes that hold the earpieces and are completely adjustable for various head sizes are joined together by a thin plastic band that circles behind your head on the back of your neck. They kinda look like you are wearing Bluetooth cellphone headsets in each ear, especially if the band is covered by your hair. All of the controls are situated conveniently on your right ear. There is the on/off switch which also doubles as a toggle for shuttle play. Then there are two plus/minus rocker switches, one for volume up and down and the other for next track/fast-forward and previous track/rewind. On top of all that the unit holds 4 GB, twice the capacity of my previous player. This is obviously a good thing as it means I can go many weeks without getting tired of the music and having to reprogram the player.

Smaller and lighter than anything I've ever attempted to use, I am, at first, very impressed with the unit's design. A little concerned perhaps about its lightness and thinness in terms of its potential for accidental breakage, but those fears were all allayed once I was able to use the thing in the pool. It offers little or no resistance when swimming, stays perfectly in place, and provides great music to drown out the world while I workout. It is incumbent upon me to pack and travel with it so I have to be sure to protect it when not in use (hint to manufacturer - a hard case would guarantee longer life to the user and less tech support for the company.)

Really, it's all about the ear buds. Getting the proper seal is the key factor in successful and satisfactory use. The unit comes with more ear buds than any man ever seen. Provided are three sets of regular ear buds and three sets of underwater, triple flange ear buds; two small, medium, and large of each. When fitting the underwater ear buds, it's most important to use a size that seems larger than necessary to fill your ear canal. It also doesn't hurt to have a little moisture in your ears to help the silicon make a good seal. Pushing the buds in as hard as possible to get a good seal is critical. Once that seal is achieved you are good to go. I guess the best way to test the quality of the seal is simply to try to remove the ear buds. You should find that it creates suction and is not at all easy to remove.

Sound quality? I think it is great, but then again, after almost thirty years in the Rock and Roll business my hearing is not what it used to be. However, it blocks out the noise of the screaming kids from the summer swim programs and replaces it with my favorite tunes, placing me in my own world where everything is beautiful. Now that is some sound quality. The end result is that the exercise routine goes by before I know it and, on balance, I had me a real good time.

Charging, recharging, and programming the player are all done using the provided USB cable. The cable has a mini plug that plugs into the player using a gas cap type of port door that you twist and seal when not plugged into your computer. You simply drag and drop the music onto the mp3 player using your favorite music software. I have developed a playlist for my pool players so all I had to do was drag the one playlist title to the player window and it loaded up with almost two Gigs worth of tunes leaving another two GB available for even more.

I can heartily recommend this player to the swimming enthusiast or anyone who has an active and wet (read moist and sweaty) workout and does not mind sealing out all outside sound. There is a safety issue for runners but if you are secure that your trail ahead holds no dangers then these guys will stay in your ears and continue to provide music or eBook copy no matter what you are doing. I haven't tried to change the ear buds so I don't know how hard it is to do so and I have no intention of using the player for anything but underwater use. I imagine that the regular single stage ear buds work fine for out of the water workouts.

Finally, there is the price and its value compared to other waterproof sound solutions. Currently selling on for $59.95 with free shipping the price cannot be beat. I consider this a huge value for someone looking to improve their underwater workout. And, like the Stones said, "It comes in colors".

The only unanswered question is how long will it last. It has, after all, only been two weeks since it first arrived. Stay tuned to this space for an update after some time has passed.
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on November 25, 2011
love to work out but get sweaty and have ruined other earphones and i am always getting tangled up in the wire. this is great- my own workout playlist on my head, hands free music to listen to as i work out. i don't have to worry anymore bout having a place for my mp3 or the wire. why did it take so long to come up with this? like wheels on a suitcase i wish i had thought of this long ago! and best- it is water proof so i can listen to music while kayaking!
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on February 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
I purchased the JLab 4G wireless MP3 player in Jan. 2012. It start to have problem after 4 weeks. It just pass the return period. Afterward, I purchased a Sony NWZ 252 wireless MP3. Compare these two MP3 player. I found the following Pro and Con of JLab MP3:


1. Extremely light weight, comfortable to ware it during exercise. Very portable.
2. Volume comtrol works. Comes with multiple ear plug for comfortablity. Water proof works in the shower.


1. Poor sound quality. Sounds like a chaep radio.
2. Forward and backward botton stop working after 4 weeks. It only play the firt 6 songs and automatically repeat.
3. Cheap and flimsy feel.

I will not buy or recommand this MP3 to anyone who looking for a wireless MP3 for sport activity. JLab has a long way to go.
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on December 28, 2011
I have very bad news for the buyer who gave 5 stars because in a month or so, he/she is going to revise his/her review for the worse.
I got mine a little less than a month ago. I was very excited to find such a waterproof mp3 player because it did not have any cords which is a HUGE PLUS! Since I do laps every other day (for an hour each time), it gets pretty boring after a while, so I really had to have some tunes... When I first got the device, it worked like a charm, it was perfect, it fit really well and I was able to hear the songs unlike some other devices that I had tried previously. On my 10th use or so, as I was listening and swimming, out of a sudden the sound got louder and then the device died on me. When I got home, I put it on charge, it did not charge, I could not turn it on either, it was totally dead! 2 days later, the mp3 player started working again, I was very happy and I thought everything was okay now. Well, I charged it right away, then went to the swimming pool, put it on and went along with my routine. In about 30 minutes, the sound went down this time. I was able to turn the volume up, but then in less than a minute it died on me again! After that, I decided to return the item back to Amazon. This is my third waterproof mp3 player. It seems like nobody can come up with a working mp3 player that will last some time. How hard can it be, really??? We are sending space shuttle to space, but we are unable to manufacture a quality mp3 player that will last! Go figure!!!
In short, I would not recommend this item. You may want to get another type.
What a shame! If it could only work, this waterproof mp3 player would be perfect for me!

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on August 28, 2012
Verified Purchase
I just got done with my first swim with these and am blown away with how well they worked. First importing music with this is easier than any other mp3 player I own - drag and drop it, bam, done. The buttons are easy to use without taking it off and it weighs next to nothing. The only problem is that it may slip off if you're kicking off before laps. This is no problem if you're wearing goggles, and you probably are. Put the google strap over the headset, problem 100% solved.
I was skeptical of these and I'm very glad I gave them a shot. Oh, also comes with 7 types of ear buds - very nice if you're going to be sharing it.
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on June 19, 2012
I bought it in January and had enjoyed it Go sooooo much. It had helped me to lose twenty pounds through swimming within five months, now I am only 110 Ibs with BMI close to the lower bound of the normal range. People at our church said I look so fit and healthy. When I swim with it, many people around me were so curious about the little thing over my head, and I kept giving them compliments regarding this little useful tool. It really helped me to kill the boring feeling of lap swim. With it I can stay in the swimming pool for over two hours with three types of stroke. No kidding! Unfortunately I broke it about ten days ago by forgetting to put back the lid after charging. Shower water came into it after I took a shower. I felt so discouraged by losing my best work out friend. I called Jlab the second day and was told that I could mail it back to them and get one either in a fixed status or in new status. After ten days after I mailed it out, I received a brand new one. The technician kept in touch with me during those ten days, assuring me that the problem will get resolved ASAP. Now I can enjoy my lap swim again!! What an awesome service! I would like to recommend this little friend to anyone who would like to look more fit and healthy through the best type of work out - swimming.
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on September 28, 2013
Color Name: Blue/SilverVerified Purchase
I am tech savvy, and thought I would give this a go. Often reading Amazon reviews, it is simply an issue with a less tech oriented person having difficultly with setup. Not in this case!
Straight out of the box, the product does not perform. After initial setup, loading of songs, and the advised charging -
I immediately notice there is no blinking light showing the device is charging.
I managed to fiddle with it and get the thing to operate while plugged in to the PC, so now I just have to water proof my PC, strap it to my back and go for a swim, right?!
The product is totally worthless, and is made up with the cheapest batteries that are defective at the get-go.
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on December 15, 2011
Verified Purchase
Received yesterday Jan 14. I have a trouble with the item. I plugged in and transfer music. But doesn't charging. According to the manual the light must flash indicating that is charging. I left it for almost 2 hours and nothing happened.

Called Customer Service.......just a answer machine! :(
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on February 9, 2012
Verified Purchase
I really wanted these to work. Despite trying every single swimming ear piece that these came with and several different combinations of under cap, under goggles, under cap and goggles, nothing worked. The larger ones were too big to fit in my ear properly and the smaller ones would work fine out of water. Then after 50 meters, the left would stop working, then the right, then after they both had water in them I could kind of hear a little bit of music if I cranked up the volume, but the effect was less like listening to music and more like "hey I have voices in my head" (this can be rather disconcerting if you are listening to The Prodigy's Firestarter). The ONLY time I could properly hear music out of both ears at the same time was when I was doing kick drills and my head was out of the water. I tried these valiantly for a 5,000 yard workout and every 100 yards or so I had to adjust them, swear, and try a new method of trying to keep the water out. Maybe I have odd shaped ears, but I'm a 5'4 female so you'd think that at least ONE of them would be able to work for longer then 40 seconds. I at at one point had them shoved so tight in my ears that I could hear NOTHING when my head was out of water but the second my head went in, BAM they leaked and the sound was gone. I put them in dry to begin with and every time I took them out to change seals, I dried my ears and followed the instructions for removing a thin film of water. I even had a teammate on my Masters team try them out and she's a similar height and build and she had the same issue, they just do not keep water out and thus do not work for swimming at all.
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